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troy ordinances - .Ordinances of-tho of-tho of-tho Town of Troy....
.Ordinances of-tho of-tho of-tho Town of Troy. The following a.e d" urdl.umc fllie lown uf.lVi.y, revid al recent meeting rd" the town coiii-ii7stuiiei$: coiii-ii7stuiiei$: coiii-ii7stuiiei$: 1. All pnmes of ennee for runtime or jin-fit, jin-fit, jin-fit, are hereby fwbiddci. vitlijit llie corporate liinTfs of tin jfowu of Troy. All )r-n )r-n )r-n violating violating tliin ordinance sin 1 1 be guilty Atfu misdemeanor, am! upoii cii-x'u-lioii cii-x'u-lioii cii-x'u-lioii cii-x'u-lioii cii-x'u-lioii thereof, shall be lined Ten j).llan for each ami every oMiiim 2. All hnd, profane or language) upon ihe streets, ir within within the corporate limits of the town of Troy is forbidden,. and any person person violating this ordiiiance'shali 1. milliv nl' a inisdeoieanoi : and IIhii conviction - thereof shall be j fined Five Dollars for each and fveiy ofli'u-e. ofli'u-e. ofli'u-e. 3. It aliall be the duty of the town Marshal, without a warrant, to rtirHt all eile..deis or violator f the town ordiiiHiiceH of said town, In the night time, and commit commit 'thorn to the Guard house or comity Jail, until the next morning, morning, and then to arry sue!i offender offender before the Mayor for a hetirinjj. 4 It shall bo the duty of the Town Marnlialor Constable; to ar rest sill persons in a statu of intoxication intoxication wit boat t heir own premises, premises, and within the 'corporate limits of the town of Troy, and commit them to the Guard hou-e hou-e hou-e or County J.dl, until such person become sober; then to be brought before the Mayor f r a hearing. And overv person so intoxicated ifi docribed above, shall be guilty guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction conviction fined -Five -Five J)ollarK for each and every oU'eosx. 5. No person shall fire any gun, pistol or any other combust i-lde i-lde i-lde or dangerous subsiancis within within two hundred ami 11 1 ty , yards of the Court House of the town '---of '---of '---of '---of '---of Trov, except in defense of his own person or propel t , and every per-Bon per-Bon per-Bon violating, this ordinance shall be guilty of a, misdemeanor, and upon onvietion tiiercof slrull be fined one dollar lor each and every every offense. .Provided' thia ordinance ordinance shall not be -'construed -'construed to prohibit the firing of lire crackers, sky rockets, and other . combusti ble objects of like character, dur ing the Christmas holidays'. MM A - b. Any person owning or liaviner any bitch or bitches and knowingly allowing them to inn at largo during the cratic stage of corpulation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be lined Five Dollars for each of-! of-! fenso. And it .shall be the duty of the town Marshal to kill such hitch or hitches when found on the street. 7. No person shall run within the corporate limits of the town of Troy, any horse or mule nor rapid ly drivi any vehicle Vj the danger or annoyance of any cbizm' all persons violating this ; ordinance fdiall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction. thereof shall be fined Five D.dlars for each 'offense. 'offense. 8. No horse or mule shall be allowed to run at large upon the ktreets of the town of. Troy. Anv jersou carelessly or wilfully allowing allowing any horse or mule to run at large as a hove said, shall be guiliv of a misdemeanor, and upon con viction thereof, shall be fined One Dollar for each offense. 9. It shall be the dutv of the tuwii Marshal of the town of Trov, to keep the streets of .said town now open, free from, and clear of, till obstructions. And any person leaving obstructions on the streets or side walks, after ' having been notified by the .Mayor or town Marshal to remove the same, shall he guilty of a misdemeanor; and upon convict ion thereof shall be lined Three Dollars for each offense. offense. 10. No person . shall make anv indecent exhibition of his or her person, naked or otherwise, within the corporate l.nius ui the town of Iroy. Ami every icrson violating- violating- this ordinance shall be guilty of a niiburmtaiior, -ami -ami upon conviction I hereof shall be fined Five Dollars for each offense. 11. All complaints to the Mayor for alleged violation Of the ordinance ordinance of the town of Troy, not sus- sus- taiiieil by the proof upon the liear- liear- n.:l uo dismissed at the cost yf the town, as is provided for taxing taxing costs- costs- against the county, in Superior Courts of the State in Cfiniinal proceeding: unless com plaint be adjudged frivolous or inalieioitis, and iu that event complainant complainant hhall pay the cost or be iinpiioned for the ubu-payuieut ubu-payuieut ubu-payuieut thereof. 