Kern testifies in more detail about his treatment

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Kern testifies in more detail about his treatment - THE SOUTH'3 RESOURCES EXHIB- Presidency I went...
THE SOUTH'3 RESOURCES EXHIB- Presidency I went to Asheville to ITED BY THE ATLANTIC COAST speak out to see Dr, Von Ruck. He LINE. ' WOKeO me OVer. found out what T Tinrt - been doing and then pronounced me a well man, ; Last week the Atlantic Coast Line "Naturally, this 1b not a matter that Bent a special car of exhibits, of agri- a man likes to discuss, but since 8en: cultural and horticultural resources of ator Overman made mention of my VnalTdT t0 r TT tifsThaTlSne1 S S?t into Canada, and from there to be serum may not have bi, a- tnfi. Bent Into the New England States to clal to me as the quiet and rest im-show in concrete form the unusual Psed uPn me. but between them I Rdvantncm. nf thi Ul.inn i ., sl we" ma am nere to demonstrate ., , vu the fact. rwy oi our crops. , 8mce r ieft ABheville I have found North Carolina is now beginning to other cases more serious, perhaps, realize Its own advantage of climata thaa mtoe to be cured by the same and sou productivity but we have too Sat SfiSuSl SSSLt iuu8 eyi our -iigm nm unaer a bush- should investigate it fully and If it is el" The West has been boosting its found to be what I think it is the climate and regoumBH for inner tw serum should be vouched-for by the the tide of immigration has heretofore Lpo i ff 5SMS vimwyau bhi iuut way. uur natural permitted to have only limited trial. advantages need only to be properly And the Frledmann case should not and nersiatentlv nut hafnr th wnriii prejudice anybody against Dr. Von i 4 lt. u Ruck." J. F. B. icugc vv n,,iaik ail luw UUuicDcca.' Oieedjtpjevejopejhissection. RESOLUTION OF RESPECT in this connection the Wilmington mar says: Whereas on August 14, 1913, the "While we live in this delightful, Death Angel visited the home of our luxuriant and productive portion of friend and brother, Austin Herring, the Nation's Garden Spot, we can nev- and called him from his labors here er get through with wondering at and to the rest that femaineth to the proclaiming the simply astonishing people of God. Therefore, be it re- rarity of climate and versatility of solved production of this section. Its incon- Flfst. That we, the Wesley Adult celvable adaDtability for farming nor- Bible Class of Calvery M. E. Sunday ticulture, fruit growing, stock raising School, have lost one of our faithful and dairying always challenges our members and co-workers, and while we wondering faculties. Though we -ob- mourn the loss or our esteemed friend eerve it every day, we have had the I we take comfort in the confidence we opportunity of seeing a photographic have that when the summons came view of the brag exhibit of a great he was ready to answer, Here am I, Western system that is endeavoring to tny wiu, Lord, be done seduce homeseekers to look to the Second. That we extend our heart- West. The contrast of Western pro- felt sympathy to the sorrowing loved ducts with those of the Nation's Gar- ones and point them for comfort to the den Spot causes us to marvel why it words of the Lord Jesus how he said, is that Eastern North Carolina is not "Blessed are the pure in heart for overrun with homeseekers from Cana- they shall see God, da and the North. The Western ex- Third. That a copy of these reso-hlbit plays up wheat, oats, barley, lutions be sent to the family and a alfalfa, Irish potatoes, celery, apples copy spread upon the records of our and some varieties of fruits, but no Sunday school and a copy sent the corn, as it is taken for granted that Fayettevllle Observer for publication. everybody knows that the West grows corn. The contrast is wondrously atrange when it is noted that a display of Southern products includes all those products, besides such pe culiarly Southern money crops as cot ton, tobacco, rice, sugar-cane, all va rietles of fruits and everything under T. J. ATKINSON, M. E. HORNE, F. M. BARRETT, Committee. THE BANKING AND BILL. CURRENCY ,,n i fh wv nf mAlona and BX Senator Robert L. Owen, Chair hina Th nrnrtiinHvft nmmlfir. man Committee on Banking and fflm.Hi annum nut hnlrtlv LUrrenCy.J wh t in malized that It grows al- . J.h Proposed . banking and currency most everything that is - grown In W1L Senate 2639 mobllfrta the re AmoHna and Enronn. bealdea