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Ss gTURDAY, AUGUST ; ; '7' - : yfv ' aaaaa - - ' ' Th e P 1 1 1 1 & g ri & Co n r ftr V PAGE THREESECOND SEdTO.f rn livJ M People TMtiM CALVIN'S DIGEST Hoover to Date Mrs. IE. XL Butter - Mencken to Wed Mrs. Robeson's Book Jodgs Cobb's Career Cev. Grlmke Rests - ' JTLOYD J. fat vtv A Weekly Column of Opinion From Readers the Country Over Send In Your Letters and Queries Editor Will Answer Mm n.nn AuWU a i iscm i : : " I r IIUIHtK What The r a minii l ii i ill i in zzr - ru 1 1 u n K PRIOR C L til tinipv Wilson Makes State ment Says Decision Is "Ridiculous" ntPHMONP. Va., Aug. 21 (ANP) Th. rathe r uncertain legal basis won which the Improved Benevolent !j Protective Order of Elka of the ijrld is operating was brought to Mht by the decision of Judge Gro - r t'nlred Saturday, Aug. 9, In 0,,' Federal Court here. fb decision refused an injunction to th Grand Iodge. I. P. B. O. E. d w. of New Jersey against the t p. B. O. 12. of W. of Vlrgllna. An irror i lh report tubmltted to A, v p last week suggested that the poup of H'H affiliated with the Virginia Virginia State Grand Lodge would aa i rtvilt bo In position to enjoin the hrtion headed by Flnley Wllaon from operating wherever they chose iibrtntr auit against them. The lan guage u( Judge Gronor'a decision, cor IkU thin assertion.: Judge Croner Mlnti out that neither faction 'tub . ..!. t , . W . . a wt mm mmiwmmum. tt bu been used by tho white Elka for forty years, and that even If the Wilson group were as they claimed to be. tho parent body of colored that they wore stopped from ctoniing tho exclusive right to tho urns becaime they did not originate It, nd for failure to object to Ha tut by others and for long acqules - mci theri'ln by lodges In other statoa t the Union. Excepts fi.':n Judge Groner' daemon daemon follow: 'Thin Is. a suit In equity brought by - the Grnml Lodge of Imj' wed Brnrvnlent and Protective Order of E.ki i f the Wurld, a corporation of Nr Jerniy (tho Wilson faction), ijalnst tho Grand Lodge, Improved. Bmevolent. nnd Protective Order of Cki of the World, Incorporated, a rorimniiion duly organized under the Uw.i of ViiKlnia. The purpose la to obtain a permanent Injunction tislnat the tiao of tho name, 'Grand Lcxllif, Iniprovod, Benevolent, and Protective Order of Elka of the World, Inc." "Tt ciihp w:is heard on bill and iniwrr. and affidavits nnd on oral proof In open court, Th" pleadings i: loosely drawn and tho evidence idftfil wkii unroMponalvo to the Issue ir.t the iiiKUtnrnt was not helpful to ttf'rourt. "Ttii i i no doubt of the right of Ihi co'.iit, in a proper cane, to re - t'.n.n thr no by orm corporation of i name bclonlm; to another and this fuiituled upon the protection Hih one company U . ntltled to iRitinjt tmfnlr competition on the rrt of nni'ther." The hiil showed, the Judpe said, that the KlUs represented by Wilson u:nud to he a New Jersey corpora - ton orKanijted in 1906, but that the vvirnro nhuwpd the corporation had lnj dormant ince ornrtnlzatlon. He pontcd out that whin they first fine into com I. thry claimed to be il'mtiiit of Columbia corporation, tint Inter s ml thut was "an Improvl - d'nl ntid in. oi reel" avowal and that !Vy ticluuuol tn New Jersey. On tWh.T liuml, ludKe Groner further t "ii'i.l mit td it the sanio organlr.a - tion when tlhtinK the white IClks of N'w Yor.i : mi years ago and In a ''. '.nice iti Virginia, claimed to be n t'hl.i cm pm iitlon, founded In I1 i4ii,i iv won an Itinerant 9'l ni'.Ki ;itm m anl.ation. 'Tf.i't,' h mii,. inHtiporable Impei'l - K't.t t,i t. ntunilng of nn Injunc - !i In Him ca.ie." Judge Groner's W 'n d,!, "nrtd that la that the Hutband Stages Show When Wife Stays Home ATLANTIC CITY, Aug - . 21 - ( ANP) When hta wifa t ..i.. Calloway, refused to accompany him on a round of entertain ment, Edgar Calloway beat her severely, according to a complaint complaint filed by the wife. Testimony revealed that Calloway Calloway picked up a brick during the first stages of the altercation, altercation, later discarding It In favor of his fists, when his spouse threatened - ourt action. The prisoner ' was released with a reprimand and a forced apology to hla wife. SEEK MAN IN BROTHER'S DEATH PHILADELPHIA. Au. 21 - (ANP) Police art searching for Hanrv Davis, brother of James Davis, aged imny yeara, wno waa alashed to death In his loom on Powelton ave nue, near 39th. street Tha room In which the dead man was found by me janitor snowed signs of a terrific battle. - name which the plaintiff seeks the exclusive use of waa appropriated long prior to any organization of colored Elks, by the