Amateur Elocutionist - Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN 28 Jul 1886

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Amateur Elocutionist - Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN 28 Jul 1886 - xn. aa4 U a of 7Iala. Ncrvona Teee- Car-...
xn. aa4 U a of 7Iala. Ncrvona Teee- Car- Xedietae er»r It. ad as for ^. .IA31KS BICOWN 1'U'lTElt The editor of l.ipjilaeott '* hx- ajkiduie for my experience a-» amateur elocutionL-t. and it is with much difference tha*. I undertake ta-k of attempting to describe the presaion.s ol that hybrid creature, amateur player who appears in \Ve are all reciters to a greater or degree ic our youth, but it is that an innate attraction for dramatic effects, or a sentimental nature, or whatever else we choose to call it. carries us bevond our crude childish recitations whea the stern maternal impulse i5 removed. Even when such the case, however, our experience gained so gradually, and the artL-tic effort is so associated and intenvined with social questions, that in point fact an amateur scarcely knows be did be,;in or where he stands. amateur never addresses an ordinary theatre or coarert hall audience, gathered of its own will, presumably a performance congenial to its and it b therefore hard to establish that svmpathv which must mutually exist between "the pertormer and listener before tfce former can display his best forces. Our audiences are usually extremes, all women, all all young, all old, all poor, all all something--generally with their minds made up lor or against entertainment, or at any rate, for or against the player. It L« aa:d that Mr. Labouchere never to know an artist personally til be has passed judgmeat on" his work--recogaizing how much merely personal likes or dislikes may wr»rp justice of his criticism, la aa audience there are but few not predisposed one way or aaother. They heard of yon through a friend or detractor, who has painted you black white, as the case may be! The amateur in itself is killing, and to public means work half done, with some charitable purpose as its excuse. One is more or less compelled isto charitable act; it is rarely a free and ameteur tickets are crammed down the public throat. Is it to wondered at they do not direst andthat our*audfences are ofdyspeptie turn by the time we face them? But "my personal experieaces has been asked for. I scarcely remember the day whea I did not recite; child 1 was made to learn a verse poetry daily, and sveh is the force nabit'that a day never passes that not memorize a few 'lines. All arc fond of the heroic style; but lived during the war. ia the lonely mountains of Nortb Carolina, and went through many .nirring and exciting experiences, our thoughts took particularly martial turn. The lays ·Aytoun and Macaulay were gospel to us. and I think my debut "Horatius who kept the bridge." One {lay I was reciting this poem out of doors near a little stream when I came to that verso in Horatius. after addressing a prayer the Tiber, ··with his harness on plunged headlong in the tide," I became so zealous that I jumped iato tne bomc-mado Tiber, whose name was "Mud Creek." dragging with my 2-year old sister and brother made for the opposite bank. We seen ajd pulled out like three little drowned rats, and I was soundly smacked and sent to bed: shoes clothes were not to be trifled with war days. i

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  2. 28 Jul 1886, Wed,
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  • Amateur Elocutionist - Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN 28 Jul 1886

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