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Rabish, Mike (ours?) - SA'llli.DAV isiOitlNllNtp, THE PiTi'riiJUiiG-...
SA'llli.DAV isiOitlNllNtp, THE PiTi'riiJUiiG- PiTi'riiJUiiG- iJU6T. Mr?. Ferguson, who,, with their dauh- dauh- Samuel T. Ferguson, Mary Alice Ferguson, Judge James Franklin Tavlor, Wt: M d iletowti for over a year, ieft WashlnRton county a few days after the 1 funer.-U funer.-U funer.-U and went to L, otro dte, Ir.d. I'crlsaps the snldest f-.-atv.re f-.-atv.re f-.-atv.re f-.-atv.re f-.-atv.re of the whole v.orv :s the T.u-t T.u-t T.u-t tna: t. r njui i- i- - awrtitlr.R th- th- comir.jr of t!- t!- day (-all (-all (-all not to t.e far distant now), when she hall 4 - - " i -jv -jv hear the cry of a little babe, which 1 V ') ' ) : world, for the moiht-r moiht-r moiht-r In blind :;t r suit of a railroad uocident, which ..r . utrtd shortly af (r her first child. M;;ry A'ir. ss born. Air thf -things which will be put In fvld.-';. fvld.-';. fvld.-';. t- t- at the trail are the cl .thes worn hv air ' reason when he was kiUed. tie ?:-.!' ?:-.!' ?:-.!' i i-;. i-;. i-;. wiib.-li wiib.-li wiib.-li was foimd wi'.hln ileln h . , - of tr.- tr.- camp, with $!-7 $!-7 $!-7 in coin ft.li in it; tlie Id stjutRim aial knife found ra. )!':!: battery, it'.e battery, 1 1 . - wire v.'.ih , 1 the iKtt-ry iKtt-ry iKtt-ry nnd tn o:-.;!ire o:-.;!ire o:-.;!ire f f .lytinn.ite. and v. ral oilier r-!!, r-!!, r-!!, j, ' ioriud:: tc, prohnblv. portions of .-A .-A .-A Croatians Accused of Killing Contractor Ferguson Will Face the Jury Monday. MRS. LORENZ IS ACQUITTED. COMMONWEALTH SAID TO HAVE A STRONG CASE. TRlftLNEAR ' FOR ALLEGED DYNAMITERS. VA . j v- v- Witnesses Not Hitherto Heard Will Give Testimony Against Them. ONE WHO MET MURDERERS. Bpeclal to The Pittsburg Post. WASHINGTON. Fa., Feb. ll The trial cf Milovar, Kovovick and Milovar Fattro-vlck Fattro-vlck Fattro-vlck on the charge of murdering Contrac tor Samuel T. Ferguson at West Middle- Middle- j i r rr' r ::. . :. afternoon. The arrest of the two suspects on the arrival in England of the ship on which they left America, and their subsequent return In charge of Superintendent Thom- Thom- Milovar PattrovicK, One of the !lesretl dynnmitern. from a photograph taken in the YVaahinit- YVaahinit- as MoQuaide and Peteotive Richard K"ilv. of Firsbur!, are nf uch recent occurrence as to be familiar to a!i newspaper readers. readers. The fact that only about one-th'rd one-th'rd one-th'rd of the wiruespes ia attendas;.?? were called I before the Rra.i.i '-.try '-.try '-.try bef-ir? bef-ir? bef-ir? rnoi-arh rnoi-arh rnoi-arh had bet n sh.-o.vn sh.-o.vn sh.