Navy plane hunts earhart lost in pacific

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Navy plane hunts earhart lost in pacific - to to to da Greo- Driver Mo., and- Mo.,...
to to to da Greo- Driver Mo., and- Mo., serBatteries: Ernest driver, injury. county for driving, he ownership, The con 75 Cheyenne TH* GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOLUME XXIX--NUMBER 285 AFTERNOON EDITION GREELEY, COLORADO, SATURDAY, JULY 3, 1937 WEEKLY ThlBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 Navy Plane Hunts Earhart Lost In Pacific Amelia Took Difficult Equatorial Route Around World ]Signals Scarcely Audible Inspire Hope for Safety Above: Amelia Earhart's longest-way route around the world on which she started with Navigator P. T. Noonan from Miami on June 1. The map shows her principal stops and the dates,, but not all. her stops.. Howland Island, the destination she never reached, appears on this map. The broken line west of the island shows where she encountered trouble and marks the place near where experts believe she was forced down at sea. The broken line running eastward from Howland Island merely marks the unflown portions of the projected world flight. Flying the South Atlantic, she landed at St. Louis, north of Dakar, the day before the date showing her arrival at Dakar. Sleet and Electrical Storm Forces Back Patrol Plane; U. S. S. Colorado Ordered from. Honolulu To Search lAHHoc.lated Press! Honolulu, July 3,--A navy patrol plane speeding, to Howland Island to search for the missing plane/of Amelia Earhart turned back to Pearl Harbor naval base today after encountering snow, sleet, and heavy electrical disturbances. print Amelia and Navigator Lost at Sea ; Anxiety GrOWS f Or June Saxby, Missing 12-Year-Old Greeley Fred J. Noonan and Miss Amelia Earhart, missing when their around-world plane was forced down in the vicinity of Howland Island. Coast Guard Cutter Starts Hunt Quickly (Associated Prcfl«l Honolulu, July 2.--Search for Amelia -Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, was begun today by the coast guard Itasca, only vessel within several hundred miles o£ tiny Howland Island where the aviatrlx was- long overdue on a daring flight across the South Pacific. The cutter, stationed at Howland to assist the flyers as they arrived after a 2570 mile flight, from Lae, Now Guinea, set out at 2 p.ui.,. 5:30 m.s.t. to hunt the missing, plans. The last message from the plane, received six hours previously, reported only a 30 minute fuel supply. Coast guardsmen expressed belief aviation's- first lady Snd "her companion had overshot the tiny island and landed somewhere in the vast mid-Pacific far removed from regular shipping, lanes. The cutter prepared to search the little known area northwest of Howland which Is a treeless sand spit only a' milo and. a half long.. The next nearest land is Jarvi^ Island, a similar mid-Pacific dot, 40 miles, north of Howland. Outside of these virtual sandbars, there is nothing -but. water .for hundreds of miles. Some aviation authorities bpHf-vfd Can Only Wait Growing fear that June Saxby, attractive 12 year old Camp Fire girl",, daughter-of Mr.-and Mrs. Warren Sax,by of Greeley,. may have been kid- napnd, was expressed here Saturday afternoon by Mr.. Saxby who reported that he and friends had scoured the j Greeley rural territory within a radius of six to eight miles, without, finding a trace of the daughter. Mrs. Saxby was. nearlng nervous collapse from anxiety. ! Chief o£ Police C. C. Hunter said | he was still confident that the girl t would return^ unharmed. Father Is "Stumped" i "I am stumped," said Mr. Saxby, ! prominent Greuley auto repair man. j "At first I felt that June had gone , to soma farm nearby to obtain a job , and earn, enough money to attend , .Camp Dunraven for a full two weeks., But now I am convinced that if she. had done so sho would have let us. j know by this time. "I am beginning to think that she I j may have been picked up. I don't be- i · lieve she would have entered a car willingly. Her mother has trained 1 her for years against accepting rides with men or strangers. We know that she has refused rides downtown in a rainstorm, because of that training. Took No Extra Clothes "How she could have been picked up during broad daylight Is more than 1, know. I feel that It she had intended to run away she would