War with Japan, Dec.8, 1941

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War with Japan, Dec.8, 1941 - JOHilSOIl COUNTY'S r LEADING PAPER T KT...
JOHilSOIl COUNTY'S r LEADING PAPER T KT IWIEKJnKJCG LOCAL FORECAST CLOUDY, SHOW VOLUME 57. NUMBER 127. 1 000 Americans Dead, FRANKLIN, INDIANA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1941 2000 PHONES Builnet Dept., 710. Nawa Dept., 65. PRICE: THREE CENTS bounded In Jap Raids On Hawai v Q-1 Q-1 Q-1 Pfn u f w w "W .0 L- L- j L 1 J UU L-J L-J L-J o UU a m p fo I i L 7""" 3 Air I ake FDR Smashes Big Toll, Reveals Surprise Element Aids Nippon As Fleet Sweeps Pacific; Jap Troops Move Through Thailand By EDWIN C. STEIN i International News Seritrl Muw than 1 ,!(" Americans have been killed in Hawaii and another 2.000 wounded. President Roosevelt Roosevelt announced today as the battered island stronghold stronghold duir out of the wreckage wrought by three Japanese air raids and counted its dead The battleship.- battleship.- PACIFIC OCEAN a n cr- cr- warplanes of Japan, fly-! fly-! fly-! ing the blazing red msig-;( msig-;( msig-;( nia of the land of the Ris-ji Ris-ji Ris-ji ing Sun. swept over the eastern half of the broad Pacific like a scourge, bringing death and d e -struction -struction in their wake The ad;a:::.uo of urp:i-e urp:i-e urp:i-e rct- rct- t cd uith the mimcii cf the Mikado. ' shortly after d.w : e:erday, ! plur.sed the United State into to- to- j lit war w :ti savage, ceaa- ceaa- I attacks, on Pe.irl Harbor, j ir.fl G.iam. American out- out- j 'he Pacific. ! nnjor Japar.c-o Japar.c-o Japar.c-o victory j - aicr :r.a writ the speedy ion et little Thailand, at- at- twe tv::it5 by Japanese the BECOMES THEATRE OF U. S.--JAPANESE S.--JAPANESE S.--JAPANESE S.--JAPANESE WAR. tal all-c all-c all-c ly air Ma nil. I"Ct- I"Ct- i I ir-t ir-t ir-t came :h: capi' ulat: tacked a troops, and bi'.'ere.i from by N.pp r e- e- tx nilers. Make Promise Good. Brri.-h Brri.-h Brri.-h Prmic M:f.:ter Wuistcii j the Eastern I Ch ir.hill mote ::.-.'. ::.-.'. ::.-.'. made good hi- hi- forr.ia coast. air Ships, Planes Locked in War Out On Pacific C Honolulu. Die. 8 INS ' Warships and plane.- plane.- of America. Britain and Australia wire locked in far-flung far-flung far-flung naval war today with Japanese forces, as dawn broke over the Pacific. Pacific. Honolulu erne race! from a total blackout this morning, with U. S. At my and Nary planes filling the skies from which "suicide" squad-ions squad-ions squad-ions of Jap vvurplanes rained death and destruction yesterday morning in hi-".orys hi-".orys hi-".orys f:.-t f:.-t f:.-t aenal assault o'n American soil. Details of a tion weie lacking in the naval battle which was presumed presumed to stretch across 5 000 miles of ocean, from the Philippines to :ie off the Cali- Cali- 1 i a i i ya u. s. i!:l,es Sg1 aia:,ca4 W yi bOVlbT to ,.r- ,.r- British Bases : r n , r , rrji , u i x n i -" -" jjSSIAl JZ SCAN ADA 'Japanese Bases W'w Lww ,2- ,2- .... W l UN ALASKA T .. CHINA V 13 midway lhiscS 7 1 WAKE WhAWAII SINGAPORE H vfei - CAROLINE MARSHALL 1 PALMYRA EAJy:' " I SAff PACIFIC OCEAN TL c j CARTOGRAPHER LIMIT I 1 , ygAUSTRALiA li?OF western hemisphere! , - Congress Puts Through In Swift Bill A A Smash 'Treachery In Pacific, President Tells Cheering Solons; Promises Victory BULLETIN. CWashington, Dee. 8 (INS) The Inited States today entered second World war -when -when Congress formally declared