12 When complaint is made to the AJayor oi any alleged violatiou of any of the ordinances of thel town ot iry; n!t upon invcsiiga- invcsiiga- ; toii it i- i- fou i d that soni'u other nr-j nr-j nr-j has b. en violated save the town ot''lry; 5in! upon invest iga me reeiteil in the -complaint, -complaint, sucn ? tfeiider sliall be held in custody,! ind the Mayor shall pitcvcd to issue issue his warrant, and try such par-; par-; par-; V for the offense aijiinst the ordi-unee ordi-unee ordi-unee f 'Und upon investigation, ;i be violate, lo. All person? f istenin any horse, mule, or ox, to any shad-?reeon shad-?reeon shad-?reeon the side-waiks, side-waiks, side-waiks, r ridiu n horseback, ir driving w:ago r buggies or any vehicle 'upon the side-walks, side-walks, side-walks, in the corporate -iiiiitsjnf -iiiiitsjnf the tovvn of Troy, fdiali e guilty 'of a nii-denieauor, nii-denieauor, nii-denieauor, ami ipoii Convibtum 'I hereof shall b lined one Dollar fr each . nilVnse. 14. Any person convicted ot violating violating any of the town ordinan t a of i he t'nvu -of -of Troy, and being being fined therefor, upon failing to pay j said fine and :co.-H,' :co.-H,' :co.-H,' shall be commuted by the Mayor to the (ill a rd -house -house or County Jail, until -uch -uch fine and cost bo naid, r un-til un-til un-til discharged according to law. 15. No person' s!i:ill build any lire on the public; Mjunre, between 5un-dovn 5un-dovn 5un-dovn and Sun-up, Sun-up, Sun-up, or smoke at any time in or within 10 feci of the new Court, during the course of its erection. Anv person violating the'. 'above ordinance, ordinance, shall he guilty of a .misdemeanor, .misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof sliall be fined Five Dviliars for each offense. 16. Any person selling or giving giving away any wine, cider, or intox icating bitters, anywhere within the Corporate limits ql the town oi ,., ! ... ... .. . . Bfrcvt-YCdbyTlisW.Jl.T Bfrcvt-YCdbyTlisW.Jl.T 1 rov, snail be guiltv ot a mis(ie-, mis(ie-, mis(ie-, xciccoo1-' . -i. -i. . i j meanor, ami ujon c uivic! ion tiiere- tiiere- of shall be fined Twenty-five Twenty-five Twenty-five l)d- l)d- lars fr each ".offense. 17. Any person' throi'.ving any rock, either by hand, si riking witii paddle or sticks, by sling or other wise, within'the corporate limits of the town of Troy, shall be guilty of a! misdenu anor. ami upon con viction thereof shall be iineil Five Dolh'.rs. , 18. That all sii':h pers'ihs who desire to give or make shows or other performances for re ward j not prohibited by the ordinances of the town of Troy, now in force, shall, before such exhibition or peif-r-rnance peif-r-rnance peif-r-rnance peif-r-rnance peif-r-rnance is shown or made, apply f r ami obtain from the Mayor, license to be countersigned' by the C-lerU C-lerU C-lerU of the ioa I'll for eaeh day's' exhibition or performance, to be made in town of Trov, and shall pay therefor for each day's exiiibi lion or perf nnance, the following tax as a license for same, viz: Fly- Fly- ing '-Jenny '-Jenny , 5 eaeh iay ; Flying Trapeze o each day ; Target Shooting Shooting or shooting m.-itch m.-itch m.-itch each.dav, $2.50; Chvap. John Saletnln eaeh .day .2.50 All persons practicing Legerdemain each day, . 3.1)0; 'lr;.yeiii:g Patent Medicine Ven dors selling publicly' upon the streets, $3.00. . And any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance, without having first paid the tax aiid obtaining License as above re- re- t qui'reil, shall be-'guilty be-'guilty be-'guilty of a rni-uenienur, rni-uenienur, rni-uenienur, ami tor evory sucli of-It-nse of-It-nse of-It-nse of-It-nse of-It-nse sliail be riued Twt-nty-ti Twt-nty-ti Twt-nty-ti Twt-nty-ti Twt-nty-ti ve Dollais. j, Tho canv.iss between Doekerv a, and Jude Fowle is thus set forth in a special to the S'ei- S'ei- York ir)W; front Charlotte: f uThe joint canvass iu ,the State between .lude Fowle ami Doe-k-ory, Doe-k-ory, Doe-k-ory, Doe-k-ory, Doe-k-ory, Uenioeratic and Kepublican eandidates for (iovernor, bids! lair to eoino to a sudden and unexpected unexpected close on the 22nd inst , as -Judge -Judge Fowle has proveu himself himself to be too much for Dockery. Tho back down of Dockery is hailed with delight by Democrats, aim is t'onceueu uv ait to Do a la oiaoiestjrn tir a 5U,00() niajiiritv , , , , , . lor Llevelanu and rowle in - No - , . - vemoer. Durinir his brow-beat brow-beat brow-beat in . ,l- ,l- DockerV Shindereil MiN ( 'li'Vl'lailll ' ' 1 lvt l.' !Sll",'l'.l -Ul.S. -Ul.S. eitllMl 1)V eli:ir"illfr tli:lt S1A kiM4 1iMiri'fi '. k II. II 111, llltll KiMS Iiejjl O i 111 1 Hill Ji., l 1 11 .11 1- 1- am gien tne tie, ana Doekerv a sexeiel.N relnikea uv some o! j llis owll nk for villain v. : : 1 The Ixcelsiob Ad1'lstiU)l( VrSk Excelsior wtnLRijr trxxTTtr-rriunm trxxTTtr-rriunm trxxTTtr-rriunm a - - y f-5 ' ''i Ako But aloccde pnr.'iiplc Ir. vezy !C he f.-uit f.-uit f.-uit rscilu ! I ti-ja ti-ja ti-ja t Suckle CllC!-.!r?t wlliic-ut wlliic-ut j oiiscJans J jywms. !ry yr JboTT)r., t li aci-loberry aci-loberry ' gradually, I rv, Li-l Ti-.C Ti-.C Ti-.C t ircuig- ircuig- trDir. t Cvrdial, 1!t -taJxiot -taJxiot tbin Tr. Kullcir- Coa-jl "try goine-ry little iuhnbi-lantss, of Little and facilities lit sicifin tsiKe and MRS. Fe-nale x rooms i $7 00 rent tor J. is : I ' It S 1 '- '- ; mLr.u-of ( ami n r a.4uai TTrul. Ubrary Lounge for by sunpU tumic

Clipped from The Montgomery Vidette20 Sep 1888, ThuPage 7

The Montgomery Vidette (Troy, North Carolina)20 Sep 1888, ThuPage 7
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