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39th anniversary Lusitanian - 8 THE NEW PIKE DRILL 'Testing tne Extension...
8 THE NEW PIKE DRILL 'Testing tne Extension Ladder TrOT-TaMa TrOT-TaMa TrOT-TaMa Trot. Vaimg the Fempler iAdders. At U o'clock yesterday forenoon large crowd of pooplo aserabled in the vicinity oi Common, between Camp mi Magazine streets, wnera the pablio exhibition exhibition of the efficacy of the new Preston Preston extension ladder t urn-table urn-table urn-table true was to be given. The crew who operated the tract was composed of Thomas Morpby.8tephn J. Philoin. George Trover, Adolpne&ew-house. Adolpne&ew-house. Adolpne&ew-house. Pat Newman, William A. Toyer. Robert MeCloskoy and J. 8. Monery, whVweri dwUed by Chief Engineer O'Connor, andeperaied oncer bis command command and! that of Foreman Cnas. Dsy-ton, Dsy-ton, Dsy-ton, of American Hook and Ladder Company No. 2. to which company the track belongs. . , Thesteam engines of Eagle Ne. T and Jackson Steam Jr'ira Company No. 1 were stationed at tbe comer of Maga-cine Maga-cine Maga-cine and Common streets, and a lead oi hose was run to the track. ; The exhibition commenced by raising the extension- extension- ladder from a horizontal to a perpendicular position, and then projecting tho npper Jadoer to height if seventy-sir seventy-sir seventy-sir feet. The turntable waa then worked and the ladder turned to face the rear end of Messrs. A. Baldwin fc Co.'s five-story five-story five-story warehouse. The long ladder waa then dropped oyer to the building and the top end touched the window centil of the tiifth-story tiifth-story tiifth-story windows, windows, the time occupied in performing, wbien was Just 1 minute and 10 seconds. The ladder was taken down and agsin raised as before in one mmnte. J. no. crew were then ordered to ascend with a lead of hose, which they did, and water was forced by the steam engines through small hose, a thin stream of water, probably half" an inch thick, being being forced throogh the nozzle, sufficient taextinguishafireinitsincipieDcy. Alter the ability to carry hose to snch a gTeat height and force water through it- it- had been sufficiently well demonstrated, demonstrated, the men were ordered down and the ladder again placed on the truck. The third trial was to raise the ladders to a perpendicular position, forming a water tower np which several leads of hose could be carried, and two men with tbe lead of hose ascended to the top. The ladder was then turned, with the men on it, and water forced through the hose. The ladder was then dropped arainat the walls of the building, the men still retaining their positions. This concluded tho extension ladder and turn table exhibition, which was voted a success; the audience applauded applauded loudly. , .... Ascending on the outside of buildings with pompier ladders was next demonstrated. demonstrated. The men threw the ends of these ladders Into the windows on the first floor and one man ascended, lie waa followed by a man with a Dab-cock Dab-cock Dab-cock extingiaber on his backhand lastly s man with another pompier ladder ascended. The latter, in reaching the end of tbe first lsdder, threw his ladder into tbe window above, where the hook fastened on the. eili. and he then ascended. The Babcock man followed, and then a third pompier ladder was carried np on the second and made fast to the third-story third-story third-story window. The men followed np and then returned to the sidewalk, taking the ladder down. as tbev descended. The hose of the two steam engines wa. then Siamesed tbat ia ran together together into a larger hose and a two-fech two-fech two-fech stream of waujj1 forced through by tbe two engines combined. By this method large volumes of water can be forced through a single lead of hose, and if thrown on a tire would rapidly drown it out. ..... The new truck will move of great service to tho department in the business business portion oi tbe city where high buildings exist. The men who operate the truck are enpplied with bangers, hatchets and tools to force opou iron shatters the bugbear of the fire Department. Department. . The track i a fine piece of workmanship, workmanship, and. although new, works well ana easily. It combines lightness with strength and durability, and reflects credit on the manufactory. Over Many a Leavaae Spreads tbe miasms, or poisonous vapor, that begets malarial and typhus fever. Wherever there Is sum ant water In whtch vegetation or refuse of any kind decays, there, as surely as the son rises, are generated generated tbe seeds of fever and agae, numb ague and other endemic maladies of tbe malarial malarial type. For the effects of this envenomed envenomed air H o tetter's Stomach Bitters far-nlahes