white organization organization of the same name. When ver the question of exclusive rlgtvt to the name waa raised, the courts decided in favor of tha.whtta Ellur. It was tn fact In common use before the Incorporation of any colored Elks' association, and lnmy opinion has Become, dv aoanaonment, common property. The name aa It applied to the colored' Elks waa originally a matter of sufferance or toleration and now perhaps by long use has become a matter of right but ll la not th property exclusively of any particular organization. It has no definite or fixed location, and Its use by one organization, properly and legally chartered by a atate, may not be enjoined at the Instance of an other." The decision, which maintained many of the contentions of the dc fendants, would Indicate that neither the Wilson faction nor the Virginia group can prevent each other from using the n...ie. The plan of the Virginia Orand Lodge and the Insur rectionists affiliated with them Is said to be 'o set up rival grand lodges In varloua atatea, feeling that they can attract the rank and file from the Wilson organization. They are said to feel that with thla situa tion staring him In the facay Wilson will resign at the Detroit meeting. A meeting was held at Richmond, Aug. 17, to which leaders of Fort Dearborn, Chicago, Monumental, Baltimore, Baltimore, Monarch, New York and Lighthouse lodge, Atlantic City, were Invited. . . ' Wilson Makfs Statement J. Flnley Wilson makea . the following following statement; , - This la ao utterly rldlcuolua - and so palpably In contempt of court that It would not receive consideration except that there might be those who give ear to any and every false and misleading statement First or an, the court made no such decision and the' statement of Intimation is false and without any The court held that the white Elks had the exclusive right to the use of the name, Benevolent Protective Order, of Elks; that our grand lodge did not have the exclusive right to the use Of th name, Improved Benevolent Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, i becauaa of the many charters In Its early years of existence, existence, and because at the time the suit waa brought in Richmond In 1919 It was contended by our order that the grand lodge, waa incorporated incorporated In the state of Ohio. Wa did not agree with the court's findings and our grand' legal, advisor asked for an appeal with' supersedeas supersedeas bond and both were granted by the court Thla appeal and super sedeaa bond conUnuea the injunction against Carter at al in full' force and effect and they cannot operate or proceed under thla charter, If eve,. until the higher courla nave disposed of the case. Therefore, be not deceived, for the Injunction atkll stands aa firmly as ever, and there can be no orgahlza tlon under the new charter. AUBURN. N. Y, Aug. 2. 1930. Dear Editor Pittsburgh Courier: While I know it Is time to call a halt on the disgraceful publicity of the , troubles of the National Baptist Convention X want to say from my observation the whole of these so - called leadera are wrong and failures In the major role that the great Baptist denomination deserves deserves and ought to have. I have read nearly every article on these troubles appearing In your paper and while I am pretty well fed up on the disgrace and Ignorance of these so - called big men I have at least been able to discover the major cause of the whole affair. It has been jealousy and blind am bltlon Instead of the True Vision of world service humbly rendered in the Master s name aa tt ahould have been. I might ask, what are we doing with two National Baptist Conventions? Conventions? Who ever heard of two National National Baptist Conventions U. 8. A. except among Negroea? If we have had any real unselfish leaders with vision enough to see ahead perhaps to the time of the now Golden Jubt lee we surely would not have had any two National Baptist Conven tlons, two competing publishing nouses in the same city with a poor diluted public paying the bills. I wrote to Dr. Morris In 1920 urg lng special effort on his part to heal thla disgraceful breach In the great Baptist Army but only got a kindly acknowledgement of my interest In V. ,t 1 1 1 I HAS BABY GIRL the denomination This Is where the big men ought to 'have shlned, they ought to have given us UNION and a real missionary missionary program that would have carried the gospel to the ends of the earth. Instead we have had a lot of spite work, playing politics and bally - hoolng, until we wind up In the present disgrace. Is this leadership deserving the name? Will It