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DMRegister10281885p3 - JH-i riptive WAR West, e,eas nrlnclnal (irand...
JH-i riptive WAR West, e,eas nrlnclnal (irand uitn-Ms Comrade all over He ivp anna your u ara. SJ. v,-ji tin limited on r. a I ran. rnnve In every llly Hm Hawrav A up TVa iMtn m4 aa ms i tiy IwWwa, . va. '! wai wnien aid not perish from natural oauaea; and to restore the land to the uses for which Uod Intended It. We think that can be measurably auettrd by a repeal of tba ITnlotb Our purpose la to secure Immediate financial aid for the approach-lug election In Ireland. After Parnell shall have secured the eighty or ninety men we hope ne nay nave to assist nun in the great work he has undertaken, we then hope to bo able to make it possible for all to give their time to that work. Tbe men who represent us are not likely to come from the weullhier elaues, and us m tubers of parliament do not get puy rr their service a will be essential thai soma ir 1 an he raised to render thorn free to act. W wai.t. If poMible. to show Kmrland that Instead of a population or lea than S.oot'.ono, Ireland baa In-day a population arratcr than thai or England anl Pcot land together: a vcr Recti ve nouulatlnn. thoi'gh scattered through all nation and bearing allegiance mother State. Our Justification Incoming before the American people lie In the fact thai the principle we a lrocale are the hails of good government everywhere. W arn arked regarding- the suceea with which the rauae was meeting. Mr. IMt replied: There nitrrhtthn ni lime when such cntbusla.tlo nd rrady reapnnae ha been given nur ealla, uuiwithatanding the heavy drama thai have t4-m made recently UDon IrWh avrariathr ami tbe In ah ptx-ket. In addition to thl lh poopls In Ireland are united to a degree oarer known U fnre. and we feel juaiirird In our bum thai a complete super await ua In the very near iwiurr. THK MKlCTtNO. In spite of the thrvaUtilng weth"r One audhiKO rallieml In the (irand Open Hone teat rvetiltif to brsr the eloquent n-lvocal of Iffch lights, Ir. (ieotge c. IMln, of St. ImiU. AiiHing the Vice lmliletiU uimiq the lalfnrni were Judge llaylle. 8. J, I,iig hot ti, ColiiiM-l Merrill, with licv. Ka'.hcr Kd-Icy, of Fluatt, anil oilier diatlnfftil-httl g.'ri- lUimn rmmliifiit In the council of the IaiMN The lun lltn waa ralle.1 In oruVr by Mr. M. Irai!jr, who aniHMttiml a tlte Chairman of the rvi nlng Falher t In. who anteareJ ai4 liilinlncrd )f, lletta In a le rloUnit wnttls .f rhthirarttrrtit Which woo the heart an- I'laioe of his audience. The appearance of lr. Itetl was the algtial f.w a alorm of (Wm lilll)li. to the pmilbwi he alrely ocmplivl In tlte rrcaiiluf hl heareta. He aal l In uU tanre: Thrrr arr thusr a bo say thai lm.U It umiI. W4eh nf la aifntlna of lb auh le. It kaa rw but a irw1 lira alaee amkra tw ea.irw pm pwl ! thlt mw n mta " U4 with liaia4 an lla anea UH n a. tMrH$ mtu t Ihr re waa a more kamn i.m .ki.h ihewapcakra mi. It w at- Mt nt"il In root Itm- A'wrieaii. nr II ar:l iate nf attair I ht w4 h-hronkt ni in fair at f rtl e un I by ih . t4 m tt.mtriniMiifit to lH IU M M rlt. hutiCl ll.fl ltais'iniit ataM-tnl. Il-il a l-m fir (.. f hi Irt.hman a. mel r ft wil inr, nm 'o. rH. roll way lha tml, ka pa 4 aow I n 0,.4 HurHMi iloM a4 I t.a II, ta HaiMreprraeniauaw al RnUa pfM a .. t-ttrtU AarfHana, la