Washington Alumni To Probe Firing of Conzelman: Indignant Group to Determine if Coach Was Treated Fa

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Washington Alumni To Probe Firing of Conzelman: Indignant Group to Determine if Coach Was Treated Fa - WASHINGTON ALUMNI TO SID KEENER'S JIMMY...
WASHINGTON ALUMNI TO SID KEENER'S JIMMY CONZELMAN'S final and official resignation as head football coach at Washington University hit right to the hearts of his enthusiastic admirers. And Jimmy, himself, gulped a bit when he poured out the words that closed his eight-year eight-year eight-year coaching career with the Bears. A group of several hundred warm supporters had packed the American American Hotel dining room yesterday to await the result of the coaching controversy at the Hilltop. Conzelman had re The Bears their side. During refused to acceptance This action the "silent would blow. Chancellor Throop the matter cerned. The zero hour was awaited with yesterday's luncheon were confident V9 L in the coaching battle. They couldnt fire their Idol, they said witn emphasis. THE DINING ROOM WAS flow. Secret information revealed the at the luncheon. Jim had previously those present, preferring to have the Deak. -Jim's -Jim's here Jim's here," whispered an old grad. "He's going to tell m something you bet he Is.' Dcafenlnz aDDlause greeted Conzeiman's appearance at the main table. That man has a tlaht srlo minutes before order was restored. Conzelman finally quieted the gathering with a wave of his right arm. He came forth with a sheet of paper and said "it was the first time he would read a vrevared talk." Everyone waited for Conzelman they were positive they would cheer his first sentence. OFFICIAL RESIGNATION SHOCKS FRIENDS. You see. the entire assembly was very pro-Conzelman. pro-Conzelman. pro-Conzelman. They had known Jim through all these years as the fellow with the friendly handshake, handshake, a kind word for every boy who had enrolled at Washington University, University, and they were not thinking about the grid games that had been lost out at Francis Field. This was the time when they should rally to the coach. Jim was In nred of friends, too, because he had been told that he was no longer wanted as coach at Washington University: SiJence prevailed as Conzelman announced he was ready to deliver his statement. No one budged. -My -My resignation was announced last Saturday after It had been requested," said Jimmy, reading from the paper. SECONDS SEEMED LIKE HOURS TO THE BOYS AT THE TA-blts. TA-blts. TA-blts. They were waiting for Jim to ehout: "But, my friends. I have decided to reconsider my resignation. I will not quit. I'm going to remain your roach at Washington University. Conzeiman's supporters opened their ears when Jim continued: "In the meanwhile I have been asked to reconsider. To make a decl-ilcn decl-ilcn decl-ilcn one way or the other Is a problem." The diners were becoming fidgety at this point. They couldn't understand understand that the coach should run around so many corners before he reached his definite decision.. Conzelman read slowly. The fourth paragraph, the fifth paragraph, and subsequent paragraphs failed to deliver the Important message. Finally. Jim came forth with the headline news. He said: "So in an effort to bring together these factions and to organize organize united alumni spirit in furtherance of Washington University University football interests. I feel that it is better for me not to wtthclraw my resignation." A pall of gloom hit the diners. Jimmy Conzelman had closed his coaching career at Washington University. He had Just said: "I feel that it is better for me not to withdraw my resignation." FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS UNCERTAIN. It was several minutes before Conzeiman's admirers had realized the true facts In his address. "What did Jim sav?" inquired a front row occupant. -Didn't -Didn't you get It? Didn't you get it?" flashed a neighbor. -Why -Why Jim ain't going to withdraw his resignation. That means that he has quit." Others were called upon to interpret Jimmy's remarks. Arguments followed. Conzelman supporters wanted to know the names of the men