far-nlahes far-nlahes an antidote, and prevents both the cootrsettoa and recarrenoe of inch miladies. miladies. ven along tbe line of excavation for thoLeaeepe Pasame Canal, where malarial otaeaees are bo only vim lent bat deadly, Hoatetter's Stomach Bitters has demonstrated demonstrated Its Incomparable protective quail-i quail-i ties. Not only for febrile complaint, bat also for disorders of tho atomacn, liver and bowels, lor rbeamatum and Inactivity of the kidneys and bladder, it is very efleettve. It counteracts the effect of laugoe, aamp and exposure. A 8H.EXT TEACHZE. Jler. Jon Timer, the Deaf Mate Preaeh- Preaeh- i er. Has Returned to the City. ; Rev. Job Turner, of Staunton, Va., the missionary to the deaf mates ia the South, and a veteran lecturer and educator, educator, arrived in town Saturday. 8inee his last visit to New Orleans Mr. Turner has been to California and Oregon. He attended at San Francisco tbe National Convention for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. Tbe object of the movement is to improve the methods of teaching deaf mutes. He officiated in Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley, Lske City, St. Paul, Minneapolis, bt. Loo is ana Newport, Ky. He preached in St, Paul's Episcopal Church y ester- ester- afl AW Sir. Turner -is -is a man of - excellent hiiitw. Although now over 60 years of age, no is very kutb uo oiiotBrcinj, ana is a geotieman oi us mgat muto manners. He ia a deaf mute, skilled in tha aiirn lanraase. and an admirable teacher. In V, when he waa a pro- pro- feasor in the Virginia Institution for tno Ueal ana uaaio, mere were uwa only five schools for tnes unfortunates in the United States. There are now about seventy. Probably the best is th National College at Washington. ' He reckons the number of deaf mutes J a the United States at about S5.000. A large proportion can read and write, and their condition, educationally, is improving. .. . . Air. .turner was lur airiy-BL. airiy-BL. airiy-BL. n instructor in the Virnnia institute. and has been a traveling minister for some thirteen years, ms jurwaiouoa cotots the States of Maryland, Virginia, PiOrtn Carolina, ooata iarouu a, uoer mi. ilkh&m. Florida, llisaissi ddL Tex as, Arksnsaff, Louisiana and Kentucky. t-v.. t-v.. t-v.. A Hanld fwl1n and dnll head w a . iumh1. Tako two tut Hg, M J ... I j - - . . carter's Littie Liver Fills before retiring. atfia you vtu uau j aogooa. ' THIKTY-IfESTH THIKTY-IfESTH THIKTY-IfESTH AJRUVEESABT rr tba rasltanlaa Fortageae Bemevatent AtsoclaUoB. The Lualtanian Portagueae Benevo lent Association yesterday celebrated Its tbirty-ninth tbirty-ninth tbirty-ninth .anniversary by a &raif.and banonet. At 2 o'clock in tbe afternoon tbe members and guests gathered at the hall of the organization, on Dauphine, near Hospital street, and under orders of Joseph. Uton, tne nrand Marshal, and his aids, the col uma took np Its line of march through ) the principal streets of the city. Two hands of music accompanied the pro-.mmmr pro-.mmmr pro-.mmmr inH niivnM) thaooeaaion with their insoirieg strains. The different newspaper offices were visited and each treated to a serenade. ... . 1 1 .hnnt A n'rlm-k n'rlm-k n'rlm-k tht lit 1 wm a train v'oaxhaisf- v'oaxhaisf- TT ere a banonet had been Dre- Dre- pared, contiiting of everything in the . I J igmj ox catames uu m imamo uii uis THE m. m . .nra nnA A MIT A. BKHI IUWlni w After tbe demands of tbe tnner man T .:-AA .:-AA .:-AA nuM w,ra in order and responded to. . The banquet was a rery enioyaoio one. , -" -" to.ll those ,wto Participated in it. Tne association ! uuaii PresidVnWohnMercadaii First Vice President. Miebel Antoynei Second V ice President, John Geonaich: Recording Recording Secretary. A. B. De bt ; Financial Secretary, A. ocimon , rojwowi, F. de Eoaldes; Collector, M. B. Avellar. The aids to the Marshal were: E. Vergnes, C A. Desporte, Ivan F. 8iek-raann, 8iek-raann, 8iek-raann, Chas. Baekmar Angelo Massa, Marco Clarich, J. J. McConnell. Jos. Geoeomino, Jos. Favolorio and J. H. Sterken. . The following constitnted the Com- Com- i.MnT.m.yit. Anv.Harnbau Chairman; John Mereadal. ex-offlcio; ex-offlcio; ex-offlcio; Peter xloroaricn, won aubh, a. . F.mila Tniacne. Oscar Kobin. John Georiaich. - smBP" nil ' FATHER MATflETV. Thirteenth Annual Celebration of lUs Birthday by the Catholic Total Ab-stiaeace Ab-stiaeace Ab-stiaeace Vnlon of XxmUlaaa. .. Th f!at.bnMa Total Abstinence Union of Louisiana, assisted by the Holy Spirit and St.Alphonsus Benehcial societies tnii th various branches of the Catho lic Knights of America, the leading Catholic organizations in this city, united in paying tribute to tbe memory of the Very Eer. Theobald Mathew. the leader of leader ia the great work of temperance. Father Mathew was born in lip- lip- perary. in the village of Thomastown, Oct. 10, 17D0. He waa the youngest of four sons, one of whom his mother desired desired should - become a priest. Much overjoyed was she when informed by Theobald of his desire of entering the priesthood. - flavin k inacio uia pmpji.uij o.i. iA ATitril Kfkwnnoth Culleffe in SeDtem- SeDtem- ber, 1807. remained till ltx, when he conceived tne idea of joining a religious order in Kilkenny, known as the Capn-chians. Capn-chians. Capn-chians. On Easter Sunday. 