Miscegenation "facts"

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revferseis ttte'm thmtrtnent I Hf.ofoTTTniiTf-t 'redor-1 I I i . ta . y Miscegenation Facts?.1.1 The chitd of colored parents i iS erent tints, such as quadroom and mulatto; or hThlatttfnd'bgk, will be ndarer the tint of the darker," 'parent. If bdth parents are of the am e color the xtifldf will be ia shade darker ' singular enougu, tue seponp ., cniia. wiu N Sler ththj0rdftrg eri athe.second,' andj s&j ja t . to a the last. In otb er words; ai colored com?? munlty; if left tditaetf.ia fatally destine awtemm ia !theJTTginar' Aftieaa ail --4i!KiiA --4i!KiiA --4i!KiiA WAt x- x- jt1XKj , Br. jue a? inmyiauaioipure Caucasian Wood , .brings the negro a li?3a..-5?fl4 li?3a..-5?fl4 li?3a..-5?fl4 WlWMWW-ifira WlWMWW-ifira WlWMWW-ifira Pvi dark", i--. i--. i--. i--. ia; one tne lsianasi "'a, mmatto woman ar , 1 1.1 1. llj 1 it.' - m'-- m'-- m'-- i . - s J 1 lemaie cnua py; a , wnite,p man; rodnbv a white tath' err and 'liut'jik creMiBgiwitrji'the. white race was ;jkepfe up for six J generations . ( (An u identical process of recrossmg' badi been simultaneously simultaneously noticed in another plants sexenQi crdssW 5in"6tfhese farnilies were of remarkable tmysicial beauty ; they had , blonde hair 7 their compleiciont was of -such -such ; transparent fairness that they might haye'been5 taketiio Albinbtrt for the vtefo'ahd bwlhariyntellect. jlCfee most exper ericjed eyja CQuIdjaotMyajifitected r A. . Ji . . ?fei-r ?fei-r ?fei-r L0)1; !!Mcqmplexion- !!Mcqmplexion- ed. and the ohildran of their fihildrn I f m s I mi . 1 . . m . . -. -. :r 'I nifl lnATnmn a mar ot nnt.nro ia . V - V am r . M W given as one of the.rprincipalL reasons why the Creoles refuse to inter marry "with families who have the faintest Jneture of negro biddd in their veins, though their skins may be as fair as thtofEtiroeSChBihe Creoles wish their posterity to remain what thev vi ... " themselves are whitesv- whitesv- ii. ltd .yjjil tth i W wen Grant was recently reported by ri iddrrphdenfaspeakiner disparae- disparae- . , , , . " insriy oi JstonewafefdBKSon VfWhile .At I Constantinople. Col Mosby. of Vir- Vir- gihi,.wrote to Gen Grant inquiring if

Clipped from The Charlotte Observer22 Jun 1878, SatPage 4

The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina)22 Jun 1878, SatPage 4
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  • Miscegenation "facts"

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