1903-01-13 Red Light District Limits

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1903-01-13 Red Light District Limits - THE SOCIAL EVIL Council Makes Another Attempt...
THE SOCIAL EVIL Council Makes Another Attempt at Regulation Tentative Measure Drawn Up and Partially Agreed on. Tour of Inspection to Be Made This. Morning V ) hore-hound yro-ductlve ir The city council met n committee of the whole last night in order to definitely tlx the Hnea oi me lewd women districts and allow cltisens witn any objections to appear and state tr.em to the council. The following members of the co-jncll co-jncll co-jncll wero present: Messrs. Snyder, Wise, Busby, Jenkins. Lowenthal, Allen, Con- Con- I . . mi .l V... I 1 ..a DiilCTlau ger. t osit?r, in'Mimu, ucuuvun, Dlcksar and Rnd. Mayor Querbes presided presided and Auditor Hayes was at his post. Among t'he citlsens present who addressed addressed the council pro and on cn the proposed ordinance were Attorney Milt C. Elsiner nd Leon dt. Smith, Messrs. Levi Cooper, T. B. Chase, Hendricks, Churlie Hom and I'hll Urals. After hearing hearing the views of the gentlemen the council council took a recess for thirty minutes and j Mr. Allen, then, presented an ordinance d. lining the limits in aceo.rda.nce with the ! views of all of the gentlemen present and meeting all objectors except Attorney Elstner. who appeared for parties in interest interest on the Strand. This section of the city is entirely eliminated from the new district. On motion of Mr. Conger the council as a whole will inspect the limits proposed this moiWhg at 10 o'clock. Mayor Querbes gave notice that at the next meeting of the council he will recommend recommend the council re-enact re-enact re-enact the old l-iughes l-iughes l-iughes lewd limit ordinance to be operative operative until the new ordinance is effective. He also gave notice that the Interest and sinking fund of the city was not to be Included In the moneys to 'be handled by the fiscal agent to be selected at trie next meeting of the council. Mr. L. C. Allen was appointed mayor pro tern of the city during the absence of Mayor Querbes, who is going to New Orleans. Mayor Querbes announced the meeting Was tailed to consider the ww limits of the "red light district," and listen to vitws of citiaens on the subject. Auditor Hayi read the ordinance. Mi'. Levi Cooper was the first speaker and he said he had no objections to the ordinance, but appeared in protection of his home and asked that the lines be throw n back to Common street. When he constructed' his home he had no Idea the district would be legalized. Mr. Elstner said he appeared for properly properly owners in the Strand and for humanity humanity sake only for unfortunate residents residents of that territory. He asked whether the ordinance excluded the Strand when effective. He was Informed it did eliminate eliminate the Strand and would he effective July 1. 1903. Mr. Elstner said the ordinance was unconstitutional unconstitutional and was confiscating property property without due process of law. Leases had been Judicially determined as property property and the city sought to take this property without due process of law. The speakt-i speakt-i speakt-i recognized this ordinance was for the conservance of morals. Mr. T. B. Chase said he personally was not interested in the location. The im-moial im-moial im-moial class were growing so bold that he was forced to appeal for protection and Did the council to handle the subject with neive and determination and give relief to respectable people. Mr. Leon R. Smith appeared for Mr. Rosenblath, who owns six houses on Beauregard street. His client did not ob-1ect ob-1ect ob-1ect to ordinances including his property if the Strand was eliminated, if included tie objected. Mr. Smith called the attention attention of the council to the legal phase of tile question. The council had the right to rtmovt thfse people but the constitution constitution forbid the including of property in these districts without compensating the owners. Mr. Hendricks wanted both sides of Hunter street included. Mr. Ciiarlie Horn asked that the line, of the district be carried one block further west and take in the triangle on Western Western avenue and Wright street. Mr. Phil Dralss presented a petition extending the limits on Christian street to alley r tr of Travis street to Schum-pert Schum-pert Schum-pert street to Texas and Pacific railroad. A thirty minute discussion was had in recess. Mr. Allen, addressing the council, said changes had been made In the ordinance in accordance with views of citizens. A condition not a theory presented Itself and he believed the changes would meet all objections and minimize the evil, THE NEW 'LIMITS. Intersection of Common street and Texas Texas and Pacific railroad, Including lots 1 and 9 In biotk 1 and lot 9 block 2, thence up Common street to alley between Cad-d) Cad-d) Cad-d) and Kannln streets; up said alley to Beauregard street, taking In both sides of Beauregard street up to and including lots 1 and 2, up to Cane street; tdnee up Cane street to center of Ten acre lot 19; thence along said alley, sixteen feet wide, which Is to be dedicated to the city, to ChrlstUin street; thence across Christian street up said alley between Hunter and Travis, to Schumpert street; thence along Sehump-rt Sehump-rt Sehump-rt street and continuation of Schumpert street to Western avenue; thence down Western avenue to southwest southwest corner of Water Works company's property; thence along said property line to southeast corner of Water Wirks company's property; thejice along Common Common street extendtd to point of Ingin-nir,g. Ingin-nir,g. Ingin-nir,g. Mr. Conger thought the matter a serious serious one and believed he could not Intelligently Intelligently vote on the proposition and sug-S'-sted sug-S'-sted sug-S'-sted sug-S'-sted sug-S'-sted the mayor and council as a com- com- mlt'ee of the whole make a tour of the proposed limits. Mr. Allen stated the cruni ll had only met to discuss lines sug-K sug-K sug-K Hied. Mr. Conger offered n motion In accordance accordance with his suggestion. Mr. Rand seconded seconded the motion and the mayor fixed 10 "'clock this morning as the hour for visiting- visiting- visiting- the district. The mayor called the attention of the council to the fact that there was Tro ( rdlnane,. now In effect defining lewd limits limits and poller were powerless to protect cltlsens. Me suggested the old Hughes or-dlranec or-dlranec or-dlranec be adopted. He also called the attention f the council to the sinking and Interest fund amounting to tw," or more. Kids had been asked for a fiscal agent and they would b opened on next MotNlay night. Th banks might believe they w nild have the lis of this money ami this would not he trie case as the. e-t.nell e-t.nell e-t.nell wmild probably Invest this motley In Iwm.l. He stated that hf made this aoiiMum ement in order to give notice to tli- tli- banks of tills fact. Mr QiierH-s QiierH-s QiierH-s HiinoiiTM el.tbiit he would lesve for New cleans tonight and. would be away for three ,r four days and sug-getd sug-getd sug-getd the eount II elect an acting mayrr. Mr. Ixiwenthal mivn the mayor select the mayor proim. There was no objer- objer- ; lion una Mayor yiierlws seleeted Mr. U ' C. Allen to act Hs mayor pro tern during I his absence. Council adjourned until next Monday, !

Clipped from The Times13 Jan 1903, TuePage 8

The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana)13 Jan 1903, TuePage 8
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  • 1903-01-13 Red Light District Limits

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