a state of war I.as existed against Japan since earlv Sunday when Nippon launched a blitzkrieg attack on America's Pacific outposts. The House and Senate passed the war resolution within i.i minutes after President Roosevelt asked the joint session of Congress to smash the Japanese "treachery in the Pacific," and pledscd Ununited Ununited States to gain "inevitable triumph so help us God."' The amazing speed with which Congress responded to the I'rt.i-dtnt's I'rt.i-dtnt's I'rt.i-dtnt's request, demonstrated America's solidarity in seeking vengeance for the Tacific assault. CThLs is the vast theater of war in the Pacific where Japan has declared her nnvai aim land forces at war with the United States. Bombing attacks on Hawaii, evidently carried out by planes based on aircraft carriers, and on Guam punctuated this declaration, while the U. S. Facific fleet steamed out of Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii. NEA Photo. t.tate in America to a ;a:iv-t ;a:iv-t ;a:iv-t Ja; New Zea'.ar I:. .:t and iean Kepnl: Tcady wire the !:::: -A -A fcrma! w a i cht, rcn.i-e rcn.i-e rcn.i-e to iunvvit the United Pa v if i' by bvatirj; ilt c la ration cf sar C a '- '- a d a . A Uc t r a li i . :!ie Nt'. ei land East Iitt e (' :.:i al .Vn.er- .Vn.er- : c". i Rica al-' al-' al-' . ar with the Land c-f c-f c-f Furloughs End For Local Boys Overaffe AIen Get Calls To Service Anxious Parents Waiti?611?0!1 ,w .. Llerk Called Word rrom Hawaii By WILLIAM K. HUTCHINSON, (I. N. S. Staff Correspondent) Washington, Dec. 8. (INS) President Roosevelt Roosevelt today asked Congress to take the United States into the second World War by declaring a state of war with Japan. To a historic, sober joint session of the House and f Senate, he said: "I ask that the Congress were Rumors fly fast. R::.i-ai-s R::.i-ai-s R::.i-ai-s R::.i-ai-s R::.i-ai-s fhnv thick and fast. There CReports ;. ., ;,ro rfntirvr. nf Star effice today reports that vengeance-bent vengeance-bent vengeance-bent U. fe-; fe-; fe-; warcraft had s ink six Japanese sub- sub- j marines as will as one of the air- air- j : . ' - . V- V- 1, . T T , ! pourin; into Th? of soldiers bein ; called back into active service after j j having been released in recent i j weeks beenrse cf the aze limit. Oth-.' Oth-.' Oth-.' crs were here on futlcuch and were called back bt fore their time w asu CAnxious parents and friends of John.son county naval ensigns and ( armv draftees stationed in the Hawaiian Islands today awaited word of , how they fared in the Japanese attacks launched Sunday in the isolated CRobert F Gephart In Naval Corps; Out Of Town Gephart. clerk of the Johnson county selective service a It a An.t : : an declaration ses-i ses-i ses-i n cf Cor.;rfeS. an it:'.- it:'.- Ax .- .- t -. -. Grrtr.ar.y and v. wr;.- wr;.- i I;-, I;-, I;-, i -ii.-". -ii.-". -ii.-". -ii.-". jubilant. No , :al -'..' -'..' :f were ferthcom-fic:v. ferthcom-fic:v. ferthcom-fic:v. r IVr'.in or Rente, but a:::.-:.,' a:::.-:.,' a:::.-:.,' r ;aitt: in both capi-uc:t- capi-uc:t- capi-uc:t- capi-uc:t- .:--a:e .:--a:e .:--a:e .:--a:e i 1 tlie possibility (Continued on 1' -r -r Iic). Smith, stationed in th" Corps at Ounter Field. fts War camp: to franklin i ... 