who were hiding behind the scene some place. Conzelman departed amid this turmoil. He was not going to be a party to a free-for-all. free-for-all. free-for-all. free-for-all. free-for-all. He reached for his hat and coat and he was on his way. . THERE'S ANOTHER INSIDE STORY TO CONZELMANS OFFI-cial OFFI-cial OFFI-cial resignation. Chancellor Throop had something to say on the subject. subject. He conferred with Conzelman and Dr. Ewerhardt at Washington University yesterday morning and caused Jimmy to change his mind about not addressing the Alumni Association group. Chancellor Throop dictated a letter during his meeting with Conzelman Conzelman and Dr. Ewerhardt, a message that was also read at the luncheon. At the chancellor's suggestion, Conselman consented to become a member of the university's athletic council. Conzelman has moved over to a new department at Washington University. How long Jim will fill that office remains to be seen. To Jim's loyal friends, however, he will be "Coach Conzelman." Chicago U. Alumni Want Football Back CHICAGO. Jan. 18. (U. P.) University of Chicago alumni today demanded Immediate reinstatement cf football at the university and representation on the board of trustees trustees which last month abolished Intercollegiate Intercollegiate football at the college. The trustees now are appointed under under a self-perpetuating self-perpetuating self-perpetuating system. John W. Chapman, alumnt association association secretary, said he did not expect the trustees to take any action action on the alumni resolutions but said that he believed "that If student student matriculation at the university starts falling off, they'll go back to football In two years." LOUIS AND GODOY SIGN FOR TITLE BOUT NEW YORK. Jan. 18 (I. N. S ) Everything was all set today for another of those spectacles In which Joe Louis defends his world's heavyweight heavyweight championship championship on February 9. Papers Papers were formally formally signed yes terday before before the boxing commission by Louis and his opponent. Ar- Ar- fuoro Godoy, of Chile. Godoy. i Granite City Wrestlers Win. Gaining eight decisions In ten bouts. Granite City High School wrestlers triumphed over Alton. 30 to 6. In a Southwestern Illinois Conference match last night at Alton. Alton. In a non-league non-league non-league meet, the BellevH mat team defeated Cax-lyle, Cax-lyle, Cax-lyle, 33-13, 33-13, 33-13, at Carlyle. GO signed the Job last Saturday under pressure from a certain source, everyone knew and a showdown meeting on Jim's status had been arranged by members of the Alumni Association. would never be the same without the broad-shouldered, broad-shouldered, broad-shouldered, gray-haired gray-haired gray-haired coach on the sidelines, argued Conzeiman's adherents. They were prepared to fight with emphatic protest on the Interim between last Saturday and yesterday noon both factions mustered their forces. Conzeiman's voters outnumbered Jim's opponents. Secret conferences were held here and there. Dr. Frank II. Ewerhardt, chairman of the faculty athletic committee, offered a note of encouragement to Conxelman's friends when he recommend to Chancellor Throop the of the coach's resignation. was considered an important gam by the Conzetman troops. On the other hand. few" had known which way the wind Conzclinan had resigned, and there remained as. far as they were con great interest. Early arrivals at that Jim would gain the decision SOON PACKED WITH AN OVER fact that Conzelman would appear announced he would not be among Issue settled "out of court," so to on his public. It was almost ten to deliver his Important address him before he reached the end of FOUR ST. LOUISANS RECEIVE RIFLE AWARD WASHINGTON. D. C. Jan. 18 (Special.) Four St. Loulsans, under under the coaching of Capt. R. C. Wilson, Wilson, club Instructor, qualified as expert expert rifle shooters, according to an announcement made today by the National Rifle Association here. Those receiving awards are Marion Fedder, 4865 Mllentz avenue; Gordon Gordon and Roy Geers, 5226 Itaska, and Philip Conrad, 5085 Mllentz avenue. The Walter J. Hatzfeld S. A. L. No. 35 and Sebago Club, both Junior