-o.vn on -r-hich -r-hich -r-hich -r-hich to base a true bill is an indication of the c.iiVincing character character of the testimony give, While no ono connected with the prosecution prosecution ha? evr-r evr-r evr-r brea willing- willing- to gave out anything for publication as to the nature of the eviderc tit- tit- Common wraith will adduce at tiie hearing of the r ise in coart, enoush has leaked out to show that the Milovar Kovovick, -e -e i " TfH 3 J Is ' w One of the nlicKcd dynamitera. from a piioIoirrapU taken in the Washington Washington juil. case nsainst Kovovick and Pattroviek will not r?st on a flimsy base. At least two witnesses, it is alierrel. w.li positively identify the two prisoners as having; been seen in the iie'ghhorhoed of the place where the diabolical plot was eor.sumnated. One of thosf witnesses riot only raw the murderers bcfor,-. bcfor,-. bcfor,-. the fatal 6p:.rl-t 6p:.rl-t 6p:.rl-t whs flashed from the battery hid bt-hir.d bt-hir.d bt-hir.d the tree snag to the dynamite un- un- Mike Rabish, 3- 3- 4 - S I ! -A -A 1 1 1 s s 1 I W i4 lct:ttti lv tfst' of ihe trim r I The contractor who was nmrdprfd by dynamiters near West Middle-town, Middle-town, Middle-town, l'a. der the worn-out worn-out worn-out culvert, but also again after the deed had ben accomplished an 1 the satchel, containing- containing- J3.S05. secured. on the second occasion the two desperadoes r came upon this witness in an unsuspect- unsuspect- j Ins way, and when they saw him they , almost dropped their plunder. The thre? j eyed each other for a few minute?, and i finally the men. who he say? were Kovo-j Kovo-j Kovo-j vtrk arid Fattrovick. mads off through the $ Saw the Prisoners in Jail. ; tw wane not known m - ... .rn thai he ; did not communicate Vith "anyone e;i- e;i- , contracting '-omr'any. '-omr'any. '-omr'any. wJ15 tei! the stry gatred In hunting down the culpr ts. bat , ..f the b; h, U;ra ? "ir.a t'a- t'a- fie bt-after bt-after bt-after the two prisoners were !odg-:d !odg-:d !odg-:d in th j tery. ar.d h..v.- h..v.- it rarne into the P.w!m Ja'l here the witn visitei the bastiie I of Kovovivk. Anoint r trtttsg wt.-c:: wt.-c:: wt.-c:: w... and W aid 't have identified them m- m- be o m-.-oh m-.-oh m-.-oh m-.-oh m-.-oh ;?t;p, nK la th- th- Us: pen-tiveir pen-tiveir pen-tiveir The other witness who saya he i knife !o-trd !o-trd !o-trd n-ar n-ar n-ar th" irun. A fw day saw 'th- 'th- twf. pr-sonera pr-sonera pr-sonera near the sc-ne sc-ne sc-ne o: 1 before the strand Jury took up the cas the cr;me met them on the road. li j Coroner i.p Pced this krafe in th-says th-says th-says he knew Kovovick from having ,evi J-anc;s J-anc;s J-anc;s . iho district att.-.rney. att.-.rney. att.-.rney. and when him at work at th- th- Ferruson camp. Thi he 'mt?-fr 'mt?-fr 'mt?-fr tn tip to court it was second man he did not know at the time, j Ped around wn? them. Py thu but when he saw Fattrovick in ia I he j rneah wr.cr of ths knife M dis-alleres dis-alleres dis-alleres he rerosnired him a? the csm- csm- j l,''r"- l,''r"- . panlon e Kovovick en the mora!:: ST of j ; t tn- tn- stror.pest future, to b the murder. 