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1895 Blizzard Texas. - Tom Malmay

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1895 Blizzard Texas. - Tom Malmay - Mr, ! but Mr. ; and the E. of the was of out be...
Mr, ! but Mr. ; and the E. of the was of out be ago refused dis-cusBed will as to a that will by to. a a for in and DISASTROUS TO STOCKMEN, About 25 Per Cent, of Texas Cattle Succumb to the Blizzard. Houston, Texas, Feb. 17. The cold's effect on cattle is said by stockmen to be disastrous. Texas live stock men estimate the lots about 25 per ceat. One member of the Texas Live Association said : "The loss is greater to-day to-day to-day than-it than-it than-it would have been ten or flrteen years ago, because the wire fencing has out the cattle off from tbe bottoms. A man from the country below the Southern R. P.., this side of the Brazos River, said he knew two stockmen who three das ago skinned over 300 cattle in two days which had died from the effects ot the cold. The King of Guinea's Daughter Dead. Lebason, Pa , Feb. 15, 1895. Mrs. Harriet A. Eskins, whose father resigned as king ot Guinea, died here yesterday, aged 111 years. Bhe leaves two daughters, Frances J. Eskins of Willlamsport and Mrs. H. A Baker of this city, besides forty-four forty-four forty-four grandchildren, thirty-seeen thirty-seeen thirty-seeen great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, eighteen great-great-grandchildren great-great-grandchildren great-great-grandchildren great-great-grandchildren great-great-grandchildren and fourteen great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. great-great-great-giandchildren. A New Trial Refused. New Bloomfield, Feb. 17. Judge Bell has refused to grant a new trial to W. A 8ponsler? and B. F. Junkin, the Perry County bank wreckers, who were convicted of embezzlement. embezzlement. The judge will be here Wednesday morning to pass sentence. Snow Balling in Savannah. Savannah, Ga., Feb. 15 Two inches of snow fell last nignt and this mornlDg. It is the second snow storm experienced here In many years and the city gave itself up to hilarity. hilarity. Business was practically suspended during the forenoon and the business man spent tbe day snow balling. Heaviest Snow in Fifty Years. CoLUMBtJs.Ga., Feb. 15. Columbus had the heaviest snow storm in- in- over half a century before daybreak this morning. Snow. has prevailed throughout this section and trains are delayed from all points. Steamers carae up the river to-day to-day to-day with bows cased in ice. More Snow Falls in Florida. Jacksonville, Feb. 15. Snow was general throughout Western and Northern Florida last night. In Washington County the ground is covered to a depth of sir Inches,; a situation unprecedented in Florida's weather record, Nine Inches Deep at Atlanta. Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 15. The snow storm, which began here early this morning, is still raging at midnight. The ground is covered to a depth of nine laches. Saowing at New Orleans New Oeleans, ITeb. 15 -Tha -Tha snow fell yesterday for eighteen hours, ' measuring measuring eight inches. At 9 p. m. an appreciable appreciable amount is again failing, j a ' - . i She Died in Wales. j Richard Williams Eos Ceonen) and wife, of this city, received news bwt week of the death of Mr. Mary Michael of Llandito Wales, Mrs. Williams's mother. Bhe was jsl years of age, and only- only- six months ago returned returned to Wales, after having -spent -spent -sx -sx Luunuis witn ner cmiaren at lunestoa. - - his of of A as his In his f sohoias-tio of a to L

Clipped from Wilkes-Barre Semi-Weekly Record, 19 Feb 1895, Tue,  Page 1

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  • 1895 Blizzard Texas. - Tom Malmay

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