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Former Mitchellite Nationally Known For Animal Photos Mrs. Phillip Fatdkiier, Hollywood, C»Uf, a former Mitchellite, is becoming known nationally as aa> animal photographer. Mrs. Faulkner is shown above with one of her photographs, a picture of a hone owned by Leonard Wodel, MUeheU, which she took while in Mitchell on a vacation several yean ago. (Daily Republic Photo) Announce Series Of Street Dances By DICK KOBAK DaOy Republic City Editor A former Mitchell woman, Mrs. Phillip Faulkner, Hollywood. Calif., s making a name for herself nationally nationally with a hobby she took up almost accidentally—animal photography. photography. The former Clara Roscamp, a graduate of Mitchell high school, 'ound herself bored about the time her young daughter was three years old, and decided to take course in photography. The last lecture in the coarse waa oa animal photography, aad Mrs. Faulkner, who never bad flashed a bulb before, went home and took two pic- tares *f her cat. A friend • saw the pictures ai insisted that Mrs. Faulkner try rictures of her dog. That starte he ball rolling for a hobby tha is paying Mrs. Faulkner both in national recognition and in income Mrs. Faulkner, who is visltin her brother, O. A. Roscamp, in Mitchell now, has taken literati lundreds of pictures of animal since that time, and exhibitions of her photographs, colored b hand have been on display several of the largest departmen tores on the west coast as we: as in Franklin institute in Philadel Fa. Recently, Mrs. Faulkner has had a large postcard printing firm buy several of her pictures for publi cation on the backs of postcards which will be sold nationally. Although jnost of Mrs. Faulk ner's pictures have been made o cats and doges in Hollywood where she lives with her husband wh records music for Columbia Pic tures, she has taken pictures of sev era! horses too, among them, th horse owned by Leo Carillo, motion picture actor. Dogs aad cats, Mrs. Faulkner admit* are not the most co-operative co-operative subjects a photographer photographer coald wish for, and to demonstrate demonstrate that, she has a pictwe of a cocker spaniel who was difficult and finally Jut tuned up his nose at the whole business business only to be caught in the act by the camera. "Sometimes it's impossible to ge more than two or three shots even though you spend several hours with the animal," she said. "Ispen three and one-half hours at the home of a young collie and made only two exposures. "Of course, we didn't work with the dog all that time. Part of the time was spent in letting her smell my camera and get cquainted with me. After working a while, she seemed to get very sleepy so we gave her time out for a nap whili her mistress and I had a cup of tea. We still hadn't made an exposure. exposure. "Needless to say, I did wonder if we would be able to get anything and was rather discouraged. We musicians will play from a truck inally got two shots after our rest period, but I didnt feel at all sure they were what we wanted. "After developing the negatives and seeing the results, though, '. could see all the time was well worth It.' That picture of the young collie was chosen by the Photographic Society of America to be in the permanent permanent print collection in the franklin institute. s AH the ptetmns are cstoted by by Mn. Faulkner, and that 1s a tedlMs, trying Job which efton has her going back to sec the aabaal several times to make sue she has the right " In " At present Mrs. Faulkner has a new project for her hobby, pub- Icatton of & children's book which uses her pictures of animals to tell the story., A first grade teacher she knows .in Hollywood wrote the art, and an agent is trying to sell t to a New York publishing firm now. As .for.'those ideas on a series pictures to tell a story. "Some .MS 1 start out with a definite Wea 4n mind, but the animals win change it. .Some of them are hams and Just love to pose," Mrs. Faulkner Faulkner said. A Saturday night street dance will be held each week of the summer summer in Mitchell beginning July 14. Larry Stusser, Chamber of Commerce Commerce committee chairman, announced announced Thursday that the Cham- jer of Commerce is sponsoring the street dance to provide free entertainment entertainment for the people of the trade area. One block on Main street will be roped off each Saturday night Four docks will be used alternately on Main street. Stusser stated that the block between Second and Third avenues would be used for the first dance. Stusser said that all merchants are urged to co-operate when called called on for aid. Grocery merchants are donating corn starch to be used on the streets to make dancing possible. possible. The dance will be free to everyone everyone with prizes for the best dancers, those participants from the greatest distance, most novel dress, and many others said the chairman. An orchestra will furnish popular popular and square dance music. The bed with loud speakers placed about the street area. The dances will begin begin at 8:30 p. m From Files Of The DAILY REPUBLIC 10 YEARS AGO The price of milk went up one cent a quart to 10 cents because of the higher prices local dairie were paying fanners for butter fat, it was announced. Three Mitchell men were to take part in the South Dakota Go] tournament to be held in Dead wood. The three were Maynard Mogck, Harold CoUingham i Ben Wudel. Girl Accidentally (bonded By Brother's Gun Rebecca Jasper, eight-year - old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jasper, Jasper, received a flesh wound on her left thigh Tuesday when her 12- year-old brother accidently discharged discharged a gun. According to the Mitchell doctor's report, the wound was not serious. The accident occurred about 6 p. m. on the Jasper farm four and one-half miles -north of Mount Vernon. Sentence Mitchell Nan For Drunken 25 TEARS AGO Hog profits on bogs being ship- pea-through Mitchell were th highest they had been in 50 years The amount shipped in the prev ious month was 68 per cent of th total for the month in 1925. The average price for South Dakota hogs was $14 a hundredweight. Eight Men From Area to Be Inducted July 10 Eight residents of the Selectiv Service Board No. 10 area, Davl son, Hanson and Aurora counties will be inducted into the arm July 10 at Sioux Falls, board of ficials announced Tuesday. The eight men are James We- nande, Alexandria; Arthur J. Sch oreder. Alexandria; Glenn Con nell, Alexandria; Norman Schulz Alexandria; Wilber Triebwasser Alexandria; Lyle Benz, Moun Vernon, Robert Mathis, Woon socket; and Jerry D. Pattison Mitchell. Those who left for induction June are Edwin Edwards, Plank inton; Walter Bracha, Mitchell Henry Goeffert, Plankinton; How ard Bawling, Farmer; Bernard Abeln, Mitchell; Fred Schoenfeld er, White Lake; James Learn, Fulton and Robert Kristensen White Lake. NOTICE OF SALE: EQUIPMENT OF THE AMERICAN CREEK SOU, CONSERVATION DISTRICT.

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  2. 05 Jul 1951, Thu,
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