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News and Gossip, 1897 - Kava-n-irb, Wool-lett aoiii-eture. Cotn-pauv 40...
Kava-n-irb, Wool-lett aoiii-eture. Cotn-pauv 40 NEWS A3iD GOSSIP. ru called a g-reasy g-reasy g-reasy burter-tub. burter-tub. burter-tub. Bald-headed Bald-headed Bald-headed butter-tub. butter-tub. butter-tub. And indeed there U good reason wby. For I'm the strong butter-tub. butter-tub. butter-tub. Scanty-haired Scanty-haired Scanty-haired butter-tub. butter-tub. butter-tub. Odorous butter-tub, butter-tub, butter-tub, 1. At noon yesterday the grand jury adjourned adjourned over to Tuesday. The City Couxcn. meets in regular session at nine o'clock to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning. ;bt your dog tax ready, for Marshal Byran proposes to raid the canines on the first of June. Secretary Cameros has leased Dr. Carter's Carter's house on Fifth street, and has taken possession. The table service for the Savery House is displayed in Perkins & Gray's show window, and Is very handsome. " The Kesuit of the Thursday Election" is to be the topic for several sermons in Des Moines this morning. Jcstice notifies Clerk Mason that he will be here to preside at the May term of the United States Court. A xcmbeb of gentlemen from Des Moines went to Iowa City yesterday to attend the funeral of lion. Hush Clark. The dining hall on the State Fair grounds is completed, and several of the other buildings buildings will be ready for the roof this week. The Des Moises Sfortsme.n's Club will be represented at the State Convention and Tournament by Messrs. Lowe, Bryan and Sheldon. S. S. Bonbright has been appointed Sergeant Sergeant Major of the Third Regiment Iowa National Guards, vice rhilo Case, resigned. resigned. Lieit. Wesley Wiohtman has removed removed to Colorado, leaving a vacancy in Company A, Third Regiment, It will be filled by election. Two chaps that hadn't fully recovered from the effects of an after-election after-election after-election jubilee were fined the customary amount in the Police Court yesterday. Mrs. C. McJIantma, mother of Miss Hat-tie Hat-tie Hat-tie McManima, teacher in the Third Ward Schools, died at Dexter at noon yesterday, after a short but severe illness. Yanderbilt's fast train made better time on the St. Jo., Kansas City & Council Bluffs road than It did on the Northwestern 47 miles an hour. The trials of the saloon-keepers saloon-keepers saloon-keepers for failing failing to have their names over their doors, as required by the city ordinances, are still before before the District Court. A shot-si shot-si shot-si s stolen from a squatter on the bank of the classic Coon, a niileor so west of the Water Works, by some boys, was yesterday yesterday found buried in the sand where the boys had cached it. Charley Kickett. who was assaulted by Mike Madigan, on Court Avenue, Friday, is still routined to his bed and unable to appear appear in Court. Madigan's trial has been postoned until such time as Kickett shall be able to attend. Yesterday morning a farmer living about twenty miles from Des Moines found three of his horses in our city pound, just ready to be sold by Marshal's sale. It cost him nineteen dollars to redeem them, but ha was very well pleased for all that. They had been missing three weeks. Gex. Alexander, Gen. Olmsted, Surgeon General Mc;orrisk, Brigade Surgeon Hutchins, Kegimental Surgeon Ilajiawalt, Adjutant Cate, Capt. Daugherty, Lieut. Laughran, Lieut Thompson, and Drum Ma jor Bonbright, will be the Des Moines dela- dela- g-ats g-ats g-ats to the State Military Convention at Marshalltown, to be In session next week. Last evening a large party of ladies and gentlemen celebrated the silver wedding anniversary anniversary of Mr. E. F. Dicks and his estimable estimable wife at their residence, north of the city. The occasion was full of genuine en joyment and the anniversary was commem orated in a substantial manner. The amusement list for this week is as follows: At the Opera House will be "Underground "Underground Itailroad," Saturday evening. At the Academy of Music, "Saved from the Storm," Friday and Saturday evenings. The "Danites" will be at the Opera House May loth; Joseph Cook, May 15th: and John Thompson, May 16. Yesterday the Board of Supervisors awarded the contract for grading the State Fair ground road to Jones A Co. for 16 cents per yard for one section, and to McGrady A Co. for 1CK cents for the other section. 51,000 bonds are required on each con tract. The awards are contingent ujion the ability of the contractors to furnish bonds. Tin-he Tin-he Tin-he will be an all day basket meeting, in Trullinger Grove, section 34. Franklin tp., Folk county, on June '2!th that being the fifth Sabbath in the month. The ground is at the southwest corner of the grove and near Mr. Trullinger's residence. Tim meeting is gotten up by the congregation that meets in the Trullinger school house on the M and 4th Sabbaths of each month. A number of the squatters on the Rock Island lands in Audubon county immediately immediately purchased their lands of the company after they were dispossessed. The couipany appcur to act very reasonably in the premises. premises. In one instance they sold a man the forty acres adjoining the town of Harlan on which he had squatted, for ten dollars an acre, a sum far below its actual value. The walking match between Ileek and Thompson turns out to be more of a fizzle than at first renrted. Thompson gave up at the close of the first two hours, and Heck left the track when he discovered that there was no real exertion necessary to win. The "Athlete Association" sends In a series of resou'tions denouncing Thompson. Heck has notified Miller, the champion, that he will walk him a match of one to five hundred miles ; lie also says he has received the promised promised pecuniary stipend for his walk. The Toledo Iilmlr says: "Saved from the Storm, is drawitig crowded houses, and is a play that deserves it. Miss Grty is an actress of rare merit and appears to better a ' in this great piece than In any other we have ever seen her in, Borneo and Zip, the two dogs used In this play, are the greatest wonders ever seen in this city, and perform feats that win the admiration of all who see them. The company Is of a high order and first-class first-class first-class in every particular, and Saved from the Storm is a histrionic achievement, achievement, and should be seen by every one." The following is the result of the election held in Ie township for the election of dele gates to the State Convention : The total number of votes cast was 367, of which W. F. Conrad received la4, Robert Aiton 10, J. A. Carlson 16 J, W. W. Thorpe 14, C. E. IVan 1T0, Marcus Kavanagh, Jr., 213, Geo. Indrum 13!, J. F. X. Drake 89, the successful successful candidates being Robert Aiton. J. A. Carlsou. C. E. Dean and Marcus Kavanagh, Jr. The utmost good humor prevailed and everybody is happy over the result. Yet ki av afternoon Miss Fannie Pritch- Pritch- ard was the heroine of an exciting runaway at least it was exciting to the lookers-on, lookers-on, lookers-on, although the young lady was so self-pos self-pos self-pos sessed and brave that she averted any evil consequence. While near the corner of Vine and Tenth streets In her carriage, her hors? concluded to run away. This he did, flying np Teuth street at a fearful pace. Every onee ia a while the animal would take to the sidewalk, but the young horse woman never lost control of him, and finally broueht him to a halt on Pleasant street, near the Third Ward School House, and then drove him home, thoroughly conquered.

Clipped from
  1. The Des Moines Register,
  2. 04 May 1879, Sun,
  3. Page 3

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