Part 2 Schantz Spring Why Allentown needs it and what it will cost

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Part 2 Schantz Spring Why Allentown needs it and what it will cost - Pull-mau the his Of the THE WATER SUPPLY...
Pull-mau the his Of the THE WATER SUPPLY (Continued from First Page.) department. be arrived lots this via full of the com-, to to of by it ble of supplying water for the most serious conflagration la addition to supplying the wants of tbe people, even in the hottest season of the year. An ample supply of water can be obtained from this spring, and this could be conveyed conveyed to the exlstihg pumping station by running a gravity Hue of iron pipe of such sire as may be necessary for the purpose along such Sines as inay be found most convenient or sultatole. "After giving due comsfBeratlon of the various plans presented and to the quality and quantity of the water inspected, inspected, it Is believed that this plan Is the best Being assured that the quality is of the best, and that the quantity of water thatSchaoti's Spring wiil furnish is greatly In excess of ar.y present or probable future requirements requirements of the city, the waiter conimis-Blonere conimis-Blonere conimis-Blonere are of the opinion, that only from this spring an abundant supply of clear, fresh . and uncontamiwated water can be obtained and would urge Its purchase without delay. For, H it Is thought desirable to carry Into effect this plan for acquiring a satisfactory water supply in the near future. It is important that n time should be lost In perfecting the details of the plan." This report was referred to the water committee of councils which reported favorably on . the . recommendation; thereupon negotiations were opened with Mr. Koch for its purchase. The water commissioners on consultation with Mr. Koch considered the price he asked for the property too high and In their subsequent report to councils use the following language: "Mr. Koch appeared at the time appointed appointed and asked $30,000 for the 14 acres and 100 perches, covering the property, grist mil, saw mill and farming farming land, including the springs. Whereupon Whereupon the said board rejected the bid, directs their secretary to report the facts to councils and recommend the condemnation of said property by due process of law." ... At, the same time analyses were made by Prof. Leffman, Showing the water from Schantz's Spring to be perfectly pure. The objections heretofore urged to the adoption of Schantz's Spring as a supply of water have been on the ground of expense. The satements made on this subject nave own very general ana In my Judgment have never been presented to the public In such a form as to show how easily the waiter department can bear the highest estimated cost of this improvement without adding one penny to the water taxes or to the burdens of the citizens of AHenown. The items of expense would be: 1st. The purchase of the spring. 2nd. The laying of the supply pipe. 3rd. The settlement of land damages along the route. These Items of expense, except the last, can be calculated with accuracy, and the last in my Judgment can be easily estimated. The cost of the spring would be $11,-000. $11,-000. $11,-000. Estimating the distance from Schantzs to Crysta.l Spring, along the route of the Cedar Creek, as four mile the cost of laying a 30-Inch 30-Inch 30-Inch pipe would not exceed $85,000. It probably could be laid for $10,000 less, as this estimate is based on the cost of purchasing and laying such pipe In this city over more difficult routes on small contracts. ; The damages to land owners would be principally to the mills alone- alone- the Cedar Creek, as the damage to farm lands would be sma'l. There are at this time slnn? to Cedar Creek (in addition to the Bchantz Mill) five mills, the aggregate assessed value of Which Is $29,000. An investigation as to the cost nt thee mills shows that the assessments represent their full vaJue. Experts on the subject Insist tw! taxing rrom Inking fond, while on August 1, 1898, the amount of .cash la tbe water de portment sinking fund was $48,543.10. In other words, , out of its surplus revenues In the last five years,4be water department baft crested s sinking sinking fund of $48,648.10, It has reduced the funded debt $41,000 and it has ex pended on permanent improvements (is its efforts to Increase taie water supply) at least $40,000. total of $129,- $129,- 533.10. ' : - Assumtiur then tnat this project will cost as indicated $150,000 the expense could be met by the Issue of $150,900 of four per