Irish Rising 1 London Times 1916

Irish Rising 1 London Times 1916 - OUTJBUKAK UN DUBLIN. POST OFFICE SEIZED. M...
OUTJBUKAK UN DUBLIN. POST OFFICE SEIZED. M SITUATION WELL IN HAND." THE DEATH ROLL. In the House of Commons yesterday intimation was given at question tune of serious distarbanoes anich broke out in Dublin on Monday, and later in the even ing the following announcement was received from tne Chief Secretary for Ireland for publication : At noon yesterday serious uawMDancei broke out in Dublin. A larse body of man identified with the Sinn Feiners, mostly armed, occupied Stephen's Green snd took possession forcibly of the Post Office, where they cut the telegraphic and telephonic wires. Houses were also occupied in Stephen's Green. Sackville - street. Abbey - street, and along the quays. In the course of tbe day soldiers arrived from the Curragh, and the situation is now well in hand. So far as is known here 3 military officers, 2 loyal volunteers, 4 or 5 soldiers, and 2 policemen have been killed, and 4 or 5 military officers, 7 or 8 soldiers, and 6 loyal volunteers Vn Mae, information has been received of casualties on the side of the Sinn Femers. Reports reeesved from Cork, limerick, Ennis, Tralee, and both Ridings of Tipperary show that no disturbance of any kind have MRS BIRRELL'S BBPLY TO QUESTIONS. J The following is a report of the statement made in the House by Mr. Birrell in reply to questions : . ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he is prepared to make a statement regarding the situation in Dublin. (Cheers.) Mr. BIRRELL (Bristol, S.). At noon yesterday grave disturbances broke oat m Uubhs, Xbc rati day soldiers arrived from the Curragh. and th, situation now well in baud. Alfchough. ss communication is still exceedingly difttrult. I am noi bow able to give any further particulars, tbe House may take - it from me that the situation is now wett iu COLONEL CRAIG. Can the right boa. gentle' ssaa stats whether any arrests have been made ? Mr. BIRRELL. 1 cannot give the boa. member the names of any persons who have been arrested. SIB E. CARSON (Dahlia Uarsersity). Have any liv ( been lost f Mr. BI RRBLL. Tea, Sir. SIR E. CARSON. How many ? Mr. BIRRELL. 1 should say 12, spssrmg on the information new within my reach. COLONEL 8HARMAN - CRAWPOBD (Belfast, K.. U.). Up to 7 o'clock last night was Dublin practically in the hands of the rebels ? Mr. BIRRELL. That, again. Is a dlJarult question to answer. They were hi fa nl of four or Ave different parts of the city. They were notin HSBSS - sion of the whole city. SIB J. LONSDALE (Armagh, MhL U.). Caa the Mr BIRRELL. All I can my is that all this .aornmg 1 have had vary J&TjZ ismiiiistimi by telephone. UBUTBN ANT - COLO NEL PABBB (Hampshire. W. . V.) Have any soldiers' fives been lost t Mr. BIRRELL. I am afraid that to so four or Mr. ASQUITH (Fife. E.) I do sot think that to a Ssste that ought to be pet to me at present (Cheers.) SIR R. CASEMENT IN LONDON. EVIDENCE AT HIS TRIAL. The following official aasmunosment was reason with the abortive attempt to land arms . in Ireland from a German vessel was announood yesterday, was brought to London on Sunday morning. He was met at Ens ton by ofheere military custody. I It is understood that evidence as to his proceedings in Germany since the outbreak of war will be produced et'hia trial DB. LIEBKNECHT'S charges. April 7 Dr. th Rsaehata shout Sir Roger Casement's sggj vines. eonstruetlon of a nisgairms building at Lud - wigslust. Dr. Liebkns said : In noisy interruptions, prevented him from oo, veoed, and said : itmuing. Uebkneeht again inter - between rsy - flsereW ZiUneyrBa the whtoafcagaah y 5e mlTit war shall bTuned In There were again loud mterrontioas. and ' eras aenm called to order. Before he was finally refused further psriniasinn to speak he had added - Mitssniw nhisiiief waraawatosfssssmrtBaJy psii m the isjtooa essays saso service sgainet thesr

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 26 Apr 1916, Wed,
  3. Page 21


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