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John schatzman - i i i cry dowa aay new aud original. - :' ' - ,...
i i i cry dowa aay new aud original. - :' ' - , discoveries aud the as wonderful genius of tbe be well for as oxenf" storm should aot predicted, from some severe weather over all it not be aafely bis calcnlations verily Wiggins belief in scientific scholar well-sluuied calculation, theory, least a fair hearing. and this Is what up our minds people do not being done, It impossibility. liberal, and 'give damnation bos do not let us mind before .an opportunity i H. L.W. KELIGIOX. 'r Club Course V ester- ester- ' . .Club course' of Boston, at afternoon distinguished "Evolution In his hearers without preju world are not after tbey are of history. changing front. people seem to be may be considered the history of proceeded to applied his ar and moral prob that all rellg of creation. under tbe old enactments of right because sixteenth cen and tbe people Ideas can not tbey did tbe best now, in the fsee in pretending only deserve I - eclenUflo -disquisi -disquisi tbs world, as de-scribed de-scribed and others. He revolutions tn commenced biology. The lec portrayed th sciences, and to the world destroying the piau oi salva Impossibility of Genesis, assert that has since tell any thing ineoryot toe tan cleared away by un. next dwelt upon place in tn said we can no God separate not now uoa through nature. disturbs with divine seen stars and inherent in man enlightened of religion or thinks he universe." The speaker, la no change, although moan and sod iree-tnougnt. iree-tnougnt. iree-tnougnt. hour and a naif. greeted the able many ardent ad audience. an old ssying, seeing Roland "Dick Smyths," ' Every one appeared to blossomed out and since last appearing earnest in all be frankness that audience before length of time, coarseness promises to make tbe star. For so well, and although to the other is at times situations rather, as "thin," please a general enacts the "Alan rapturously ap- ap- received several acting to that of Hastings, as tbe part of by the excel impersonated it. a handsome Mortimer creditably. L.ittle overweighted with ot toe cast did mention. Their with the lat oi tne tuuea very naturally audience waa a grew quite en found at Robin week. borne from tbe a scar. of Barlow A friends .In .this managing the Esmeralda at the Grand - . -Esmeralda;" -Esmeralda;" A Planter's : distributed Grand last night. themselves by tbe parquet oo-cu oo-cu by the boys. Dillon, studio the subject of wolle be was charmed with it bis own artist current publica favorltee. aside John . Owens, cast. Thev who will be Pbipps" t.). the comedy Miles, General thoroughly ex In conjunction A band immediately .a second bal too large an tbe Idea. The and tbe an orchestra will not be work ana color, thereby th 1 nt.Hnp whole change than SHMXio. whether he will To-day To-day To-day the contracts tor the work. immediately alter premises. It widen Lh whole next door can ; Eeeal Hews. was .arrested , ; - marriage licenses ; .. ' be held next on the list. by Bob Miles of contract. - was unearthed Saturday morning, - . , . suicided by bead , - A TETERAN COPPER. Running One Beat 'for & Qaarter of a Centura,: i John Schatzman Telia of His Life and Kxperlentea Plthjr Personals i - . 'About the Peelers. , 1 j - Almost continually for a quarter of a century century Policeman John Schatzman has run the same beat in tbe West End. centering about the old Brighton House' corner. But, rather strange as it may seem, he hss carried a club longer than that, having first become a guard-tan guard-tan guard-tan of the peace in l&L. Under one administration administration only waa be laid off. Entering npon the Ufa when a young man, he has stuck to it through, all tbe many changes tbat have occurred occurred during tbe growth of tbe city aa well aa : tbe force. He bas grown old : and gray - in the service, and has seen at least a half hundred of bis fellow-offieers fellow-offieers fellow-offieers laid beneath tbe ground. He is fifty-six fifty-six fifty-six years of age now, bat almost aa capable capable to do his duty as be ever was. Bvery man, woman and child living on his beat, or anywhere anywhere in the viotnlty.'kuowa and likes Officer Schatzman. He bas fondled the little girls and boyswhen tbey ran before him as be passed, along the street, and watched them until they grew up to be men and women. There Is little of tbe history of the families In his part of town but what ha is acquainted with. One afternoon 'last week a reporter of the Exqcikeb strolled out to Brighton and met Scnatxmsn, and made a round with him. chatting on the way about bia life and expe riences as a policeman.