Oct 3, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Lawyer claims a 7th suspect, w Mondays highlights pg 2

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Oct 3, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Lawyer claims a 7th suspect, w Mondays highlights  pg 2 - 'A-2 'A-2 'A-2 Tuesday, October 3. 1995 Green...
'A-2 'A-2 'A-2 Tuesday, October 3. 1995 Green Bay Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette From A-l A-l A-l Monfils Under cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination by a defense lawyer, Boulanger said a mill security officer who interviewed interviewed him helped him recall seeing seeing Mineau near the bubbler, even though he earlier had told authorities authorities he didn't see Mineau there. "I remember seeing Jon around that area of the bubbler, but that's part of our machine," Boulanger said this morning. The James River company fired Mineau last week without comment, comment, although Mineau said last week the company fired him for harassing another worker. Mineau denied any harassment Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski refused to talk about Mineau after court ended Monday, saying questions about him will be answered as the trial progresses. Charges stem from "what evidence evidence you have. That was the basis for charges against those six people," people," Zakowski said. Boyle brought up Mineau's name Monday while asking the judge for more leeway in questioning questioning millworker Dave Daniels. The jury was not present during Boyle's argument. Mineau reportedly told Daniels that Kutska's account of events that morning was "close but he didn't have it exactly right" when Kutska repeated it to a friend, Boyle said in court. That suggests Mineau has special special knowledge of events that morning, Boyle said during an afternoon court break. The words of Mineau, as a coconspirator, coconspirator, to Daniels should be allowed, Boyle said in court. Boyle also said he wanted to question Daniels because Mineau may choose not to testify if he's called as a witness. Bayorgeon told Boyle that his request for hearsay testimony was premature because Mineau had Millworker Dave Daniels testified that on the day Tom Monfils disappeared on the job, as many as 100 people heard Keith Kutska's tape recording of Monfils telling police that Kutska intended to steal an extension cord from the James River mill. Defendants Rey Moore, Mike Him, Dale Basten and Mike Johnson were among them, he said. He testified some workers seemed to sympathize with Kutska, while others sided with Monfils. not said he wouldn't testify. Zakowski refused to say whether he would call Mineau to the stand. Mineau is on the prosecution's list of potential witnesses. Mineau was present when a group of co-workers co-workers co-workers confronted Monfils with the tape of Monfils calling police to report that Kutska planned to steal an extension extension cord from the mill, a trial brief filed by prosecutors says. The account in the trial brief is from Brian Kellner, the man Kutska allegedly talked to about events in the mill Nov. 21, 1992. "Piaskowski, Basten, Johnson and Mineau were all standing around and yelling at Monfils" as Monfils was trapped near a bubbler, bubbler, the brief quotes Kellner as saying. Him "got in Monfils' face," Moore was shaking the tape at Monfils and Kutska was "just standing behind the guys enjoying the show," it continues. The criminal complaint says Boulanger called Mineau away from the crowd to do a paper roll change on the paper machine both were working. A security officer stressed to Boulanger that he should be able Monday's highlights Daniels testified Kutska spent so much time playing the tape, he paid no attention to the No. 9 paper machine where both were working, even though the machine was producing substandard substandard paper. That problem brought repair workers Basten and Johnson to the machine area, where they also heard the tape, Daniels said. Daniels learned Monfils was missing before 8 a.m. when one or more people came into the No. 9 control booth, saying Monfils missed a paper roll change. Monfils trial Prosecutors say: On Nov. 10, 1992, Tom Monfils, a James River paper millworker, called Green Bay pofice to report that coworker coworker Keith Kutska planned to steal a mill extension cord. Kutska was suspended from work for five days after he refused to open his duffel bag for mil security guards alerted by police. Kutska got an audio tape copy of the police tip, identified the caller as Monfils and repeatedly played the tape for others at the miP. Kutska and others confronted Monfils at work Nov. 21, 1992,' " and one or more of them beat Monfils. His body was found the next day in a paper pulp vat. Defendants: Keith Kutska, Dale Basten, Mike Him, Mike Johnson, Rey Moore and Mike to remember that Mineau did not come away from the group after Boulanger called him, according to portions of that interview read aloud in court Monday. Millworker Don Boulanger testified he gave Kutska a signal to let Kutska know Monfils entered the control booth for the No. 7 paper machine that morning. morning. Kutska planned to confront Monfils with the tape and brought co-worker co-worker co-worker Randy Lepak with him, Boulanger said. Lepak is not charged in this case. Like Daniels, Boulanger said it was.difficult to say, almost three years after Monfils died, when or if he saw some of the defendants in the paper machine area that morning. at a glance Questions? Do you have questions about the Tom Monfils trial or how the court system works during a trial? Call 436-7838 436-7838 436-7838 Monday through Saturday, and we'll find the answers. Piaskowski. Charge: First-degree First-degree First-degree intentional intentional homicide. All six defendants are charged with being party to that crime, a provision covering those who aid and abet the commission commission of a crime or take part in a conspiracy to commit a crime. Penalty. Life imprisonment Source: Brown County court documents Boulanger repeatedly said, "I don't know" or said he doubted his memory in his replies to that mill interviewer.

Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette03 Oct 1995, TueMain EditionPage 2

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)03 Oct 1995, TueMain EditionPage 2
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  • Oct 3, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Lawyer claims a 7th suspect, w Mondays highlights pg 2

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