MINERS MEETING John Lewis 10 May 1975 Daily Record of the Times Wilkes-Barre, PA


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John Lewis
10 May 1975
Daily Record of the Times
Wilkes-Barre, PA - re the the ine of & . by . be of - in-juri" &...
re the the ine of & . by . be of - in-juri" & 27 TU Xw SUamaiV The steamer Dora, from Owego, N. Y., formerly the property of C. A. Thompson, a banker of that c'ty, has been purchased by Thomas J. Wheatley of this 'place. The little j side wheel, steamer is now at Pittston doing a thriving business, carrying excursions up and down the river. She is expected to arrive here to-day to-day to-day with her present owner who acts as engineer. -. -. T , her dimensions. . ' Hull. Lenght, 24 feet; beam, 3 feet; heigth, 18 inches; sides and bottom are of pine, and beams are of oak, 18 inches apart and 14 inch square. t Paddle; wheels Diameter, 44 inches; length of float?, 24 inches; width, 8 inches. ' . I Boiler Upright tubular with 32 flues, 2 feet long and li inches in diameter. Engine Length of stroke,' 5 inches; bore. of cylinder 8 inches, and horizontal, horizontal, with reversing link of locomotive pattern; paddle shaft 7 feet long, and 1 inches in. diameter. She was formerly a pleasure boat and will be run in the Susquehanna Susquehanna this, summer for excursions. Her carrying capacity is 12 passengers, draws 10 inches of water, and is calculated calculated to (run from 8 to 12 miles an hour in still water. , ' : ' i- i- i. A Hairs in Kingston. Bernard McDade, who was reported beaten to death, as a blackleg appeared at Alderman Philbin's Court on Saturday evening for a hearing, a warrant for his arrest having been issued on complaint or Catharine McUIynn, who charged Mc-Dade Mc-Dade Mc-Dade with having assaulted her. Charles Hutchison, a coal operator in Kingston, was also arrested on charge of ' carrying concealed weapons and committing an assault . on Henry Kustalotcher. The parties entered bail for their appearance in court; T. McFarland becoming bondsman bondsman in tie sum of $500 each. . i Mary JVlcGlynn and Catharine Mc-Glynn, Mc-Glynn, Mc-Glynn, who were arrested on complaint of Bernard McDade,. were released on bail-, bail-, bail-, M. McAndrew and Jno. McDermott, giving bail in the sum of $500 each. McDade is the man who was reported at the point of death from a night attack, attack, and who sent, for a constable to issue issue the warrant as he was too severely injured to leave the house. He . shows no marks or bruises, and jumped from the buggy in a lively manner. The attack attack on his house seems to have been greatly exaggerated. , j . LATER' ' i: ; . j Mrs. Barney McCue was held to I bail this morning in the sum of one thousand thousand dollars before alderman Ziegler to answer the charge of assault and Lat tery upon McDade on Wednesday evening evening last; Thomas Henry becoming her oonasman. several other arrests of the same nature have taken place, and at the Court of Uuarter Session the Kingston troubles iwill be fully developed.. At the Industrial Marble Works, on North Main street, Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre, you can find only the best quality of foreign and domestic marble, excellent work manship and the lowest prices in the State. ; : 475-4t 475-4t 475-4t 3HNEBS' MEETING. The following are the minutes ; of a meeting Of the Wyoming Region,! held in w eiss' nail. Market street, Wilkes-1875. Wilkes-1875. Wilkes-1875. Wm. J. P. Wil- Wil- Barre, May 8th, Hams, presiding: The meeting having been called to order the present : following delegates : were riams Thos. Farrv, Ihos. Gaffeney. John Lewis, Thos. White; Diamond Shaft, Noah Owens; Hollenback No. 2, W. J. P. Williams; Hollenback No. 3, Michael Meehan; Empire Shaft, Hilman vein, A. Langan; Franklin, lago Jones; Ashley, Patk Cullen, Wm. R. Thomas; ugar JNotch, Robert Uamsav, George Lewis, Dennis Morrise; Wanamie. Wm. James, Sr., Richard More, Mesiah Reese; Nanticoke, George Blake, Jerry Oliver, Thos. Buckland; Grand Tunnel, Mortimore