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Sam Butman ranching - ABILENE, TEXAS, FBI DA V, AUGUST 20 1907 _ _...
ABILENE, TEXAS, FBI DA V, AUGUST 20 1907 _ _ eount7 'armf'r"' 'T1’'5' ^v<‘ ‘’"""I tha *on<!.er'"1 prod“clD* poB“: IS TILLERS OF THE SOIL MERKEL, TEXAS, Aug. 20.—The couutry from Smith county nine years farmers made Merkel famous. The tli- ago and now owns 254 acres of land, lers of the soil advertised -as ‘‘The Until this year he has planted cotton Land of Heart’s Delight” are money but says that he can make more money makers and this money is spent with ion other crops and has cut out the the Merkel merchants during the year fleecy staple. From sweet potatoes he and the balance deposited in the banks, has realised for several years from It is Interesting to know that over $100 to $275 per acre. He has made ninety percent of the half million dol- good and Is a fair sample of the aver lars on deposit belongs to the Merkel age Taylor county farmer. Oae af the Old Timers. bilitles of the fertile soil and as a The majority of the farmers are newcomers newcomers to the Merkel country but there whole are among the most Prosperous some who have witnessed the*be .and progr...lw farmer, of the State.1 ™ey, are herc ttK,ay ,rom a» pafta of Taylor county and for many mile, they|ln <'ach tllr,iCtlon are lo<:a,'d me“ who cla,ln thla aa ,helr tra<l""! cenl,’r- 0n transformation of this section from “Cattle Range to Cotton Patch.” One of these is Sam Butman, whom we met and if he happens to run out of pocket change before the last day of country for a dl8tanc® of th,rty or rttorY’sum" ttoTwlu toke"hlm toThe tb*rty*dve ',erkel merchants baii Rame an(j |my for b|g SUpper and aeouth in the Mulberry Canyon the reunion he can get his check cash- 8upP,y n,any homes of farmers with | tcvdfEin^. For a quarter of a century nec®88ittes of life, and the same may ^ has ciajme(i tbe Mulberry Canyon Ba*d ,bl' sblnm’r> section to the ag blg bo:ne ttn(j be |jag deeds to 6,000 Inortb *or a8 ^ar a8 twenty-flve miles. acreg jan(j fifteen miles south of 6481 trade *8 divided with town Mr. Butman said: "I have Abl,ene and on tb* weRt tbe nearest about goo acres in cultivation and on cornPet,t,°n in the retail line is Es-|(lle majority of this last year raised ****•_ _ _ _ ian average of two-thirds of a bale of Oae Cr»p Fay. F.r * Fem. lcotton ,Q the acre. The conditions at According to the stories told of new- thp preMnt are mogt faVorable and the corners to the Merkel country the pos- 'only th|ng nect,ggary to lngure a bump. 8*bHltles are unlimited. In many in- er y|eid this year Is a good rain but 8tancea forms have been paid for with wg can a weegg yet for that, tbe **r8t crop. According to this a j for my jaQrt from fj.oo to $2.60 y°un* married man may settle on a ^ acro and wbue j am not anxious to ^arln *n tb,s Part Taylor county and gejj aQy ^ consider It worth from by tbp t,me bis c*,U(lren reach the scholastic age have a bank rail sufficient sufficient to move to Merkel for the school ^vantages and when they have fin $25.00 to $30.00 per acre now.” Former Farmer wbe Retired. H. L. Propst is one of the many who Ished there send them to one of the hav<‘ raade money down on tbe dear Abilene colleges and have plenty left °*d ,arm and after several years of to keep the old lady out of the poor bard work has moved to town to enjoy house. True Stories of Success. It Is Bald that nothing succeeds like (the pleasures of his profit. He owns 64$ acres of land six miles from Merkel Merkel which he bought In 1900 besides - _, . .... . .. success and the success of the actual oo*®™1 business buildings and other farnaer 1° this part of Taylor couuty ,)roi>^ty' ^wo bund™ d and ten ‘a aa Interesting story. Your repre- ** this land produced 163 bale. "enUtlve talked to many of them and .C°*. ‘“ J®*1’' * * "°W are Bon,e of the experiences ya ue a • pe*‘ a^e u wa8 learned ibouvht, 480 acres for $3.00 and the iearnea* ' J- D. Derrlngton bought of J. W. balance at $12.$0 per acre. ____ mar*ieted *n tbe fall of 1906 for a over Taylor county Is a full-fledged sum sufficient to pay for the farm. farmer. He came to Taylor from A Watermelon Farmer. Stephens county three years ago and Tally 160 acres three miles south of H. M. Ralnbolt, a director of the Merkel and the first year he cultivated Abilene Epileptic Colony during lAn- the land raised a crop of cotton which ham’s administration and well known On one of the business streets we bought 160 acres one and one-hulf made the acquaintance of 8. L. miles southwest of town. The most Praither who lives In the shinnery of this land Is this year planted In country twenty-four miles north of cotton. It produced last year more hcr* He bad w,th h,m a ,oad ot wa* lhan on®*ha,f ha*® to th® acr® and th® t®*’Tne,oaa- He planted this year In present ccndltlons promise as good or fn®,on® on® and three-fourthi acres, better for this year, otated that he had realized from Thla part of Taylor county la en- the 8a,e# already 9238, not counting Joying her full share of the develop- th® *25 or *30 ,oad h® had wlth h,m ment P"*®88 P,ac® ln and 8®^®«’al more In the patch at home. Texas and newcomers are being lops Mr. Praither came to the Merkel cated every day of the week,

Clipped from The Abilene Reporter23 Aug 1907, FriPage 1

The Abilene Reporter (Abilene, Texas)23 Aug 1907, FriPage 1
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