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h m stringfellow orchards - 180 Fnrcttiville Hcpiblle--Ak»*rle« JUT 28....
180 Fnrcttiville Hcpiblle--Ak»*rle« JUT 28. Prairie Kfa-re Htralil--AbMrbrl Ort. !i, FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEB. 8, 1939 ex. requested not be Pres un to measure, .what off can anticipated N. today of. in /Yo Hurry to Name Gray's Successor -,'. Says ihe Governor .-.Little, .Rqck, Feb. 8 (ff)-The University of Arkansas board of trustees \yill be. in ho hurry to select a successor to Dan T. Gray who has tendered his resignation as dean of the University College of Agriculture, Governor Bailey said yesterday. - . '. Gray's letter of resignation, which was reported two weeks ago, was made public here.'this week. He asked to be relieved December 31, 1938. The resignation resignation is effective,July 1, or tintil the dean is retired. No meeting of the board has been called. APPLEBY BROS. SELL ORCHARD TO OIL MAGNATE Noted 800 Acres Will Become, Show - Place Home for Newsoni Appleby Brothers ranch of 8QO acres southwest of Fnyelteville in Washington county, was sold'-today sold'-today by George Appleby and Mrs. Charles Appleby. to .Charles .V. Newsoni of Oklahoma City, formerly formerly of Fayetteville. Consideration w a s n o t announced,. announced,. Mr. Newsom, however, said he plans,to expend about $20,000 additional additional in improvements, these to, include a handsome country home for himself and family for all-the-year-rotmd occupancy. . The ranch Is one of. the mos noted in Northwest Arkansas..At one lime--it belonged.to the late Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Stones pioneers of Washington county Later it belonged to a SI, Louis company .with which the late Ashton VIncenheller was associated. associated. Planted by Strlnefellow, Method It was planted to .apples in 1904 "under Isfiv Vlncenheller's supervision and according to the H. M.- · Stringfellow- : close-root- pruning method jn which trees are pruned to a single trip rool pnd planted in holes made.with a crow-bar and not cultivated but left In sod that is mowec regularly, allowing the fertilizing grass to fail back and nourish the ground and also to keep moisture in the earth. . Mr.. Stringfellow in his "New Horticulture" originated s u e method of planting that was !ound to prevent orchards planted and so cored tor f from being affected by drouths, because the long tap root would go deep to water and the tree would send up no surface roots to dry mt during dry periods. For many years the Appleby orchard was noted for not having a crop failure and produced many of the largest apple crops of this area and also some of the finest of Arkansas' prize-winning exhibit exhibit apples. In later years method of cultivation cultivation was changed and replanted ncros did not method. follow the" former At present the orchard includes 250 acres in apples, 250 in lespedeza, lespedeza, 25 acres in strawberries and 20 acres in grapes. Mr. Ne%vsom is a former Fayetteville Fayetteville barber and in 1912-13 ras associated .here with Tol -.add. He moved from here to ·logers where he remained for 10 years in the automobile and car accessories business -before going (CONTINUED ON PACE SEVEN) GLASS DRAFTING ASHAKFREPLY TOPpfflENT Virginia Senator Incensed .Over Letter Written To Vetoed-Judge 2,000 WORDS BY FDR Charre That Roosevelt Promised Governor Pi-Ire "Power" Denied By Executive Washington, Feb. 8 (/PJrSenator Glass (D., Va.) drafted a sharp reply today lo a presidential .letter .letter criticizing Senate rejection o Floyd H. Roberts for a federa judgeship in.Virginia...- . Friends said Glass was incensed over the letter, which Mr. Roose- /elt .wrote Roberts yesterday. I termed statements of .Glass-, untruthful untruthful .and- declared ihe con- stituioh does no give veto power to .one or two Senators.; . Action : on objections by the two Virginia Senators; the. Senate voted 72 lo' 9 Monday to reject Roberts' nominaion. -Glass, and Byrd .contending Wieir recom mendalipns for the 1 apppintmen had been ignored, had argued Roberts' nomination "was .'"personally .'"personally offensive" to them. Iii his 2,000-word letter to Roberts, Roberts, Mr. Roosevelt emphasizec ho question had been raised of the judge's ability or qualifications, qualifications, and referred to the 150- yea'r old custom of "senatorial courtesy". . . · Had the constitution intended to give one or two Senators the right lo veto presidential nominations, nominations, Mr. Roosevel said, "I' would have said so." "Or put it another way," he wrote, "it would have vested the nominating power, in the Senators Senators from the state lo which the vacancy existed. ''On somewhat rfcre occasions the Senate, relying on an unwritten unwritten rule of senatorial courtesy which exists in, no place in the constitution, has..' rejected nominee$ nominee$ on the ground of their-.be- Ing personally obnoxious to .their Senators, thus vesting.In individual individual Senators what- amounts! In effect effect to the power, of nominaion.' Glass .had charged Mr. Roose: velt promised Governor Price o! Virginia "the right of veto" over recommendations for appoint- menls made by Ihe two Virginia Senators. For this.reason, Glass said, l!ie justice department "never "never had the slightest idea" of considering considering hl s and Byrd's .recommendations .recommendations for the judgeships. Describing |lhe statements a's untrue, the president said he could excuse Glass' remark aboui a "veto power" only on the grounf that it was made in "anger or forgetfulness". forgetfulness". He then reviewed Ihe tangled Virginia patronage situation since March, 1938. Glass and Byrd read the President's President's letter .last night, but pendr- ing la further stuc(y, hjad only terse comment, Glass told reporters there was little in the letter worthy of discussion, discussion, but said he would make a reply later-^-eilher on Ihe Senate Senate floor or in a statement. "You can read the letter in vain," he said, "for any denial that Price was given a veto over our recommendations." Associates said Glas s planned to make public correspondence he had received from the President President regarding the Roberts appointment. appointment. Byrd's only comment was, "We may have our say later.".. Behind (he. furore over the iudgeship, friends of the two Senators Senators professed to see a showdown \ late . , . St. Louis, Feb. 8-OT-The United assertion Germany "still- wh's'de- State circuit court of handled down a 2 to 1 appeals decision against the government today in a test'case which may set a precedent,"for precedent,"for the payment of about £50,000,000 .to landowners in the abandoned Boeuf floodway of the Mississippi river in Arkansas and Louisiana. termined to get rid of every Jew. Berlin, Feb. 8-(#)-Alfred Hos-. eriberg, supervisor of the spiritual and philosophical .development of Nazidom, proposes that "reservations'/ "reservations'/ be .allotted to Jews under international control, in" either British Kuiana or French-owned Madagascar, Room would be made for 12,000,000 to 16,000,000 Jews under the Rosenberg plan which ha advanced, to. diplomats..