meet the needs of a crlpplod anu long outraged church? Today our ftreat Insurance companies have leaders who have organized their companies for efficiency and service and aro getting some where. Our Colleges and Universities have greatlleadcrs who have prestige and ability to lay at the feet of the Nation Nation and tho race, but alas the church of Christ tha. ought to tower over all and point the way In our day as never before, bchond It lay In disgrace. Lit us pray God a real leader will be found In Israel. (Rev.) S. J. LANG. 1 Mr w$, i k: w ' y v we' At v MRS. J. LYTLE COHN The former Miss Ethel Ruth Murray, who announced the birth of an eight - pound baby girl at the Wiley Wilson Sanitarium, Sanitarium, 200 W. 138th street, New York City, August 3. The. baby has been named Velma. Mr. and Mrs. Cohn live at 1080 Seventh avenue To data, X. think It wUl b gtnrUy adaaltUd Oat Praaldent iloovar feaa beta a keen disappointment to tha Negro. Hla alma of ommlsslon and commission against tha race ara enough to turn tha most loyal Abraham Lincoln Republican against him. Indeed. X think Mr. Hoover la a greater disappointment than tha lata President Harding. Mr. Harding did try. In a halfhearted halfhearted sort of way, to do something for tha Negro, but Mr. Hoover haa tried to do nothing for JUm except emphasis tho stigma of Jim Crow. Mr. Hoover's most outstanding gestures toward our group have been to our detriment, . rit of alL ha aat la tha White Houaa for months without making any move at all that would show be waa aware of our siaUaca. Ha maaa no reiereac io tha great crime, of lynching la hla massage to Congrtaa. Ha offered no apology to tha faithful, who worked hard and ion to elevata him to tha high office ha won. The nniv thin in Mr. Hoover'a favor la hla reappointment of Judge Cobb. That was eaay. Judge Cobb waa already already on tha bench, and It would have been harder for him to remove him than to reappoint him. So I dont ea where tha President deserves especial credit for that Tha credit should really go to President OooUdge, who first made tha appointment And when Mr. Hoover did step out and mention the Negro, what did be do? He appointed tha Moton Com mission to Haiti, which la ana waa nouing dui m j micro micro w appointment, no matter how you look at It X wlU always feel Major Moton ahould have been aent to Haiti with the first Commission. Had that been done, tha Major would not be In th embarrassing position he now finds himself, trying to explain what actually happened when ha and hla associates either entertained or did not entertain while sailors on board th ahlp coming home. Any way you look at it it la an embar - raaalng situation for a President's Commission. In the Judge Parker case Mr. Hoover did not opealy call tha Nexro'a name, but he Is understood to have called It In private, and In not too complimentary tones. The President of course, waa vexed at tha Negro opposition opposition to hla Suprem Court nominee, but his obsti - nance hurt hla cause, waa vexed at the Negro oppo - skstenca on Judge Parker showed how little he cared for Nesrro onlnlon. Tha President's Postmaster General has named Judge William C. Hueston of Gary. Ind, to an Important Important post; and Senator Allen, an avowed administra tion man. haa secured tha appointment or a Itegro attorney attorney from Topeka to another Important post In the Department of JusUce. But these appointments cannot be attributed directly to Mr. Hoover. He Buffered them to be made, but he did not make them. Bo be cannot have tha credit ment month has created considerable roramailoa. At M. Mr. Meaekea hauls down hla bacielora Sag and taaea unto hlmaeir a better (some caU tt "bitter) - half). At any rate a woman from Montgomery. Ala, haa lariated Mr. Mencken and now haa th uncertain Job of taming him. Mr. Mencken Is eertalaly a wlld bull from the pampas if there ever waa one. lr you may judg from his writings. X don't know how these late marriage work out but I don't think so much of them. Love as a kindly senti ment is ail right but X think th original plan was that It mean more than that To b lasting, marital Jove - ought to hare a physical basla. After a certain age . thla basis might fad, but that fart that It haa esisud might compensate. Now when you begin to discus love X realise you ar treading oa dangerous ground. I don't say that ths only true and lasting lovs hla a physical basla. nor , do X aay th physical side of love la th moil tmportaat - Such la not my belief. Hut X do beUev th highest lov - motions may be had for normal potl only through ' physical satisfaction. OtherwU marriage