Sam Butman Celebrate March 20.1934

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Sam Butman Celebrate March 20.1934 - Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Swann, Mr and Mrs....
Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Swann, Mr and Mrs. Thomas Durham, and Mrs. Booth Warren, Mr. Ms. Comer Haynes, Mr. and Cyrus Pee, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cordell, Dr. and Mrs, C. B. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carglll, William B. Cargill, Annie Cargill, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lewis, Leonard Lewis, Bernie Lewis, KJary Lewis, CJ.yde Lewis, Louise Lewis, Opal Lewis, Callie Jayne Lewis, Opal Russom, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Whitaker, J. Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. F. Demere,, Hamburger Is Demanded For Handsome Dan, Missing and III .NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 19.-"Hamburger 19.-"Hamburger or fight!'' · That was embattled Yale's ulti- inEtun:* today to the dognapers of j breakfast at the Wilson cafe, Hatdsome Dan. 2nd., oulldog mascot symbolic of the Blue's do-or-die spirit. Eithei the dognapers feed^ Hand, j ^^^J fw tfae some D*n a pound, of choi-* taun-j e corsages tied burger daily and deliver him speedily' back'to. Yale--or elseV That's what (Continued From Page held' to com pliment a new pledge, Berm - ce Huddleston. An Easter theme was featured ihe Yale boys said. The dog kidnap victim has been missing five days now and Yale is getting mad. Especially in view of the that Dan is ill of distemper. The vet says he must nave, not only his daily hamburger, but plenty of pure water and exercise. Yale faced by the orospect of a saddened Easter vacation, sent a delegation "yesterday ta the bailiwick bailiwick ol its foes, Harvard. 'They couldp't find the dog Moreover the ediwirs of Lampoon. Harvard furny magazine, raised a cry that the visitors from New Haven had tried to kidnap them ror ransom. '· The Tides .figure they have or* worthwhile clue. This was a missive purporting to come from the lampoon. · "The bulldog or the ibis," it said -cryptically. The ibi5 is a sacred stuffed bird. It dis-ippeared two years age from th'e Lampoon and hasn't been seen since . One rumor said that Dan was upset upset by a shakeup in the Yale foot- baU cow-hing staff and decided to go away from here. The rumor placed Dar somewhere between New Tqrk and Boston trying to decide to follow his old friend Mai Stevens tc N. Y. U. or Adam Walsh to Harvard. '··Tha-;'' said Yale,."is just Crim. .§on herring." PIONEERS- (Continued Prom Page 5) George F. West. Mrs. Batman Responds . -. Mrs. Batman responded for the family, expressing their joy for the beautiful day which made possible the presence of so many of their friends. She said she believea couples should marry young in order order that they might have greater assurance of celebrating their golden golden wedding, and that she approved of large families "because children ·were always doing some sweet ss~- vicc for their parents.'' ..Mr. and · Mrs. Butman have ten children, nine of whom were present fox the celebration. Marriage of the couple was solemnized March 19, 1884. at Merkel while Mrs. Butman, Butman, the former Madge Vaughn, i?as living with her parents, Mr. »nd Mrs. J. E. Vaughn, in quarters quarters of the Texas and Pacific depot. Mr. Vaughn was depot agent and postmaster at the time. Was Seafarer .Mr. Butman, a native of Maine and a member of a long, line of seafaring seafaring men, had come to Taylor county in 1882. The occasion which -turned him from the sea to the inland inland was mentioned in a brief nar- he club colors of black and ·green. The breakfast was the aftermath of a slumber party at which Miss Reba McKmnJs was hostess to home on Maxwell Drive. A midnight midnight feast of 'salads, sandwiches and candies was served. Guests along with Miss Huddleston Huddleston were Pauline Hicks, Maxine Hughes, Dorothy Collie, Estelie Duckworth, Hettie Logan Clay, Mary Louise Moore, Eloise Hawkins, Mildred Hicks, Batty Cole, L. C, Fischer, Agnes Clark, Lillie Marie Cook, and Miss Elsie Gist, club sponsor. BAR Chapter Will Meet at Simmons John Davis chapter, Daughters the American Revolution, will meet in March program session Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in Mary Prances Hall at Simmons university. university. Mrs. J. D. Sandefer, .Miss Mary E. Head and Miss Bobbie Clack be hostesses for the meeting-. G. D. Barnes will be director for the program and Mrs. Greenleaf Pisk will be a speaker, to discuss, "American Artists." Dinner for Club Friday Evening Forty Two club- members are to hold their March meeting on Friday evening of this week, with Mr. and Mrs. W. Swenson and Mr. and Mrs. A. Pool as hosts. In Parrajnore Home Mrs. J. H. Parramore, 1715 North Third street, will entertain the Entre Entre Nous club Thursday at 3:30 First Methodist W. M. S. Mrs. John Hibdon will be principal principal speaker for the meeting Tues- day at 3 p. m. of the First Methodist Woman's Missionary society Mrs. Naomi Danner will direct tht program. George Newbys Are * * ·*· ·* Hosts In Bradshaw *· * ~ * * For.B.T.S- Meeting BRADSHAW, March 19.