- policeman.- -"I -"I will tell you one thing to start with,1 said the officer, "if any body had told, me when I first went on the force tbat I would be a polloeman now I would bave laugbed at tbem. But there Is an old saying, yon know. that once in the line a man gets tbe fever, so to speak. In 1831 my father and mother embarked embarked on a Bailing vessel at Havre bound for Philadelphia. They came from the Kingdom of Bavaria. Tbey were poor people, and what you would call emigrants. I wash ve years old then. During the voyage my father died of sea-eickness sea-eickness sea-eickness and waa buried at sea. 1 was too younit to remember htm. but my mother h often told me about him. They wrapped bis boor no in elotb and placed it on a board and let it elide down tbe side of the ship into the water. They put no wemhta on the body. and. my mother haaoften imagined that she could again see the white forai as it psascd from view to the rear of the boat. Tbe voyage occupied fifty-three fifty-three fifty-three days. Seventeen Seventeen daya after the funeral we arrived at port. My mother waa greatly depressed over tbe loss of her principal helpmate; but ahe bore np wit n great courage, anu we came on to Cincinnati, where 1 was brought up. My trade was that of a butcher. When 1 grew up I dabbled some in politics, and in the spring of lfial 1 ran for policeman, ion know tbey elected the officers then. There were twelve wards in tbe city, and each chose six men. Besides these there was aa extra river tquad of six men. iwasoneot tne representatives oi Ward Twelve, and reported at a station which waa then at the corner of Liberty and Vine streets, where there Is a drug -store -store uow. They bad only the Ninth-street Ninth-street Ninth-street aud Hsmmond- Hsmmond- street fetatious. Tbe Mayor of the city at that time wus aiara Mr. lay lor." "Did It cost much to electioneer in those davs?" "Oh, no. I didnl spend a cent. Two years later tbe Legislature gave the Mayor the power of appointing tbe oollce and Superin tendent. Before tbat tbe Superintendent, or Captain, as we oaiiea him. was eiectea oy Council, as were also tbe Lieutenants. David T. Snel baker was tbe Mayor in 186. end f was among tbe first to so on by appointment. His Captain was a man named Lukeus.! Atnrst I was pnt on nlcbt duly ou my beat here, and naa a partner." i Wno was vour-nartner. vour-nartner. vour-nartner. by the way?" ' "Robert Reynolds, wbo Is now the well known Ice man. ' He stayed on the force two years, and quit and went to California with his brother. Tbey took along a lot of horses. Returning in a year. Robert entered the bus! ness in which he is now engaged. David Hoke succeed Ad Lukeus aa Captain under Snel baker." v "What was the matter with LukensT" -There -There was at that time an organisation Known aa me reimamner. ana tney got up a mock serenude to tne Driest Bedlni. who had come over from ItAly, and whs stopoinx at tne Cathedral. On the way to the Cathedral Captain Captain l.okena led tbe force into tbe parade at the cornor of Ninth ana nnm street, ana some sixty arret is wers made. This act created considerable of a fuss, and the result was Lukens resigned. Hoke's fate came with the Know-Nothing Know-Nothing Know-Nothing trouble, and tnelbak era third Chief was Jake Kleler. In 18aa James J Faran was elected Mayor, and a mighty fifood. Chief Magistrate be made. His Chief was Ed Hopkins. Next came Charley Thomas, wbo brought out James L. Baffin. Jim bad been City Marshal before tbat. K. M. Bishop succeeded succeeded Thomas, and bia Chief was Captain Captain Lew Wilson. Hatch followed, with Colonel Dudley in charge of the po lice, but some trouble arose about tbe Colonel, and be was ousted. Larry Haxen took bia place. Lea Harris took up it noun again, and Wilstaeb, the next Mayor. In turn anDOtnted