Herald & Review, Decatur Ill, Jan 2002 Graduates 70-100 girls each year

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CFA B2 - SCHOOL Continued from B1 the school. He got...
SCHOOL Continued from B1 the school. He got goats and put them to use as a teaching aid to show the connection between milk production, demand and breast-feeding. breast-feeding. breast-feeding. Ducks, a miniature horse, a steer and rabbits, all living teaching tools, joined the livestock livestock array. Weertz turned the former playground into a pasture, pasture, where animals graze and alfalfa grows. Students say they're learning learning from the farm. At lunch time, they can bring their own children outdoors for a closer look; the farm doubles as a petting zoo for the babies. In the 1980s, G. Asenath Andrews, now principal of the academy, worked in a program program for unwed mothers. The students had to return to their previous schools within six weeks after delivery. "It was too many adjustments, adjustments, so we wanted a more permanent school," she says. She petitioned the school district district to transform the short-term short-term short-term program into an official high school that could grant its own diplomas. To pick the school's name, students held an election. "Catherine Ferguson" won, commemorating a woman who was born a slave in 1779 and went on to establish the first Sunday school in New York City and, throughout her life, helped needy children. The middle-school middle-school middle-school science class tends the rabbits, weighing weighing them daily and experimenting experimenting with the effects of different diets on the rabbits and their offspring. Teachers say the farm fits into the school's goal of helping helping students accept the responsibility of caring for another life, whether it's a farm animal's or a baby's. "I can't get over how the girls get into it. They care for these rabbits as well or sometimes sometimes better than their own children," Andrews says. The reason they may do less well with the children, she adds, is "not lack of affection. It's lack of skill." To remedy that, students attend parenting classes. Senior Tyanna Ollie, 18, says that has helped her care for her 9-month-old 9-month-old 9-month-old 9-month-old 9-month-old son, Donjai. And the school is changing her view of her future. "Teachers encourage you to understand that if you don't further your education, you're not able to take care of your child or yourself," Ollie says. She hopes to study occupational occupational therapy at Wayne State University. Catherine Ferguson graduates graduates about 70 to 100 girls each year. Since 90 percent of girls who drop out of high school do so because of pregnancy and parenting, Andrews says, "The fact that they graduate from high school kicks them way over the norm." By providing child and medical medical care as well as classes, 1 theatre presents v By Ira Levin "7 February 8-9 8-9 8-9 & 15-16 15-16 15-16 7:30 p.m February 10 & 17 2:00 p.m. A BRAND NEW community is NOW OPEN which offers a refreshing alternative in retirement living. A full life enrichment program of educational, cultural and the school gives its students another chance at a more positive positive future, says James Humphries, an attorney for Detroit Public Schools. "They should be allowed to become the doctors, the lawyers, the principals they set out to be" before becoming pregnant, he says. Having no male students currently enrolled and requiring requiring students to wear uniforms helps the teens focus on school, Andrews says. But the most critical factor in a positive positive outcome is hard work, and that depends of the students students themselves. Once students enroll at Catherine Ferguson, she says, "It hits them that this is not practice for life, this is real life. And they're responsible for another hfe, too. "So they straighten up," she says. "With our assistance, they straighten up." the devilishly clever thriller . . . Decatur Civic Center Theater I and 2 Bedroom Apartments Fitness Room

Clipped from Herald and Review24 Jan 2002, ThuPage 10

Herald and Review (Decatur, Illinois)24 Jan 2002, ThuPage 10
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  • CFA B2 — Herald & Review, Decatur Ill, Jan 2002 Graduates 70-100 girls each year

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