1 bro;iht eut b' ,b' 4 "nmonwea.th wtj Shor-tty Shor-tty Shor-tty after the two men were ir.car- ir.car- j , eerated :n ti-.e ti-.e ti-.e as.nitjtn jail it was broadly herajded 'hat i atuovkk would be able to entity establish an ai.bi. It was stated that at least .Vt of hs tiiTnds from Ming's Junction. O., wov.Id appear in court and swear thai rn the flay cf the murder and at the time it was committed committed he was wit.i tfcern ai al jib'". That was a ie er propositlcr.. hut it is now asserted thit l'atttorick nvcrre-.i-hM nvcrre-.i-hM nvcrre-.i-hM nvcrre-.i-hM nvcrre-.i-hM himseif in his esserness tn nrr.v t..f details of th ai."i. raid that ss a consequence consequence the Cwtnmca wealth w..l be a": i to show by indubitable sisatoiy or au-tograrhira: au-tograrhira: au-tograrhira: ev.i-icnre ev.i-icnre ev.i-icnre .h.t l:e was connected connected wiih Kovoviek at every st- st- taken tr. preprir.rf fe the ' mtt.is.s.on of the crirn ar.,1 e.ffrward in sptti:is away with the p.!ur.df r. .c--rd;ng .c--rd;ng .c--rd;ng .c--rd;ng to tras story hts '.vie to hie fnertda 't to h rs they ahou'al swear to meet arl e.ffset cr- cr- 5 ta.n riarriarr!ft ts he kn'." secttred aga.r t h'm by MeQaiaif. shows Pattrovick to be a man of m re than average in-eaiprence, in-eaiprence, in-eaiprence, nr.'i .!l;er.-'e .!l;er.-'e .!l;er.-'e indicates indicates that he is faiiy ir fct'rr,' :! as to . recourse recourse that 'Hi'd be r-urs:ed r-urs:ed r-urs:ed in s,ici. matters. WVdle cruris'? f r ti-e ti-e ti-e dfsns-have dfsns-have dfsns-have asserted ail aionjr that the Commonwealth Commonwealth was proserttt.T.jr the r-.v r-.v r-.v g wnr if th's srory is trite. Pat'rev'ek lam, if hs f urntjhe 1 th- th- clue which wl'.i j roy--heyor.d roy--heyor.d roy--heyor.d roy--heyor.d thehriii.-w thehriii.-w thehriii.-w -.f -.f ijnt:bt ihi: is eaeilv' rtrit;.' v. 'i'a t: Tracing Their W'lereabcuis. Other witnee.? will traef. th e. h'-re- h'-re- h'-re- h'-re- ao"!uis c: the two "r!eT'o -- -- -, -, . t. ' ays rr;-t rr;-t rr;-t to the rr.urd- rr.urd- Never Sick But fJright, Confident Briming with Health and 5tro;ir i viiTr ru- ru- i!?3sure tn life 4. xe ? Jtevi, ' f -4-' -4-' -4-' -4-' i J MA P?1 P23 if ,p n Wf , V1 !w if .s-"r .s-"r .s-"r , 1 T 1- 1- e ,1 ' " ' ' - ' e G. H. SEIMHAUSEN. Confining Indoor Work Cannot Make Him Sick. pound Keeps I By Q. fi. B-rVH B-rVH B-rVH U EN i I.aii . Sherwood Park. TonUors. X. Y .lanui'.rv 7. Itai'. "I am recomrn'-nJ recomrn'-nJ recomrn'-nJ tig- tig- 'vino's C'.-le.ry C'.-le.ry feitinrinnd to ti-.- ti-.- ti-.- ti-.- nv of tha ti.-onle ti.-onle ti.