Bob MoGrew Chief. McGrew didn't appear to give satisfaction, aud oe had to xive way to riumn. jonn torrence retained Rutnn, but his successor, S. S. Davis, appointed appointed Dave Bleaks. G. W. C. Johnston started off with Jerry Klersied. and subse quently Colonel T. E. Snelbaker was Chief. Now we are getting up to where every body la familiar with the .Mayors and cnieis. you can see how many bosses X have served under." "You were taken from your beat beroonce, were you not?" "Yes, ana only once, ana mat waatn laes. under Mayor Hums, colonel Harris started the "specials" for the down-town down-town down-town corners, and selected me ss one to stand at Fourth and Main streets. I went to head-ouarters head-ouarters head-ouarters and asked to be allowed to stay on my beat, but It was no go. our ears i stood at fourth and Main and aix months at Fourth and Walnut. It waa under Bishop tbat I waa laid off the force entirely." . w nat was your pay arsiT" "One dollar and thirty -fl -fl ve cents per day. Under Mayor Snelbaker It was raised to SI tju. Two years later it was made S3, but subsequently subsequently reduced to ts 19, which we now re ceive." a. "iou must hsve bsd some thrilling expert ences in all those years." ' "lea, out i waa never snot, ataooea or wounded, except by kicks or blows that were of little consequence. 1 can truthfully sav that I never clubbed a man In my life, and never tooa a man to tne station with a bloody beaeV I could always get along without that. I remember one night in '! when Charles Clifton, then a notorious thief, stole some properly from a House, and was discovered and chased and surrounded by a large crowd, wbloh be beld at bay with a butcher-knife butcher-knife butcher-knife when I came uo. He flourished bis weapon and threatened lo kill any man who dared to approach him. l went right at blm aud se cured his knife, and he gave np and said 'You are a man, and I'll go with you.' Clifton goi seven-years." seven-years." seven-years." "Have you arrested many murderers?" "I arrested one right at this point in tH. ' Tbe officer and the reporter were then standing at tbe corner of Central avenue and Baymiller street. "Who was he?" was asked. . "A man named Benuet. who stabbed Michael Papee In tbe breast on tbe bind end of a atreet-cor. atreet-cor. atreet-cor. The two and several frlenda of the latter, including one Peudery, had beendrinking together in a garden below the Brighton House, and had some trouble. Papea and party came up and took a oar to go down town, uennet followed, with the in tention of killing Penderv. and iumned on the platform and stabbed Papea by mistake. He ran. and I happened to be coming along, and followed him. I caught bim as be was about to enter a sewer on Freeman street. Tbe trial laated a long time, aud finally ended by Bennet getting three yearn In tne penitentiary. penitentiary. He woe ably defended by Timothv O'Connor. He was at the time employed at Allen's drug establishment, oorner of Main and Fiftb streets. He came or.ginally from Canada, and I think he returned to tbat country country after serving out bis term. - une case that attracted no little interest," continued Schatznian. ?was the killing of Michael McMsous by Isaac Billiard In 1865. Both men bad been drinking on the day of tbe tragedy. The former enioa along Liberty street, near tbe canal, on horseback, and shouting for McCiellau. who was then running running axaiust Lincoln for the Presidency, at tne too of his voice, ilill.ard waa in the street, and cried lustily for Lincoln. McManus stopped, and tney bad a dispute, during hicn the name s o- o- was passed. They came to blows, and Billiard atabbed bia opponent opponent to death with a butcher-knife. butcher-knife. butcher-knife. I was on the bridge at tbe lime, and had no trouble In arresting Hiillurd, He claimed that McManus struck the first blow, end was acquitted. He bud just been honorably discharged from tbe army, and tbat had considerable to do with getting him off." -uo -uo you ever worry mucn wnen tne election for Mayor comes around V - " '' "I never lose any sleep. . Tbe oeoDlS Uviha' on my beat, I think, ail like me. and are re say to go to the front for me any time." oeiore parting wun tne veteran policeman be told tbe reporter tbat be -did -did not averaa-e averaa-e averaa-e over two arrests a month, and he referred to the records for the obaxacter of bia locality. WUCE JPEBSOVALaV, . -Ct.BAB -Ct.BAB doesn't want ur niin iiirm.niin trips. . ,'. , "r " Dak Adams is known by the knit lacket aa wears. ... THE EXQUIREIl; cock-fight. cock-fight. cock-fight. K lieutenant Spaetb'a died.