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 - What Are Parasites? Sometimes a person who li'...
What Are Parasites? Sometimes a person who li' with other people ajid doesn't work to do anything to help called a "parasite*" In the and animal worlds, parasites are creatures who live by attaching themselves to other plants and animals and feed upon the bodies or food supplies of their hosts. ' There are so many of these, and of so many kinds, that practically all living creatures, including man, have parasites living on them. The human body may have as many as 150 different kinds of parasites in its blood, muscles, glands, organs and tissues. When these para- Bites are disease-producing germs, they are dangerous. Progs have parasites and so do dogs, cattle, birds, horses, fishes and even insects. We all familiar with certain parasites, such as lice, ticks and fleas. The parasite gets not only food from its host, but warmth and protection. Some parasites spend their whole lives on body of the host. They are permanent parasites. Bird lice are an example. Fleas, on the other hand, leap from one host to another. Such parasites are called temporary parasites. Parasites that live within the human body include the tapeworm. It lives the intestine and eats the food which the person needs. The hookworm and trichina are other internal parasites of man which cause disease.

Clipped from
  1. Tucson Daily Citizen,
  2. 12 Dec 1969, Fri,
  3. Page 27

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