-onle in our ofiico. and 1 itia siad to say to you what I say to thraii that Celery Compound is a boon to run-down, run-down, run-down, nervous people, and sjlves the coarase aad hiilth tiiat mol-Pi mol-Pi mol-Pi iie Mf.rtii liiiiiL- liiiiiL- and makes work plannt. Si "Mv ucout it ion nuts uc' a strain on ; My OccUIJallon PU.S SU1; V11.' ". ; me ana Keeps me su cm a u u .j is only once or twicv m jt-nrs jt-nrs jt-nrs that I take a good, lone t-a.k. t-a.k. t-a.k. Ia ft y i?o; lnf? I 1 mm a sei iuu e,iv.,..-j e,iv.,..-j e,iv.,..-j "p- "p- " : , , 1 oral breakdown. iIy d;tion. wnieh 1 . . K ,1 t,'-.!.!, t,'-.!.!, t,'-.!.!, e-eo.p' e-eo.p' e-eo.p' M-rt.-f M-rt.-f M-rt.-f M-rt.-f M-rt.-f r, o .'I 1 . ..as i. 1 w t : ..Tp, ...i.i e - - ...... ...... ? 1 ....- ....- ,-irtlon. ,-irtlon. ,-irtlon. npina Tenr wpflt at 1 ;i time I wouia not oe ante to assimi- assimi- j lltP ,OOd. . . ... I I exhaustion1 I thoaKht he was sinroly unable I to tell me whatatlia trouble "realU"' was, and i C ' ( , ( ' f i t " ; Daufihirr of the murdered ntrrn now litins; lth her usoihcr in Indiana. the board in tr hou. boss, and George Tin:i. who was a s-.ii'-bo.s s-.ii'-bo.s s-.ii'-bo.s s-.ii'-bo.s s-.ii'-bo.s I'jT t.".e Dwight Johnson, e at Che2ry. iscry. Vitality. -i -i - -ll -ll J . behf1 -a" -a" -T. -T. !h V. ; C U"-V'M U"-V'M U"-V'M 'A' ' 'Cl ( I ft er-ve er-ve er-ve ,v. o,fr. I -.f. -.f. rT. VY. . - f I lH-wo lH-wo lH-wo '. kii'r;- kii'r;- -- -- ' v - i o. had V,--n V,--n V,--n V,--n S IL. . A . - t v..i t . " ' J : . ' ' 1 J " t ! t " " r"" " ' t " i ; r 7 ' V tA " A 1 t 'X' b-e b-e b-e t e: f: m ,-e ,-e ,-e f- f- 1. w iFerr-aeer, iFerr-aeer, iFerr-aeer, Ce-;.,-- Ce-;.,-- Ce-;.,-- Ce-;.,-- Ce-;.,-- ?.r,y. K.-t,-,- K.-t,-,- K.-t,-,- K.-t,-,- K.-t,-,- K.-t,-,- f 4 A eru.k.a at the baa-. baa-. baa-. ,r, t r't- r't- .s- .s- C . .a - i. . : ,.. I ad t'a h '-- '-- '-- f 1,-V 1,-V 1,-V -t -t were b.en to r;e-.. r;e-.. r;e-.. Mar. !a w..t tf r.d N - j. " , S the r: S . S.cidett reMre cf the Ca-e Ca-e Ca-e ) r g r "er-. "er-. "er-. i rrri: -.-- -.-- -.-- .-.I.. .-.I.. .-.I.. ?i a S ' M a j:if n. k. i -e -e a -. ; : a s : Who mt ihf rl tn rf'li ibf in ) ' n r.e " ;r., . - a v. i 'vi: ke nsb:h, ' 'i ' a-asn a-asn a-asn rra - : a- - it'f .-i- .-i- .-i- .-i- ALWAYS AT,, THEIR BEST 44 as s rn- rn- : a1 w e e s 4 "S t? Paine's Celery Com- Com- Him Well. I fhi ! '1 .i.l not believe in "nerves. ' t I took -er.r.ii -er.r.ii biii'is of d'tr'-Btioo d'tr'-Btioo d'tr'-Btioo ti.ediclne. but , 1 n aid 10- 10- 1... r i v .i.i nil odvertUemcnt i of I'u ii.'s v'i isry t'010; .un 1 one day, and . 1 Tanvaaa 1 v.iail.' trv 1. iiiai cfc If thfi trouble r. ally w a.-: a.-: a.