Oct 21, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Hirn Pointing fingers pg 1

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Oct 21, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Hirn Pointing fingers pg 1 - 7 had no business going up to him in the first...
7 had no business going up to him in the first place." - Mike Hirn, when asked why he felt bad about having confronted Monfils The Monfils trial IfDtrugpG3 Testimony by Hirn contradicts others By Paul Srubas Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette If you're one of the people wondering when suspects in the Tom Monfils case would start pointing fingers at each other, you can stop wondering. It began this week as defendants defendants started taking the stand in their own defense. Mike Hirn on Friday testified that Keith Kutska tried to establish establish an alibi on the day of Monfils' disappearance, disappearance, even though no one supposedly knew Monfils was dead. And Hirn hinted that his theory for how Monfils died included Mike Piaskowski. Piaskowski had testified Wednesday that he heard Hirn had killed Monfils. Pias-kowski Pias-kowski Pias-kowski also said he reported reported Monfils missing on the morning morning of Nov. 21, 1992, and then referred further questions to Kutska, perhaps indicating he thought Kutska had inside knowledge about why Monfils was missing. ' Hirn, Kutska, Piaskowski, Rey Moore, Dale Basten and Mike Johnson are charged with being party to homicide in Monfils' death at the James River paper mill. Lawyers for the six defendants have been careful throughout most of the trial to avoid laying blame or casting suspicion on each other's clients. That likely was more of a strategy than mere politeness: Testimony places the defendants in roughly the same place at the same time, and the Lasee Known for his aggressiveness : " 3s- 3s- t uv - - , ,1 v w - Us-. Us-. Us-. - . 11 : Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette photo by Patrick Ferron Defendant's testimony: Mike Hirn, one of Friday how fellow defendant Keith Kutska six defendant's in the Tom Monfils homicide responded when Hirn beckoned him on the case, demonstrates in Brown County Court morning Monfils disappeared. prosecution's position, in part, is that if one defendant did something something to Monfils, the others likely likely at least knew about it. But now, as the trial concludes its fourth week and defendants are getting their chance to speak, defense strategies are beginning to diverge. That became clear as Hirn spent a few minutes on the stand Thursday and more than seven hours Friday. He spent much of his time contradicting testimony by Kutska, Piaskowski and others. others. Hirn also tried to place himself himself on a time line that would have removed him from the scene at the place and time that prosecutors say Monfils was beaten to unconsciousness. Hirn said he smoked a cigarette cigarette outside the No. 9 control booth around 7:40 a.m. when Kutska left for two or three minutes minutes on the morning of Monfils' disappearance. Hirn said he briefly saw Kutska near a bubbler bubbler and refiner - an area where prosecutors have said Monfils was beaten. Hirn called and beckoned to Kutska, who responded by holding up a finger, finger, like "be there in a minute," Hirn said. Kutska remained out of sight for a few minutes before showing up again in the area of the No. 9 paper machine, Hirn said. Hirn had confronted Monfils a few minutes before, at Kutska's urging, but never saw him again, he said. About 1 p.m. that day, when helping conduct a millwide search for Monfils, Hirn said he ran into Kutska, who was sitting on a stool in the doorway to a Lawyer for Dale Basten launches attackA-2 attackA-2 attackA-2

Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette21 Oct 1995, SatPage 1

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)21 Oct 1995, SatPage 1
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