is only a - business arrangement that may b mad by letter or effected by one legal re presenlaUvee. ( Ther are som notab bachelors In th Negro race that X am aura It would prove first peg new if soma woman could lariat them In. Most notable among them la probably Judg Cobb of Washington. Then ther ta r Ferdinand Q. Morton, member of th New Tork City " Civil Service Commission, who draw 1700 a year and had no wife to spend tt Mr. Morton and Judg Cobb draw th same alx salary 1 150 a week. Look what some good woman la missing. And then ther la Blahef W. J. Walls of th A. M. E Zlon Church, wbos non - marrlag at thla late date la surprlslcx. Ha la popular . enough. And ther le Benjamin It Hubrrt president ef : th Georgia But Industrial College, who le a bachelor; . and Augustus Granvlll Dill, for many years business manager of tha Crisis, who has never married. Although Mr. Mencken has succumbed, he leave quite a few contemporaries la the field to proclaim hla - doctrine of th Joys of bachelorhood. . Th promotion of Robert Phillip Braddlck to !' slstant vie president of th Dunbar National Bank of New York City la a recognition In what th race should - take great pride. Mr. Braddlck Is the first man to - rise to th position of a real national bank official la a whit bank in New York City. X have read Mr. Eslanda Goods' Robeson's book7 about her husband, entitled "Paul Robeson. Negro. Mrs. Robeson haa don a fin piece of work. Eh haa X repsat th Praldnt haa proved a ead disappoint, faithfully portrayed th Ufa of on of our most out - t t, - mi. r.fu.l ta take hand Ulandlng men. I am glad Mra. Robeon wrote th book. in th Negro Gold Stir Mother controversy; hla aland - because I don't think another biographer could hav lng idly by and aeelng th mother aegregated on their made It qall ao human, quit so revealing aa did Mr. . trip to Europe thle waa th crowning Insult to his Robeson. I don't think another biographer could hava Boston Man Woman's Hold For Murder STRONG.HEALTHY WOMEN.... f'.r.c - t home, alone, while? Other, i,;a jnpopulMT? i - .Kk physical charm is Jj'ifn dut to a weakened. run - Jo: coni!tion. Conquer this ,0 '0 nc.lhh and nomila'. - ltv c Jid of St.Joseph's Pate raburg. Va., Aug. 1. Editor Pittsburgh Courier. Pittsburgh, Pa. My dear sir - What will the South do with her six or more millions of Negroes? The Supreme Court of the United States has jut handed down an opinion saying . that tho Negro cannot bo segregated. It la unlawful unlawful in the South to shoot deer out of season or kill turkey buzzard at any time, or any game during the summer months, but the (Unarmed may be killed at any time or foiuon. Tho criminal law in the South Is Ineffectual as against the other peo ple for the murder of Ispgroes south of Washington, I). C. .The southern states have a check and ballast government. Just as the federal government hns. That Is to say, legislative, executive and judi ciai aepariments, ana now wc are down hero without any say lr either department. Out of this condition we are to expect justice as American citizens We are paying millions of dollars Into treasuries of the southern states Respectfully yours, WILLIAM ALLISON UEWKTT, Petersburg, Va, To tho Editor: "Who Rolled Away the Stone?" For over 2,000 years our leaders and Apostles of Peace have tried to linn up with tho stone rollers. And after rending Mr. J. M. llanla' letter of Mansfield, O., vice prealdcnt N. A. A. C. P.. who criticised A. J. R.'s letter tn The Pittsburgh Courier July !6, 1930, after nn Impartial study of both letters. I find Mr. Harris' letter was balsod on a misunderstanding. We sho Id build a bridge of under standing, and by Its foundation find th reasons for misunderstanding and the common sense methods of balancing conflicting cultural traits The two hoys who asked A. J. ii. The grand exalted ruler wants to what Mr Harris considered a unique congratulate the jurisdiction on the question was In Itself a very corn - fact that throughout tho 'world there mon question, - ami its trutnruines were 'just a few men who got to - depended largely as to the nnglo and eether In the state of Virginia and I aproach to the object of their u obtained thla charter. It does not I ment. Many men have entered Into represent the sentiment of Elks and an argument aa to how a post was daughter Elka of Virginia, for the painted who met at the 3 forks of (the (Carro l New Servlo BOSTON, Aug. 21 Three war rants were Issued Wednesday ror William Davis, 27, of Newark, N. J, charging him with murder and as sault with a gun on two taxi drlvera on July 29, at midnight. Th mur der warrant was the result