1 1 i 8 craft camels front which the Hon- Hon- , , t i rt u :s lmnrlipri or of Japanese claims that to date they Mx r ... w...w.. ca:m s,,ndav mornin2 fo!. , f, o cie-royers. cie-royers. cie-royers. and two tankers. five.d;r, furlouih with his mother. : There wa n name m bomb-torn bomb-torn bomb-torn ; rj M smith, returned that j Honolulu. Rather, the savage Jap- Jap- evenlI, ancse attack scned to fire the civil- civil- ' ,(,r I ian population with a fierce er- er- ; t,;e fcr. icp J.chool at the Great Ulkc ; cxhe rity trday took on a warlike mination to justify Hawaii's ,k e 5" ' j;ava't Training Station near Chi- Chi- j atmo.-phere. atmo.-phere. atmo.-phere. The break of day found jv sit ton as the spearhead of Amer-I Amer-I Amer-I . ,vrtkond i-ere i-ere i-ere with; Old Glory flyin- flyin- from homes and i his mcth.er. Mrs. O. I. Dematee. re- re- in front of business houses thrcugh-i thrcugh-i thrcugh-i turning Sunoay evening. ! out tb.e downtown area. Dud lev IluL-e IluL-e IluL-e of Greenwood, also t at Great Lakes, returned Suncur funht. alter a weekend visit at hi ica'.- ica'.- Pacific ct f en.se. Ben: cn e:igear.ce ar.cl retaiia- retaiia- ticn. tiie cm.n gray warcraft of the! mighty United States fleet, concen- concen- j tra'.ed in Hawaiian water for more! than, two ears. slid out of Pearl i Pacific territory. Known to be in the "trouble zone" are: i board, was reported to have been Ensian Norman Vandivier. son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vandivier. near , called to Indianapolis today to re- re- i Franklin, an aviator, stationed at the Pearl Harbor naval base and lo-j lo-j lo-j port at the U. S. Naval Armory for cated aboard the U. S. Enterprise, i possioie war-time war-time war-time service. navfil aircraft carrier. j 11 could not be learned definitely Pvt. Richard Barnett. son of Mrs.'that the Edinburgh man had been Alta R, Barnett of Franklin R. r. ; called to duty, but friends said he 5. stationed w ith Headquarters Bat-I Bat-I Bat-I had received a telegram at 3 o'clock terv. Second Batttalion. 98th Coast J Sunda-V Sunda-V Sunda-V afternacn instructing him to report at a o ciock Monday mcrn-ing. mcrn-ing. mcrn-ing. Gephart is rejwrted to be a member member of the Naval Reserve. He was a radio operator aboard a minesweeper minesweeper in the North Sea during the World war. and he has frequently tcld friends recently that if the United States became actively engaged engaged in this war he would "jcin up i ft S. Says: CTHE QVFSTION: Do o I'.avc an do.-.b:.- do.-.b:.- do.-.b:.- do.-.b:.- .U-:t .U-:t .U-:t A:r.cr;.a"t ultimate !ri :-r:-:i :-r:-:i :-r:-:i :-r:-:i :-r:-:i ii. the v. ar v. itli Ja-oan"? Ja-oan"? Ja-oan"? i u rMane ri". . -. -. :ii'-:oit- :ii'-:oit- :ii'-:oit- :ii'-:oit- wa;tie-s wa;tie-s wa;tie-s ! N. l-t...u-o l-t...u-o l-t...u-o l-t...u-o l-t...u-o I th-.n's th-.n's th-.n's the'll coir.t ; thtoi:;!-. thtoi:;!-. thtoi:;!-. v:-;; v:-;; v:-;; f:-in; f:-in; f:-in; like they c-.d c-.d c-.d in th 1.;.-: 1.;.-: 1.;.-: war We arc better; ;-ripa:ivi ;-ripa:ivi ;-ripa:ivi to: war to-day to-day to-day than w c i w erV the l.u-t l.u-t l.u-t tun-. tun-. tun-. ' CV.'lH dl CW P". . WII. Clotliif.i S illS-j illS-j illS-j man N-. N-. N-. .-ir .-ir .-ir It'll be an easy jol. j eien if I : '-.a.e '-.a.e '-.a.e to lltdp Ai'hur Nh'l'.ain. liu: cl-.ik cl-.ik cl-.ik No. I c.i'.it mi ;io xn t spec. a to u ill CRo- CRo- Cd.ifC niti:-: niti:-: niti:-: We'll lick em bifoit water uit.- uit.- It t. CRa Tt :nr: tv n. jv-.-tal jv-.-tal jv-.-tal jv-.-tal jv-.