have taken some money and extra clothes with her. She took nothing, but the clothes she Was wearing." The girl was described, as cheerful Feared Kidnaped George Palmer- Putnam, publisher, above, husband of Amelia Earhart Putnam, as he, awaits word of his wl'j, forced down in the Pacific on a flight around Mother Earth's waistline. the receipt of the message spurred ·the coast guardsmen to the hunt. The cutter prepared to search the little known area to the northwest ;he bl-motored laud plane In which of.Howland. Miss Earhart was flying around -the I Reports preceding the final mes- world, could survive a sea landing if"rsago indicated the $80,000 laboratory weather conditions, were good. plane had been battling head winds Paul Mantz, Miss Earhart's aviator which had drawn heavily on the fuel and. witty with many friends. Sho is strong and peppy. A check made with relatives in Detir ver showed the girl had not arrived there. The Soxbys have one other child, a son, Donald, 14. . Honolulu, T. H., July 3.--A navy flying boat neared Little Howland Island from Honolulu today to join the search for Amelia Earhart, world flier, and her navigator, Frederick Noonan. They were forced down yesterday somewhere In the south Pacific. Only infrequent radio telephone messages have been received from them and the plane's, position was not known. To Search Howland Island Waters The flying boat was under orders to make an aerial search of the Pacific within a hundred miles of Howland Island, using the coast guard cutter, Itasca, as a base. The Itasca, which sped thru the dark waters under forced draft In a nightlong search, was ordered to return to Howland. Coast guardsmen said they had no direct word today from the plane, tossing they believe, somewhere within a hundred miles o£ reef like Howland Island. At Los Angeles, however; two radio amateurs reported they heard Miss. I Earhart broadcast a distress call at. 7:42 a. m. MST and again at 8 a. m. today. Battleship Colorado May Join Search l_ The navy hastened to prepare tha battleship Colorado and ine aircrai't tender Pelican- for the search. Planes from the battleship and the tender will traverse the waters,southwest of Howl'aiid in search for a bobbing orange kite; part o£ the fliers' safety equipment. Incredible, difficulties of the search | were heightened by the fact that t neither sear.c'hers- nor the filers could tell definitely whether Miss Earhart shot the island where she expected to land and refuel yesterday. Coast guard.officers was "beyond belief" the woman flier overflew Howland.. They concentrated'their search in a 100-mile area southwest of the Island. AH last night the Itasca steamed back and. forth within the hundred mile area with search lights blazing. Today the funnel belched clouds of black smoke as a signal, to the fliers. Early today the Itasca broadcast weather information and a plea for the filers' position. There was no. response. June Saxby, above, aged 12, has been missing since 4 p.. m. Friday, causing her mother and father grave anxiety. They fear serious harm has come to her or she would have notified them. in the house which she could have taken if she had wanted to. As a precautionary measure, R. N. Hibler, city ditch rider, was asked to ride No. 3 canal thru town. Juno can swim, however. Jail for Speeders Over the Holidays While all Greeley peace officers continued to search for June Saxby, 12- year-old daughter of Mr. and . Mrs. Warren Saxby o f 1617'% Tenth avenue, . . . ., the parents Saturday said they hoped,: Itt an |«ort to reduce traffic accl- to find the girl on a farm near Gree- dent ? andT ' OBS , o£T % ov ? r the Jul , y 4 i June was last seen about 4 p. m. Friday, riding her bicycle north on Tenth avenue. Later she returned the bike and left .without'notifying anyone. Parents asked all officers and Radio Station KFKA to aid in the search T , T , holiday, Joseph J. Marsh, supervisor of the state highway courtesy patrol, Friday ordered his men to arrest and place in jail all motorists whom they observe speeding or driving in. a reckless manner. He pointed out that a similar or- wMch" conned" tun. Frma. night *» «-««£* *. MemorM Darwee,. advisor at Burbanic, Calif:, said the ilane could float "almost indefinitely" jecauso o£ six gasoline tanks with a capacity of more than 1000 gallons. "I am convinced that she would bo able to