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1987 john goudreau - library creation - Leftover books will A Noteworthy Day . . . . ....
Leftover books will A Noteworthy Day . . . . . . There's a great footnote to the Bran-deis Bran-deis Bran-deis Used Book Sale at Tel-Twelve Tel-Twelve Tel-Twelve Mall in Southfield, Aug. 19-26. 19-26. 19-26. As usual, the 175,000 books in more than 50 categories makes the Brandeis National Women's Committee's sale the area's largest, with proceeds benefiting Brandeis University's libraries. Here's the kicker: This year's leftover books will become become the Hendricks Township Library, serving serving an area just north of the tiny village of Epoufette, an official Michigan historic site on the Lake Michigan Shore in Mackinac County, 25 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. Take a bow, John Goudreau, president president of the First National Bank of St. Ignace, and Bloomfield Hills attorney George Gold-stone Gold-stone Gold-stone for forming the first library for this community of 100 families. And Brandeis, that's the best use of leftovers ever. . . . Noting my People Mover observations, Pontiac's Robert del Valle has a couple of People Mover predictions that are almost sure to happen: "Mark my words, before the end of the year somebody's going to get married on the thing or spray paint NO YUGO FEST on the last car." . . . Trenton's Tim Wilkinson takes issue with my saying no one ever eats anchovies on pizza. A myth. Much to his wife, Leanne's, disgust, Wilkinson regularly "debunks such a myth by topping each slice with several be wlskered little delights. How many salt and pepper a pizza? Get that gourmet gut in gear and smell the anchovies, Bob!" Food with whiskers, like blue food, bothers me. w-n w-n w-n ; tea; nob I 1 Talbcrt . . . Royal Oak's Daniel Waldron, Sub-Vice Sub-Vice Sub-Vice Vizier Emeritus of the Sons of the Desert, the Detroit Area Tent of the Dancing Cuckoos, notes my Laurel & Hardy reference with Ronald Reagan saying to Ollie North, "It's a fine mess you've got us into this time, Ollie!" Adds Waldron, "While their physical home was Hollywood, their spiritual home was always Washington, D.C." And hey, Ollie's and Contra Ronnie's spiritual home is Hollywood! Hollywood! Guess who's in the favorite to win this year's Dancing Cuckoos annual Fine Mess Ward? . . . Christine Cody, an assistant to Steve Allen, notes from Van Nuys, Calif., that "one of your readers" wanted to know the names of some of Steve Allen's 4,000-plus 4,000-plus 4,000-plus songs (a Guinness Book of World Records mark) and she lists Allen's top six hits: 1. "South Rampart Rampart Street Parade" (a Dixieland classic). 2. "Picnic" (theme from the motion picture). 3. "This Could Be the Start of Something Big." 4. "Impossible." 5. "Gravy Waltz" (a Grammy Grammy Award winner). 6. "Pretend You Don't See Her, My Heart." I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the album. . . . One of the best local TV projects going is WJBK-TV's WJBK-TV's WJBK-TV's yearlong "For Kid's Sake,"

Clipped from Detroit Free Press13 Aug 1987, ThuMETRO FINALPage 47

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)13 Aug 1987, ThuMETRO FINALPage 47
  • 1987 john goudreau - library creation

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