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Santiago arguello history mention - RAX RERXARDIXO for Red-lands' Red-lands' be...
RAX RERXARDIXO for Red-lands' Red-lands' be time, one be 10 her is predicts assured the con San Or-ville Or-ville the give the of at senior and of for How Spanish Dons Contested for Control of Yucaipa Valley Told By Snatches From State History Name of Antonio Lugo Is Prominent in Lore of Old Rancho de San Bernardino 21.-T. J. drug after southern By MAURICE S. SULLIVAN ' Don Antonio had what nowadays is called "a political pull." In 1SSS or 1S39 he had procured a provisional provisional concession in the names of his sons, for a colony in San Bernardino Bernardino valley. The colony was a failure, so Don Antonio, overlooking overlooking the fact that several nations of Indians always had supposed that San Bernardino valley belonged belonged to them, asked and obtained obtained the entire territory as private private property. He gave the site of the city of Redlands and the Mission district including the old San Bernardino asistencia, to his son, Jose del Car-Carmen. Car-Carmen. Car-Carmen. Land to the westward, known variously as Jumua, Jumu-ba, Jumu-ba, Jumu-ba, Homoa or Homolla, now identified identified with the region between Hollow Hollow Hill farm and the Santa Ana river, he bestowed upon Jose Maria Lugo, another son. To a third, Vicente, Vicente, he presented holdings near the present junior college, between San Bernardino and Colton, a district district referred to in historical records records as Politano, Apolitana, Hlpoli-tano Hlpoli-tano Hlpoli-tano op Nepolitano. Ordered to Leave Yucaipa District Diego Sepulveda, a nephew, drew Yucaipa for his share, but when he began building a "house of substantial substantial walls," as the adobe struc tures were sometimes called in the records, Palomares descended upon him and ordered him not only to cease building, but to pack up and move on. Diego refused to comply. comply. This adobe building, located on the Cook place, close to the north side of the Beaumont road, Is well known to the older generation of Yucaipans. Lugos Triumph, Take Territory The letter to the governor, signed by Jose del Carmen Lugo and witnessed witnessed by the Spanish pioneer, Juan BandinI, among others followed bantiago Arguello, presiding over the second, or southern, prefecture of California, gave as his official opinion that the Lugos were wrong, that Yucaipa was a separate valley rrora San Bernardino, and that, moreover, the Lugo letter had neg lected to mention the fact that the family held immense tracts of land exclusive of Yucaipa. In the end the long arm of the elder Lugo triumphed. Officially, in 1S42, hit family came into possession possession of both Yucaipa and San Bernardino valleys, and Diego Sepulveda, Sepulveda, his nephew, settled In peace "where the big red apples grow." Details or a struggle, 87 years ago, lor control or me ricn lucai-pa lucai-pa lucai-pa valley, have been found in letters letters which escaped destruction in the fire of 1906 at San Francisco. Beattie Obtains Copies of Letters The correspondence was deposit ed in the records of California when the state was under Mexican rule. Copies have been procured by George W. Beattie of East Highlands, Highlands, who has been making researches researches into the history of San Bernardino valley during the Spanish, Spanish, Mexican and American pioneer periods. The contest for possession of the valley was between Ignacio Palomares, Palomares, a magistrate, and Jose del Carmen Lugo, acting on behalf of his cousin, Diego Sepulveda. In 1841 pasturage was poor at the rancho known as San Jose, which included the sites of the modern Claremont and Pomona. Palomares obtained permission to remove his cattle and horses to Yu caipa, where the grazing was better. better. In mission days a jacal, or herder's herder's hut of poles, brush and mud, had been built there by neophytes from San Gabriel mission. Appeal for Land ' Arouses Dispute Palomares decided he would like to own. the land. Accordingly, he made application to Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado, head of the Mexican state of California, for a grant of the valley territory. Word of Palomares intention soon came to the ears of Jose del Carmen Lugo, who was llvine on the site of the new courthouse in San Bernardino, Don Jose was indignant, indignant, and he wrote a letter to the governor, setting forth that Yucaipa Yucaipa was a part of the Rancho San Bernardino, which, it was well known, had been applied for by him and his brothers at the instigation instigation of his father, Antonio Maria Maria Lugo. DN 1 Three Built Dining (Special BANNING, ed that the San an . Three be built on will add The dining too small upon it, width of soon, the open all Wiley Day at the inn C. 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Clipped from The San Bernardino County Sun22 Jul 1928, SunPage 12

The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)22 Jul 1928, SunPage 12
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