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Ottawa Journal page 1 25 Nov 1915 - GREEGE CONFORMS TO DEMANDS OF ALLIES i -. -. '...
GREEGE CONFORMS TO DEMANDS OF ALLIES i -. -. ' 1 -i' -i' ; 1 i i 1 ' , ; : t gJJ The Ottawa Evening Journal " . ... ' '-. '-. '-. . I VOL. XXX No. 293. , . SPECIAL WAR SERVICES BY DIRECT WIRE. OTTAWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1915. THE GREAT HOME PAPER FOURTEEN PAGES. TO WHLFMO LATOm SAID TO MAVIS DEHHIEP ATTHT ODE OF TIME LnBijALS OW ELECTJOK nSSUE Tf": 1 " i. - " ; 1 " - 1 " " : ' : - KITCHENER WINS VICTORY IN THE BALKANS; GREECE MEETS DEMANDS "Civet Satisfaction of the Dc-... Dc-... Dc-... inands of the Entente Powers and All Guarantees Considered ' Etsential." THIS IS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED AT ATHENS There is Every. Indication That - Text of Note is Satisfactory to British Says London Cable. By Oeaanttan' Prtss. Athens, Nov. 21, via London Orooos has mot. ths demands of tho entente powers and given guarantees that their requirements will bo fulfilled. fulfilled. Official announcement Is mads that tho reply to ths collective note presented presented br the entente ministers has boon dell Tared to them. Tbs announcement announcement says: , "THE REPLY 18 COUCHED IN VERT FRIENDLY TERMS AND OIVE8 SATISFACTION 01 THE DE-HANDS DE-HANDS DE-HANDS OF THE ENTENTE. POWERS POWERS AND ALL GUARANTEES CONSIDERED CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL." Tho collective note was presented to tho Greek Government on. Tuesday. As outlined In unofficial despatches It contained a request for Greek intervention intervention in tho war with tho allies, but asked Greece to givs sawuranoe that she would preserve her friendly attltado Hi com tho allied troops now In Macedonia should bo compelled to ratraaf i territory LOXBO SATISFIED. , Bf Canadian Press, London, Nov. t-Althougb t-Althougb t-Althougb tho full text of tho Oreek Government's reply to tho collective note presented SIR HENRY SMITH-DORRIEN SMITH-DORRIEN SMITH-DORRIEN TO BE GIVEN BIG COMMAND Br Omdiu Press. ,; London, Nov. 11. The Express prophesies that General Blr Hpnot Sxnith-Dorrlsn, Sxnith-Dorrlsn, Sxnith-Dorrlsn, who wu in oomnwnd of the second British trmx In Fraoos until a few months no, will soon receive an appointment of nick Import bob. General amllh-Dorrlsn, amllh-Dorrlsn, amllh-Dorrlsn, who returned from tho Croat Ust summer, reoelved especial commendation from Fisld Marshal French and was do eoratod by President Poinoar, of France. , . Ooaoral Smlth-Doriien Smlth-Doriien Smlth-Doriien achieved fame In th tsrrlbla dentins; at Ypres one yoar ago whsa tho this British llns held off ths flower of ths Oerman army. Ho returned to England in ths up m er rum or said bo had resigned resigned and has . not been beard of since. Itla said that he will lead ths Brit ish Co roe In the Balkans. BRITISH CASUALTII Special Cable to Tho Journal froea oar London Gov respondent. London, Nov. in To-day's To-day's To-day's list of casualties Includes 13 officers of whom nine are dead, and 674 men. of whom IBB are dead. The regiments suffering- suffering- are: The Fourth Tork and Lanceahlres; Fifth Reyat Berkshire; -Seventh -Seventh Roya.1 Susaei: Somerset Light Infantry; Eighth East Yorkshires Yorkshires and Yorkshire Light Infantry. Infantry. WINDERMERE. WORLD GROWS BETTER, SAYS CARNEGIE AT 80 Famous Philanthropist Views World From Tower of 80 Winters Winters and is Pleased By Canadian Press. New York, Nov. 15. Andrew Carnegie Carnegie Is celebrating his eightieth birthday birthday anniversary today In quiet fashion fashion at his home here. A few frlenda mostly comrades or associates of his I earlier years, called to tender their annual congratulations and tonight he will entsrtaln others at tbs family dinner. Asked for a birthday message, ne said: "All goes well with me. The world growt better and we are soon to see blessed peace restored and a world court established, when, la the onn or numi, wan to man o tbelfufi Ride 'worMMwwr, snail brothers be that'' SENTINEL ON RAMPAGE CHARGES DISLOYALTY Some That POPULATION OVER THE 100,000 MARK, BUT TIGHT SQUEEZE IS EXPERIENCED Only 165 to the Good in the Official Official Statement Issued To-day To-day To-day Recruiting Serjousry Affects Population. BUT REAL POPULATION