Score another triumph for middle age

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Score another triumph for middle age - Score Another Triumph for Middle Amelia Earhart...
Score Another Triumph for Middle Amelia Earhart Is Won by Older " B Y WILLIS THORNTON I NE. Service Staff Correspondent j "Love's like the measles," joked | Douglas Jerrold, "all the worse j when it comes late in life!" "Whaddayamean, worse?" cry the comparative oldsters who have beer, burning up the matrimonial speedway these last few months. "Better!" '.Anyway, for better or for worse, the parade goes on, not only among the "people of the stage, screen, society and literature, but in every other field, and in mixtures of nil foilr. · For "instance, there is a talented gentleman named George Palmer Putnam, who has been an explorer, publisher, and writer, but who i= now pe~rhaps bast known because he is the husband of Amelia Earhart | And Putnam did not allow we fact thai he was 42 and had a fine grown son cramp his style when h« found he was in love with the famous flyer who was 10 yean his junior. In fact Putnam was faced witn some pretty strong competition in the form of an admirer who was more nearly Miss Earhart's own age. But with thj speed and power that is becoming a characteristic of those fifth and sixth decades, Putnam flashed in a winner. Meets Future Bride His acquaintance with Miss Earhart Earhart (and she is still Miss Earhart, a f;rm Lucy Stoner, despite their marriage) began when she was chosen as the passenger of Wilmer Stultz and Lou Gordon on the:r epoch-making transatlantic flight, and became the first woman to fly the ocean to the east. Putnam was manager of the business details of the flight, and became much interested in the fai. young passenger, so newly arrived in the flying game from teaching Chinese and Syrian children children in a Boston settlement house. Miss Earhart had done some fly- irig but was making this perilous trip as a passenger only. There were plenty of admirers to greet her on her return, and one lifelong friend had been particularly particularly attentive. There -were rumors rumors of an engagement. Pulnaro Is Winner But Putnam won out, and the twn stood up quietly in Putnam's old family home in Noank, Conn., from the admiring thousands , were accisiming Miss Earhart the nation's premier woman r. At the Metropolitan Opera house in New York, the presiding genius for 27 years has been Giulio Gatti- C'asazza, a forbidding - looking, bearded artist - impresario, who ruled the temperaments of tem- g £s!uous opera stars with an iron and. Carried for 18 years to Frances Alda, a sopranj at the Met, Gatti- Casszza's marriage was dissolved in 1928. He was 53 then, and people people connected with opera dismissed as absurd the constant rumor that sheir impresario was about to marrv again. Further, they asserted, Rosina Galli, the dark-eyed ballet mis- IN MUSICAL Fill D'Orsay and Bing Crosby in a scene from "Going Hollywood" Love for youth only? Giulio Gatti-Casazza glowers fearsome!y at such a loolisJii theory, me, »t 80, poses, top photo, with Rosina Galli, dark-eyed ballet mistress of the opera, his bride of 34. And Earhart and George P. Putnam, left below, scoff at the Men. At right, below, Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, gets nothing tmt happiness ahead with his fourth wife, whmn he muried when he tress of the opera, was sngage.1 to a man in her home city of Milan --the 1 rumors connecting her with Gatti-Casazza 'just couldn't be true. Weds Ag*in at M But they were. The lovely cten- seuse and the bearded impresario slipped across the river to Newark ant were married, leaving immeJ- iately for a honeymoon at Cannes, Gatt.i-Casazza was 60, Sliss Gall: 34. Certainly nobody ever achieved love at 59 through a stormier life, a life lit by flashes of tragedy, o! unconventionally and of genius than Frank Lloyd Wright. Believed by many to be the outstanding outstanding American architect of the modern school, Wright's first marriage marriage was rather conventional, only to be broken by Wright's "elopement" "elopement" with the wife of a neighbor neighbor Tragedy Ends Romance Tragedy came next, when o colored servant at bfc beautiful country home, Taliesin, went mad. Sf the house afire ,and slaughter-' eo with an ax Wright's wife, nsn two children, and four other occupants occupants of the house, as they fled the flames. Again Wright found love with a third wife, but this union descended mto a mire of litigation, litigation, suits, and recriminations when he again -ill in love, this time with a Montenegrin dancer, Olgivanna Milanpv. Securing his divorce with much difficulty, Wright at 59 launched into a fourth Marriage, and witn this love, which came to him at threescore, as a foundation, is attempting to resume the brilliant career which has been so sa!ly interrupted by the turbulence 01 his ventures into love. Never Too OM for Love Every day the examples muir.i- ply. and the "older generation," in open rebellion against the wave of "younger generation" stuff it has been JleaflBg for the last decade, is bringing forth examples of love that only begins at 40, and of rosebuds rosebuds that continue to be gathered long after the Maytime of life. Samuel Martin, retired physician physician of Mount. Holly, N. J., for instance, is honeymooning today with a 20-yeai-old bride, though he is well beyond the allotted threescore threescore and ten years. "3 have hearcC" said wise Emsr- son, "that whoever loves is in no condition old." Train Derailed PADUCAH, April 25.--(A 5 )-- Two crewmen were recovering Wednesday Wednesday from cuts and bruises suffered wheii a Quanah, Arme and Pacific Pacific passenger train was derailed four miles west of this'city by mud, gravel and rock washe.d down upon upon a highway crossing. Bill Norman, engineer, and Joe Shaw, fireman, were brought to a hospital here for treatment. No passengers were on the train and other members of the crew were unhurt. The train was composorl of an engine, which turned over, a baggage car and two passenger coaches. Another train, from noyd- ada, picked up the baggage and mail. TUTTS By Crawford Young 'O.K.'Law and GoTemor Allen In sharp contrast to the attitude California's Governor is that o: Governor Oscar X. Allen of Louisiana, who mobilized two companies of State National Guard to confessed killer under arrest in Caddo Parish courthouse, Shreveport, Shreveport, from mob of 5,000. I THIS

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  1. The Brownsville Herald,
  2. 25 Apr 1934, Wed,
  3. Page 20

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