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 - the plains, but Tom Starr had not yet avenged...
the plains, but Tom Starr had not yet avenged his father's death and would occasionally make a dash into the Cherokee anti-treaty camps and kill a few of his enemies and escape to the plains again. While out on the plains with thel wild Indians, Tom Starr had many ups and downs and he told the writer few years before he died that on one occasion he and his crowd and a crowd of wild Indians were trying to capture capture a small buffalo and that the buffalo buffalo would run arund a hill ahead of them and not leave the hill. Tom Starr hid by the side of the route taken taken by the buffalo and the rest of the crowd chased the buffalo around the hill. When the buffalo came in range rom Have tl*e same significance when used in connection with our store that G. P. has on Chemicals. So don't forget that we are the genuine. itiJi»Jii|i»i|ii|ii*<ti»4»IH * . took aim with his rifle but his gun failed to Are and the buffalo showed fight and Tom ran for his life and some of the wild Tndians shot the buffalo and saved Tom's life. The wild Indians made sport of him for having to run from the buffalo so the next day a large buffalo came feeding aUmj, e .•' near their camp so Tom called called fort a and the buffalo took after him and he ran for life and jumped into a lift • "sVs»Wai> swollen creek near by, end the buffalo •$ A " D lWll QAM limped in after him and while the j f If I W«VW>I1BWUI 1 buffalo wan swimming around in the water Tom Starr got on his back and was joined by the wild Indians and they captured the buffalo alive. After the buffalo chase Tom Starr and his band, with the permission of the wild ludians, made a dash into the Cherokee Nation and killed some more of the Indians who were his enemies and started back to the plains. The full bloods were following in close pursuit, pursuit, so close that one night Tom Wfni-n nnd hin man nrnuiiP^ ft nifY lf Muskogee Drug Co. •»iiiei*ia»<ii»i|'*»ii'»*'l'i»iN * went into camp, and the fullbloods came up to the creek and camped with- n a half mile of the fom Starr camp.' The Starr men were out early after their horses and they found them mixed mixed with the horses belonging to their pursuers. The Indians were riding good horses while the Starr crowd had poor ponies, so Tom Starr ordered his men , to select the best horees_that belonged to their pursuers and they did so and set out on 7 their journey tot the plains delighted to {know that they had exchanged horses with their pursuers. Tom Starr's War with the anti-treaty anti-treaty full blood Cherokees over the murder of his father lasted about Ave years and the full bloods finally concluded that they- could not capture "him and his band and realized that the fullbloods- would finally all be killed if the war went on, made overtures of jeace which were accepted by Tom Starr and his men and .the condition, imposed was that Tom Starr and his men all be pardoned and allowed to return to their homes and live in peace the rest of their days. Jjhis was agreed to and a treaty of peace was accordingly made and signed and a pardon granted to Tom Starr and his men in accordance with the terms of the treaty of peace. As soon as this was done Tom Starr and his men returned returned to their homes in Goingsnake district < They were not allowed to live in peace, however, because some of the half blood Cherokees took the matter up and in violation of the treaty of peace commenced a new war on Tom Starr and his men, and made desperate efforts to kill them. Early one morning soon after the treaty of peace was concluded concluded a number of half blood Cherokees Cherokees went to the home of Mat Gerrings, who had been with Tom Starr, through his war, and killed him. The next day they came to the place where Ellis Starr was staying and 'called him out in the yard and killed him v and from this fplace they went to Sallisaw and, capured Washington Starr, and took. JEWELER AND OPTICIAN. M. K. AT. , WATCH INSPECTOR. ** INOUIH BLOCK. lnlir|m l i| l iti.tiaiiliiiu| InM'iJiiliaui tii|iitii|ii|i4i4i»itii|iiti4i»i|iaiii The Best Fountain Pen Made and Used in the United States, 99 t The "Parker,' I 0. R. WILSON'S, I | THE JEWELER. . | him out of his s/ck bed and returned, with to the very spot where they had killed was kills Starr and there killed him. They his younger son, Thomas Starr, Jr, 'with two whose name and always ^-shooters huder his about the place" slept then went to the tCffoctaj^JJation to head and every gun capture Creek Starr and Ike Getting; was 'always in. shooting order. Tom when they capturedthese men Ike Qerr Starr took 'great pleasure in entertin- ring was killed and Creek Storr made aj ing his friends in his old days and re- prisoner. They started to* take Creek counting to them his darrag exploits Starr back to Goingsnake district to ( and/ hair-breath "exsapes. It.has been kill kill him and while enroute they stopped! only a few years ago .since he passed to feed their horses when : Cfeekr StarrJ over the river of death and now sleeps mounted mounted a fine horse and made a dash' for liberty and escaped unharmed amid a shower of bullets, and was afterwards killed in a duel' with a Creek-Indian. Afterwards the Cherokees made a desperate desperate attempt to kill Tom Starr but all efforts failed and Tom Starr had enough of the war and he concluded not to make war on the halfbloods if be could possibly avoid it. The halfbloods found out that it w*iuld not pay them to try any more to take the life of Torn Starr so they finally gave up the idea and in order to avoid further trouble with these people, who so flagrantly violated the terms of the treaty of peace he moved west to the Caniadian river in Canadian district, on the west side of*the Arkansas river, where he spent the remainder of his days in peace and became very wealthy. Tom Starr could slaughter an enemy with ease and did pt^ think anything about it, but at home his only aim in life seemed to be to please his wife to whom he was thoroughly devoted, and for whom he would do anything "in the world he thought would afford her any pleasure, Tom Starr raised a . large family on the quiet banks of the Canadian river, but his sons are all dead now and only two daughters are yet living. Sam Starr, a younger son , became noted because because he married Belle Shirley, who is said to have at one time been the wife of Cole Younger. This woman was very desperate and soon got Sam Starr into trouble and he got killed and she was later assassinated near the Cana djan river. Tom Starr lived a few years longer than his wife and became a. peacable and good. citizen. During the last years of his life - he lived in the green cemetery on the beautiful banks of tike Canadina river, where peace , and quiet, law and order reign 1 supreme. J. C. STARR. We Furnish..'... 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