r h r at be It Remlrtd That we do hereby respectfully request 111 Excellency, fi rover Cleveland, Irel-dentof these I'nlted States, to Interpose hi good office with the present Ilrltlsh Ministry ior ine release or our countrymen and rollow citizens, now unlawfully held in Ilrltlsh prison ior political oiienses. In splto of the fearful night the meeting was a complete success, and the gontleimw In charge have every reason to congratulate theniselvea thereon. The speech by Dr. llcttswas all that his nict ardent frlun ls could wlb, actl woo for bim a warm place la the hearts of his audience. It was a pollshel and scholarly production, showing at the same time a heart-frit real for the cause in which lie la engaged, and no fears need ever be entertained legarding Ills audiences In De Moines hereafter. The response by t!io.e present to the appeal for aid was wondoi fully liberal, aa will be shown by the following Hat: Her. M. flanln, SS: HcV. J. r. Nugent !: Mr. Martin. Flynn, tltiO; A O. II. Illvlalon Mo. I. SO; A. O. II. IXTlalon. No. , .! J. 11. M fiornak, fl0 M. Kennedy, tin; J. P. Howard, (Si Wm. Mr vlna, .; John Mctlulre, 3j II. liar- rrgan, lit M. Ih-ady, IS: V. M. Caaady. I0; I rank Mehan. H; II. Illrmlnaham. i .; N. J llrown, fit W. II. Welch, ait Cbaa. U IHnnnll, at A. J. Hood, M M. V. Kennedy, M r. J. Frost. M Uale Ml, (Ii Tiro. O llrlen. f t; P.O. Hegati, 110; M. Hiatal-man, 1U; John Kngvr, J; M. K. fit J. f. larsHHi, f at Henry I, fit J a me Nugnnt, ft"! John Itewman. ItOi M. Mnrkln. I P.J. MrAlre.t.t IC H. Ilayllm ; J a me Ctlllns.); Ianul Lrhane, $m John Ik-naon, t; John lirm:K J; A. A. II. iHvislon I and. ! V); J. '. O'Cunnell. ; Thotnaa llrennan, til Dan lltilliHe. (I John McCoy, ( John Coyla, (it Thi'inaa Krennly, (Ii t onra.l Voungerman. 1 Mai. P. II. McCaitiey, (In; A. lanb-rer. ( J.m Kehoe, i John Lynch, (It John Ma her, (l Im my Johnson, (Ii l. m'Nhi, tU Mra. Martin I mm. (mi w, o. McNully, (ti Anonymou. 01 1 I Urmia, I !.,!! Jam Iwmohun, (It John Hyan, (II Adam llaltwr. ( Jaine HI ley, (It M. Murphy, (It Thomaa Heainan, (M John ll. tna, llt'i M. IC Mclhmnell. (;.1 John Mi'liwt, (Si Jiwpb llwu h. li trlfii-l. (It P. Mel.t-ouah, f, John Otonoor, llt; Frlen I, (II Jnnm While. (I Mm. Ilaii'a, (Ii llera I K ei.hitan, (J i T. M. IHrm-a, (i p. Hum, ( J. Met auley, Hi J. 8. M.-Corwlrk. (11. Any fiknd of the ranae wh1 were lie! rrc- ftmn altrtMllne the meeting may hi I In Ih-lr titiM-tlptHai to M. Keiuitaly lf., TteAuiret of the torsi branch. at of Is by of the V. and next of of rrj-l to Aaalwal KaaHav Amaaeaaawl. .IsrtaiMH. IM. .i.-Th Ua i l Or lr liiir, ul Ihia rljr, ha begun ai rft .tl M rn4 Hi1 ll.i alet In rm l In aatWia-antra Ml MuiMtay. Thcv aplil nHio I ffrrt In the Mianager lal work, b-il atl II thralrta aete open lt hun.lay, irln Uy I lift rained He atrrwl of fiMtr meniVa of 14 'I llieti'hil-ante hlrh gat antwm'ier ' .ulifr, ll laailay Hii- leM t 'I illy. T'l Jtialh of lb lrwfa at t!r reurM of V itrt.wiit ot tf league, y w Ihmn at lha (" a prnaltr ol lha U. t4 r4e M rarhrw Nawe tl ISa mviMr l"i Ml twli b rkMaoa ftm-ltr If Im It la kb leK ai'y itiliaU. I a al.ler aflt f ttvm rlirnll Mtn He ,!..!

Clipped from
  1. The Des Moines Register,
  2. 28 Oct 1885, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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