of th death of Tuesday night at th Boston Boston City Hospital of Mra. Bessie Anderson. Anderson. Da via Is at th City Hospital under two guards. Jeremiah Sullivan and William Brown, taxlcab drivers, told Judge Good that Davla fired a shot at Mrs. Anderson while they were In a taxi at Tremont and Union Park long list of "things h did not do." Mr. Hoover haa gained th reputation of being hard - boiled. He la aald to be even ruthless and unscrupulous when h wanta to put something over. I won t go Into hla political maneuvering In the South, but It la known they won't bear too much light Mr. Coolldge waa a patron aaint besides Hoover. "Silent CaT at least did nothing to orrend us. even ir he didn't do much In our favor. But "Cal" could always be depended on to ladle out nice sophistries about "law and order," and th "moral wrong of lynching." And worst of all. X fear It la too lata for Mr. Hoover to retrieve himself, even If he should want to. But 1 don't believe h wanta to. I don't believe he even glvee th Negro a thought given th fin Interpretations that Mr. Robeson's wife ivas alven. Th book la certainly frank. Mrs. Roboa doca not hesllat to tell th wide, wide world sh thicks' her husband is the greatest man living, or dead either' for that matter. 8h wants everybody to know b la sweet oa her. Wbea I compliment th book I am not talking about those parte. 1 think som of th "perianal "perianal mush" mlTat hare been left out Inasmuch as ah ( married him. of course we expect that ah lovea him. ' To cap th climax on th frankness, though. Mr.. Robeson get right down to bed rock and aay ah dofiat ear If her husband mlrhL have ben unfaithful to her a few time. Now X think that ta going a iltU' too far Even If ah doesn't csre, it Is her business and not th public's. But sine ah haa brought It BP, I might aay th question of of frankness, to my mind. . . . , . . ... it ti n,. , i.. l im vnw waica must vm naaatru wua tsr. . um mrm My Ida of a gracious lady la Mrs. IL R. Butler of wom iu .mild mi. ..r diarc. on th aat. sponsored pilgrimage to "Th Battle Fields of France." Whf. I have made suggestions to Walter White, and our Congress, Senate, War De partment, President Hoover and the Press, but up to this writing they all must he looking out the window, or clae the blow that almost killed father, has really killed them. We ought to get buny less ballahoolng and move action . - .... .i ,H.f tt..t.i th. I Atlanta, president of the National Congress of Cob - j ..... a. .in iParanta and Teacher. I first met Mrs. Butler at Jack - tk. i.tm n.wi. - . I son. Mis, last summer. I waa fortunat A tl viiv w wseavaaaa a ii wsw aaata Anderson, who waa . leaving him nor again ai ner nom. in . r... t.v nirfc. ih him ministering to th two Drs. Butlei uur next meeung waa ai mcnuun, m. As president of th National Congress of Colored Parenta and Teachera. Mra. BuUer haa don much valuable valuable work. Sh haa traveled far and near to stimulate Interest In this Important organlzaUon. 8h haa ridden Jim Crow cars and suffered many Indignities that aha mlaslon Paul mad. And who could bltm them? Doe at a hotel on Tremont atreet Military Academy and th Naval Academy, reading "Black man, what ever your qualifications might be, you cannot pass." If ther ar no faults to be round before or after tha tests ar over. there will be as a man and member of the Negro rac and on who Is Immensely proud of hi African blood, on who can feel the sting of " 7,V i" "..7, " not the marrlag vow specify falthfulneae to th ONX IVlrl - i? w.. - d woman? Of coure. Paul waa brav In not wanUng hla h,..h - rH mrtA a wlf to hlnk him a UtU Ub god. - s h put It. but' r. husband and eon. .. v ... ,w .vi.w . . - ,. " r;uic ta7j a t a w v ivr a a i vueriu its is a j w m aw m god" than to teU them th truth. Personal!, X admit - nothing I don't have to. and X find th mea generally prefer that coure. And X also find tha wlvea ar Uk lse dlplomatio la not pressing th point They may suspect but they wont directly accuse. The moat they " will do Is hint which is usually enerugh ta keep som Increasing insults heaped upon ua Th. N. A. A. r. P. outrht to start U advls my people throughout the I .,,,.,, i - .,. nvnntriti with teachers throughout America a School of Edu - lenKtn,a"dw badth of thla country L trainm our children is on of th utmost lmpor - ratlon - our Press. Churches. Pc :tor ,to a polls In n ne " P""1' Unct. Yet It Is on that Its not Included In any budgets. uenuii i;aiiijaiaM biiu iui. ivr Democratlo candidate for President even It they select Cotton Tom Hef - tin of Alabama, and by ao doing w will ahow th "grand old party" tliat w can Intelligently glv vent to our feelings at the proper ttm and also tha proper place th ballot box. L. JEROME JONES. 