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1986-11-30-CJ-ZephyrFannyLitter - DOG SHOWS r ;Long fight to save pups Vjis worth...
DOG SHOWS r ;Long fight to save pups Vjis worth it for Keller By SUSAN JEFFRIES Special Writer ' ' " Patti Keller is the proud breeder ' ' of five newly crowned German shorthalred pointers from a litter of ' six puppies. At one point, four of ' those pups seemed destined to die ' from suspected parvovirus. -It -It was the spring of 1985, and for Keller, who has successfully bred 36 . ' shorthair champions over the last 14 - years, it was her first serious set-' set-' set-' back. "I'll tell you, once, when I brought . them home from the vet, I wondered why we tried so hard to save them," ' she recalled. "One male puppy at 1 1 weeks weighed less than five pounds. ' Normal weight should be around 11 pounds." . . Of the five dogs that would be-come be-come be-come champions, four became ill at ,10 weeks of age after their second inoculation. inoculation. -"They -"They were depressed, they re-. re-. re-. fused food, and within about 24 , hours, they started with diarrhea," she said. "I took them to my vet, and . be JV'd three of them for eight to 1 1 days." Then she went through a couple more weeks of trying to get nourish- nourish- ment down the puppies. "We resorted to using a syringe and squirting 1 to 3 cc's of liquid down their throats every hour, 24 hours a day. This lasted nearly two ' weeks. I just wound up setting the ' timer on the stove. If the pups spit up t the food, I'd put it right back down them. We figured some would have to stick to the insides." "f ' ' ' -" -" , . . . . f V. 1,1 J K , .f vv-; vv-; vv-; ' ! i ' 1 x ' . - v. : f.. :, i :v w , $ f. . ' Patti Keller of Paris Crossing. Ind., held two of her champion German shorthalred pointers. Bud and Pockets. The dogs, now 18 months old, were nursed through near-fatal near-fatal near-fatal Illnesses. The magic formula consisted of high-protein high-protein high-protein nutrients, antibiotics and paregoric. "Gradually, I introduced introduced hamburger, rice and puppy food. We went a teaspoon at a time with that, and they eventually started started eating." The ordeal for Keller and the pups lasted several months. Finally, the pups survived, but the scars remain. "Three still have slight eye problems." problems." she said. "I was concerned SlaH PlMt kf Pal Mcowwflh about breeding them, but the ophthalmologist ophthalmologist in Cincinnati who examined examined them said he saw no reason not to show and breed them." However, Keller did decide not to sell three of the pups that had been so sick. "I just didn't know what the future would bring for these pups, so I kept them," said Keller. Charlie Edwards of Louisville, a longtime friend and fellow exhibitor, asked for the fourth one, and she reluctantly agreed to sell him to Edwards and his niece, Abigail Alster. "Charlie helped me with the litter, and he knew how sick they had been. But he wanted the one he got. I wouldn't have sold him to anyone but Charlie," Keller said. Another pup that wasn't affected was sold to a show home tn Texas, After starting out at 6 months old with a sweepstakes victory and win ner's dog from the puppy class at the Dallas specialty, he finished at year of age with four majors, two from specialties. The sixth pup from the litter, who also was not affected, was sold to a bunting enthusiast in North Carolina. "Charlie and I started showing our dogs this past summer, and within a two-week two-week two-week span in September, we fin lshed all four," she said. Keller's three dogs, Ch. Huntablrd's Fancy Pants, Ch. Huntabird s Plain Pock ets, and Ch. Huntabird This Bud's For You, finished at the Kokomo, Terre Haute, and Fort Wayne, Ind shows. Bud is overcoming a slight rear movement abnormality that resulted from his illness. "At 5 months old, he had trouble keeping his balance," Keller re called. Proper exercise and time have helped improve his rear action. "I believe that by the time he's three years, you won't know he's bad trouble," said Keller. Turtle, more formally known as Ch. Huntabird's Zephyr's Threat, owned by Edwards, finished at the Hoosler specialty in Indianapolis. "We named him Turtle because he was so fat before he cot sick," said Keller. "He would just lie flat on his belly, and from the top view, you could barely see his head and four legs sticking out He looked Just like a turtle, and the name stuck. "I really think all the dogs are doing doing pretty good now," said Keller. As for the future, she says she'll just wait and see how the dogs continue to develop. "If I could find the right home, I'd probably place them. For right now, I'll keep them and enjoy them. Their personalities are just super. I've nev er seen any happier puppies. I may even try tnem in obedience.

Clipped from The Courier-Journal30 Nov 1986, SunMETRO EDITIONPage 57

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)30 Nov 1986, SunMETRO EDITIONPage 57
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