-tal clerk Of .... - . .i. home. Ralph Vandivier. until reeentlv Haibor seeking the aircraft carriers from which the death-dealing- death-dealing- death-dealing- death-dealing- Jap planes were launched. It was presumed presumed that at hast small fleet cf Cher Nipivnese warships acccm- acccm- -'- -'- -'- '"-.-n- '"-.-n- '"-.-n- '"-.-n- '"-.-n- '"-.-n- n. e ! left the citv to resume training. rurs cn t.icir suieice ir.isMon. j pvt Harold R. Ltisk. who is sta- sta- A.:no.i;n i: w as a:i..o..ncea o.u- o.u- , d . Ca:r,, O-lethorne. O-lethorne. O-lethorne. Ga c tally that 2 memtvrs oi the mil- mil- . t h I t .'Western Union messenger here..who! I was liere for a vi-it vi-it vi-it with his niothc. I Mrs. Omer But kner. after havin i i i completed a six-w six-w six-w eek-- eek-- eek-- trainmu. ha- ha- CAltnn Snyder wjs seen walk-ii-jr walk-ii-jr walk-ii-jr walk-ii-jr west on Jefferson street .Ienday mornin? with an American American flag- flag- bundled under one arm and a bi? double-barrel double-barrel double-barrel shot-Sim shot-Sim shot-Sim in the other. IILs friends were kidding him along: the way. post Sunda: was announced offi- offi- 104 members of the mil itary per.-o.me. per.-o.me. per.-o.me. naa tten Kiaea ai.u f evot-m, evot-m, evot-m, aftcr ne and Mrs. Lusk had more than :-re :-re :-re wounded ty the two ',f ,,, ,v0i-nj ,v0i-nj tiif-ir tiif-ir tiif-ir nar- nar- P rata.-, rata.-, rata.-, tni- tni- CMima.e a-miieai a-miieai a-miieai n,,r, T.n.t a,i ! Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hut ton. Mr. - estimate admittedly ' :v. and the fmal fig- fig- - is expected to op-. op-. op-. The official an-' an-' an-' ri not include civilian I whhh U'.ert were 1 Crf. CurtLs Moore, popular secretary secretary in the city building, was attired attired in true patriotic colors Monday. Monday. She wore a blue skirt, and a red blouse over a white shirt. s. preltmina lire on death, proximate 32, neuncetnent d casualties, cf many. Sea I'a'tle Looms, A large sea ci "ga cement appeared m the n aking. Clouds of planes leveled over the V. S. warships e 7 CPat.l G . ral Nci-.e Nci-.e Nci-.e W a ..-.v ..-.v ..-.v c: i put democ , liK h I Harbor. : inland c ! H orn a iii Jap plan The st ' cious rai one thin bean a sweep from Pcail and anchor s.paadrcn mov-cf mov-cf mov-cf Ll.aairta Roads off tlte cf Man:, to protect the nether s.:ddcn attack by the ir.es. itarthnj swiftness cf the i v as taken to mean but -th.it -th.it the Japanese had Lu.-k. Lu.-k. Lu.-k. wlio h.is been living at Roos- Roos- j w'.'.c. Ga , returned with her hu--band. hu--band. hu--band. hu--band. : Anion- Anion- soldier.- soldier.- recently obtain- obtain- j ing their release liom the Regula'- Regula'- : Army and w h.o have been called back: is Lee Sandeiur, who is now on hi way back to Camp Sh.elby. Mis'. He was a sergeant in Battel y A. 133 it ; Field Artillery. Markets React To War News CGram and livestock maikeUs took a sliarp upward turn today as a reaction reaction to the war w ith Japan. Locally wheat reached at new COne of the first sovrrnmcnt orders affecting local residents was that prohibiting amateur radio operators from broadcasting. broadcasting. This will affect several in Franklin and throughout the county. CEars have been slued to radio sets throughout the city since the first war news was flashed parly Sunday afternoon. All talk everywhere everywhere is abttut the war. Many re-!orted re-!orted re-!orted moving- moving- radios to the sides of their bed and listening to bulletins throughout Sundav nisht. Artillery, Schofield