5525 Hamilton Ave, Detroit. Mich. ta. a r..k,S sJ ana 1 1 sB t Hm a Th racV would" h.v. lo7t much had MrV ButleV "'"L Und ,a " " 19 'Ujr f . w. th. r.r. rmild nnt hava blamed I "lw IUAIUCU Mwaaa wa a w w " - - - - her. for aha haa served her organization without pay. More, aha baa apent her own money In many Instances In promoting the work. It is to women Ilk Mra. H. R. Butler that th race owea mors than It realizes. Th work of stimulating It la tru Mra. Robeson sets a new pac la fraak - nesa, but X don't think many husbands or wives will bo Inclined to follow her. They wlU prefer, and tigbxTy, to let ";ecplng dogs lie." ,, " Lawyers and all civic organizations school the people how to vote intelll gently and Independently. Our power and future freedom ll?s In the ballot. Every self - respecting Negro should feel it a privilege unsolicited, and a duty to his mother when elec tlon day rolls around again to vote with the Democrats, and keep voting until wo turn "The Rascals Out." Mr. Editor, I shall do my bit to eradicate this insult and wilt thank you for space. J. M. RAWLINS, 556 E. Willis Ave, Detroit. Mich. It Is a labor of lov. It good woman Ilk Mr. Butlei could not b found who would undertake what they know to b a sound program for tru advancement the caus of racial progress would suffer greatly. Mr. Butler waa an early graduate from Spelman Seminary, now Spelman College. When th roll Is called of thoi early araduates. X am ur none can I aat In Judg Cobb's court on a hot July afternoon and saw two whit attorneys contending be for him. On was a Southern congressman son. Th Judge waa calm and patient and when th arguments wer evtf be gave hla decision. i Judg Cobb's career In tha field of law haa beea r3 markabl. He cam to Washington as a poor boy from. Louisiana, without frianda or lnt.uenc. By hard work; and strict application to duty, h has won out Us hss served th Government under six Presidents fro to noble Elka and Daughter Elka of the old. Dominion have atood and are standing firm like the Rock of Gib raltar on the principles or the .order, and thev will be at Detroit to tell th story. Th grand exalted ruler again ex G F.p. T !... su.:.i , b.ln;sK roo! tonic Eelps to c::crg; and rtrerurth, that tired, listless ir'..l tntla r.biMliv. v,t yjtem. It you . - ire feeling rundown, J' - l - out and "blue" try - l tod.iy! The big dollar C0!' ? i o:j on a money - back Sti, Joseph's road. It had 3 sides painted, 3 lif erent cqlors, so you see It all de pended as to which road they were on. Mr. Harris, like a great many others, have the wrong conception as to what Mr. O. S. Sweet's suit was balsed on. While restriction was the presses gratitude for th loyalty and prtrnarlly caU9e, Mr. Sweet and 10 fidelity or - in nom Anuereo iieru otner Negroes were charged with in carrying forward the great pro - murder. and it was Clarence Dar - gresslve program. I know the Juris - row and tn8 N A c P wlth diction; I know the Elks and Daugh - Judge Frank Murphy, who Is spon - tr BH - iMir Mcnncei .nu lur or)n. the old Ae Pension for efforts, and 1 would be untrue to my Mtch,eai, and t hope to see as our trust If I let a few designing men m.vnr tv,a. n v destroy the good will and the pro;; - r,s o'f prl80n - They Wfre not Pittsburgh, Pa.. August 13, 1930, Dear Editor: As regards a reprimand directed at two t2) young men In Ohio, for tho unjust criticism of tho N. A. A. a p. I think that perhaps their attitude may have been prompted by entire Ignorance of the association Involved I can assure you that you have no Idea as to the number of our people entirely Ignorant on this subject. 1, for one, have only the vaguest Idea as to what this association Is all about. Is there some national headquar ters where I can get a supply of literature that will give me the tn formation I so obviously need; If so, and It it Is not putting you to too much trouble, would you send me the address of thl. headquarters. that I i lht write them nd try to secure same. I am sending a self - addressed and stamped envelop and r waiting your reply, I beg to remain Respectfully, J. BAKER THOMPSON In rss of this great and noble frater nlty. Therefore, th law will be ap plied etrlctly In the apirlt of charity, lustice. brotneriy love ana naemy, Brothers, do not oe misiea, lor unrftr th injunction tnar is sun standing in Richmond, ln th Inltcd states Court no meeting can be held at Richmond, or eleewhore. unJ?r th. pretended charter, in the state of Virrtnla. witnoui violating