cent, water department bonds. Under the law these bonds could be made to run for 30 years, but they should be tesued tinder conditions that would permit the wafer department to caU In certain amounts each year. The annual interest on $150,000 of bonds would be $8,000. If we assume tbat the annual surplus income of the water department will be only $16,000, then this Surplus income would pay the principal and interest of the whole $150,000 in 13 years. If. however, however, the Annual surplus should continue continue as large as it taw been (Bay $20,-000) $20,-000) $20,-000) or If it should Increase to $25,000 which Is more likely, tt will readily be perceived that the bonded debt will be paid off In a much shorter tlmeprSb ably In less than 10 years. Thus this entire project can be car ried through and the bonds paid wlthht a very short time without adding one i taxes to any individual or In creasing our water rents to the extent oi a aouar. I know that objections will be urged to this project oh the ground of expense. expense. The same objections -were -were urged to the purchase of Crystal Springs by the same persons who are objecting to this project now. When the water commissioners;. In urging the purchase of Crystal Springs, declared that they could pay for the property and Its Improvements without adding a penny to the "taxes of our people people In shape of water rents, they were ridiculed by the objectors, but not only was that done, but fas we have shown) $130,000 in addition faas been expended out of the surplus revenufes of the department. department. In explanation of my action In securing securing this option frotji W, Koch .J, beg to say that from time to time within the last two years i have been called upon by councllmeb. Interested In public improvements, urging tS&t this property property ought to be secured and suggesting suggesting that an individual or Individuals might purchase it at a lower price than the $30,000 which Mr. Kooh asked the city for It e few years ego. I kept the matter in mind and, becoming aware of conditions tending .to make Mr. Koch anxious to disp9e'of it, I secured the option at the .favorable time. I am advised that Mr. Koch has since been offered the same price by some gentlemen who desire to hold the property for their own purposes. If the city does not conclude to take the property between sow and December 1, It will pass out of Mr. Koch's hanfls under thte option and will go Into the hands of persons fro-m fro-m fro-m whom the city will not be able to purchase ft at any such price s Is indicated now. I have no purpose In making these suggestions to your board other than the interest I feel ait a citizen of Allen-town Allen-town Allen-town (who was for a number of years a member of your board) In securing for us people an ample supply of pure spring water for a long time to come. ROBT. B. WRIGHT. THE OPTION. Allentown. Pa., July 12, 1896. David Koch and Sarah, his wife, of Tipper iMaicungle Township. Lehigh County, PenmsylVamicv, agree with Robert E. Wrlgfht, of Allentown, Lehigh Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, as follows, w wit: First. We agree tfcat at any time within five months from this date we win on xine payment to us of fourteen inousano. (J14.000) dollars sell and con vey to Robert E. Wright or to such MMHM. ... Mr corporation as he may ra.e"ic une property partly In Up sommtz's Sarin the w" :j in up- up- sr. tr.. the cty. i rout1; "vrszxt pa:"y imii materially Interfere wMJ, ,. operation of these mills as the volume of water In the creek is so great from In- Madl-Bon ex-. Lttzen-berger, .' other sources (than Schantz's Spring) w.v o,lPr pwer woiua not af feeted. Suppose, however, thnt avn.,u claimed that they were damaged to the extent of one-half, one-half, one-half, then the damage to mill owners would then be but tl$ 000 or assuming further that their value would be absolutely destroyed, the amount of damages would be 129 000 Adding $29,000 to the Items above Indll cated you. would have tlhe statement as follows: Purchase of sprm HlOOO "S'rtP'P6 85,000 oi.iA.St; i" mills. . 