- and newspapermen last night with.the v . Los Anncles, Feb, 8-{/P)-AnolIi- er postponement delayed loday the 1939 debut of Seabiscuit, leading leading thoroughbred of 1938, Charles S. Howard,,owner of the handicap champion, announced the action (was due to overnight rains that made ihe Santa Anita park track sloppy. Webb Everett, racing secretary, secretary, immediately rubbed out the race, which attracted only two other s larlers. Little Rock, Ark., Feb. 8-fyF)- .Incorporalion matters filed with tlie secretary of stale today" Included: Included: Articles of incorporation for Ozark Plow Works, Inc., Spring- 'dale, with a capital of $17,000 and R. M. Smith as president. Health Board Must O.K. Constriictibn of School Buildmgs . New regulations of- the Arkansas, Arkansas, state board of health require submission'of plans and specifications specifications on construction of new school buildings or additions to present buildings for. approval of the state.board-o£ health, accordr ing ]o Information to County Sanitarian H. L. -Woodward from Dr. W. B. Grayson, stale health officer. . . ' · Plans pertaining to water supply supply and sewage disposal must be approved by the sanitarian and a written approval secured from the slale board of health under the hew regulation adopted in Janu- SEVERE COLD WAVE ROLLING OUTNORTHWEST Sub-Zero Weather F o Northern Half of Nation Expected By The Atsoclatea Pron A severe cold wave rolled eastward eastward out of. the Pacific northwest today, casting its subzero spell over much of the northern half of the nation. By midmornjing, temperatures west of the Mississippi were well below the zero mark while those to.the east hovered near the freezing freezing reading. Williston, N, D., and Minor, N. D., were the ice boxes of the nation with 36 below. Des Moines, la., recorded zero. Forecaster H. A. Downs of Chicago Chicago said the temperature would start falling there today and reach zero lonighl. The cold will remain several days, he said, with possible a 5 below zero reading tomorrow night. Th e severe co 'd will-chill Ohio tonight, Downs said, and should reach the Atlantic seaboard late tomorrow. A trace of rain and some snow preceded arrival of the spell in some middle western states last night. May Reach Zeru In Arkansas Little Rock, Ark., Feb. 8.-(/P)- Thc weather bureau today forecast forecast a sharp drop in temperatures PWA. WPA JOBS BRING COUNTY Lions Hear Discussion : of Government Works; ':': Ckib Resume :. The. P. W. A. and W. P.i A. together together are the largest employers in. Washington county, employing four times as many men as any single -institution and spending two and o half times as much for labor and materials, Bcrnal Seamster Seamster told members .of the Lions club today, in explaining activities of these two government agencies. · In January the W.. P. A. employed. employed. 1175 men in Washington county and the expenses for material and labor in 1938 totaled about a half- million dollars, he said, and the W. P. A; has spent a total of more than a million dollars in the county county including the stale -projects. The P. W. A., whil e not employ- dhg as many men, has more than $2,000,000 in compfetcd projects and .those for which contracts have been let. - The W P. A. is an emergency organization to provide work while tho P. .W. A. creates work' by making making loans and grants to public organizations, organizations, lie explained. Include U. A. Work W. P. A. projects in Washington county have included building o: schools at West Fork and Cinein- ati; the University stadium project project on which $350,000 has been spent; completion of about 100 farm to market roads; building 300 concrete converts; rebuilding 18-steel bridges; laying five miles ot sidewalks; building retaining walls at tlie University and City Hospital; making of thousands of garments for the needy; giving instructions instructions in housekeeping and sanitation; analysis of assessments for the past 20 years; landscaping projects; copying of historical documents; documents; and other projects. At present there are six crews of 100 men each at work on county county roads, two crews of 25 men each on bridges and · culverts, a crew of 250 men on the stadium completion and road project and smaller crews on a number of other other projects. · Four U. A. Buildings P. W. A. projects in the county riav e included the Library, Chemistry, Chemistry, men's dormitory and Field throughout Arkansas within the- House at the University with construction construction underway on a Student Union, Home Economics building next 24 hours., "Zero, possibly lower" was the prediction for Northwest Arkansas and 20 degrees · or lower was on the weather menu for other sections and classroom building; the Lincoln Lincoln and Prairie Grove water works; Prairie Grove sewer system; MIGHT Cumminr*' / Little Arkansas er Higginbotham automobile concurred providing of one-third The ever, made of terms of reduction 1940 Sen. t h e . House, the - quest said a complicate Kimzey said the because had if ihe effective refund Off had wnuld 1 tlie signature. In the not say would had. to meet and he w_quld 'consideration. -:-l If owners at the November year. final licenses The schedules today Trucks and IVz Trucks CHILD An Welfare for City Administration The reorganized and year koontz present. child attend suggestions welfare The cooperation supervisor welfare Bronson For

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