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page 2 Tennessean 5 May 1938 - : ' 4 if ; tha did. we otner. ob- ob- raids Eng...
: ' 4 if ; tha did. we otner. ob- ob- raids Eng were difficult to distinguish, enemy or Allies. We had another kind of bathtub maneuver too. It was in testing out the Inflated vests which we wore to keep us afloat when we fell to tha sea and our planes sank. Each day wo would test the vests to sea that they were atui to ' - .... Temporary eecona ierienara Horkins had ample need for his Inflated vest In October, 191S. While patrolling 10,000 feet above tha North Sea his angina began to miss. The ship started down and he and his observer were adrift 90 mllea from shore with only the vests to keep them afloat About SO minutes later, a fishing fleet attracted attracted by tha flares which they had shot as they cams . down rescued rescued them. It was that expo.nire which caused . tho lung ailment from which Horklns auffered for two years after -ha -ha was back In civilian life.. - . . OBSERVER OIEO . His observer died six weeks later In an army hospital aa tha result of tha same exposure, -v -v - It was In August. 1918, just two months before- before- this Incident that the 212th squadron, R.- R.- N. A. 3 , had lost nine shlpa and IS men In an encounter with two German Zeppelins which made the last attempt attempt from tha air against Ixm- Ixm- don. Horkins was in this encounter and remembers we) the theatrical enacts ox tne ugnts as tha two bis Zeppelins burst Into flames and then sank Into the sea. ' "About two years ago masasina called 'Adventure' I read a storv which contained what seemed to me a first-hand first-hand first-hand account of tha engage ment mat night. Even the number of our dead and loat ahlps wss Identical Identical and the manner In which the Canadian squadron lost them was tho same. Our pilots who fell to the sea did so because they mistook the glare of the burning on the water as other ships and tha dis tance confused them," Horkins re called. Horklns looks back at Second Lieutenant Horklns as a carefree. thoughtless youngster who did not know enough to be afraid and who did not know much about aviation. "Compared to tho men In the In fantry we had an easy time of it We were billeted in the best hotels. They recruited youngsters because wa did not know enough to be afraid. If we had thought wa could not have done the Job at hand. Men In tho infantry bore tha dirt the band-to-hand band-to-hand band-to-hand band-to-hand band-to-hand fighting, tha Uce and tha brunt of the war. GREAT. ADVANCEMENT 'Compared to the commercial air and passenger pu4 today we knew almost nothing. Instead oi tne in struments of today, tha marvelous technical equipment; which mature man can use with care and precision, precision, we 'flew by tha seat of our oants.' Actually that's tne way to describe It, however cruaeiy, Be cause when we were traveling with full speed and power we literally EPISCOPAL DIOCESE TO MEET THURSDAY Cont fcation ' of Nash v 1 1 1 e " Opens at Clarksville - With Conference x The annual soring meeting of the Convocation ' of Nashville; Protestant Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Ten nessee, will ba held Thursday and Friday at Trinity Church, Clarka-ville. Clarka-ville. Clarka-ville. , . V Tha meeting will open at S p. m. Thursday wHh a conference of the clergy led by Dr. E. P. Dandridge, Christ Church, and Dr. Prentice A. Pugh. Church of the Advent Nash- Nash- villa At T:30 p. m, a service of prayer will be held with a sermon by the Rev. Bernard W. Hummel, new rector of St Ann's Church, Nsshvllle. . Holy Communion will be celebrated celebrated at 10 a. m. Friday, followed at 10; 45 a, m by a business ses sion and reports from the I field, Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p. m. At 1:30 p. m., a conference on women's work will ba held, with Mrs. T. P. Tea tin an presiding. The closing servloe will begin at 3:30 p. m. . " Officers of the convocation are Dr. Pugh, dean; tha Rev. James R Sharp, Nashville, secretary, and the Rev. Charles B. Koraaine, ran tin. treasurer. Other clerical members are the Rev. Porter F. Florence and the Rev. J. F. McCloud, Nashville; the Rev. A. Constantino Adams, Tracy City; the Rev. Ellis M. Bearden, the Rev. J. Marvin Luke, the Rev. Charles L. Widney, the Rev. Roy-den Roy-den Roy-den K. Terkea and the Rev. David S. Rose, Sewanee; tho Rev. W. Fred Gates. Jr Old Hickory; the Rev. Georee W. Jones, Sherwood; the Rev. George B. Klrwan, Monterey the Rev. Henry J. McGehee, Tulla-homa; Tulla-homa; Tulla-homa; the Rev. F. W. O. Parker, St Andrews; the Rev. Thomas R Thrasher. Columbia tne ev. Harry Wlntermeyer, Clarksville, and the Rev. George A. Fox, Shel- Shel- byvllle. BENTRV.QWALTNEY CARTHAGE. Tenn., May 14 fSnl Mr. ajtd Mra.'James Gwalt ney, of the Sykes community, have announced the marriage of their daughter. Aloda, to Ernest Gentry, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gentry, Gentry, of the same community, on April 17. They are making their home with the groom's parents. knew it by the way we stuck to the seat When we began to go down the tension lessened. ."It was only a 'by God and by atiMa' kind of flvins- flvins- that a young ster who had never realised the value of life would try.

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The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee)15 May 1938, SunPage 4
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