- died.- - sear- sear- "Doc" Kask Great team. They Lilies. ... ... ...... . NtQHTmen In bed at eight o'clock aix. ' . . Jack Altetxs arrests since be ago, '" M(kamna!. still wears bis corns. - ilAjoa-Gx-vXKAL, ilAjoa-Gx-vXKAL, ilAjoa-Gx-vXKAL, ilAjoa-Gx-vXKAL, ilAjoa-Gx-vXKAL, Brady occasionally times. Jxrr WllxtAMMir, Station, contemplates spring. . UaOBGBJksirEBbasa only wears on Georxe! ' Xh b detectives book ana love one they do. - - Thb Bobbles tbe next Mayor aay a word. Sittixo Bat-L. Bat-L. Bat-L. newer in a theater aa overcoat. -s -s ' Thxbb is no Young's feet got with condron. M coa vijr. whose last month, does of Devine's loss. Stcmfb akd Leng-worih-etreet Leng-worih-etreet Leng-worih-etreet beat.- change and got It. Tub next time Fhil Rittweger of one of the bills. ' Jia SABeaarr night. It Is Dins-more are on the Cojcdow ;and Station, took their during tbe late Lieijteiii sr sacrednesaof the borders npon tbe Whbk Patrol hb inspector bad put extra locks on TDMKtT JohW Station, carries a from running Moffitt, of reports that visited by the spring It Is now learned tered Captain a big irostea case - Jouw Maiot member of tbe Y. lectures upon the Jkssb disappearing, and time to reading Ton Cokbot an up-town up-town up-town Gal-way si aggers in trade. Said that telegraphed bim that tbe house. Why do coppers dirty handkerchief tween their them on. MCbbat would ago if it wasn't (However, he will Thb handsome who is lust is Tom my Coarey. tbe ladies. .' Mikk Kelxy Hammond-street Hammond-street Hammond-street force ou the river another flood. Station, wears his eye dignity which his martial cast. Sibcb Congress V blsky bill Jim intend to resign start a distillery. SPKCIALOmCBB the corner ot becoming a decided prominent thoroughfare. Speoiax. OrricBK street squsd, has hair-dye, which he Dramatic Festival. OmcxB In boasting of walking-can, walking-can, walking-can, increasing avoirdupois. Rkv. Jessb Sunday at the "Tbe ups and who robbed the Lieutena jfT M. Police Station, wears becoming dignity. you may be a Skrobant in Jake Werner's called Jake np know what all Bloomer was while speaking day, "thata Russian to set should be Wabo was Mount Adama ghosts in tbe revolver oorked and patrolling the creek. Sebqkamt Job Hammond-atreet Htatlon, preparing a statistical tram pa who dined soup-house during the Powell, the tbe Dayton-street Dayton-street Dayton-street containing revolvers, cotton-hook, cotton-hook, cotton-hook, a They call him a Hobnbrook, of that bunko men them which is as extreme cheek is that J ohn put it A Tne Anasuenseait al lew ee By Yesterday created considerable log by tbe attention rival for tbe hours a large crowd abd jostled each show window in corner of Fifth ing Is undergoing occupied. Hanging tbe window of tbe containing the evidently been he had completed before. A common tbe rail of the gas gnawing a hole was not in tbe of bis large of tbe glass, -and wont or aeeunng gall and assurance making a sneak opening was finally proceeaeaioaiscusstne relish. He took meal, and picked tbe contents of the all that be bind legs and turn farewell bow to floor and leisurely tbe rear Dart of over hia good luck, leas fortunate waiting a little might return to many of them amusement tbe The Th'ere-is Th'ere-is Th'ere-is no completely takes that of drinking a small way, and grows it strengthens complete mastery men wbo are tbey can stop when are sure they will on what tbey call tneir sorrow, they this power that It a desperate struggle, tage.' Tbe appetite- away, or it will perdition. Thus far One thing- thing- which horrible appetite. D'Un-geYa Cinchona It sounds like a his bas Slaves of drunkenness. and solid truth. be cured la now a 'A letter to Dr. hlcago, will bring .eulara. ' Death

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 12 Mar 1883, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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