a score servefJ and provides foiMilastic cur not grow. Even the stock-raising and - These. ,are 0e two great features a.iJTi..., ontohinHn nf th Smith upon which there may be said to be cannot fall to be appreciated when its substantial concert of opinion among mild climate and unrivalled grazing ..r .i V. UUi"'ulttl and forage-growing ability is consid- pro,bJemf tne Vnid aft-es- , , ered. That was never so strikingly By late rePrt. th National bank hmneht home to ua than when we reserves amount to 1,422,000,000 SknowleTge of tne fact That last against S7,058,000,000 of deposits in voar th finuM Line s ro line fair con- uaunmg B,owui to-wii tained exhibits of 21 different varie ties of forage." Central reserve cities... $ 431,000,000 Other reserve cities 483,000,000 Other banks 508,000,000 KERN CURED BY SERUM. Indiana Senator Took Von Ruck's Tu berculosia Treatment Pronounced $1,422,000,000 and consist of $978,000,000 of specie, legal tenders; lawyful money; five per cent, redemption fund, and ac- Affected in 1906 Spent Four counts with reserve agents not rep- Months at Asheville, N. C, Gained resented by specie. These reserves 30 pounds And Came Away Well. are available for the purpose of ex tending commercial accommodation, Baltimore Sun. no matter how rugent the necessity. Washington. Remarkable testi- wnenever tnese reserves reach the mony as to the value of the Von Ruck minimum required by law, the banks anti-tuberculosis serum was given yes- are noi permucea to maKe any iurtn terday by Senator John W. Kern, of er loans to business men, no matter Indiana, following the action of the how urgent their need. Sometime Senate in directing the Public Health this need is vital. It is of urgent im Service to make a. complete invest!- portance to have additional funds eation of this remedy. available ior moving the crops, but In asking the Senate to adopt tnis cnese reserves cannot De used wnen resolution. Senator Overman, of North the minimum reserve is reached It Carolina, brought in the name of the is therefore agreed by all financial Indiana Senator, pointing to him as a experts that the reserves should be natient who had received the mobilized and made more easily avail- and whose health had been completely i ame ior our national commerce, restored. The Senate joined unani- This annual demand for more mon-mously in the order upon the 'Public ey could be more easily met if we Health Service to mane a tnorougn naa elastic currency wnicn couia De inquiry into the merits of the new automatically expanded to meet any serum special necessity. Senator Kern made no statement The proposed bill accomplisaes this of his cure upon the floor of the Sen- purpose by authorizing the issuance ate. He silently acquiesced, nowever, or treasury notes unaer conditions in the assurances which his Nortn wnich win lead to tneir automatic Carolina associate ga?e the body. La- retirement when the exigency passes ter he discussed his experience with In this way by mobilizing the re the sernm freely with the correspon- serve and making them available as dent of The Sun, saying that he re- a basis oi loans and supplementing garded some of the cures it had et- such lunds with elastic currency tne fected as astonishing. Dusmess necessities or me country More than a month ago the war can be adequately and fully met at Department became interested in tne all times. results of Dr. Karl Von Ruck's tuber- When it is necessary to move the culosis treatment. The department wheat crop, the corn crop, to feed sent Surgeon E. R. Stitt to Asheville, cattle and hogs on a large scale, pre- N. C, to make a study oi the serum pare otner torms oi numan iooq ior and its Dossibiliues. Dr. Stitt return- tne marKet, move tne cotton crop ed to Washington recently and report- move manufactured articles of every ed to Surgeon-General Stokes, of the class, and furnish men engaged in army. This report was referred to similar industries with reasonable by Senator Overman. creait accommoaations oasen upon I llnesa Not Made PUD c. tneir actual merit, tins system win Profound- interest, " however, was be found adequate and satisfactory aroused in the serum by the declara- Panics Prevented. turn mat" senator is.ern was a uviuB TT . . th, HV8tm flnanial nanics a . ij I . Ji J., Th ft I " 1 testimonial oi hb uuiai.iv yuwcia. xm wm be made impos8ible because pan-fact that the Senator had suffered . rrom tuDercuiosis naa not ueen "" the fear itself is based upon the idea outside his family circles ana, oi ,k. - una - . tlJat lUUOQ CllllllCU tV lilt J "VI - V course, the result of the treatment he bl t whea th want ( 1 l-V. a Anli Atrllln ftnnrtlQ I. I ' receiveu iruiu u u y. ,L Under this system anybody ac ist waa uui. Bo"""J "". tuallv entit ed. can get currency, in discussing ms case DBulUiiu , therefore no man with a deDOsit said; "In 1906 I became roPMn to bank need be afraid tnat the bani nf mv condlt on. I consulted doctors i . ,.,. ,v,u it i. " - , -, -rtrtv, tauuut luiuiaii vuuculj nunc iv id at Indianapolis and one after anoth- nonestl and efflciently conducted, er of them diagnoBed my case as tu- Tn,g wll,.prevent runs on the banks berculosis. xne disease iou. uv.u - and ,n preventlng panlc8 it will a)B0 hold upon me that I gave myseii up. prevent unfair and undue constriction "I cast about ior some ireaimeui as . d,. Ith .. conseauent Dara. owning man grabs lor a straw. i ,yzlng effect on business and on the was urged to go to oaranac io uu d u rf f tne natlon to Other Places, but finally, WltnOUl R,,inott!I ontornHBB t.hnrnfnrn will advice or suggestion from . any source, haye a stablllty unown in the past I aeciaea to go to abubyuiu " X history of the United States. Men will not be thrown out of employment nit nr. Von Ruck, of whom I heard only in a general way. wholesale throughout the country by "Shortly after I arrived In ABheville the (r,ght nf flnanclal and commercial Dr. Von Ruck made an examination or j but flnance and commerce will me and confirmed the diagnosis of my become Bteady. Men will be regular-other doctors. I told him I had come y and ByBtematically employed. Men . tharA for fresh-air treatment and he ,,n .f h hv viniont and ah. - - - , nm uui, wo lu.ucM j ' - replied that I should have fresh air t cnangeB of values. Hundreds of all right, but should have it from a thousands of men wln not uddenly be .comfortable bed and not by sleeping tbrown out of employment during out on a noara line an inumu. these national waves of depression, "Then .came the serum tests. I nad undue feverish buoyancy. The .... no knowledge oi n previuuaijr uu consequence will be that the nation dublouB of its effect. Just the same . enereleB 0 our neonle will be em. r -..i in. A m11 Via AIA Tima Ann I . . , , n.., .m u 1 w oi " ployed upon a nrm oasia iuut v again he injected the serum into my continuous. It is impossible to exag-blood. Sometimes he would discover gerate tbe extreme importance of this - that my temperature was too high. woril.; yje have been studying this At those tlmea he would reduce the pr0bi'em for many years, and have now amount or increase it as the occasion j,eacneu a potnt 0f national knowledge . demanded. and certainty where we not only know "Blood tests were made from time tho flifnoniMaa are. but we com- 'to. time and' in a few , weeks every pleteiy understand how to give sta-ymptom pointed to my recovery. As glllty botn to our commerce and our I grew stronger, : the serurn was in- flnanCer and put this country upon a jeuieu " Buiaiier uobbb. nu.j 9i basis of enduring prosperity, wwtunimutBU-uiBUyA itaiucu y ,,,,, Tne-BeTOrve-flanks, - yuuuun iu n loan iuau iuui mwu . . xrtt-A in AAt oari onrtl Thn httl nronoaea under the .United - my health was completely restored. States Federal Reserve Board at Jeast "During my campaign for the Vice-1 twelve reserve banks with the right to of maximum more for. and city. to national system, amounting capital bank. about banks The reserve three capital, banker reserve a making Federal These officers Board, of would agent" United would the United Tne would $100,000,-000. would to eral the The paper, nods. keep cent, Its serve with States, right the under bers, the flcio, and the eight 000. with bank ervise the try try this men, of It dant try short yet crop of bank ed such own could its commercial This bank but bor a the the cost. from they their necessary further a the cent, in retain go thoughtful very man obtain his not of ing improved, try are ly they bill, dad, was Mitchell but Cured." and

Clipped from
  1. Fayetteville Weekly Observer,
  2. 03 Sep 1913, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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  • Kern testifies in more detail about his treatment

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