organizations, recently became affiliated affiliated with the National Rifle Association. Association. MISS DETTWEILER LEADS IN GOLF MEET AUGUSTA. OA.. Jan. 18. (U. P.) The fourth annual women title-holders' title-holders' title-holders' golf crown today appar ently rested between Helen Dctt weiler of Washington and Helen Hicks Harb of Long Island. N. Y Miss Dettweiler was slightly ahead with an aggregate of 253 for fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four holes In the sevcnty-two-hole sevcnty-two-hole sevcnty-two-hole sevcnty-two-hole sevcnty-two-hole medal event. Mrs. Harb had 255. Jean Bauer of Providence, R. I was third with 260. Last Night's Fights Br United Press. At New York Tommy Tucker. 181. New Tori, kayoed Tony Mnrelll, 174 Arlington. Arlington. N. J. 3 1 : Artie Oorrell. 143. Texas, outpointed Ziggla Lander 147, Palestine it). Major Schedule for Villanova. PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 18. (U. P.) Villanova College's football team will play a ten-game ten-game ten-game all major schedule next season, including Florida, Baylor, Kansas and Du-quesne Du-quesne Du-quesne as newcomers, according to Coach Murice J. (Clipper) Smith. Western Swimmers Triumph. Western Military Academy swim mers defeated the Central High School tank team. 32 to 25, in a dual swim meet yesterday at the Norm Side Y. M. C. A. pooL INDIGNANT GROUP TO DETERMINE IF COACH WAS TREATED FAIRLY Hilltop Grads Divided Over School's Future Athletic Policy Move to Get Dr. Sutherland to Be Resumed. BY W. VERNON TIETJEN. Washington University's alumni supporters, most of whom are badly confused over the swift turn of events which brought about the definite resignation of Coach Jim Conzelman, were split into two camps today, and a final untanglrment of the school's muddled athletic situation seemed unlikely at least for several days. On one side was the "anti-Con- "anti-Con- "anti-Con- "anti-Con- zclman bloc," or "downtown group." a small but powerful group whose efforts to give Washington a new deal in athletics resulted in the firing of Conzelman. Conzelman. On the other side were those strongly opposed to the removal of the popular coach who yesterday told a gathering of 250 nlumni at the American American Hotel that he had decided not to withdraw his earlier resignation, resignation, which he revealed "had been re quested." Dr. Sutherland. Although the former group, not represented at yesterday's meeting, apparently had won its point when Conzelman announced his decision in a prepared statement drawn up after a morning conference with Chancellor George R. Throop and Dr. Frank H. Ewerhardt, chairman of the faculty athletic committee, many members of the pro-Conzcl-man pro-Conzcl-man pro-Conzcl-man pro-Conzcl-man pro-Conzcl-man faction expressed open dissatisfaction dissatisfaction with the manner In which the situation was handled. As a result, a committee of eirht alumni and two students was being lormea today to probe the entire ease. This committee, to be appointed by Fred Armstrong, president of the alumni association, within 'Jie next forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight hours, will carry on its investigation and report back to a subsequent general alumni meeting. The function of this ptoud will be to determine whether or not Conzelman was treated unfairly and to render general assistance o the university In the whole matter." Armstrong said. "I would say at least a portion of the alumni still hopes to regain the services of Conzelman Conzelman as coach." Broader Athletic Policy. Another Issue at stake, moreover. seemed to be broader one of general general school athletic policy. "There are two opposite feelings on this matter," one alumnus explained. explained. "One group seems to be Interested in bringing the Fltts- Fltts- burgh-Southern burgh-Southern burgh-Southern California type of athletics to Washington. Another group of us doesn't want it that way. What will be the outcome nobody knows." Barring unforeseen developments. however, it seemed certain that tha new setup paved the way for the hiring of a "big name" coach. Plans of the antl-Conzclman antl-Conzclman antl-Conzclman group to