IS ' FIFTEEN HUNDRED BETTER The city b safel Tbs population la over tho 100,000 mark. To be exact It Is ISS.ISS. Tho delayed official assessment office office statement Issued today gives the comforting assurance, that while as a result of enlisting the city's population population has decreased, it is still over the 100,000 mark though it la a close The Figures. Tho figures follow: De- De- Ward Victoria lilS T,1S 1I.1B0 ll.TII li.SSS 12,410 lt.OU T,4 1114 crease 7.171 tit li.asi 7 1I.IST SSI IMS SSI 1MJ! ill 1,1(1 SOT 3S,0St- 3S,0St- Dalhousle ... Wellington .. Capital .. .. Central .. ., St. George ., Rldeau .. , Mil 100.10S 101.TSS S.17S Canltal Ward eh a era an lneraaaa Of 87. Population 1st October 1114 101,708 Population 1st October 101f' ,100,118 Decrease 1st October 1018 l.sil Too Real Popolatkm. It appears however that while ofH-olally ofH-olally ofH-olally the population la only 1S over MACHINE GUNS AND DIG ARTILLERY OF CANADIANS HURLED BACK HUN ATTACK Canadian Division Have Bern Under Pretty Heavy Artillery Fire During the Past Few Daya, Say, Hill. ARE MAKING TRENCHES COMFORTABLE FOR WINTER General Haig Say, Division of Can adians or Scots Would Have Made Bit Dijerence in Battle of Loos. Special Cable fo The Journal Froea uur uwn comHponaeni In London. London, Nov. IS. The Germans have retaliated against the Canadians for the recent annoyances by the heavy artillery fire which has lasted two days and caused some few casu- casu- 1 allies. I am told that on Thursday . night what might have developed in- in- ' to a serious counter-attack counter-attack counter-attack on the part of the Huns was nipped in the bud i by terrific file from our artillery and the good work of the machine guns t In the front emplacements. Some Can- Can- , adlan officers believe that t was the iiiienuon 01 tne enemy 10 imitate tne little stunt which the Canadians so successfully pulled off last Tuesday at certain place where they had been salient to our line, with the difference, however, that they wished to hold whatever part they might capture from the several sources. ' Germans ReavUy Betnforceil. I learn that considerable reinforcements reinforcements have been gathered ' behind behind the German lines for the occas ion and that a lucky shell from one of our batteries hit an ammunition reserve, causing an explosion that must have accounted for many German German casual Ilea Ths Canadian divisions mean to 1 hive comfortable trenches while they I are In them. Since the first, terrible If Uurm.. jslSha.srlatar. w4Jaaev-9ae.. w4Jaaev-9ae.. w4Jaaev-9ae.. loruiignt ago ana caugni some sections sections of the trenches badly, many places freealng knee deep; All sorts ; of schemes have been Invented, with the result that now very few yards of the trenches are really bad, while the dugouts are. In some canes, fitted with little ranges which burn coal and make for the comfort of the men when off duty. In the advanced trenches. - JOURNAL MAKES SURPRISE FIRE DRILL TEST AT FOUR LARGE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Investigation Made on Behalf of Parent of Ottawa Children Reveals Splendid Efficiency of the School Organizations Principals and Teachers "Right on the Job" and Kiddies Streamed Out of Big Buildings With Scarcely Trace of Panic or Excitement. Ottawa parents will breathe easier when we state that the fire drill in the public public schools, as conducted by The Journal, revealed an astonishing degree of efficiency. Four schools were visited at random between 9 and 12 o'clock this morning. The signals were given quickly and the response was almost instant. There was no excitement or panic, few nervous glances, but throughout the finest conformity to discipline. Down the aisles, out into the corridors, down the stairs and into the yards the children moved quickly, but not hurriedly. It was a great exhibition, especially so because it was carried out as a matter of routine without the slightest notice .or preparation. THE RECORD OF JOURNAL FIRE TEST Kent Street I Ctasara (regular) , , Brfplls Alarm aoundrd . . . (h-ImioI (h-ImioI (h-ImioI i-lraml i-lraml i-lraml at . Time of dlrunlfmnl . . . . t.4.1 o.m. . P.4S.SS a.m. . . . . In, SSh. 27000 CHILDREN IN SCHOOL FIRE TEST -MADE -MADE AT 4 POINTS OFTHE CITY TO-DAY TO-DAY TO-DAY Pupils Rise Quickly From