Brennan; Plymouth, George Grantson, William Hutchie.' David X. Jones, John Bradley; Warrior Run, Jas. Ryne; K'ngston, JJ. J. 1 nomas, Patrick Hait, Henry Miles; Hillman, John H. Moran; Mineral Spring, Wm. Bradley. After the enrolling of the delegates, the minutes of the previous meeting were read ana approved. I he president arose and ' read a tele gram irom iiyae jtsltk, stating there would be a delegation f roni Hyde Park present at the region meeting to prefer charges against several relief committees of this.region, which was circulating in and about that district to our detriment. The president called upon Mr. Cronan. one of the delegates from Hyde Park, to l f .i ' 1 1 , uring loriu baiu cuarges. ; . , Mr. Cronan arose and introduced Mr. Clapp a3 president of the region and president of the board of finance, who would bring the charges before the re gion and the names of the persons circu- circu- atmg them. j The following are the charges: That our relief commltte has been requesting persons j receiving, goods to sign cut throat notes for part payment of the same. ! ' ' r: ; The following are the names and resi dences of the gentlemen who were the authors of the foregoing reports : Uriah farlter, irom Mazleton; David Morgan, Grand Tunnell; David Daniels. Sugar Notch. ; Mr. Brennan, from Grand Tunnel de clared the accusation false and without foundation. George Lewis reported the workings of the relief committee of his district. denying the charges circulated. ; Liennis Morris requested to hear what the charges were. Mr. Clapp responded to the request, i Mr. Morris gave a brief statement of the workings of the district, declaring the charges without foundation. ; j D.J.! 1 nomas, of Kingston, gave a brief report of the mode of" distribution in his district. i Wm.l H. Carroll, of district No. 12. denied all such charges, as no man was requested to sign any .note nor pledge himself to pay for any portion! of the goods. ! He now receives the delegation from Hyde Park, being fully satisfied that the reports circulated in that district were false and without foundation', and the doings of malicious persons, for the purpose oi creating discord and ill feel ing, or perhaps worse, they may , be the hirelings of the coal combinations, for the express purpose of creating ill feel ings between the two regions for their selfish purpose, which they have failed to do. r . On motion we dispense with the report oi ine region. . lietolved. After Mr. Bradv. from the Lehighregion.be heard, that the time for each ipeaker be limited to five minutes. minutes. 1 f h' i ; Mr. Brady taking the eland,- eland,- explained at some length, the standing of the men of the Lehigh region. i D. J. Thomas followed arid explained, as one of the central relief committee of Luzerne county, .his success, . On motion we adjournjfor dinner. . .Afternoon session. The roll having been called, the delegates delegates responded to their names when the following Resolution were unanimously adopted: j 11 Ilesolved, That we request of the disr tricts whe are now Icontibuting to the aid I of the i districts now on a strike to send all contributions to the County Treasurer Wm. J. P, WiUliams, Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre and that we do guarantee an equal division v ith the Lehiglk men provided their Board agrees to act likewise with us in regard to all aid which they may receive from all other resources. liesolced, That the Central Committees of the Lehigh and Wyoming Regions be requested by the above resolution to publish their receipts aid disbursmenta in the Workingmanl I j- j- ' ' : Resolvec', jThat bothf Central Relief Committees be recomjnended j to send their canvassers together with credentials signed by members of both boards. Jlesohed, (That three of the; Central Committee of Luzerna county be selected selected to me3t three of like committee" from the Lehigh. I j ! j ! i i Resolved, That there be a committee of two appointed, 'to aid! the Secretary in sending aj report to the Idiff erent