Barracks. Hawaii. Hawaii. Pvt. Robert Bechman of near Franklin, also with the 98th Coast Artillery but with a different battery battery than that of Pvt. Barnett. Fvt. James Mclntire. address unknown, unknown, who is also stationed in Hawaii, Hawaii, with the 98th Coast Artillery. near -o -o orci. j if they'll take me." Tb.e Vandiviers reported that they Associates at the Franklin Arm-had Arm-had Arm-had received no word from their son. ; ory. headquarters for the selective a Franklin College graduate, despite , service board, reported that Mr. rumors of Franklin persons that Gephart was out of the office today a cablegram from Norman had ar-. ar-. ar-. and would not retuif.i untiil late rived today. j this afternoon. They declined to say Pvt. Barnett's mother also report-j report-j report-j where he had gene, ed this afternoon she had received One member cf the county selec-no selec-no selec-no word from her son. 'the service board said he had not Schofield barracks was reported 1 iforml that Mr- Mr- Gephart in press stories as hard hit by the'""" wv" , """" " l" Japanese aerial attack on U. S. bases. Another Johnson county young man. Earl -Bud" -Bud" Branigin. sen of Mrs. Elizabeth Branigin of Frank- Frank- Governor Plans-Indiana Plans-Indiana Plans-Indiana Role In War Moves Clndianapolis. Dec. 8. INS) Governor Governor Henry F. schricker today was meet with State defense leaders to plan Indiana's role in the fight with Japan as all Hoosierdom went on a war-time war-time war-time basis. Gathered for a session in the executive's executive's office are Adjutant General General Elmer H. Straub; Lieut. Col. John D. Friday, the acting adjutant general; Don F. Stiver, stat superintendent superintendent of public safety; Clarence A. Jackson, state civilian defense director; Thomas R. Hutson, state commissioner of labor, and Clem Smith state fire marshal. The Governor ordered State police police on the alert for sabotage in defense industries and sent President President Roosevelt a telegram pledging Indiana's full support '"to avenge the dastardly assault made upon our nation." Police Force On Job. In Indianapolis, Mayor Reginald H. Sullivan warned all citizens to be on the alert after declaring the existence of an emergency, and Chief of Police Michael F. Morris-sey Morris-sey Morris-sey placed the 500-man 500-man 500-man police and the coup for a week hic'.i at $114 It was pcintec that :c -e -e i e-. e-. it v cuid have taker, nearly a week '.or the afack.ng fleet to steam rp to the Haw.u.an Islands, taking in- in- - number one and $1 13 for n urn be-r be-r be-r two wheat, rising from S1C9 and $108 cn Saturday. Oth-r Oth-r Oth-r l rains were up fnem three to five cef.t and sv beans were about sr.v to account that they had to slip quoted at $1.45. or five cents higher CRay Eon mar.. h::h school teacher No I think America eientuallv v ;d ::f i b.-t b.-t b.-t I think it w ill be a thrcii; patrol Muc the watc American sea see; T . , on is current Ja-o Ja-o Ja-o snips mien: nave re- re- tCcntinucd on Tagc Six.) than the weekend market. Th" Indiana polls livestock market with 12.000 receipts quoted a. top pine of $12 33 against a high of $ 1 C 1 0 f? a u r d a v . CThere was much activity at tho college can-pus can-pus can-pus Sunday af-tcrroon. af-tcrroon. af-tcrroon. Reports were that Fhi ,Pel!a Theta members organized a "broom brigade" and paraded around on the fraternity lawn. Those