-: m the ra rvus. ; My fri-!ici. fri-!ici. fri-!ici. were astonished to nee : how qui. V.; v I inmrovtd. but none of tlieni S'df. was mol e as toni.sio d than my-Th- my-Th- my-Th- my-Th- irouliio in my stomach and nit-stm. nit-stm. nit-stm. s wa-t wa-t wa-t ron- ron- in thrt-. thrt-. thrt-. week or a montri. and I iuat-in iuat-in iuat-in to taatft r.s much pleasure In ito as a man who lives en- en- tir ly out-ot-cJoors. out-ot-cJoors. out-ot-cJoors. out-ot-cJoors. out-ot-cJoors. ' I stbl tuta- tuta- 1'iiite's Cbry Con.poi'.nd, off "r- "r- f"v ,h" vitality thut It gives roe. I know a nast many people who are as badlv ,,-Y ,,-Y ,,-Y a I tvn.. l,nt tb.u trouble wah them la. r -- -- 3 - ne'rv,. I say: 'Wen evt.nJ ,fJ hav.n t crvc-. crvc-. crvc-. Itt me giva you , f p6ln6-s p6ln6-s p6ln6-s celery Compound, and Be. horn rr.ucn oettkr you real. it i Dur aririitng; with thorn. I have started av- av- . ...... " e,ni ir;-io..' ir;-io..' ir;-io..' ... o- o- ij nirivr- nirivr- u-crv u-crv u-crv X' nnoes fllirnlallt Mtl toitS t h R nlUP- nlUP- of the nerve nourishment r?iven to the Xerves by Paine's Celery Compound. - f W.a flie).'fif C V wuo lives cutdecrs. a; " a . af ' 1 The Jil.isc Ua "111 preside t the trial f the t"raUan. : be a s;oiv about th money .f-fuml. .f-fuml. .f-fuml. It has b--n b--n b--n b--n ;. RU'd t r.at i the am-iunt am-iunt am-iunt found ti. Kovo ick and !'! trovtrk .'.id i:ot reach the fv.tt. a.'oi. ii. antl. hri,v w;i n.'t an in:-: in:-: in:-: asor,.ti ly 'Tf w. ' o r ; Aio . . to !.k baek v-ith v-ith v-ith th'in :r. tt c'r r-firn r-firn r-firn to th:r ntve i h: A ir : : fr 'ri e:s. Tr .' ' !;::r"'f.v. .., ... J:wv-r. J:wv-r. J:wv-r. vre, . be nb- nb- to w nhTe - f r ii if tf. ! . Hi :; m ;n.-y ;n.-y ;n.-y not f . '. its vvn y to tit" i.-':t i.-':t M---. M---. M---. M---. M---. asa n t j .. -..i -..i I''.'-ad-d I''.'-ad-d I''.'-ad-d I''.'-ad-d I''.'-ad-d u; ' Quaiae woiiii have h'li no Un acrss tt ii orfur Ko vov; fro .ck ttoul i .be i'O. n before taey bad had a i 'ianr. t p n sn.pb"! o. Tias trnnsactior' was the Trs: or the irr ' rt.i at c'a.s f.o',oi by th detectives. n.t as ka m ii before before K"voici; and his : ; a : . a bai.l.a ;n Kr.jttand. Attorneys on Beth Sides. The attorneys who w:iJ taV - ; irt ?! trial are I :t r-vt r-vt r-vt Attrrtiey " !."! ..! .r-m-id. .r-m-id. .r-m-id. .r-m-id. .r-m-id. r' IVsfH iif a.- a.- 5r. ! J ao .. - ef l'jttslurt. for th- th- C-rr.ra-o, C-rr.ra-o, C-rr.ra-o, C-rr.ra-o, C-rr.ra-o, ?. e;! : -o -o ,t-t ,t-t ,t-t Harry Aa s- s- liaii ii'd Jart)- Jart)- i" i r . . ..f Pitteburg. ard faxr 2 - s r, t AlMm'j-Typief"ri, AlMm'j-Typief"ri, AlMm'j-Typief"ri, of Washirnror, f"T t.a,. de-; de-; de-; f.e. i The rn irier e; Cantta-t. Cantta-t. Cantta-t. r lar;;:.''r, o-. o-. o-. eurred on Frtdar. S'p!-n;: S'p!-n;: S'p!-n;: r 2"' lr. la 'company wah bs hv.i.Vr; ?r .'a..ros i Martin, he started front ;n Ki-si Ki-si Ki-si N.a-t'onsi N.a-t'onsi N.a-t'onsi bank.. cf lVs'fh;apt ;:. at 11.45 o'clock a. rrt. T.';e;- T.';e;- with :ac;n in a s-atefce: s-atefce: J3 , wh'oa ' . h id 'r.i r fr'm the bark to pay A a;t for : r , cn the P(stbur exter s n ' '" Wal a h ' raiiread. '-r '-r '-r . 1 slan '-a '-a '-a r t.fr'i. of TV'Sf ?.i :ii- :ii- Clt n i'-; i'-; i'-; t:a r.i ad I''3F- I''3F- S S fro ef a !r r h a. kra-wn kra-wn kra-wn f'maio or Psrt ha'.. 