T H Myler son wedding and guests 1902

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T H Myler son wedding and guests 1902 - reduction of the hours of a day's work, until...
reduction of the hours of a day's work, until until Secretary Freeman of the urlon called attention to the fact that the juniors wer" in his opinion, not receiving their dr.c. The matter was soon adjusted by fixin; the pa j of the juniors at S2.7 a day. Ry this agreement all the juniors w ill be paid the same daily wage, while heretofore the wage pid to that class has varied. The conference adjourned in the morning morning and at 1:"0 o'clock yesterday afternoon afternoon a meeting of the plumbers union was held at which the conferrers made known the results of the morning conference conference with the employers. The union indorsed indorsed th plnn of settlement which ha. I been adopted and at 2:3' o'clock a second conference was hold. At this meeting the representatives of the strikers made known to the contracting firms that the men were willing to return to work on the plat"' v.greed upon. It was alFO provided In the agreement that plumb- plumb- rs should receive pay and a half for overtime, and double pay f-r f-r f-r work after midnight, on holidays and Sundays. THE SECRET OF LONG LIFE Consists in kecf'ng all of the m lit: organs organs of the- the- oody in liealthy, r-i.i!lar r-i.i!lar r-i.i!lar artior?. and in quickly dovtroying deadly disease germs. Electric Hitters rem:!.! to stomach, lner and kidneys, purify the blood, and give splendid ar petite. They work wonders in curing kieln.-y kieln.-y kieln.-y troubles, female complaint?, nervous diseases. constipation, constipation, dyspepsia, and malaria. Y'cor-'tih Y'cor-'tih Y'cor-'tih health arid strength plways t f..w thcir use. only 5c, guaranteed by : h-ring's h-ring's h-ring's pharmacy. BIG AD. FOR WICHITA lllrr-t:e lllrr-t:e lllrr-t:e View of It Will -o -o Intu Prniprrtas of Orient. Secretary M. W. Levy of the Wichita, Chamber of Cononene lia.s been asked by Vice President Sylvester of the Kansas Kansas City, Mexico and Orient road to write an article on the importance of Wichita in connection with the Orient system. This article will be Illustrated with a bird's eye view of Wichita, a typical street scene and pictures of the proposed Orient depot and shops. The illustrated article will be used in the pros-pectus pros-pectus pros-pectus of the road, which will Ik- Ik- print'tl in lots of several thousand and sent to the London stockholders of the road for distribution, as well as to other financial centers in this country and Kurope. In this prospectus Wichita, and the grain Iwp-lt Iwp-lt Iwp-lt of which it is; mistress and queen, will le especially exploited as one or tho centers of resources that will be a large contributor to the business of the Orient road. Mr. Levy is now writing an able article, article, urged on and stimulated by the expressed expressed conlidenoe of Vice President Sl-vestcr Sl-vestcr Sl-vestcr has in hint as a "man above all men." as he says who can do the subject subject justice. This will le an additional advertisement of immense value to Wichita, as it will go exclusively, and with in!ltunti.il prestige, prestige, to men who have capital to iaest. Wichita will be the big point on the Orient system, or at least on the American American end of.it. FOR THEIR SON Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Myler Entertained Last Saturday. One of the most enjoyable events of the 6eason at Aralover. Kan., was the reception reception given on January Pth by Mr. md Mrs. T. H. Myler in honor of their son. T. W. Myler, who has recently returned returned from Cincinnati. Ohio, with a fair bride. Miss Ethel V. Aston, of that city. The reception was from 2 to .- .- o'cl-xk o'cl-xk o'cl-xk p. m.. the time being spr.t very pleasantly pleasantly with conversation and games. At yiloek the guests were invited to the 3ining room, where an elalorate spread awaited them. Oreat interest was In the many presents ef the i youns people, whe gifts rnngM from j the useful to the beautiful and ornamen- ornamen- ! tab Jn the evei iair the p,;e.t departed. : di.'clariiit; that th y had enjoyed a splen- splen- uia i.rne. .v.r. ,nV. .wr. .uor u. ! at home to their many friends at An- An- ' dover, Kati. ton. Irena; Mr. anl Mrs. Hiee. Augusta: I , , , . Mr. ard Mrs. i?t-!.. i?t-!.. i?t-!.. Ar.dovcr: Mr. and : . , , eirs. J n'sr'T, .nuocr; -or. -or. ;iiui .urs. I Hall. Wichita: Mr. an I ilrs. W etio. i Wir-hif.i- Wir-hif.i- Wir-hif.i- Wir-hif.i- Air nnl Mrs. W:irren. I.nrcn.l! , ,. , .. . .. . i anu .uri. jivkt m "unu.i; .uisses orso- orso- Overman. May Kenton. Jt-ssie Jt-ssie Jt-ssie German. X-!lie X-!lie X-!lie 1-Vnt.m. 1-Vnt.m. 1-Vnt.m. Vii In llc'vi'mt-v. llc'vi'mt-v. llc'vi'mt-v. Until i it .. . ... ! . : ' .ne. 