Interesting article abt the beginnings of Cleveland, OH (1858 article)

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Interesting article  abt the beginnings of Cleveland, OH (1858 article) - CITY & NEWS ITEMS! THl K1MY JllllMMi, OCT. IMS....
CITY & NEWS ITEMS! THl K1MY JllllMMi, OCT. IMS. Mk. KlLLtY'a ScktCU IT THE IIllTOklCaL Sociktv in Nswattou, Oct. SiJih, I85j Ira J Kelley waa born in Middletoa, Conn, Oct. 24th, 1791, and moved into OneiJa County, N. V , with hi father, January, 1300. Ua volunteer edinthe war of 1812 and aerved most of the six month, iu Odenalturgh in aightof iba Bril-iali Bril-iali regulara He came into t'hio Oct., lsli, and went to Loner Sandusky, our farthest western western poat. Gen. Wadaworth waa in command, (jen Hull having cowardly surrendered Fort Detroit and all the iieigliboiiii g post! and gar- riaona, Aug. 16ili, 1812. Mr. Kelley purehaaed a lariu iu Huron U. on the aaine trip, but returned hjiue to Low-vilie, Low-vilie, Lewia Co., N. Y., for winter quartern Ue came back to the farm in IS1J. wbcu be drove the oxen and beld plow at the aatne time. Mn. Snow and family were taken prisoner by the ludians tbree and one-hall' tuilr lrom uia lann. Mie and one clui j were lounu ueau not far lrom the brad of Cold crtek.nheielliey reiided ; the remaining eleveu were afterward. all ransomed. fiie frontier aeltlera went into houacs of Je feuce. I abandoned my tanu and went into Fort Meii?a. tien. llarriaou commanded. I oou alter piloted the Petersburg (V a.,) Volun tears from Fort Meig. down the Maumee and bay, through a portion ot Lake trie, and up what waa called. Crooked iliver, to its lower rapids, a few days after the famous defence of Fort Croghan; where the Major whose name it bears, had gained one of the most brilliant victories, victories, though acting contrary to orders. In perfaruiing the trip our rations were exhausted two days before we reached Fort Croghan, Sail-duikv Sail-duikv bay and river water in the month of Au- gust oeiug our ticuiaiB ajiu uuua, aiiu our lodging the open air with a stone for a pillow, r.r.lnf..1 airVnpK nn me near nnto death. I I however succeeded in reaching brother IS Kel- ley's log house on bis farm adjoining Governor a. on the west aide, where i heard the r.,.r nn il,f nifim.r.l.le 10-b of Sei.t 1813 It is hardly possible to portray the in- tn. intrmt Pteiv man and woman felt nntil the result was known, for it waa well under- stood that we were omvthud weaker in men ,,.! metal than the rnemv. You can lietter imagine than I can portray the enthusiastic joy hirh iillnl vcrr American breast when it waa officially announced by Commodore Ferry, We "have mettheencmy and they are ours." I ,ent to IVtr.iit soon alter the bait C ol tie Thames, and in returning stayed about three dais with the fleet then Ivinjr in l'ut-in Bay, 1 1,. Iwinn nnwiuhed from the side of the stateroom in the "Queen Charlotte." I was ..,.m,n tah.r nne ball killed the L'antain and First Lieutenant. I settled permanently in Cleveland m Feb'y iai3 .n,! ira.linir in the firm of J. R. ik'l. Keiley, and continued in business as a ....r-t. ...i .luring most uf tl,e time under mv own name, until 1837. In company with J. A. Ackley we construct- .l i ) fimt nier. mnkincr a nortion of the nrcs- ent western one which protects the mouth ol the Cuyahoga. ln the summer of 1914, J. R. and I. Kelley constructed the first brick Building in the city of Cleveland. They also constructed the tirst and only pot and pearl ashery in Cleveland. Col. J. It. Kelley died Aug. 23d, 1823, leaving one son Horace Kelley. y v father and fami v moved into Cleveland in 1814. on the principle that a hen will follow her chickeus alter they ceate to follow her. Mt Motlm died Scut. 14. 18 15: mv Father i -ith of old aie. bei jtf tears old. . ' n . ,P .. . , L Alfred kelley constructed the nrsi unci dwelling in Cleveland in 1815. which is no standiiifl at the junction of Water and bath bt. . 0 i . i l 1 1 C- d ihA.snM irrMa ten miicuami uuui utp,. Hunlinnton for Daniel Kelle abounded by Bath ., h north. WatM street on the east. I ;.,Kt M.tnar iret on tlie south, and the Cuva- tha -,t ;c nnw worth crobablv S 1 JaOJ.- 0U0 Uaniel, my youngest brother, died Sept. 10th, 1815, aied 13 years. He was a wonder- r,.i ,1, r.'lsv.r l-aiiiiff ahuo:t everv one who opposed him " Two ol the remaining four brothers reside io ,i..i K.ii.s'a UUiid. und one in r j.,,nl in' lihi.i I married Harriet Pease Aug. 5th, 1819. The f ,r children were GusUvus. George, Marv Edwin. Oharleii, Franklin, Martha L v-.- imn ,,J Win H. H.. who was born May 27, 1841. Gnstavu was drowned 1 n-a' In Ij.V. Erie, near the beach and new the Dresent residence of Gov. Wood. Mary died July 9;h. 1825. The remaining eight are l.. In , All were born in the city of Cleveland Tv,".. .kilir tan men lirimr here now wlio were livine in Cleveland when I tirst caiue.Na- . , w J ll'ln: than Perry, Levi Johnson, Mrs. S. illiamson, Mr. Dr. David Lontr. Mrs. Levi Johnsun and mvself make the only individuals now liv ing in Cleveland, who were living iu tbe place at that time, Oct. -inn, ibo. repress-Wood ed the the ed ai to to I I I I I 1 I , I him-1 I I

Clipped from Cleveland Daily Leader28 Oct 1858, ThuPage 1

Cleveland Daily Leader (Cleveland, Ohio)28 Oct 1858, ThuPage 1
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  • Interesting article abt the beginnings of Cleveland, OH (1858 article)

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