keep afloat long enough tor any vessel within several miles reach her," Mantz said. supply. Less than an hour before the report tolling of the fuel shortage, message indicated the plane was 100 miles from Howland. The cutter said was "no pos 1 to ; . ; slblllty" that the piano could remain j. aloft until, noon, Howlnnd time, at A message from Miss Earharl's ; which time the vessel planned to quit ·world plane at 7:42 a.nt., Howland Its island statibn and start the:search. .line, 11:12 a.m. mountain time., said she had only a 30 mihuto supply of toel and had not sighted tho Inland, ler goal on. tha 2,570 mllq hop from Now Guinea, Prolong^ sUeUc.d. Aviation experts expressdd doubts Miss Earhart's luxurious plane would float long In the little traveled tropical sea dotted with. Islands Inhabited by savages, ^^ ,,_ i .^. _,,.,_.,.»_ without results. Sho had never, le£t home before. · ' ; · The girl was wearing a blue shirt, green slacks, and white shoes and. did not take any extra, clothes or money with her. Sho is four foot and oloveu Inches high and weighs about. 105 pounds. She has light complexion and brown hair.- Mr. Saxby snld that lie had turned his attention Saturday to tho pos! sibility of his daughter having gone to j.a local farm seeking work,, because she had recently told a frieiid that she I wanted to earn money with which to ! attend Camp Dunraven which opens next week, Her .father -had given her. the funds for one week's stay, but sho wanted to be able to remain tho full two weeks of camp. Sho is a member of Groeley Camp Flro girls. Sho likes to bo on a farm. | Juno had boon instructed to stay nt| homo Friday afternoon because her.| mother was Indisposed. Sho loft whilo Mrs. Saxby was asleep, ' ,Tho lather .said that BlieS. had nibnoy in a usual dents. One Hour of College H i g h Monday Summer session, classes at. College High school will be held for only ono hour Monday from 8 a. m. uiittl 9 a. m. 'College classes, will close atnoon. Monday. Weather Colorado--Partly cloudy Saturday night and Sunday, probably showers and' thunderstorms in mountain districts; little change in temperature; Wyoming--Generally fair Saturday night and Sunday; cooler in northeast Saturday night. Now Mexico--TJrisettled Saturday iilght arid Sunday, probably showers and thunderstorms* Montana^--Generally fair Saturday night and Sunday. San Francisco, July 3.--First definite -indication that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan remain afloat iu their round-the-world plane forced down on a lonely stretch of the Pacific,, was established Saturday by radio operators who kept constantly at their posts in scattered parts of the world, alert for word, from the missing flyers. ^i^st clew was to the approximate position o£ the plane, which ran "put of gasoline while attempting to reach tiny Howland island after taking off £rom Lie, New Guinea, was also disclosed by these operators. From, the United States to Australia, government, commercial, ship and amateur. radio operators kept tuned to the wave length assigned the piano of America's noted aviatrlx and her veteran navigaior. A series of hardly intelligible--but none-the-less certain--signals built hope, the globe-girdling adventurers had alighted successfully on thie ocean and would be able to remain afloat until rescued. At Los. Angeles two amateur operators, Carl Pierson and Walter Mo- Menamy, reported intercepting the figures "1,79" and "16,'' They were un(Continued on Page Two) Soap Box Derby Racers on Truck In Parade Here Boys who are building their soap .box racers for the Tribune-GaLand Chevrolet soap box derby July .17 are -going to have.a chance to show their racers in. the Spud rodeo parade hero 'Monday. George Ai. Hill, sales manager of Galland - Chevrolet, Saturday announced, that a large truck would car- -ry several of the soap box racing machines In the parade. Boys entered in tho derby who have thoir racers built or partly built arc asked to .telephone Mr. Hill, at his office, telephone No.. 75, or at his. homo, telephone No. 1029, before Moty day morning if they waiit to show their racers in the parade. A truck will call for the boys and their racers Monday morning. Fifty-throe boys have entered, machines In tho Soap Box Derby which is to bo run on Eighth Avlnue ward from i9tk EHreei

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