Oct 2, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Kutska 'proud, boastful of tape pg 1

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Oct 2, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Kutska 'proud, boastful of tape pg 1 - Kufska 'proud, boastful' of tape By Anne Klemm...
Kufska 'proud, boastful' of tape By Anne Klemm Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette A James River millworker links five of six homicide defendants to a tape recording that apparently led to Tom Monfils' death. But millworker Dave Daniels wasn't able to say when he saw some of those defendants listening to the tape in a control booth for the No. 9 paper machine the day Monfils died. The tape was a copy of Monfils' anonymous call to police, reporting reporting that co-worker co-worker co-worker Keith Kutska planned to steal an extension cord from the mill. Prosecutors say Kutska and five others were part of a conspiracy to kill Monfils, whose body was found in a paper pulp vat at the mill Nov. 22,1992. Daniels testified this morning he saw defendants Rey Moore, Mike Him, Dale Basten and Mike Johnson listening to the tape at various times the morning of Nov. 21, 1992. He doesn't recall seeing defendant Mike Piaskowski that morning. Kutska was playing the tape "to anybody who would listen," Daniels said. "Mr. Kutska was very proud and boastful of the fact that he had this tape and had identified the person on it and that he was going to confront confront and later did confront Tom Monfils," Daniels said. Daniels saw Kutska take a tape recorder and go with Randy Lepak to another control room to confront confront Monfils, Daniels said. The two came back 5 to 10 min-, min-, min-, The Monfils trial utes later, and Kutska seemed very pleased, Daniels said, v Kutska spent so much time that morning playing the tape for others, others, he paid little attention to the paper machine, even though it had been producing substandard paper, Daniels said. ' Defendants Johnson and Basten were called to that area to fix that problem on the machine, but another worker had effectively resolved, the problem before they arrived, Daniels said. . Then" Basten and Johnson came into" the control room and heard the tape; Daniels said. 'f Daniels said he first learned Monfils was missing on the job when one or more people entered the No. 9 coop just before 8 a.m. and said Monfils missed a turnover. Under cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination by Kutska's lawyer, Daniels said Kutska continued discussing taking taking union action against Monfils, even after Monfils' disappearance. Kutska, like others, seemed increasingly concerned as Monfils remained missing, Daniels said. Also, under cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination by Piaskowski's lawyer, Daniels said there are heavy weights scattered scattered throughout the paper machine area, including outside the No. 9 paper machine control room. ' ' Trial has parallels with Simpson case By Don Langenkamp Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette When Macil Kaluza was asked whether she planned to follow the Tom Monfils .murder trial regularly, she said: "I follow follow both of those trials every day." Both trials? To many people, the Monfils and O.J. Simpson murder trials are intertwined both in timing and circumstance. circumstance. That's why Kaluza, a spectator spectator at the Monfils trial last week, and many others may be excused for mentioning the two in the same breath. After all, Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski has done the same thing while discussing the Monfils case during the past months. And Eric Steam, lawyer for Monfils defendant Mike Johnson, even had a Simpsonesque lapse in his opening opening statement last week when he said there was no sign of blood in the Monfils murder. "Where's the blood?" Stearn asked. "There's no trail, no spot. There's not even a bloody glove." Whoops, wrong trial. But fellow fellow lawyer Mike Balskus, an Outagamie County assistant district attorney, can see why someone could have such a ''lapse'.1 ' Some inescapable similarities in the two trials: Lawyers personalizing the victims.5';; " "In both cases, th (prosecutors) (prosecutors) have really made an effort to get. the jurors to know the victims," Balskus saidw "Here, they played the Monfils ' tapes. And in the Simpson trial,- trial,- they played the Nicole Browrttape where she called the police.- police.- "In both instancesj'you have a victim who's a decent person." Conspiracy theories. ?. "In the O.J. trial, the defense is claiming a conspiracy by the police. Here, the cops say all the defendants were part of a conspiracy," conspiracy," Balskus said. Circumstantial evidence, "In Simpson's trial, the evidence evidence is more physical --blood --blood --blood Please see TrialA-2 TrialA-2 TrialA-2 Simpson Jurors are now in controlA-3 controlA-3 controlA-3 . v,. -

Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette02 Oct 1995, MonMain EditionPage 1

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)02 Oct 1995, MonMain EditionPage 1
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  • Oct 2, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Kutska 'proud, boastful of tape pg 1

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