"Ruston Holds Long Record in Education"

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"Ruston Holds Long Record in Education" - Tuesday, June 1,1087 HUSTON DAILY LEADER,...
Tuesday, June 1,1087 HUSTON DAILY LEADER, HUSTON, LOUISIANA HUSTON HOLDS LONG RECORD IN EDUCATION Establishment of Louisiana Tech Stabilizes Movement Started by Pioneers By S. D, PEARCE The State of Louisiana has never •been a laggard in the cause of education. The educational spirit has dominated the active moving forces of the state for at least three- quarters of its history, and made progress as rapidly as its material resources and financial circumstances circumstances would permit; and within that period It has made most wonderful wonderful advancement. What the State has done and Is doing in the cause of public education education is in one sense actuated by a spirit of competition or rivalry with sister states, but is inspired by a determination to better equip its future citizens intellectually for the duties of intelligent citizenship and to elevate the standard of the State's civic obligations in keeping pace with the progress of intellectual intellectual achievement in the world of knowledge. The schools of the state are the center of public Interest and the hope of public welfare, the mainspring mainspring of public enthusiasm; and nowhere can it be said that a more pregnant atmosphere of popular acclaim acclaim prevails that can be found standing behind and supporting the work of the Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. In the early nineties the educational educational interests of Louisiana agitated agitated and put on foot a movement for industrial education and training training as a part of the educational system of the State. In the year 1894 this movement assumed definite definite form in a legislative act by the Louisiana legislature creating a state institution to be devoted to vocational training, and to become part of the State's system of education. education. The bill was introduced by Hon. George M. Lomax, then a member of the House of Representatives Representatives from Lincoln Parish, who was its most active and enthusiastic enthusiastic supporter throughout its legislative legislative journey; and behind Mr. Lomax Lomax stood the citizenry of Huston in solid phalanx and willing helpfulness. helpfulness. The bill was passed and became law, and the "Industrial Institute and College of Louisiana" became a reality 'by legal designation designation and promise, and Huston, the Side View of Louisiana Tech's 'Old Main" t ..""M i > ; ?ji<!'AVvk-'^W-'--t¥'iS' r "<^.V"'"'-' : -S it by competent and honest judgment, judgment, and to earn the laurels of popular applause by giving the very best service of which it is capable, and wisely and economically economically conserving the resources made available to it by the power that supplied them. Ii\ this institution the Stale of Louisiana has an as- srt oi which it can well afford to be proud: an institution out of which the crude material of citizenship citizenship is converted and fashioned into the finished product wearing the gloss and polish of superior citizenship and to take their stand in the hii.'h places of public confidence confidence in the ongoing public af? fairs of the state. In this discussion I would in no sense assume to Icalize the splendid splendid educational work in the cause of higher education or confine it to the northern portion of the stale. Such an assumption would not be fair to Tech or in accord with the facts. For it is true that the good name of this institution reaches he lemotc.si .: inters of the state, and the institution draws patronage patronage from ail over the State of Louisiana, and from nearby and remote states and foreign countries. Its graduates are holding honorable and lucrative positions in business and professional life throughout the nation, and making good in whatever whatever field of endeavor they are engaged. With all of the.sef acts tn the credit of the institution, is it any wonder that our Stae's Chief Executive should look with pride and high approval upon the work Louisiana Tech is doing, and tie disposed to encourage it to still greater achievements? CARRIE MAE STEPHENSON IIONOUED SECOND TIME BY STATE UNIVERSITY Down a shaded walk, countless couples have paraded in the 42 years history of North Louisiana's Senior State College. During that time the nooks and corners of the "Old Main" have become hallowed ground, only to be erased when" fire destroyed the building, thereby changing the entire campus aspect. Miss Carrie Mae Stephenson of Huston, Tech senior graduate in mathematics this year, who recently v.i..:; selecled by a Tech faculty committee committee as recipient of the annual scholarship to Louisiana State university, university, also has just been announced announced as wincr of a fellowship in mathematics at L. S. U, She will probably decline the fellowship offer, however,' and retain retain the scholarship, it was said. The fellowship pays the holder $40 a month, while the scholarship pays $30 monthly. Under the fellowship, it would re-quire two years to complete complete the master's degree, since some instructional duties or other work are required of the recipient.

Clipped from The Ruston Daily Leader01 Jun 1937, TuePage 19

The Ruston Daily Leader (Ruston, Louisiana)01 Jun 1937, TuePage 19
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  • "Ruston Holds Long Record in Education"

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