Article from a Federalist paper critical of Federalists in Congress willing to support Jefferson

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Article from a Federalist paper critical of Federalists in Congress willing to support Jefferson - i Unvmrthi wiTl Hi .be", aiid)cbnfccraW his...
i Unvmrthi wiTl Hi .be", aiid)cbnfccraW his name to .infaray-wbot with ,i ta the permanency of our political fv Rem baa, hitherto ftrenuoudy eppofed tpt.xalta. t ion of Mr, Jefferfon to the Prefidential chair, (hall now,' meanly, and Incontinently lend his aid to promote it, Such cdndnck wbuw dc oimonouraoie id; ine sremc.y - uucu Kvnuuvl. cionoi poiuuiy (iuriuniuu the federal jrtyTy Mr.' feffeflon the federal fuffraM-ip reward foi the calumnies he has indifcrimlnatcly ca$ "fuu. tne jeaerai c.naragi.ciror.'Tw, 4UtJ" reinunerate him with, the moft digni6ed of: ficeof government, in return lor the veryi -honorable epithets of bmderi ti the vohort of &gland, timid metty ojfue buntert, tifonar mJts, Jpecttiatort,' , and piunckrm, wnicn. ne has miifed ho' o'pp-rto(iity to rx:Aov N6o them f Surely ' hot J ITie - federal "republic cans prote'.s tobc.diicip'es to the old ichoot,. and we trul that : the lex taTtonh is neither obiolite or forgotten v t- . v ; ; . . ?"T But fay the bold and impetuous partizanj of Mr, jefferfon, and'that too, h the Teeth of the fJemlledCMgrift of Americar" t)re to delignat 'any officer,1 whatever,- ve 9 Jtciipot aaiy , ta; adajitulter-thf govemintfltH in the event of a non-agreement on the paifc of, the' Houfe of RffprefenUtivea 'and we y will march and dethrone htm at on - ufurpet . Dare (in fatl) to exCrcife che right'of .ppi-;. otficr than' the philosopher of . MuiiticeildL - ana ten tnouiana repuoucan worat wtu tn fiantly lety from their fcaibar,t, in defence of the violated rights of the People ! ! I I, " Can our Countrymen be caught by,fo flynfy a pretext ? r . , ,t ' j ...V ;- "' Can U pollihly intereft either their feelings or their judgment ? , J ; . ; . ' ' Are they then ripe for civil wurirnnd ready . to embrue their hands in kindred blood ? c;':i jv:.'V'-; If the tumultttftus meeting! of a fct of factious foreigners in Peuntylvania,'or a few mhtuit bacchanals of Viraimai mean the peopk, zni are to dictate; to the Coogrefs of the United States whom to elect as Pre Cdent if the coitftitbtional right of this body are fo foon to k become the prey of a-riarchy and faction -if we have already ar-lLIe.d atthat dlfaltrous oeriodjuthfi Jife of nations 14 when I'tbe'fy confifif i no longer reverencing either ihe lav) or the authorities" if in (hort, the fcene.s which faddea the hif-tbry of the elective moarchic's ot .Europe, are fo foon to be fe acted ia America, it would be, prurjnt to prepare at once for the cnnird ; the woeful experiment it tried at all, could never be tried at a more favorable conjuncture I . v , With the7 militia of-MafTaclwCetts, IconV ' tiittnir. off 70,090' 'regulars letm ekllthemj' m armt fth , thot- ot Ncw-rlamplRite, and Conneifticut united, iltnol .to a man, with half the aurabe'1 at leatk of the citizens , of eleven other dates, ranged under, the fe deral banner in the fopport of thecdniiitu tiori, what . could Pennfylvania, aided by Virginia the militia ot . jhe latte'r,k'un-t rallied and farcically perfcirraingthe i 'marl-huai 'excrcife - with 'eornfatttibtLilt of mill-. ketsbihthtued1 betides with "a formidable internal fbe; whbfc difpptitioh has been re-: cently (hewn not in yeVylagreeable cohr a foe too in a contett " aainn miiom Mr. JeSTirfou declares " the Almighty hai 'noattri 1 lute which could induce him to taie 6arti'- wliiat, may it be alked,-would be the ilfue of the ttrugg'et Let thofe ttiad-mcn. reffea on . theft. tliihgs, let them forbear their menaces-., let them refpect the decifiorr of the co'nfli-. luted authorities. " - -; J , f b'::'-:--rU -

Clipped from
  1. The Raleigh Minerva,
  2. 24 Feb 1801, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • Article from a Federalist paper critical of Federalists in Congress willing to support Jefferson

    staff_reporter – 30 Sep 2016

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