at the Sigma Alpha Ep-ilon Ep-ilon Ep-ilon house were said to have thrown away their books while excitement was high. lin. also was reported to be station-in station-in station-in the Hawaiian islands. A former Franklin College student. student. Ensign Harold Aikin of Rush county, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Aikin of Franklin, is known to be stationed at Pearl Harbor base. He is stationed with an aircraft carrier operating from that base, but the carrier is not the same one on which Ensign Vandivier Is stationed. stationed. Stationed "Near" Barracks. Second Lieut. Mont Hickok. son : of Mrs. Ida Ralston Hickok, formerly formerly of Nineveh, when last heard ; from by local relatives was station-' station-' station-' ed "near" Schofield barracks in Ha-Iwaii. Ha-Iwaii. Ha-Iwaii. He is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Ralston and a cousin of ble Naval Reserve duty. If the local draft board clerk is ! called into service, it w ill necessitate necessitate the appointment of a new and Jesse Webb, current members cf the three-man three-man three-man beard. W eather Matches Gloom of War CWeather renditions trday added to the gloom which enveloped the city with arrival of the news conveying conveying portentious developments in the U. S.-Japanese S.-Japanese S.-Japanese war situation. Old Sol did nothing to bring a bit of cheer into the hearts cf shocked citizens. Monday was very cloudy, with intermittent rain and snow-flurries, snow-flurries, snow-flurries, and amid the dismal atmospheric atmospheric conditions a whiterish wind blew. During the weekend, the mercury ;Mrs. Marsha Israel, all of this city. ; dropped to the lowest point of the I The Johnson county selective ser- ser- Peason. the mark of 17 degrees ;vice board has records of Bechman, j above zero Saturday night setting a CA meeting of American Legion Mclntire and Barnett being located j recerd for the fall and winter, membe rs on the Johns-: Johns-: Johns-: n County in Hawaii, but a spokesman for the j Highest temperature was 43 de-(Continued de-(Continued de-(Continued on rage rive). j (Continued on Ta;e rive). jc.rcco cn Saturday. declare that since the unprovoked unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japanese o n Sunday, Dec. 7, a state of war has existed between the United States a n d the Japanese Empire,"' he told a tense joint session. "Hostilities exist' the chief executive executive asserted. "There is no binding binding at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are- are- la grave danger. "With confidence in cur nrmrrl forces with the unbounriing determination determination of cur people we will tnun the inevitable triumph so he.p ui God." FDR Accuses Japan The president directly afcu.crl Japan of having planned, and pie-pared pie-pared pie-pared "many days or even week.; ago."' its series of devastating blitzkrieg blitzkrieg attacks on America's 1'a.ciiit: outicsts. Mr. Roosevelt also pledged thij United States "to absrlute victory." He indicated it minht be a long war but that in the end, it would be ait American victory. There were many somber note.- note.- m the President's speech but. the mo..!; tragic was when he described Am' j -ican -ican losses in the initial Jap.ii'.c i detective force on 12-hour 12-hour 12-hour duty. attacks. He calmly told C- C- n-jn n-jn n-jn ..-; ..-; ..