Meister Christopher Anna 1886 estate sale

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Meister Christopher Anna 1886 estate sale - AUCTION SALES BI TF. X. BODGSOX JTTDICIAL...
AUCTION SALES BI TF. X. BODGSOX JTTDICIAL AITVWRTI8H3CENT- AITVWRTI8H3CENT- - - IX THE THIRD DISTRICT. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY- PROPERTY- raauLK .COTTAGE. Sa 63.. LOUTS A FRAJICE COTTAGE. NO. IX LOUISA SfSUtET. F3AME COTTAGE. NO. T PIK1T STBKHT. eqaara bounded by Burgundy and Ssnphlne . streets. FRAME GROCERY AND BESIDINCX Corner Louisa and Rampart streets. TWO HOUSES CORSKk Britnnvnv AN BEMBE STRBKTS. . . FHA3TE COITAGB NO. 84 MANDR-VTLLK MANDR-VTLLK MANDR-VTLLK . ... STREET. Between Boyal aad Daaphlne atresia, , . FRAMB COTTAQK, NO. ISO PORl 8TREET, ; ' Between Rampart and St. Claude street. Sneoessions of CHEISTOPHSB MSISTKR and ANN RITZ. his wife, botj deceased Docket Ho. ia.283. ON LONG CaEDIT BY AT7CTTOJT. BY W. L HOBSaoX Ancticneer office no. 13 Caromielftr ritmii ( rrw i . v SKPTkMBEazi. Irkh. r 11 ,'.,i-k. ,'.,i-k. ,'.,i-k. u -I -I the Arcade auction Kxchanae, oa Magasiira airee. uetwesn uravle aad Natches streets, in the PiraS District of tbiseirar, or vlrtae and In P"rnce l-o l-o l-o two several orders of tt llua. . 11. KiUtor. Jodire ot tne Civil District Conrt a pansn oc uriaaaa, Ulvlslua " D." sibling sibling ia ptae of tn Hi. A. x,. Tia ou Judge of tho same honorable rrmrr. Division "A," now absent, with leave, both dated August '2a, lead, foraceouat of tti succession uf liristoplier aleister and Ann Rira. his wile, botli deceased, consolidated, daokat Not XA.-J.ati, XA.-J.ati, XA.-J.ati, oa long credit "J A'uuuu .iuuuu WIU oe SOiU Third DUtrlcr. FBAlia COTTAOE NO. 03 LOUISA STREET 1. TWO CERTAIN Lots na- na- nnnnvn Together with all tlie bnildinKs and lum awn. ments ihereon. sitxiatd In- In- tlia Third Ulsmet of this eity. being- being- lot So. is and part of hit No. IS. in the xqnare bounded bv Louisa, burgundy (latecrapai. Piety aod Danphiue (late UreaU men) streets, m sau'joonr wasaingnia, whicb srtjo anwh i(,!er aua uiessiire toirauier sbont vrx irons ea louisa strevt by a eitb el 11 fnec 3 inches and 4 liue. between naraiinl line. The improvements eonaiMH of wuir SLATB llOO fa" t'oTTauK. retheiL known as a e. ti3 Louisa street, containing val-lerv, val-lerv, val-lerv, a rooms, cisrern. etc. FRAME CO IT A'? R T O. 71 XXJTJISA STREET. 2. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, to. re tier with ail the buiKUcgsand miproveutent thrreon, situated in the same ilitt it and square a th last above described property, lesitrnated by th lot. AO. a B.' aud nieasmes 2a fet Inches and 4 line front on Lwniisa street, by a depth of i IS fees a Inches and 4 Un. the- the- Improvements cooaist ot A FRAME. iivu, .naxraa,!, cu i 1 BV, KIIOWB a . 71 Louisa st'Mt. aad contains ball, gallery,, and about 8 rcoin, water works, cistern, etc FRAMR C'OTTAE NO. 74 PIKTy STREET. 3. A CERTAIN LOT Of UHOC5D, tow aether with aU the bmldmgs and improvement thnrson, sltutel ;nstne name itistrict ami sosreas tbe last aoove described prvpvrty, ilemrnaled by tue lot No. 4. adjoin above described lota in their Tear and tanssnres SW reet fronton fiety street by a depth ot ill ieet. oevween paeikiiei line. The Improvement consist of a PltAKW BliILDIji with two rooms, stable and cistsin. aud is known as ao. 74 1'ietr street. GROCERY, COR KR LOUrtvA AND RAM-FA RAM-FA RAM-FA RT BTUIXTi. 4. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, to. retoer with an tne bnumnrs and imnrovemeeta tnereon. aitnatad in la Thbd District of sbi city, m tne sonar uooaded by Louisa. Bnrgun- Bnrgun- dy. Piety and Rampart streets, designated oy ma 00. tv, ana nieasHm si ie isincneaaud aunesiront un iirihi street by a a(uand front on Ramrmrc stret tf 1 1 feet .1 inchn and 4 Unas, and farming the earner, ot. Stituin auu nam pari, streets. Ike miiirovsTient renRlst ef A SMTtD GRoCKHY STORK AND KEblDifhiCJE, con. uunwg 1 ruuuia. s sneus, cisutrn, sic, TWO HOrSES. CORNER BURGUNDY AKO DK81RH STaEHTa. 1 5. A CKRTAIN LOT OK GROUND, together witn aii sn ouuaings and rmnrovements tnere on. situated In the Third District ut thib etty. in the square bounded by Burgundy, Kamoart Desire and Piety streets, whica lornas the corner corner ef Burgundy aad Desire streets, aad meaa. uies fe lrnns on Desire street by a dents and fient ow Bnrgundy street ot 80 fees be tween parallel lines Th improvements consist of a SLATB ROOF HO Li "E on the corner, containing four room, iwwaneua. ecr.. ana anataer Astasia Bul'sE in tbe rear, known a No-Sl3 No-Sl3 No-Sl3 Burgan. ay street, containing two rooms, two cabinets sad kiicnesu COTTAK NO. 8 MA NDEVIXLE STREET, tt. A CERTAIN LOT O lr G ROO A f.tgtner witn sit sne Dnimings ana improvenMuic uiare-an, uiare-an, uiare-an, aituated ia tb Thitd Distrioi r ails eity. 111 1 ns equare nnuea uyasnasvme, jeangny. Boval . tlate Casacalvoi aad Uaunluu llata UHS Greatmen) streets. eealKnated a lot N o. 16. aad meaaure 'o iaet a mcne snu a ones rroat oa jAasuiervllle street bv a dent b oa the aide lis next to Dauphin attest of 67 feet 1 iion and 4 lines, thence nsit owing t right ane-le ane-le ane-le 3 feet 3 inane end 3 lines, vuit a second depth of Sa feet 4 lni-lus, lni-lus, lni-lus, sad 123 feet 5 lucUna aad 4 lines on the vrber side line next te Royal street and IT feet 6 inchea ia width ia the rear. The iaiptoveniemeata consist ofA FRAME SLA Talis OOTTAWK, knewa a Bo. 84 Man-devili Man-devili Man-devili street containing a looms, ga taxouga-out taxouga-out taxouga-out uistein, shed, etc. FRAME COTTAGB NT. - 13fr PORT . .- .- S TREKT. - 7. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, together together with all the buildings and improvement tuereen, alBoatm in tne laird District ef thia city, ia tbe min are !N- !N- la, Ixmnded by Port lampart St. Claud and Lafayette (late JEn-ghelul JEn-ghelul JEn-ghelul Btreets, designated by tbe aalL and uieasarea 'H feet frost on Port street, by a devlh f 130 feet H inches and 8 lines. ' The lsaproveutent cunsiM mt A FRAsfE COT rAuK aLAiD, retired from th street known !. 130 ff streat, and aartin4 looms sat a kitchen 3 cisterns, wed. e.e. ALL F Tiihl aBjVK propel ties are more or tens and American, msasur. a per planet 11 nnter t-tewt t-tewt t-tewt lvsq . urveyor,, and wluch, may be seen at the place of sale. TEUkSAMU c-oDiriOJS c-oDiriOJS c-oDiriOJS One-third One-third One-third r more cash, and the balance at 1. 3 and 3 years, with M per cent interest fiom Say ef sale, special special mortgage with, vendor lien, and all other usoal wsoucity ciaosea, lscludiug liaaiuca aod transfer at poLit-iss, poLit-iss, poLit-iss, and fi par emt. far attorney's fee la easeet salt tue aoteetobe divided into coupons, to suit tbepaitie in interest interest Th several purchase! to- to- divide the taxeqnaiiy for the current year.. IbSttV with tne venders. a cts af sal before Alpbense Phfltps, notary pwbUc, at the xpeas of th pair-li pair-li pair-li era. auilj 23 aa 13 is td ; . 10 lo m ot at ai

Clipped from The Times-Picayune29 Aug 1886, SunPage 5

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)29 Aug 1886, SunPage 5
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  • Meister Christopher Anna 1886 estate sale

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