Their Seats When Bell Rings Boys Hold Open the Doors as Line Passes Out WHAT HAPPENED AT THE VARIOUS SCHOOLS Tlng-a-ling, Tlng-a-ling, Tlng-a-ling, Tlng-a-ling, Tlng-a-ling, tlng-a-ltog, tlng-a-ltog, tlng-a-ltog, tlng-a-ltog, tlng-a-ltog, tlng-a-llng, tlng-a-llng, tlng-a-llng, tlng-a-llng, tlng-a-llng, rang -he -he fire alarm in four of the public -tenaeis-e -tenaeis-e -tenaeis-e -tenaeis-e tba-eity tba-eity tba-eity while a Journal man watched the children clear the build Inn and they did it so well that ths reporter, who mode the Investigation, tnrougnitne counts counts v of Dr. Put man. inspector of public schools, has ne hesitation In telling mothers and fathers whose children attend these schools, that they need not worry over the safety 01 tneir nine ones. The lnvcstlaatloi was made with out the slightest warning to anyone, anyone, not even to 'he principals, and Cambridge Street. I 14 too . . . in. IS a.m. I0.16.SO a.m. 1m. aOa - PupllH (over) Alarm smuikIccI . . . fe-honl fe-honl fe-honl Hi tirwl at . Time of ilutxsal . Waller Street. rpiu". .".'.'.'.'.'.7,7 Alarm nounded . . . Ht'ltool elm red at . Time of dlMninnal , BR. . EL POTMAN, Inftpcnar of csiy public schools, who. wiinewea inc nsu urui ton. it f 1 SHOWN IN FIGURES j First Avenue. 1 t'laiwr , ; I'll pi 1h I Alarm sounded . . . School cleared at . iTlme of dlnnilaaal . LIBERALS PUT ONE YEAR LIMIT UPON EXTENSION OF THE PARLIAMENT TERM Sir Wilfrid Laurier Would Allow Present Parliament Only Twelve Months Extra Life Regardless of War. REFUSE ACCLAMATIONS IN THE BYE-ELECTIONS BYE-ELECTIONS BYE-ELECTIONS Sir Wilfrid Laurier, It la under- under- iwiIIm, in ,. .,,, the extension of the parliamentary term and other matters Incidental. It Is safe to say that the offer will not be ac; spied. The Liberal leader stated that he would be agreeable to an extension extension of the present parliamentary term to jne year after Its conclusion conclusion and If It was considered necessary other extensions could be made. He also refused to consider election CANADIANS FIRE i FOUR SHELLS TO v ENEMY'S ONE, IS ; WORD FROM FRONT Officers on Leave in London Speak in Warm Praise Splendid lias- lias- .j lantry of Men of Seventh Baf"C talion. . V THEIR GREAT SURPRISE A H ACK ON THE HUNS Weather on (he West Front is Now Bitterly Cold Col. Rennie. of Third Battalion, Now Leads Fourth Brigade. Kpecial Cable to The Ottawa Journal ana lomiuo iinuy news by VYalti'r VYIIIiHon. I.omlon. Nov. Ji. Many officers ot the first division h-re h-re h-re are on leave. including Lieutenants Peter Campr bell, Frank McCarthy and Everett ltrlttiol. They all speak In the high-cat high-cat high-cat tcrmn o( the gullunlry displayed by the officers mid men of the Seventh Seventh Italia I Ion In their reoent attack attack on the (irrmanatrenches, a feat which hu.i already called for special special men 1 ion ln Field Marshal French's despatches. A Grand Feat. Forty men and omcem of the 8er-enlh 8er-enlh 8er-enlh Ifa' talion after spending eight hours of a bitter rainy night cutting intervening wire entanglements, stormed the German position. The attackers attackers went In two parties along the a Ivies -which -which were already, prepared with barbed wire. The first notice the enemy hud of the onslaught waS when Canadians Jumped on the roof of the sentries. Canadians armed with tiombs, grenades. etc., drov tfic Ofrmuns out of their trenohea, and then retired after killing and wound in many and taking a score of Germans back with them as prl-sonera. prl-sonera. prl-sonera. The enemy's reinforcement when coming up to their support wan subjected to a tremendous shelling by our artillery. daoloretioriF!'"'" gvn'n Battalion only sajTsr,..- sajTsr,..- ' " '"v "umiim m inaj wnois on- on- eratlon 1 Canadian Guns Active. 1 The officers on leave report thai along the entire Canadian Trent our artillery is now firing four shells to the enemy's one. The weather lk -bitterly -bitterly cold,. Col. Itennle of the Third liiutalian has no taken command of tho fourth Brigade while Lord Brooke returns to England to take over the Canadian camp at Brain

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal25 Nov 1915, ThuPage 1

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)25 Nov 1915, ThuPage 1
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