29,000 1 Total Granting the largest possible , allowance for incidentals and damages to farm lands add to the above amount., $128,000 22,000 ouuin wmseuall Tvnmfcli T i.iu County.Pennsylvanla, generally known asSchants's Spring and mill, being 4 tract of about fourteen (14) acres of land In said toVnshlps adjolnlns; lands Aoranam Buts and Frank Stephens, including the spring grist mm, saw mill, mansion house' tenement houses and all permanent Improvements Miereon. Witness our hands and seals the day and year first above wrren. Making aggregate cost of the P.1 150,000 Let us see how this could be paid. The water works of the city of Allentown Allentown are profitable. Although our water rents are low, the department each year earns a large surplus Income over Its operating expenses. This Surplus Surplus has been used in the last five years In the reduction of the old funded debt of the department, In the construction construction of Improvements and the prosecution of experiments for increasing increasing our water supply, ana in the creation creation of a sinking fund for the payment of the existing, funded debt of the department. department. An examination of the reports of your department shows the following facts in relation to your income and your ordinary expenditures. Including Interest on the bonded debt: For year ending April 1. 1894. your surplus was 119,036. 35: for year endinr April 1, 1895. $19,905.23: for year endlne April 1, 189. $26,039.10; for year ending ending April 1, 1897, $18,842.71; for year ending April 1, 1898, $18,763.14; total In nve years above expenses, $102,086.53. This shows am average annual sur- sur- plus of receipts over ordinary expend! tures and Interest of $20,417.80. I might explain that the large differ ence between the surplus as between the years 1896 and 1897 arises out of en Item of about $2,700 which In a fair statement ought to have been taken from the one year and turned Into the other. This does not affect the average, average, however, and leaves the annual surplus of the last five years $20,417.30. I assume therefore that tt is very safe to say that the annual surplus revenues of the water department hereafter will not be lees than $18,000. With the Increasing business they will probably be nearer $25,000. This surplus, surplus, as I have said, has heretofore been used by your department for various various purposes. On April 1, 1893, the water debt was $110,200. Now It Is $59,200. On Atril 1. 1893, the water department had no DAVID KOCH, SARAH KOCH. State of Pentisylvanlaj County of Lehigh. Lehigh. SS. On the 13th day of July, a. D., 1898 before me, the subscriber, personally appeared the above named David Koch and Sarah, his wife, and In due form of law acknowledged the ,W agreement to be their aot and deed and desired the same mlgtot be recorded recorded As such. And the mid Sarah Koch being of full age and separate and apart from Jier said husband by me thereon privately examined, and the full contents of the above Agreement "l16 fir8t made kn ""to her. did thereupon declare and say that she did voluntarily and of her own free will and accord, sign, seal end as her act and deed, deliver the above written agreement without any coercion or i..iraISion or ner said husband. Witness my hand and official seal ua, aim year last aforesaid. ;.. PRESTON M. BASTIAN, Justlce of the Peace. DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve has the -rr. -rr. ;"7 '"i "y Dalva In the world. merit nas led dishonest dishonest people to attempt to counter-felt counter-felt counter-felt it. Look out for the man who at- at- icmiKj iu ueceive you when you call for DeWltt's Witch Hasel Salve the great pile cure. H. L. Kelper, 41 North on a tne the FOR ALLENTOWN COLLEGE WOMEN. The fall term of this Institution will open Tuesday morning, September , at -.. -.. XIIO upt-mng upt-mng upt-mng aaaress will be delivered by Rev. W. H. Mader, of asron. his subject will be Woman's. Opportunities." All parents parents seeking, first-class first-class first-class Instruction for their daughters In English, science, ancient and modern languages, music art and elocution, will find It In this institution. The college, has departments-Primary, departments-Primary, departments-Primary, departments-Primary, Academic and Col-legiate. Col-legiate. Col-legiate. Send for Illustrated cata. logue. PROF. J. W. KNAPPBNBERGER A. M President. 22-2w 22-2w 22-2w You Invite disappointment when yon experiment ' DeWitfs 'Little Early Risers art pleasant, easy, thorough little pills. They core constipation and sick headache just as sure as you taka them. H. I Kelper, 41 North Seventh If you hay anythlns to n tn m . the readers of Taa --frTm --frTm --frTm I exhaustive It ers in " At At At At At BED . 22x

Clipped from The Allentown Leader30 Aug 1898, TuePage 2

The Allentown Leader (Allentown, Pennsylvania)30 Aug 1898, TuePage 2
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  • Part 2 Schantz Spring Why Allentown needs it and what it will cost

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