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 - The Hindus Wonder Just How Free And Independent...
The Hindus Wonder Just How Free And Independent Their Country Can Be Under Present System (From the viewpoint of many Hindus the independence of India will not be complete until Portuguese Portuguese sovereignty as well as the British has been relinquished in that area. The accompanying article article deals with the comparatively little-known colony of Goa, held by Portugal since the IGth century. The writer, who here presents arguments arguments for a change in the status status of Goa, is one closely acquainted acquainted with that province). The revolt of the people of Asia, which started some decades ago, and led in recent years to freedom for millions, has by no means ended. On the crest of this wave, India, Burma, Indonesia attained attained independence from foreign domination but the wave continues, continues, advancing the aspirations of other lesser known areas under imperialist yoke. One such area consists of the Portuguese possessions possessions in India. The most important of the Portuguese Portuguese possessions has always been Goa, a small area along the beautiful palm-fringed coast of the South Konkan, south of Bombay. Bombay. Alfonso do Albuquerque took over Goa for the Portuguese in 1510. Its conquest entailed tremendous tremendous bloodshed and loot. Many years later, with the advent advent of the Inquisition, all freedom freedom of worship in Goa came to an end and civil privileges were accorded accorded only to the "faithful." The coming of the British as the sovcrign power in India did not affect the position of the Portuguese. Portuguese. On consolidating their strength in this subcontinent, the British allowed the small pockets of foreign power, other than their own, to remain. Under an effete monarchy, Goa remained a backward though happy-go-lucky happy-go-lucky area, but with political political changes in Portugal and the advent of the republic in 3911 a new period was initiated^ Religi- OUH equality was proclaimed in Goa, and Hindus were allowed the right to worship openly and to rebuild rebuild temples which had been disfigured disfigured or destroyed. When the Portuguese cowiucivd Goa it was a flourishing center of commerce. In its heyday under the Portuguese, it was known as Golden Golden Goa . Today, alas, Golden Goa is no more! In place of a prosperous prosperous area of trado is a conglomeration conglomeration of small towns and villages steeped in poverty and hardship, with not attempt on the part of the administrators at striving for betterment. betterment. Goa consists of eleven districts with the capital at Janjim. Despite Despite nature's abundant gift, the people are in the grip of dire poverty. poverty. The fine natural harbor, manganese mines, and teak forests are undeveloped. Primitive methods of fishing and farming constitute the means of livelihood of the masses. Of a population of 600,000 600,000 one-sixth goes out of Goa to various parts of India or to Portuguese Portuguese East Africa to seek employment. employment. In every way Goa is dependent upon the Indian Union. Rice, sugar, wheat, vegetables, coal, wood, building 1 materials, petrol, fertilizer, fertilizer, cattle, cloth and other es-

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  1. Kerrville Mountain Sun,
  2. 27 Jul 1950, Thu,
  3. Page 16

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