papers. Committte-i-N. Committte-i-N. Committte-i-N. Committte-i-N. Committte-i-N. A. . Owens, Patrick Cullen. On motion we adjourni Wm. J. P." WilliXms, President. Lang an, Secretary." i ! ( Subscriptions. lilscrii The following 1 subscriptions were received to date. I The regular rates are (55 cents per month, but if paid in advance only fifty (50) cents will be charged. Money may pe paid at the office office or to our authorized agent. C J Bishop) ay 8, June 4. May 3, March 5, Julys, Jtine 3, May 1. April 1, May 10, June 6, Julyl, June 5, July 1, Iay8,: June 1, ! atay 15, J(uly 1, Jne 1, Ofuly 8, 0Sme8, $2 00 50 W li Swift Asa Mosher, 00 H Ansbacher. Wm Footel Wm Fry.. I . E B Yordyl i Geo F Be Lee, Wm Rileyi O A St. John, SYKittleJ 1 50 1 00 50 S 00 50 5 00 50 3 00 60 1 CO 2 00 SO IS 3 00 1 50 1 tt) 50 3 00 will Wm Shopland, E WeUes. I i Geo A Jones, ' ; Peter Strope, 1 Jno Kulp, j Geo W Kirkendail, J Goltz, j Sam-1 Sam-1 Sam-1 Patterson. H Gruver. Chas Lehman, Notice Persons omitte please report at ths ofHce from this list Business Notice. 1 : . . North Main street. Hatha- Hatha- No. 15 way's Cash Store sells the best Butter in the City for 30 cents per pound, 478-3t 478-3t 478-3t 4 LBusiness Notice.! No. 105 I North Main stieet, Hatha- Hatha- way's Cash Store, Ifull line of Gro- Gro- cenes and Dry Goods, very low for Cash. 47C-3t 47C-3t 47C-3t (Business Notice.) The Best Sole Leather Trunks. - The finest Ladies' andi Gentlemen's Sara- Sara- toga Triinks. Leather, and Packing Trunks pf I all sizes and qualities. An immense stock of grained leather valises and satchels for ladies! and gentlemen, at l A. Strauss' ' 69 Public Square. 4763t LBusiness Notice.! Ice Cream. The celebrated Davis Ice Cream can only' be had at the Ice Cream It. pirlo rsof Hceffich & Metzger's. 1 Business Notice, i Employment Office. Ira -E. -E. Hart- Hart- well would announce that he has opened an Employment Office over the Second National Bank, on Franklin Street. Those wanting help will be furnished free of charge bv leaving their orders with himL j 476-eod2w. 476-eod2w. 476-eod2w. j I ttusines8jotice.) , -1 -1 Opened The most commodious Just trunk warerooms in town, at I A. Strauss' U (59. Public Square. (Business Notice.) North Main street, Hatha- Hatha- Store, Hay by the Bale or ! ; 476 3t 476-3t 476-3t 476-3t No; 105 way's Cash Ton. BuslnessJNotice.l v: extensive' line of Woolens. A very Cloths, Cassimeres, Worsteds, and Vest- Vest- ings. selected especia! ly ior nne custom trade. VVe can please the most fastid- fastid- 10US. 476-3t. 476-3t. 476-3t. A. Strat;ss . 69 Public Square. A NEW SONG AND CHORUS for sale at . . I THE PERRY joRG AN CO., xvo.iiua iMorth Franfeim street. 472 6t (Businessi Notice.) No. 105 Norlh Main street . Hatha - way's Cash Store j Butter Wholesale and Retail. I j i f 476-3t 476-3t 476-3t (Buslneis Notice.) The cheapest goods ever brought to this market. Men's . Shoes from One Dollar! upwards at Goldsmith & Cohen's. Cohen's. A discount of 5 per cent, on all sales of SI and upwnrds. ; 468-eod.tf. 468-eod.tf. 468-eod.tf. T eBusiness Notice.) Tub Best stock! of Musical Instru ments and Sheet Music can be found at the Perry I Organ Warerooms, No. 105 Franklin St. 465-tf 465-tf 465-tf ' 7 (Business Notice.) ' t:A large quantity of Hay by the Bale, at j It. R. Phelps', Hay. Ton 01H Successor! to Kirkendail Bro.s', 447-tf 447-tf 447-tf Lumber 1 ard. Canal St. ITtnalnm Kn(n.1 FOR Gravel Roofing, and renairini? apply tp O. H. Thorntos. For references see Messrs. Job. Lewis, E. Troiell. G. W. !Leach, M. B. Houpt W. H. JSheppard, B Bardell, C. B. Price, Wm. PL Miner, G. R. Lennari and many others. . j . ;-. ;-. ;-. - 1 . Carpenter work attended to. Shori on South street, aear River street. aT-Ztew-irA, aT-Ztew-irA, aT-Ztew-irA, aT-Ztew-irA, aT-Ztew-irA, j j (Business j Notice.) j -

Clipped from Daily Record of the Times10 May 1875, MonPage 3

Daily Record of the Times (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)10 May 1875, MonPage 3
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