'ii.iu- 'ii.iu- i.ioii. .i-i:i .i-i:i .i-i:i ! Hall and Maude Myb r; Messrs. Brown, i Webb. Hull. V.arr- V.arr- ii. Civile Myler, and t I Charbs Matthews. j TO INSTALL OFFICERS Mrs. H. O. Msson V.'ent to Sedgwick Saturday for That Purpose. Last Saturday Mrs. iLKna S. Mason by onlers promulgated from bead-iuarters bead-iuarters bead-iuarters went to Sedgwick City t install the flic vs-eb-et vs-eb-et vs-eb-et vs-eb-et vs-eb-et of Stephenson ee-rps ee-rps ee-rps Xo. S? W. R. C. She returned Snr.day morning. morning. S'.i-- S'.i-- S'.i-- reports ;. grand time, elurirg her sojourn anions the hospitable comrades and sisters of tint wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake wi-le-i-.ake village. The pest and corps held a joint installation. installation. The- The- post ot'ioers were installed by t -x-ConsuI -x-ConsuI -x-ConsuI -x-ConsuI t" Mexico Ch irley Sehaf-r Sehaf-r Sehaf-r r: th-- th-- th-- corps by M-s. M-s. M-s. Maioi:. Th i::-st:ill i::-st:ill i::-st:ill iti'-n iti'-n iti'-n was very itnpreste and va t v.o:ie tliroufh wi:!:out a break. Roth th.'' j orders are up-to-et.ite up-to-et.ite up-to-et.ite up-to-et.ite up-to-et.ite ia die.pliae ar.d i ati rid iii' -. -. After the ceremonies wcr-S wcr-S wcr-S :: i'l.i-d i'l.i-d i'l.i-d there w as a bannut t spr a l I that lei!. . I'd uri.ii credit to the c itizens, j After all were f-. f-. f-. .isicd t full vapacily ; tie re were s,r- s,r- it ipei:!tities of pt ovisi..it!s bft. The presi I- I- Mrs. Wise a:il com-j com-j com-j raeb-s raeb-s raeb-s I'll I Iisk- Iisk- ts ;.nd si-!!t si-!!t si-!!t comrades I to deliver to all t'.C sf k a::d those W lit were 1. naMe p attend. ! NEW CENTURY COMFORT. Millions ;;r l iiiy ;:riiiug r. v,-.rl v,-.rl v,-.rl l comfort in I'.i." k!i n's Arniea S dv -. -. it kills pal". fnin bin ns, rcbi'. nit?. br-.is br-.is br-.is -:: -:: eoi..pe rs -.'leers -.'leers and f.-ver f.-ver f.-ver s-r.-s; s-r.-s; s-r.-s; s-r.-s; s-r.-s; cnit-3 cnit-3 cnit-3 ei '.lptions. s-alt s-alt s-alt iheum. boils and iYi:ns: rcn;:vt corn.- corn.- and warts. l'--st l'--st l'--st l'--st !i!e cure c-a c-a c-a canh. Only at Cb-hrir.i.- Cb-hrir.i.- Cb-hrir.i.- Cb-hrir.i.- s pharmacy. LIVED HERE MANY YEARS Lucy M. Orr Died Sunday at Arje of 2 Years. I.r.ey M. Orr coh-re.!) coh-re.!) coh-re.!) died at her home S S Hast Thirb irg. She w:is nth street. Si.nday morn- morn- "- "- years of ne and bad lived in this city a gnat many years. I !if was known to nearly every colored person in the city. The funeral will take place this f ft r the residence. at o'eiock, from The Mother's Favorite. Chamberlain Conch R-modv R-modv R-modv i the mother s favori:.-. favori:.-. favori:.-. It is rb -isa!.t -isa!.t and sate for thildrcu to ,-ke ,-ke ,-ke aiai al.c.vs w, It is intended esr-viallv esr-viallv esr-viallv for coughs. M. croup ui;d wh i - -sh -sh sr. 1 ,s tlte b-st b-st b-st ,...!.. ...r Hv. .!?w.:.s..s There is rot the lean ti.-t:g ti.-t:g r ia giving it ti children for it co-uair.s co-uair.s co-uair.s no opium or other injurious dm-- dm-- dm-- ar.d may be given a- a- -i.:i-ildiT'tly -i.:i-ildiT'tly -i.:i-ildiT'tly -i.:i-ildiT'tly to a I-i' I-i' I-i' e.is to an adult. 1" r sale by ail dructsts. HE VISIJED HERE Montague Lessler Has Friends in the rcc,,to -'"'"; -'"'"; Mertac'.e I.,i-r. I.,i-r. I.,i-r. the y-.tmg y-.tmg y-.tmg lawyer! who defe.lte I en ss. wr.s in l eriy l-.lm. l-.lm. l-.lm. nt ! r a i -.ta -.ta a w--ek w--ek w--ek w--ek last s-.m- s-.m- s-.m- s-.m- ti-tr. ti-tr. ti-tr. lie is a fri.-ii fri.-ii fri.-ii ot Ike biplsrait ii Wrmila-'-n Wrmila-'-n Wrmila-'-n Wrmila-'-n Wrmila-'-n Harris. ''"!;e l.'tlor s.il yes urday tl .:t lie was s-irpiise-l s-irpiise-l s-irpiise-l s-irpiise-l s-irpiise-l wh.-n wh.-n wh.-n h- h- i learne d of Mr. Ressb r s viet-ere viet-ere viet-ere . :. i.r.is' I when Arr.bai? .d-.-r .d-.-r .d-.-r .d-.-r .d-.-r e'ho;.!e w.-s w.-s w.-s a tar.di j !..:e f r the C: ;t ": j Sc-.ator Sc-.ator Sc-.ator T'i.nt. Mr. former, t'v r, y ire ' of the d-i d-i d-i 1 e-s e-s e-s II ji:stvs se a.ue ag-dast ag-dast ag-dast I..'?sUr s'Tpp.-ri.'.l s'Tpp.-ri.'.l s'Tpp.-ri.'.l the; it'ic ii-- ii-- ii-- - disj-b-,tM;re disj-b-,tM;re disj-b-,tM;re disj-b-,tM;re disj-b-,tM;re ' . id. r.tly A"iil W.i t. 's; ! f ! i : . ' I ' ! i i : pet-j j , t i

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Wichita Eagle (Wichita, Kansas)17 Jan 1902, FriPage 5
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