in in Junction, and I assure you that any violation of this Injunction will b charged with moving In a restricted district. I. like many other citizens with our wives unloaded our pockets pockets to save those people from Jackson, Jackson, Mich. And with all our money It was Clarence Darrow who savd those people as a lawyer, and Judge Frank Murphy, the N. A. A. C. P. located with Its many branches, and a man at its head like Walter White ought to establish It - solf Into the hearts of all our people brRh U W atl.5 1 ion of hi. honor regardless of "race creed or color." at th proper tlm and In th. proper who ar lover of law order and a. . and form jui lUTtumirui iu cuiuiwg .uu up - On to Detroit 'for the greatest con - hold them ought not to take a vaca - ventlon In the history of the greatest tlon until they turn those rascals out t t m - rnlctlon on earth, at Washington who segregated. Jim where you will hear and learn the Crowed and discriminated "Our Gold - 1 whola - rtw r - - "H .' - iASlM Mothers,!' oa. their - .government What to Do To the Editor: In a recent editorial of your valuable valuable paper there were a number of faults mentioned against our present present republican form of government. They do not hesitate to speak of the rapid rise of th Negro sine chattel slavery. What were th results of such doings? Only a vote - getter for some Republican candidate for office. office. The Republican majority at Washington has failed the Negro ele ment In thla country. They have failed to enforce the thirteenth, fourteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments of the federal constitution. They tried to slip Judge John J. Parker down the throats of our voters through out the country. They have erected an Invlilble sign and fastened It on th main entrance to West Point New York City, Aug. 16, 1930. To the Editor. The Pittsburgh Courier. 2826 Center Av at Francis St Pittsburgh, Pa Dear Sir There recently died Chippenham, England, Gen Sir Horace Horace Smlth - Dorlen, who saw servlc In th war against King Cetywayo of the Zulu nation. In hla book. "Memories of Forty - eight Yeara' Service," he paid a glowing glowing tribute to th Zulus, as follow: They wer not only a moral but a sober and honest race,, and remained so until civilization touch them. When the war waa over and peace declared, ao tar from ahowlng any bitterness, they wer cordiality and hospitality Itself. In many casea giv ing their milk and food and refusing to take payment Th only spot In Zululand 1 know of where thla hlh morality did not obtain waa at Christian mission station called Ka - magwassa st I'aura and over me border where th whit men ruled. In view of th abov statement, coming from so distinguished a white man. would It not be proper for the Christian white church to withdraw their missionaries from Africa? Press reports inform us that President President Hoover haa appointed a New York millionaire, white, aa special ambassador of the United Statea at the coronaUon of the Abyssinian monarch, which take place on Nov. 2. I auggest that the Associated Negro Press send a special repre sentative to cover this Important event I make a motion to nominate for thla post Mr. J. A. Rogers, noted International correspondent and author. author. Very truly you re, EDWARD RYAN. 2137 Madison Av, N. Y. City. answer more proudly than Mra. H. R. Butler and re - 1 Taft to Hoover. Hla career la truly on which aU youCtf count tha servlc rndrd In th caus of racial prog, might be pointed to. He I ebry carrying on In a poV rif , I tlon which Judg Terrell first established for th raoa. . s .l . a It waa my privilege to attend som or tn sessions of - the National Bar Association held In Washington I soent two niahts la Philadelphia recently, as th recently. On th whole, our lawyers are not a bad guest of the Rev. Arthur XC Rankin, new paster - at: looking set It was Interesting to see men from dlf - Berean Presbyterian Church oa South College areav, ferent parts of the country, men of national reputation. Rev. Rankin p rear he I my baccalaureate serraoa'dowa. and men of only local reputation, mingling together. South ten year ago. Visiting th Rev. TUhkln waa that discussing their problems. Rev. Francis J. Grlmke. pastor emeritus. ef th 71ft teenlh Street Presbyterian Church, Washington. D. - Ci The profession of law has developed some able men Rev. Grlmke, as the publlo knows, is one ef the famooat among ua. Ther 1 William H. Lewia or Boston, wnose i "" urumwr. ma uruunr, aieo.iwij, woo aja wit year, wii at on ume Minuter vo ziaiu. zvrv. uruus was on of th few Negroes who was educated' al Princeton