'he rur-r rur-r rur-r c : a- a- n 3 : if yesim a ;iii sv !hnv t rc S ' d:seVrre be'r-if be'r-if be'r-if efTe--i efTe--i efTe--i efTe--i f.v the ac r.f n F'rouJet Achievement of This M.irvelous Ncre r.i'ui and IKa'lh Maker Is Tliot !t K?-v K?-v K?-v fcaple Well. By M!5. L!VIS .MAY. An Inaurance St.! M -r--a- -r--a- -r--a- -r--a- -r--a- -r--a- 1 - e r n:s - r - h v 'rk!t for ip -s: -s: ! "I cfaubt whether I could rrake ; Ce-ry Ce-ry Ce-ry Ccmroi.nd. It e"- e"- c. ' 1 ,r , e. , - ' , J o - . fi 4 -vt -vt tV. -f -f 's 'V ..if --'i --'i --'i '"-.r;f '"-.r;f '"-.r;f .& -.a.--JlSj -.a.--JlSj -.a.--JlSj -.a.--JlSj '4 e v 'i - 1 s I," -3 -3 jfr' .r1' . . . Jp . e f e"h w' "r ,i-flf ,i-flf ,i-flf '" s : 'p r r.v - P e J jpLLrH" -atv? -atv? . - " JfsJf " . ? WftJI 'vw-r-". 'vw-r-". 'vw-r-". 'vw-r-". 'vw-r-". mv'io i-t i-t i-t o MRS. LEWIS MAY, Most Successful Woman Insurance Agent in New York. as frie-nda frie-nda frie-nda warned mo that I miprat nrv0"8, prostration. ' In this miMirif s-i s-i s-i a:$ n many others. success dcpi-ndu dcpi-ndu dcpi-ndu almost entir.dy upon how you are foe!: up. A tired, low-j low-j low-j epirneu auiimiui ui;Kric as weii stay u home. "I used to take coffee in largie quantities quantities to keep my brain clear and my spirits up. but I knew this would injure injure my dijrestton and my nerves. I discovered that Paine's Celery Compound Compound Raw me Just th s--tren?rih s--tren?rih s--tren?rih s--tren?rih I needed, by feedinsr mv nerves and keeping: keeping: me in ffood health. "I iro out to my vsork every mnrnlnc 1 feel 1 ok bright and cheery and contl- contl- Testimony in Postal Trial Finished. Witness Makes Mistakes. Mistakes. WASHINGTON, K.-b K.-b K.-b 12 T'a-fore T'a-fore T'a-fore court a i -ttrn-i -ttrn-i -ttrn-i -ttrn-i in th p--tal p--tal p--tal p--tal trial to-day to-day to-day Mrs. Mr:!'.i J. .(r-'r.z .(r-'r.z .(r-'r.z wi ? a free woman. j-c'i'V j-c'i'V j-c'i'V Fritciiurd. actlnc on a motion f i .in, .1 -IdnJ -IdnJ ilure was not and di- di- iftT nil the cv.d'-ife cv.d'-ife cv.d'-ife was In. ii li;fai in rebuttal testified. at h..m uas John H. 'i'uil'S. the; a; '..-r '..-r i. to -k -k down th" Que, ii r at th time Marb.fr, tras inv.-s'.;iai.-.n inv.-s'.;iai.-.n inv.-s'.;iai.-.n inv.-s'.;iai.-.n inv.-s'.;iai.-.n in General I'rsetow a N' i) iv, ". T!i witness tinder a i.k er- er- irrritiai!or admin el had tnat!eTSF mber c-f c-f c-f errors in tr...- tr...- : .1 a (V b's notes. GLAZfJER MAY NOT HANG. Hope to Have Death Sentence Co rrtuted to That cf Imprisonment for Life. An rff r at ill be mad to have the s. -.t'n-e -.t'n-e -.t'n-e -.t'n-e :! ra-'"d ra-'"d ra-'"d t:po.n Ni.hoiaa ii'an.ff f.-.!!iiii..i. f.-.!!iiii..i. f.-.!!iiii..i. by the jtovernor t 1 of !n:t r.wnt f-r f-r f-r life, and papers er, bnt end ate t o mu prepare! by Attor- r.ey Jan.e fiaiaan T;t,i. l'poa what srr-.:.'