procure Dr. John B. (Jork) Sutherland, Sutherland, former Pittsburgh Univer sity coach, were called off pending a settlement of Conzeiman's status, but will be renewed at once. Suth erland, originally due here Tuesday for a conference with Chancellor Throop and certain alumni, has stated that he Is "definitely Interested" Interested" in the coaching position on the Hilltop. Jim May Name Successor. A strange twist in tills connec tion, moreover, is the fact tiat Con zelman himself. In his new connection connection with the university as a mem ber of the athletic council, will have hand in naming a new man for the post from which he himself was fired. Although the exact place Conzel man is to have In the athletic department department atWashington has not been entirely settled, he Is to be a member of a special committee which he and Dr. Ewerhardt will name to consider a new coach. Dr. Ewerhardt said last night that numerous numerous letters of application had been received, but that he had rot looked at the names and had put them aside for future consideration by the committee. In the midst of plans to land a new coach, meanwhile, a vast majority majority of the school's alumni supporters supporters were still indign ntly demanding demanding an answer to the question, "Who Fired Conzelman?" Efforts by alumni to find a direct answer at yesterday's meeting failed. Conzelman himself, interviewed last night, preferred not to become further involved in what Tias devel oped into a delicate situation. "I don't want to be quoted on any more controversial issues, be de dared. Asked If any member of the "downtown group" had approached him directly, he replied that they had not. Other than his place on the athletic athletic council, looked upon by many as a more or less honorary post of fered as an appeasement, Conzel man's position in school athletics Is not clear. He is to help in sports publicity, according to Chancellor Throop's letter, but Conzelman said this phase had not been worked out In detail. Coach's Pay to Continue. Conzelman meanwhile will continue continue to draw pay on the head coaching basis until June. The athletic athletic council post Is not salaried, but Dr. Ewerhardt said provisions in the future for "some pay" to Conzelman Conzelman In his new connection might be made in the event Jim maintains a connection with the university. Conzelman told the Star-Times Star-Times Star-Times that his current plans for the future future "do not include coaching." He denied reports that certain St. Louis University alumni already had contacted contacted him in regard to the vacated post there. He added that his present plans call for him to start his six months' radio contract February 1, and that he would also give more time to a public relations position he holds with a local trucking- trucking- concern. If a suitable coaching Job should come up at a later time when I need a Job, I would take it," Jim said. V A "One can never be sure about future." "Downtowners' Objections. In the background of the case, meanwhile, were many factors. Is known that the downtown group had objected to Conzeiman's coaching coaching efforts the past year or more. and that this feeling reached a peak when the Bears lost their opening two games last fall to Maryville Teachers and Washburn College. At that time, one reliable source reported, a representative of the downtown group was sent out to the Washington campus to make a sur vey of student opinion on Conzel man coaching abilities. This group contended that Con zelman did not go through coaching chores with proper thor oughness, and objected strongly the outside Interests such as writ ing, radio work and speechmaking in wnicn conzelman engaged various times. Another strong com plaint by this group was that gate receipts during Conzeiman's eight- year regime had not shown an in crease over the previous eight years. Conzeiman's answer to these complaints complaints has been that his record, showing forty victories and thirty-four thirty-four defeats over an eight-year eight-year eight-year pe riod, was creditable in view of existing existing conditions. "I feel there is nothing particularly particularly