Meister Christopher 1878 voter case

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Meister Christopher 1878 voter case - WHAT IS COMING. THE AFFIDAVITS FILED IN TlHE...
WHAT IS COMING. THE AFFIDAVITS FILED IN TlHE CUJTOM-hOUBE CUJTOM-hOUBE UNDER THE UNITED STATES ELECTION LAW. If there had ever eistlAd any doubts a, to the stalwart policy designed by Chandler, Cameron and ilaino belng carried out in all aggressIve details, the events now transplring, transplring, or in conternmpltion, would certainly remove any sceptic ism on this point. W1Ten the press of i he country lately teemed with accountsof the reconciliation that had been elffected Hayes and the Radical cladlors, cladlors, and the perfect nagree(lnt entered into between the two wings of. the h toulublinan (arty as to the change to be made in the Pres'ident's Pres'ident's Mouthern policy, the great nmas of conservative people co(lidered the reports too sensa ltonal iandl unworthy of credence. It will taken but i. short tile to conlvinco the .doubting that the aiccountlIs have not been exaggerated. exaggerated. as IS well knownl, ihold a most important conference in Washington a few days since with the ttullcal chieftains. As to what Dassed at the meeting one can only conjecture, conjecture, but the conjecture amounts to almost a certainty when subsequent events are considered. considered. At the close of the meeting Mr. Leonard lost no time in making his way homeward, In order that the programme agreed upon should be carried out without delay. When requesteild by a DI)atolnAT reporter to give some idea of what he intended to do, the district attorney, with pleasing frankness, replied in substance that he is not at liberty to tell, but vaguely adds, if any parties have violated the laws during the lath elections, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In accordance with those intentions the outrage outrage mill and wholesale affidavit factory have. been prepared for active operations, and will be set going in a few days. M AS A PI'ELUI)E to what will soon take place, on yesterday two allldavits were filed before United States Commissioner Lane, having reference to frauds and intimidation alleged to have been committed during the late election. The first affidavit is subscribed to by John Jordan, and is to the effect that on the day of the the alliant, Alexandtlr Derrocha, and Nora Morrison, all special deputy rarshals, rarshals, were prevented by Julius A lthaus, Cornellus Vanlherwall and Joseph 8ax, all oommissloners of election for poll 1, seventeenth seventeenth ward, f1romt attendance at the count of theevotes cast at said po)ill. The accused in this case were brought, before before Commissioner Lane in the forenooin, and, after hearing the evidence offered, the commlssioner commlssioner decided to send I ho accused before the Circuit Court, under bonds of $250. Mr. Charles Luzen'berg appleared for the defense, while District Attorney Leonard conducted conducted the prosecution. TIHE SECOND (JASiE was that of Christopher Meister, residing at the corner of Greatmen and Louisa streets, who was arrested on the affidavit of J. W. Bing, a special deputy marshal, who alleged that the former, by Intimldation, rilbery, reward, reward, or offter thereof, did prevent one Alfred (Ireux from exercising his right of suffrage, and induced him to refuse to vote. J. i. IIAIDINiG represented Meister, and, as in the previous case, District Attorney Leonard prosecuted. Alter all the evidence had bteen submitted, Commissioner Lane decided to seCil the accused accused before the Circuit Court under $250 bonds. EXCTTTNG I(ROSPECTS AHJAD. The above cases are niere precursors of what may be expected shor tly. It is known that a quantity of flfidavits are now in possession possession of Commissioner Lane, and publicity will not be given to themi until the parties accused accused have' been arrested. It is understood that the work of procuring alfldavits from the country parishes is actively actively progressing, and when the proper time comtes a number of deputy marshals, armed With these instruments, will be dispatched to scour the couutry for prominent ottizens, who will be arrested on the assertion of ignorant, illiterate and unprincipled creatures, and will be brought to this city to stand their it is prop osel trials. in aii, t., is po to repeat the Grant parish ffMthar, 4l1 gt ait bolder and more shameless scale titan the original was performed. When it is known that the simple allidavit of any citizen made before a United States commissioner is a sufficient warrant on which to arrest the accused, accused, and, no matter in what portion of the State he may reside, to bring him to this city to appear for examination, some idea can be gained of the immense power possessed by the adherents of the Northern Radl.ais to harass our people-a power that Blaine, Cameron Cameron and Chandler will not fail to see utilized. F----"-----* to of 12 of of opportunity to so

Clipped from The New Orleans Daily Democrat20 Nov 1878, WedPage 8

The New Orleans Daily Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana)20 Nov 1878, WedPage 8
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  • Meister Christopher 1878 voter case

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