Civil War Soldiers incl Capt TH Myler 1883 P2

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Civil War Soldiers incl Capt TH Myler 1883 P2 - Editor and Proorietor THE SOLDIERS 01' BDTLER...
Editor and Proorietor THE SOLDIERS 01' BDTLER COIJKTY-CONIINUED. COIJKTY-CONIINUED. COIJKTY-CONIINUED. Kinney Jobo niiiitia never armed Kaus car died at Harlan. Colorailo. Vance Simeon never armed lil Bryant. Onsley Wm H p d 14 KKns rap and p a T, Kans cav OleD Grouse. Proaser Wm p militia Mo cat' fjfyant. Feebler 3 S p a 12 Kans cav ISryant. liboadft Edward nerved in quarter master'B department at tjt Louis and in Ky. Bryant. Knaa D D p k 17 111 inft Baltimore. Cowly ro. Hberar Delarama pf 11 Kan cav liryaut. Hberar Geo Corp f U Kacus cav Bryant, tiutton George p i 31 iowa inft Bryant. WALNUT TOWNSHIP. Si. ArmfttnmK J H p h 13 Kan. Augusta. Bare James PpeS Tenn inft. Augusta. Brandon Charles ph 4 Tenn cav, Douglas. Bruce Thomas H guv police 14 Iowa inft, Augusta. Cowan B F p c 6 Tenn inft, Augusta. Caaey George p e 67 Ohio inft, Douglass. Davis James T M p e 47 Iowa inft, Augusta. Dickerbon F C p g 1S4 Ohio inft. Augusta. Freeman Wm J p a 12 111 cav, Augusta. Foakea J 11 corp e 2 U S inft. Augusta. Gaskiil Wm S p g 12 Ohio cav. Augusta. Gaskiil Green p i W Ohio inft. Augusta. Golden Daniel p 1 6 Penn art, Augusta. Golden John p e 2 I'eun inft, Augusta, died in Walnut township; Anna K, widow; Wm Henry, Albert Franklin, Chas Jefferson and Martha Fllen. children of John Golden. Guiiter Alexander p b 10 Ky inft, Augusta. Hamilton Isaac T maj clluPainft, Augusta, Haskin Clark p a 3 Iowa cav, Augusta. HiJleard Gilliam B p c li Tenn mounte 1 inft. AugU'fi. Headier Win p a 5 Iowa cav, Augusta. Knapp W HNpb 5 Iowa inft, Douglass. Knapp John 11 p Hale's Judas, Cal inft. Douglass. Ijewis C C p f 22 Iowa ii:ft. Douglass. Metcalf Geo A p f 7 111 cav, Augusta. Purcell Ham'I G sgt 1 I Tenn cav, Douglass. Purcell Thou It p 1 1 Tenn cav, Augusta. Patterton John p 10 Kas inft, Augusta. Pierson Wm M p e 2i Ohio inft, Douglass. Itollius E ( 2dheut e 3 Va cav, Augusta. Sears Charles p g 71 111. Augusta. Tonor Michael p i 7 111 inft, Augusta. Wilson John sgt maj 8 Tenn inft. Augusta. COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS. Srvrr: OF Ksns Corvrv or Bvtl LEU. , ss. ALVAH SHELDES. BILK WORMS The whole course of life of a silk worm is run in about twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five dtivs, and is divided as Shakespeare declares the life of man to be, into seven ages. The first appearance is from an egg about the size of a small pin head so small that 40,000 of them are everywhere sold for an ounce. From this minute egg is hatched a small black worm which sheds its skin seven different times once in about five days each change or ' moulting" moulting" showing a larger and still larger worm until at last' when fully grown you have a naked worm or cuterpiller nearly three inches in length and of a light "greyish white color. No sooner is the worni fully grown than he proceeds to spin w hieh'he does by "evolving out of his inner consciousness" or in other words his stomach an attenuated thread of silk, as fine as a spider's web and this he throws off at the rate of about five feet per minute and in which he soon enwraps himself completely, the ball or "cocoon as it is called being very nearly of the size arid shape of a pea-nut pea-nut pea-nut shell. About four hundred of these will yield a pound of silk. Inside of this cocoon cocoon the worm dies, so that in fact his whole existence seems to be devoted to spinning and weaving of-his of-his of-his shroud and who sliall say that his final burial place is not as worthy a monument of his brief existence as the pyramids of Egypt are of the proudest of her l'haroahs. At any rate the worms Lave this advantage that no lives but their own were devoted to the work while the Egyptian tyrants consumed in forced labor under the lash the lives of myriads cf their subjects heaping up masses of useless stone while the tombs of the humble silk worms are converted into fabrics which the fairest and the mightiest ones of earth are proud to wear. .mrrewe POLISHING THE WEOSQ ESD. Many men daily polish their booti who never give a thought to the condi tion of their hair except to harrow casually with brush and comb or sub- sub- mtt it to the paralvzing attentions of the average barber. W'hat happens Why, this: t rom neglect, mental anxi ety or any of a score of causes, the hair turns prematurely gray and begins to fall out. Parker's rlair Balsam will at once stop the latter process and restore the original color. An elegant dressing tree from grease. X. For all to A Th tIt firmness 1 ! jlj'ljlj'lj ! Ml

Clipped from
  1. Walnut Valley Times,
  2. 17 Aug 1883, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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  • Civil War Soldiers incl Capt TH Myler 1883 P2

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