Battle of Bunker Hill

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Battle of Bunker Hill - By an Exfrefs ivlicb arrived here on Saturday...
By an Exfrefs ivlicb arrived here on Saturday evening we have the following account cf the battle at Charlrfown, C7i Saturday the jSj of June, in?. O N Friday night, the 17th inft. fifteen hundred - of the Provincials went to Bunker's Hill, in order to intrench there, and continued intrenching till Saturday, 10 o'clock, when two thoufand Regulars marched out of Bofton, landed in Charles - town, and plundering it of all its valuable effects, fet fire toi it in ten different places at once j then diriding their army, part of it marched up in the front of the provincial intrench merit and bepan to attack the Provincials at long (hot; the ether part of their army marched nund the town of Charles - town under cover of the fmoke occasioned by the fire of the town. The Provincial centrits discovered theRegulars marching upon tin ir left wing. Upon notice of this given by the centry to tlie Connecticut foices polled on that winr, Capt. NcJtcn, of Afliford, with 400 of faid forces immediately repaired to, and pu led up, a poit and rail fenc. - , and carrying tlie polls and rails to another fence, put tl.em together for a bread - work. Capt. Nolton gave orders to the men not to fire until the enemy were got within fit tten rods, and then not till tlie word was given. At the word's being given the enemy fell lurprifigly j it was thought by fptcta - tors who flood at a diflance that our men did great execution. The action continued about two hours, when the Regulars on the right wincj were put into confufi - cn and gave way ; the Connecticut troops clofely purfueu them, and were on the point of pufhing their bayonets, when orders were received from General Pomeroy, for thofe who had been in action for two hours to fall back, and their places to be fupplied by fiefh troops. Thefe orders being mif - taken for a direction to retreat, our troops on the right wing began a general retreat, wVdch was handed to the left, the principal place of action, where Captains Nolton, Chefter Clark and Putnam, had forced the enemy to give way, and were before them fcr fome confiderable dillance, and being warmly purfuing the enemy, were, with difficulty perfuaded to retire j but the right wing, by mistaking the orders, havirg already retreated, the left, to avoid being encircled, were obliged to retreat alio with the main body. They retreated - with precipitation acrofs the caufeway toWiuter's JUill, in which they weie expofed to the fire of tlie enemy from their lhipping and floating batteries - We. iuflained our principal.lofs in palling the caufc - way. The. enemy purfutd our troops to Winter's Hill, where ths Provincials being reinforced by General Putnam, renewed the battle with great Ipirit, repulled trie enemy with great fhughter, and purfued them till ihey got undercover of their cannon from the (hipping. When the enemy returned to Bunker's Hill, and the Provincials to Winter's Hill j where, after entrenching and erecting batteries, they on Monday began to fire upon the Regulars on Bunker's Hiil, and on the fhips and floating batteries in the harbour, when the Exprefs came away. .The number of Provincials killed is between 40 and 70 ; 140 are wounded. Of the Connecticut troops, 16 were killed: No offictr among them was either killed or wounded, excepting Lieutenant Grolvenor, who was wounded in the hand. A Colonel, or Lieutenant Colonel of tlie New - Hampfhire forces, is among the deid. It is a f j faid that Dr. Warren is undoubtedly among the fl iin. The Provincials loft three iron fix pounders, fome intrenching tools, and a few knapfacks. The number of Regulars which firlt attacked the Provincials on Bunker's Hill was not lefs th3n 2000. The number of the Provincials was only 1500, who it is fuppofed would foon have gained a compieat viftory had it not been for the unhappy miltake already mentioned. The Regulars were afterwards reinforced with a thoufand men. It is uncertain how great a number of Regulars were killed or wounded, but it was fuppofed by fpecta - tors who faw the whole action, that there could not be lefs than 4 or too killed. Mr. Gatdner, wl got out of Bofton on Sunday evening, fays, that there were 500 wounded men brought into that place the morning before he came out. This account was taken from Capt Elijah Hide, of Lebanon, who was a fpectator on Winters Hill, during the whole action,

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 26 Jun 1775, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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