-; Also, it was disclosed that the rcg- rcg- that "very many Ameikan live; ular force had teen augmented by j have been lost" and announced th ..i 500 special policemen to aid in ' "American ships have been rep'.H'-'l rep'.H'-'l rep'.H'-'l guarding local defense plants. torpedoed en the hinh sets hx-'wrcu hx-'wrcu hx-'wrcu Mayor Sullivan prepared to meet j San Francisco and Honolulu." with city leaders today and pos- pos- ; Distinguished Guests Present, sibly plan to appoint a City Dcfen.se The Supreme Court of the- the- Ui.r-I Ui.r-I Ui.r-I Council- Council- ' States, the cabinet, scores of Gen. Straub announced that the , lomat.s. ranking armv and navv 'i-new 'i-new 'i-new Indiana State Guard was not j Iicial.s. ancI many riistim-ui riistim-ui riistim-ui :,i d being mobilized at present. (guests of congress heard the ,,re.i- ,,re.i- Double Plant Guards. i dent's sjeech. Thousands of r rUn- rUn- Officials of defense plants in In-jary In-jary In-jary citizen milled around th--diana, th--diana, th--diana, th--diana, third-ranking third-ranking third-ranking state in de- de- J itoi grounds, held at a di.-tan'r di.-tan'r di.-tan'r b -fense -fense production, imposed a censor- censor- ; armrd soldiers the first to rlo r. ship on news of plant activities and ' on Capitol Hill since the Inst Woi id guards were doubled at all factories war. engaged in defense work. The text cf the presidents n -.- -.- -.- Powcr shipments were ordered to'.sae follows: be made secret hereafter at thej "To the Congress of the Um' huge Charlestown smokeless powder states: plant, where additional guards went ! 'Yesterday. Decemb-r Decemb-r Decemb-r 7. 1UU on duty. The U. S. Naval Old- Old- 1 date whkh will hve in mfamv- mfamv- t,, nance plant under construction in united States of America w . -Indiana -Indiana jxlis asked Chief MorrLssey 1 denly and deliberately attack"! ,-r ,-r ,-r for police protection. Other plants naval and air forces of tho L'u.pir where the guard was increased were of Japan. the Bridgeport Brass Company and ; "The United States was at pe'- pe'- the Marmon-Hcrrington Marmon-Hcrrington Marmon-Hcrrington Company, ! with that nation and. at the : ';; ;-both ;-both ;-both in Indianapolis; the Kingsbury j tat ion of Japan, was still in c-oi.ve.--shell c-oi.ve.--shell c-oi.ve.--shell c-oi.ve.--shell c-oi.ve.--shell c-oi.ve.--shell loading plant at LaPorte, the I nation with its government and . ? East Coast ammunition depot at Emperor looking toward the mm -Burns -Burns City the Lafayette plant of : tenance of peace in the Pacific. I:.-the I:.-the I:.-the Aluminum Company of America, ! deed, one hour after Japar.'-.-e Japar.'-.-e Japar.'-.-e Japar.'-.-e Japar.'-.-e and the Allison plant in Indianap- Indianap- squadrons had commenced Vx-...'r,.r.x Vx-...'r,.r.x Vx-...'r,.r.x oils. in Oahu, the Japanese Amba? '.. v..- v..- In the Calumet area, additional ; to the United Stat's and hi., col -plant -plant and police protection was league delivered to the secret.. rv T provided for the vital steel mills. i state a formal reply to a x' ' , Guard Military Bases. American message. W'nile this iep:-- iep:-- iep:-- Sentries were doubled at Baer i stated that, it seemed u.-es u.-es u.-es r, r - r.-(Continucd r.-(Continucd r.-(Continucd on Ta;c Four.) ! (Continued on Ta;c Two.)

Clipped from The Franklin Evening Star08 Dec 1941, MonPage 1

The Franklin Evening Star (Franklin, Indiana)08 Dec 1941, MonPage 1
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