University. Princeton does not admit"!? groe now, but tho who finished when It did a dm: ft them, made their mark in Ufa. Aa a matter ef fatf Rev. Grtmke'a presence at Rev. Rankin's waa do ta hi habit of spending a month with th lat Rev. Mat4 them Anderson, also a Princeton man and founder e Berean, for the past fifteen yeara. Sin th Rev. Aa deraon died Rev. Grlmke has coaUnued to eom to Philadelphia and spend a month ta the eld familiar scenes and surrounding. He enjoys the friends of long standing. - Looking on Rev. Grlmke. one appreciate the batf.ea oractlc la aald to b almost exclusively white. He la said to number among hla friend th Boston Elevated Railway. And ther Is Raymond Pac Alexander of Philadelphia, on of th younger men. who has as imposing imposing legal staff as Is to be found In downtown New York. Mr. Alexander's rlae at the Philadelphia bar haa been truly amazing. X have often looked at him and wondered how he did It I can figure out only one anawer, and X am sure anybody who looks at him wlU come to the same conclusion he Is a super - worker. X have never seen a man with a greater capacity for work, and with a greater willingness to work. There R. D. Evans from Waco. Tex, down where It le not always safe for a Negro lawyer to go Into court. a I it seems Strang that In our on country w can call I that hav been fought la lehalf of Negro progre, "Ttt together a group of mea and In that group you will find men accustomed to such widely divergent local cuatoma and habits. Mr. Lewis with all white client; Mr. Evans, at times literally afraid to go Into court to represent a Negro client That la America, great powerful, powerful, brilliant and yet dumb, actually weak on many fundamental human princlplea and practice. But ther I hop for America. Th fact that Evana la a Negro lawyer In Texaa ahow ther la hop. Th meeting of th lawyers truly had many Inspiring Inspiring momenta. Th announcement that H. L. Mencken, th vltrolle editor of th American Mercury, la to get married next haa lived a lit of leadership. H finished school at a time wben a college education was rare la eur rrocpt and when a Negro had to argue for the right to attend college. Now, what he fought for Is accepted without question. And ao It wlU be years hence when we who are fight lng now are old and gray. What wo are struggling for wiu be accepted wii&oul question and new problem win be to the for. Yet la the face ef this, one thing stand out although problems come and go. tha principle for which w fight remain the same. Rev. Grlmke fought for recognition, and we ar stIU fighting for i recognition. The difference Is la the thing w want recognized. LAFAYETTE, ALA. Mr. and Mrs. Reeee Flnley. Mrs. John Hol'.ey. Mr. Earl I e Cosby and the Mlases Blaneb Flnley and Willie L. Bufford motored to Annlaton, Ala, Thursday of last week to visit Mrs. Mary Flnley Moss. Miss Minnie Rea has returned horns after spending two weeks In Florida. Messrs. Jim D. Stevens. Lewie Al - Dance Sensation of the Year at Maple view Park oa Labor Day I morning (Sunday midnight. Sept 1. ten Sr. and Lewla Allen Jr. heve re turned to their homes In Louisville. Ky, after visiting relatives snd . . .... . .... n mm m ............. .. Bathing Beauty rageant featuring Frank Terry aad hla Renowned Chicago Nightingale. friends here The W. W. Cub of Circle No. X gave a party at the residence of Mrs. Olen Brooks Tuesday night Aug. & Mra. Thomas Whlttlker and daugh ter. Geneva, of Wesr Point Ga, apent th week - end with their mother and grandmother, Mra. Elsie Hawkins. Mr. and Mra. Preston Orear are the proud parenta of a baby b.y. Mlaa Mlnnl Offord of Birmingham. Ala, la here visiting her mother, Mrs. Mangle Offord. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I very and fam ily are here visiting Mr. Xvery's moth er aad relatives. Mr. Booker T. Freeman Is her from Gary. Ind, vleltltg hla father and other relaUvcs. Tha friends ef Mr. Luclu Loaf shoe aad Mlaa Inn. Bldo aJr surprised to hear ef their marrtagf oa Thursday afternoon, .' Th member cf th W. W. CtsZ Circle No. 1. are very glad to hav Ml a Dorothy rialey with them again after a brief lUaeaa. - Mrs. WCU G ret ham haa reiursed home after speeding a few days 42i ber hasband la Elraalnjtham, Ala. Mlaa Mary XL Appleby I oa tie sick Hat Ws wUh her a epedy - r eovery. . - . ..... Every Ilttla uplift movement has a payroll all It owa. ( , . - x - 1,4

Clipped from The Pittsburgh Courier23 Aug 1930, SatPage 13

The Pittsburgh Courier (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)23 Aug 1930, SatPage 13
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