Oct 20, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Moore denies he was involved

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Oct 20, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Moore denies he was involved - f. 1 1 oore also enies he was involved M if...
f. 1 1 oore also enies he was involved M if Is.' ' r ' .V ' v- VTA 0 V I' I '.j'r" Piess-Gazette pnoto by John Robb Under questioning: Rey Moore, fying Thursday in Brown County defendant in the Tom Monfils murder Court. Moore denied any involvement case, listens to questions while testi- in the beating or killing of Monfils. By Paul Srubas Press-Gazette A 20-minute discrepancy in the times Rey Moore said he went near Tom Monfils' paper machine places him right at the scene when Monfils probably was beaten unconscious, a prosecutor tried to show Thursday. But Moore denied there was a discrepancy and denied participating in or witnessing any beating of Monfils. Moore. Keith Kutska, Mike Piaskowski, Mike Hirn, Dale Basten and Mike Johnson are accused of being party to homicide in Monfils' death Nov. 21. 1992, at the James River paper mill. Moore was on the witness stand for about four hours Thursday, after which his lawyer, Robert Parent, rested his case. His voice occasionally cracked with emotion, but Moore held up under often aggressive questioning by Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski. "Your attorney talked of a conspiracy of silence in the mill," Zakowski said. "Have you ever heard of a conspiracy of deceit?" "No. what's that?" Moore answered. Zakowski said paper workers presented police with a series of lies about what went on at the James River mill the morning Monfils disappeared. Then Zakowski added: "Do you expect us to believe you never struck Tom Monfils?" "Correct." Moore said. Moore said he arrived at the No. 7 and 9 paper machines about 7:40 a.m. to hear Kutska's tape of Monfils reporting to police that I - uil The Monfils trial Kutska intended to steal an extension cord from the mill. But Moore on six occasions told police he got to the area at 7:15 to 7:20 a.m., he testified. And Moore told James River investigator Frank Pinto that he arrived about 7:15 a.m. Prosecutors have placed Monfils' death at between 7:35, when Monfils was seen working on the No. 7 machine's "turnover" or roll change, and 7:50 a.m., when workers reported him missing. "Wouldn't you agree the difference between 7:20 and 7:40 is significant?" Zakowski asked Moore. "Not in a paper mill." Moore said. "Isn't it part of your defense strategy to put yourself in the No. 9 (control booth) after Tom Monfils did the 7:30 turnover?" Zakowski said. "No." Moore answered. Moore admitted changing his version of when he arrived in the area, but he said 7:20 was an estimate and he always told police he could have been as much as 15 minutes off in that estimate. He said he changed the time when he realized its importance, but he said "I personally believe it was more like 7:40." Moore said he made the erroneous time estimate just once, but police kept repeating it every time they questioned him. Thursday's highlights A-2 The trial at a glance A-2 Hirn contradicts some of the others' testimony By Paul Srubas Press-Gazette In only 20 minutes of testimony Thursday, Mike Hirn contradicted several important points established by other witnesses in the Tom Monfils case. The fourth defendant to testify on his own behalf, Hirn squeezed in just 20 minutes of testimony, with his lawyer asking the questions, before Judge James Bayorgeon adjourned for the day. Hirn's testimony resumed this morning. He. Keith Kut.-ka, Mike Piaskowski, Rey Moore. Dale Basten and Mike Johnson are accused of being party to hoiaicide ir. Monfils death Nov. 21, 1992. at the James River paper mill. Kutska, Piaskowski and Moore testified ear lier thi.-- week. Basien likely will testify before the week is over. John.-on's lawyer won't say whether his client will take the stand. In his testimony so far. Hirn: Confirmed the state's con tention that Monfils' No. 7 paper machine experienced a paper break about 7:15 a.m. on the morning of Monfils' disappearance. In doing so, Hirn contradicted testimony by Piaskowski, who said he i-ecalled a paper break earlier that morning but none then. Such breaks are logged automatically, but several people have testified the recorded time is unreliable, and none of the crew members of the No. 7 machine recalled a paper break at 7:15 a.m. Prosecutors have tried to establish the time between the paper break and a 7:30 a.m. "turnover" or roll change as the period for a confrontation Kutska, Piaskowski and Randy Lepak had with Monfils in the No. 7 control room. Monfils was last seen working on that turnover, and prosecutors believe a second confrontation occurred after that turnover in which co-workers beat Monfils into Please see HirnA-2 Hirn On the stand for 20 minutes

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  • Oct 20, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Moore denies he was involved

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