--Meeting 19.--Meeting in the home of Mr. and George Newby, members of the B. T, S. class joined in an hour of games ana held a business session to discuss plans for a training school. Kefreshments were served to the following: Johnnie Mae, Agnts and Hallie Pcunders, Rose V Ledbetter, Ophelia Doniea, Leona Buchanan, Effie Buchanan, Mildred and Niitis Gill, Pet Middleton, Faye SpJckard, rative of his life, given by one of | Jo Olivp Saunders, O. H. Elthe guests. Caught once in a. ter- j gin. and Meivin Herrington. rible storm, he resolved that if he | Barrington. Paul Jones. Hugh reached shore safely he -would never j Nail, Byril Cleveland. David rctum to the sea. True "to his resolution, resolution, he turned his back on the life of his ancestors and set his face westward, determined to travel in Texas to the end of the Texas and Pacific railroad. He rode the l!ne to Baird. its terminus, and soon Smith ana son, afterward hired himself out as a sheepherder. , Later, the year after the railroad was built into Taylor county, he moved to the Mulberry canyon and homesteaded a 160-3cre tract of land. This became the nucleus of the 7.600 ranch which he owns to- lace, Edd Carter, Wiilard Middle, ton. Dai? Herring, Vernon Young, Mr. and Mrs. Odis Holmes, members, and Elmo and Rogers MrKeefer, Vei-a Boon, Clovis Griffin Earl Tomlinscn Miss West, and Rtv. hatherine Penn is Hostess For Club In Balllnqer Home day. Mrs. Butman came to Texas Pennsylvania, her native from state. The Family Circle Children who planned the celebration celebration for their parents were Mr. and Mrs. Will Butman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Butman. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs Ben Butman. Mr. and Mrs. Joe BALLINGER, March 19. --Miss Katherme Penn was hostess here recently for a five-table contract bridge club, entertaining in the home of Mrs. W. W. Fowler. St. Patrick day theme was used to appoint tables and was repeated in salad and sweet course. ____ _________ _____ _____ _____ High score prizes went to SwinneyTMMr."' and~Mr7. J. B. Sloan | Charles P Bailey and Mrs of Big Spring, Mr. and Mrs. Euel j Ogbourne of Abilene, and Rav of Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Tom i tion favor was presented to · Russom. Miss Lottie Butman, and } Jack Rudd Ford Butman of Long Beach. Calif. | Other guests were: Mmes Louis Butman of Long Beach was i Baker Robert Bruce, Homei unable to be present. ! sey, Charles Chcatham. Arthur Gie- Grandchildren present were Mars Mars pcke, Alex McGregor, Ross Murchi- garet. Lorine, Banning, Jerry, Jack son Delbert Vancil, Malcom Me. Butman; Mabel, Edith, Ruth and i Gregor. C. R. Stone, A C. Neil V. Butman: 'Billy Sam Butman. ! Mrs A. B. Langford and Herbert and Harold Swiixney, Mil- j Landon Dora. Abilene; and Misses dred Slc2n, Kenneth, Vernon, An- ' Virginia Hollman, Anne Ward, na Loyce and Peggy Jane Ray. j Betsy Simms. Gnest List ' j " - »-*..· --Registered guests were Mrs. H. C. j a -. , Williams. Mrs. W. McSpadden, Mrs. -H^ C 11 K T » -H. M.' Rainbolt, Mrs. Cora Curb, j * ·*· Mrs. M. E. Baccus, Mrs. J. S. PincSc- ley. Mrs. W. W. Campbell. Mrs. J. M Dry, Mrs George F. West, Mrs. W D. Hutcheson. Mrs. B. M. Black. Mrs. J. R. Pee, Mrs. J. E. Costephens; Costephens; George D. Ritchie, J. L. Me- Lean, L. L. Murry, Robert Smith. Red Goose Airport j Goose airport -- clever shoe for children establish- , . . , . a i m e n or c Mr. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Brandon of ed bv Acker$ shoe store _ was open- Putnam. Mr. and Mrs. Elgan Co- Stephens of Sweater, Mr. and Mrs C. L. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. G | bar ^ ' Mathews, Mr and Mrs. John S. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Thomoson of Abilene. \ Mrs. F. Bell Hood of Greenbure. j Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. RI:IS*T) j Anna Lou and MTT Jo Russell. Mr. \ ?nd ! D. M. Maihe-xs, T. Clark of California. California. Mr. and Mrs. W. VT. Wheci- er. Mr. ?r.d Mrs. Jack Latirnrr, Mr. *ni Mrs. G. M. Bron-r. Her. ?r£ Mrs. V A. Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. to thg Wi txia Minlatu } ze p pe lins and ^ ' ints In f « Ackers store at 266 C : ,-press stret Red and I bi.c ] f hti and *TM^Z propellers are SiSO . ' K **' r .. ,, -·*" ^cPall and Mrs. Al Moore arc »" char i^ of the dcpartmer.t W. T. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. i Bol ' n ^ experienced in the tin? · · « children's shoes. Whi^t'.es -and suckers were vors f a for for children calling at the shop Monday. Red Goose shoes are feature;!. There is only one oth*r ?h-,-, -; r , Texas similar-- thai T C. Iancan Mr. and Mrs. R. A. , in a Antonio store

Clipped from Abilene Reporter-News20 Mar 1934, TuePage 6

Abilene Reporter-News (Abilene, Texas)20 Mar 1934, TuePage 6
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  • Sam Butman Celebrate March 20.1934

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