exciting about the record from the won and lost standpoint," Jim said. "But seventeen of those defeats came at the hands of such teams as Notre Dame. Illinois. Southern Methodist and others that type. "It's hard to tell what is wanted. One group will squawk when you play good teams and get beat, and you may be criticized for playing suicide schedule. But when you play easier opponents and win you're criticized, too." Conzelman feels . that the Issue has now been settled, however, and suggested that all "should pun together" together" In the best Interests of the university. Billiken Now Have Six Applicants for Coaching Job Three more candidates have been added to the rapidly growing group of persons seeking the St. Louis University coaching Job vacated by Cecil Muellerlcile. The new applicants are Benny La Presta, former Billiken halfback; Henry (Red) Krause, line coach under under Muellerlcile. and W. J. Duford. coach at St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Davenport, la. Previous applicants had been Carl Pike. Murllerlcile's first assistant; Jack O'Krilly. basketball coach at St. Louis U. High, and Tom Gorman, Gorman, former Crelghton line coach. It Is expected that the position will not be filled for at least two weeks. TWO EVENTS ADDED TO TABLE NET MEET HERE Tournament for boys under 15 years of age and for local Class A men players have been added to the list of events scheduled for the eighth annual western table tennis meet, which will be held at the De Soto Hotel here February 3 and 4. Entries for all divisions of the tournament are being accepted by Claude Camuzzi, chairman of arrangements, arrangements, at his home, 5 Shaw place. HACK RETURNS CUB CONTRACT UNSIGNED CHICAGO, Jan. 18. (I. N. S.) Third-Baseman Third-Baseman Third-Baseman Stanley Hack today Joined baseball's 1940 holdout list by returning a contract to the Chicago Chicago Cub offices unsigned. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the Cubs signed Catcher AI Todd to a one-year one-year one-year contract, and added to their roster two minor league pitchers, Clair Bertram, who played la.st year for Knoxvillc, and Julian Tubb, who spent 1939 at Birmingham. Birmingham. Brnin Pro Capers Win. CHICAGO. Jan. 18. (I. N. S.) The Chicago Bruins defeated the Detroit Detroit Eagles, 36 to 28, here last night in a National Professional Basketball Basketball League game. Basketball Games St. Louis TOMORROW. PI7BUO HIGH LEAGUE. At St. Louia Univeralty Gymnasium. 3872 West Fine Central vs. Snldan at 6 30 p. m . Kooaevelt va. Blewatt at 7:40 p. m. and Southwest vi. Beaumont at 1:30 p. m. BOUTHWWTKRN ILLINOIS CONf-MIENCr CONf-MIENCr CONf-MIENCr Madison va. Mrilevllle at 3400 West Main at 8 l.i p. m. Oranlte City vs. Alton at 320 College venue at 8 IS p. m. Wonnrlver va. f ast Bt. Iula at Tenth and College avenuea at I Is p. m Kdwardsville va. Colllnsville at 1203 Van-dalia. Van-dalia. Van-dalia. at 8 IS p. m. SUBURBAN LEAOUC. (Big Four. I Normandy y. University City at Jack-ton Jack-ton Jack-ton and Balsora avenuea at 8:15 p. m. Webster Orovea va. Maplewood at !538 Manchester at 8: Id p. m. LITTLE FIVE DIVISION. Clavton va. St. Charlea at Klngshlghway and Wavrlv avenue at 8:15 p. m. CATHOLIC HIGH I.FAQUE. St. Peter va. Central Catholic at 61S SUM alreet at 8:15 p. m. COUNTY LEAGUE. Valley Park va. Brentwood at Bridgeport Bridgeport and High School drive at 8:15 p. in. Eureka vs. Jennings at 8831 Cozzeni avenue at 8:15 p. m. Hancock va. Falrvlew at 1053 Emma avenue at 8.15 p. in. Anton vs. Ferguson at 101 January at 8 la p. in. ABO LEAGUE. John Burroughs vs. Country Day, Brown road, St. Louis County at 8.13 p. m. NON-LEAGUE. NON-LEAGUE. NON-LEAGUE. Cathedral vs. South Bide Catholle at 4701 Sou'h Orand at 8:15 p. m. Memphla. Mo., va. nivervlew. Chambers road, one mile west of C. B. U Q. Railroad tracks, 8:15 p. m. College. MISSOURI VAIXEV CONFERENCE. . Washington University at Tulsa, Uni versity. MUNICIPAL! Girls Division. At Sherman, Park; Community Center.

Clipped from The St. Louis Star and Times18 Jan 1940, ThuPage 22

The St. Louis Star and Times (St. Louis, Missouri)18 Jan 1940, ThuPage 22
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