Follow up report submitted by Janin after fraud was discovered

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Follow up report submitted by Janin after fraud was discovered - a of to all or to a H. M. Fuv. Mr. Jnnln'ts...
a of to all or to a H. M. Fuv. Mr. Jnnln'ts ltrporl. Tho following Is the report of Biiperlntenilont Henry .liuiln, whose first report of thn condition of the diamond fields wns regarded nn positive evidence ol tho genuineness of the discovery; Han Kntscisco, Nov. 2.", lsT- To Jrut'tn nf He AVw Fort und Sun rtairfi o Mfttng antt Vomnniit VoniJany. Cknti.kmen: Ou tho night of tho 10th Inst. Mr. Clarence) King. United States Geologist in cliargo or tho fortieth p.irallel surrey, mado us tho startling announcement that ho had found nnd closely Investigated our supposed diamond fields, nnd that his conclusions proved conclusively that a stupendous fraud had born perpetrated upon us. Mr. King himself agreed to rorogo his intention ol giving immeuiato puiuiciiy m nis detection or the frnud. until wo could send In a party to reinvestigate tho wholo field. With equal kindness he consented to Immediately re- iiort the fatiguing trip trom which ho had but nt retrunod and to give us the benefit of his In-urination and Int ostlgatlnns. Our parly returned last night, we have examined all tho points tested by Mr King, and havo made other additional tost-, nil ol which go to prote that he wa right In his conclusion that the ground it absolutely worthies and not diamond Inuring, mid that It has been made the field of ATI lNOKNIIH S AMI IMWUOl'8 rllAt'U. Ill company with (len. Colton I relocated tho te-lsmmli' by me on the occasion of tuj first t sit, at points a mini of n mile distant from the "iliseotert ' point. Where 1 had pretlmislv found hnd rei".rf'd di.t n mils und rubles, tti-numerable tests showed the ground to be absolutely barren, showing that tho gems found were pi. iced III the various samples of ground taken between the time they were collected and the time they were wnsliod. 'IhcHOte-ts were made lu company with one of the original and nuptin.ed discoverers. Wo bad no sieves, wllh which one man may tnnke hU test alone nnd una - l-ted. nnd were obliged to ma'.. the tests by the slow nnd laborious process of dlL'glii. tho gravel, lucking tho same on horseback t'i water and there w.hlng It In gold pans Under these conditions nsslsl-nnro oecnuio necessary. Along thoso outside lines wo found, as befure. aeteral ant-hills with rubles on their sides. One was round, slmllnrly prepared, widen 1 had never before seen. Careful and thorough testa from the eitreme bottom of these hills and from the ground around them showed the gravel to bo ub.olutely barren, and proves that tho rubles on tliein WERE rilAl'Df'l.KSTI.r PLACED THERE, with the expectation that these points being on tho line or surtoy woold be examined, with tho correct calculation that the occurrence or gems under such coiwUilons w mid be considered proof conclusive that tho occurrence was a natural one. It was upon one of the-o ant-hill that I found, on my first visit, a diamond so placed as to a-pear to bo clearly tho work r nature. Tho same remarks apply to the ant-hills found below tho sandstone bluff, and In the xulcli running with thebliitT. Hero the hills were richer In rubles, nnd yielded mo diamonds In my previous washings. Plmilar tests proved that these ant-hills also had been prepared for Inspection. The same evidence of careful preparation can be detected wherever rubles or diamonds are found. In company with (.Sen. Colton 1 (inspected the tailing of my old washlngi, aud found rubles. Opposite this point Is an oitcrop or COSntlMEIlATr, distant 2U) j arils from the "discovery " point, and forming a part or the same bluff. My attention was several times called to this point on my first visit, as hating furnished good prospects ou previous occasions, I did not then examine this place. as I did not wish to act upon any hints or suggestions aalo tho points I should examine. On this trip, however, recalling these suggestions, I otainlned this bluff and found rubles on the top of the same, and on the large rock, under such conditions that they must havn boon plsc-.l there. It further proved that a line of rubles tverit prnkled from tills point for one hundred nrd; toward tho dl.cov-cry. Kepeated tests prove.) inui ine-t. ,.,,,, reiices were superficial and artificial. As for the gulch which dr.ilns tho bluff, and n lib h under honest conditions of tho occurrence of diamonds, where it w in lil naturally bo found extremity rich, tho pits sunk by Mr. King, and re-letted by mo PROVED THE SOIL TO I1E II Villi EN. Ilubles and diamonds wero found down to the edge of the gu'cli, mid then stopped. At t lie very head of fie . called " Iluby pulch" Mr. King gathered from one slcveful of grutel forty-two rubles. Wo gathered diamonds and rubles frnm tho lace ploco of sandstone ab .ve, as has been done by every party tisitmg the ground. Here, too, tho conditions of fraud nro numerous and Irresistible. Since I professionally examined and endorsed this fcuppocd discovery tho responsibility of Investment made subsequent to my report, and tho consequent losses of counc rest me. I ii partial explanation of tho apparent ansa with which I WAS tlEFOOLED I must bo allowed to go back to the time when I first hoard of this affair, nnd when my services wero engaged. In tho latter part of last May I was lu Now York, and tvus called upon by two gentlemen or this city, both at present largo shareholders In tho enterprise, and with their own means largely engaged lu tho same. They laid the story before me and sllenocd the Incredibility which It naturally excttod by the statement that they themselves had luvestl- f rated the matter closely, that they were assured y the two original prospectors, and behoved that two trips bad already been made by them to these fields at long Intervals, and that each trip had resulted In tho production of large values In precious stones, although their work was dono hastily and with rudo Implements. Those gontlenion named the banks, one In this city and ono In New York, In which the two lots of gems were deposited, assured ma that thoy had full faith In the statements of the pros, rectors, and finally Informed mo that aa a result of their Investigations, and of their consequent faith In tho Integrity and value of the discovery, they themselves had PURCHASED A LAflOK JOINT INTEREST at high figures. This last statement I Investigated and verified. One or these two gentlemen subsequently accompanied me to tho fields and shared my favorable opinion. While discounting very largely In my own mind the statement of tha prospectors, aa quoted by me, they atlll left me firmly Impressed with the belief that such large sums had been obtained from thli ground aa to preclude any suspicion of salting. Diamonds and rubles, both In the rough ana polished state, were shown to roe, and in good faith, aa coming from these fields. The diamonds were, many of them, of considerable value, and wero ranked aa a high average, quality by New York lapidaries. The diamonds plckid up by tho last expedition are MOSTLY SMALL AMD WORTHLESS, and are tho refute of what were obtained by the earlier expeditions. On my way out I waa told In great detail the story and adventures of tho two so-productive trips. I looked upon my Investigation aa undertaken not to determine tho fact of the discovery; but to ascertain approximately the extent und value of the same. Having thus good ground! for believing In tho honesty aud productiveness of the discovery I was 111 prepared to become A VICTIM TO TrlE riUCD which I havo slnco discovered waa to carefully .prepared fnrwhatever engineer should be select-d,to make tho examination. Had I b.en allowed more tlmo, an I desired, In which to make my Investigation, It Is prnbaha that I would have detected tho fraud. At the same time It la posslblo Hint tho same sailing game might hays beon kept up and my good opinion of the property hato boon not only continued but Increased. With tho lights beloro thern, finding diamonds ao readily, und considering, they did no outside la not surprising that the tonVoml era of iho ltobirta party confirmed my orrnnuoua report, A further explanation of the mistaken, opinions or ti on at vending all for It of i

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  • Follow up report submitted by Janin after fraud was discovered

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