1928.08.29 Postum Club Outing

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1928.08.29 Postum Club Outing - PQSTUM GLU :S HOLD DUTLING Employes and Their...
PQSTUM GLU :S HOLD DUTLING Employes and Their families Spend Enjoyable Day at Ramona Park, Long Lake. PROGRAM IS COMPLETE Wide Range of Events Keeps Contestants Busy from Morning Until Night. I The first annual picnic held all day Ramona park, Long Postum club yesterday at lake, was at- at- into be- be- one from the favorable. the by street begin the e.t tended by over 2.500 employes of the Postum plant, their families and friends. A line of 2P0 cars I led by six presidential buses form-! form-! form-! ed the parade which proceeded out i West Michigan avenue yesterday : morning about S 30 en route to the I picnic. A wide range cf events const i-j i-j i-j tutcd the program for the enter-I enter-I enter-I tainment of those attending the picnic. At 10:43 yesterday morn-! morn-! morn-! ing running events and horseshoe pitching contests were run oil. : These were fallowed by a concert I given by the Postum band. Fbl-1 Fbl-1 Fbl-1 lowing 'lunch there were some ' more athletic events including three tugs o! war ana anouu-i anouu-i anouu-i band concert, bathing and boating, boating, a basel.iull game between the Cleveland Tigers and the Tos'tim team, dancing, swimming, another concert by the band and dancing from 6:30 to 9:30 in the evening Bush's orchestra of Hastings turn-shed turn-shed turn-shed turn-shed the music for the dancing. List True Winners Those winning prizes in the athletic athletic events were: Fifty-yard Fifty-yard Fifty-yard dash for bovs eight years old or under. Bud Thomas first, Wayne Stevens second and Harold Reynolds third: S0-vard S0-vard S0-vard dash for boys from nine to 12 years, cncsier vwu.ama n.oi. Robert Strublc recond, Jack Cross third; 50-yard 50-yard 50-yard dash for girls eight years or younger, Jacqueline Snyder Snyder first, Elizabeth Smith second and Helen Cay wood third; 50 yard clash for pills nine to 12. Edna Stone first, Fay Gammon second and Hazel Strand third; 50-yard 50-yard 50-yard dash lor girls 13 years or over, Hilda Morse first, Fstell nencn second and Tonna Stone third; heavyweight race for men wrich-200 wrich-200 wrich-200 notmds. Dick Fofl j fust, Glenn Lauer second and Ebe I Brunner third; men's three-legged three-legged three-legged j race. Jack C'ummings and Ralph :T,tw fast. Jav Cav and Arthur ; whipnlc second and Joe Lipska 'and Don Wiesman third; men's ir I loo vard dash. Clarence Raulston : first. Albert Kill MAN Two Carr at of of , davs neann ac- ac- j on , grad- grad- ! Be- Be- j by Sarah. ; arrange- I Bat-tie Bat-tie at tiie week, U. S. evening, in most Emma that entertainments, veterans' of; oir0vvin hi? Frineess number were orchestra It the second and Jack Pyritz third; hoiseshoe pitching ungles, Willard Kline first and Claude Emmerson second; horse-shoe horse-shoe horse-shoe pitching doubles. Ben Emmerson Emmerson and Frank Stone first and Claude Emmerson and Nate Cross second. Continue Events The events following lunch were Boys' free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all cracker eating contest, Herman Bailey first, Ray Bailey second and Charles Park I third: ladies' free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all bah contest. Miss Jioumau second and third; ladies ce, Mrs. W. Postum; Postum l ions Post clubs nian-nsr-r nian-nsr-r stor- on lot-al lot-al lot-al ( picnic, Paper , Corey, ciucc- ciucc- person first, Violet McCoy Mrs. Ben Emmerson free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all shoe u Rei-ch Rei-ch Rei-ch first, Ella Muscatt secono and Grace Ten Eyek third; tug ot v. ir between the Pos't.m and paper container division men. won b tug of war iictween u aid paper container di vision women, won by rosium, of war between the sinele and mariird women, won by the sine.' women. , , Special prizes were awarded tc John San-nan San-nan San-nan and Earl Wilbur for having tiie largest, families at t!v cadi having in; to .wis. L.. 79. for being the oldest (Vie nirnic. ana to r.u! at ct tiie ncth Niles Berry, aged 30 days North Chafes activity be the convention 3920, in activity underprivileged a drive lor being the youngest. IS FELONY CHARGE w..,l with the theft of $5 change from the till of the Mona-weck-Scully Mona-weck-Scully Mona-weck-Scully Mona-weck-Scully Mona-weck-Scully oil station at South Division and East Fountain streets Harold Graham. 22, was arraigned in jus-ice jus-ice court today on a felony warrant for larceny from a store Under mos. uinn t 0. 5a wou.a no charge. Justice held Graham in Sl.wu Donas n in the daytime circumstances t.ie a oetit larreny Gray per- per- j and commit'ec .1 him to Msrshall jail when he waived examination.

Clipped from Battle Creek Enquirer28 Aug 1928, TuePage 2

Battle Creek Enquirer (Battle Creek, Michigan)28 Aug 1928, TuePage 2
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