.! srr-.:.'.! srr-.:.'.! : !t t';ut wiU be made not fenart. fihtittt la the street car cor. t'ai; on u lawn fr-t.t!nir fr-t.t!nir fr-t.t!nir At wood street, February ;. !''" Tr p-iMontr p-iMontr p-iMontr ti aea-tp.raj aea-tp.raj to be handed, but the ro'err,er ha ret '! the (;te for tie execution. Brothers Killed by Fail cf Slate. S (-!: (-!: (-!: ' The rtns'Hirtr Prt. SA1.HM (' . Feb. 31 - -Peter -Peter and Michael .t"V. brothers. . ere .'' .; to-day to-day to-day In the m'.t:s t.f tie sm Tr. n Company. Th iiaat ' 1 in elate and badly t raphe-! raphe-! raphe-! Th"' died bef r belRK take,-, take,-, cat Th'T e- e- J4 a- a- I . year old, ra-f ra-f ra-f a ; vriy, a.-.d a.-.d a.-.d iotii -r; -r; o atr.s la. r.i t h- h- - r.f-a-T r.f-a-T r.f-a-T r.f-a-T r.f-a-T r.; tatth common ;c t-,r t-,r t-,r ; urr;:ve r, a. 'artr"a L.Hti ,11 ntr i j;rly br life them lo ts-.eti. ts-.eti. ts-.eti. C;.e trial Hid prove their full lr. f .rrrat'en. .Mr ra'!y. 2."i:oa Deputy Sheriff Accldertaiiy Killed. ,a: Vi T'- T'- i aa ae f'--t f'--t f'--t f'--t . .' - : : . Feb. fori - - r, .-f .-f .-f '- '- .- .- ts- ts- U i.e-i i.e-i fa, 1 . s -. -. f--- f--- f--- f--- - h i. . i . revo-'i revo-'i revo-'i e- a . j r .-: .-: .-: - ..-', ..-', ..-', jw.s" a-aria a-aria a-aria . - . '.'.a '. t5-" t5-" t5-" 1 ro--stiae ro--stiae ro--stiae ro--stiae 1 a -.f -.f ' . gr;".r 1; ". ii I i y r f.Yt If I did not. J wo-jld wo-jld wo-jld never he ti-illlH ti-illlH ti-illlH that I do iv v t.ple v h , b.av- b.av- rot 1; s i .i it- it- 3 1 v o a . t' t e r ! r " , r ! t .ai s.ok o ; r r iv : a a t r f a t h i .'-'a .'-'a .'-'a aa.'l h J i pn t h t - bi u u vtfttrrdav I de.f.ded I w.oj.d send -a-ro-ti -a-ro-ti -a-ro-ti -a-ro-ti -a-ro-ti -a-ro-ti ra'-aa'i ra'-aa'i ra'-aa'i irioaey w !a II:' r I wn-i',.1 wn-i',.1 wn-i',.1 make at i m. if ! dd not MIA I.K WIS MAT. half my present income If I did not ia w-t' w-t' w-t' ne., , -infy -infy to ma." ' h-1 h-1 h-1 i " n J J 4 - ' ' . p , . sa, . -4 -4 t r ' ' s p) a t ' t ! v . n r -ifpifiin -ifpifiin Hi tn id o fir ''btniiii alfoti', Paine's CeH-ry CeH-ry CeH-ry Compound is keep'nff thousands of people well so well that c. u eu iiiti. ft,v of thtim ever think to send in written acknowledgment of the benefit. "Do not vrante time drnjtttnjt yttur SYMPTOMS (nr. the RICA I. CM SK the NERVES." Prof. E. K. Pht-lt.?. Pht-lt.?. Pht-lt.?. M. P.. l.U D.. cf Partmoutb l"niver.ity Famous Discoverer Discoverer of Paine's Celery Compound. ,t evidfnc- evidfnc- !.. iio'.d her and di- di- ssSlB - i'riah.riiit d- d- cision came imme- imme- Florida od Carolina Reiorts Ft.- Ft.- ' -. -. t ' s a J i . r C'lii-ia C'lii-ia C'lii-ia i ' -i -i r K b a 1 il a it

Clipped from
  1. Pittsburgh Daily Post,
  2. 13 Feb 1904, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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