1814. he was ordained priest oy AronDisaop Murray. In 183S ho commenced his reas temperance won oy "i iafint tmneranee aocietv in the hall of theschoolnonse. He traveled through Ireland. England and Scotland, where his eloquence and zeal attracted to the temperance ranks men, women and children of all races and creeds. He became became so famous as a temperance reformer reformer that an invitation was extended by the leading citizens and clergymen of all denominations to visit this coan- coan- Arriving in New York July 2. 1849, he was welcomed to the city by the Mayor and Council. The demonstration on tho occasion have never been equaled. In December be was extended the courtesy of the United States Senate. and on ueo. zu a dinner was riven uy President Fillmore, to which fifty leading leading men in the country were preaent. n rmved in New Orleans in March. 1850, where he was entertained by one ot the leading Israelites of this city named conen. ana aiso oy m prrwioi friend. Mannsel Whiro. He administered administered the pledge in all the churches in this city to over 15,000 persons daring his three months' sojourn. Having visited the leading cities in tbe United States where be administered the pledge to over (XW.ouo persons, ne ntnmwl to his home in Cork, where he died Deo. 8. 1851. . The last act of his me was to aaminiiwrius picuito iu poisons poisons whom he ordered his attendants to bring to his bedside. A worthy follower of Father Mathew was found in the person of the Very Rev. Theobald W. Butler. 8. J., who ia Jnly, 1872, organized the New Orleans Catnoiio lotai Aostinence . society. Shortly afterward three other societies were orgamzea. ana in jaiy. xoo, mej formed State Union, of which tbe Rev. Father Butler was its first spiritual director. director. On his appointment as pastor of a church in Angnsta, Ga., tbe Key. D. McKiniry, S. J- J- was appointed his successor. Under his spiritual guidance the union prospered. Three years ago he was sent to Spring Hill College to be its President. Tne union found another worthy successor in tbat indefatigable worker, the Rev. Thomas McElligott, S.J. ' The six societies composing the anion tha Kir Orloani. Kt. Joaeoh'a. St. Alpfaonsus', St. Theresa's, St. Michael's and ot. John the esptisc ineir spiritual spiritual directors take great interest in their success. Fope Leo Alii, as weu as nis predecessor. predecessor. Pins IX, granted certain in-Hnliraneea in-Hnliraneea in-Hnliraneea to nersons ioinins anv Cath olic Total Abstinence Society. These societies bave among tbeir memners the leading archbishops, bishops and learned clergymen in tbe Catholio Church. At 7:30 o'clock, in St. Alnhonsns Phnreh. on Wedneadav. Thursday and Friday evenings the retreat was largely attended. It was preached by the Rev. Ferreal Ofrardey, C. S3. R. At tne l:au o ciock mass onnaay morning morning all the above named organizations approached Holy Communion in a body. Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Father Girardey. At 7:30 o'clock last evening a lecture waa delivered by the learned Father Girardey, who had the distinguished honor when a boy to serve as acolyte at tbe mass celebrated by the Rev. Father Mathew in St. Arphonsns Church. The following are the officers of the State Union: President. Cornelius Ryan; First Vice President, H. R. Gifihey; Second Vice President, M. G. Lally; Secretary, J. J. O'Connor; Treasurer. D. II. Buckley; Marshal, W. H. Byrnes; Sergeant-at-arms, Sergeant-at-arms, Sergeant-at-arms, Sergeant-at-arms, Sergeant-at-arms, Jos. S. Byrne. . " FOOIXNG THE AMBULANCE. Yesterday afternoon the ambulance waa telephoned for from Geddea' un dertaking establishment, on Erato street, with information that it was wanted at the corner of Terpsichore and Baronne streets, where a man was lying on the sidewalk suffering from a severe wound in his head. On their arrival the surgeons were unable to find any wounded man, nor. could the people residing in the neighborhood give any information about the matter. All that Geddea knew about the message was tbat some person ran into the shop and requested that the ambulance bo sent for. This is not the first faloo alarm tbat the ambulance ambulance baa responded to from other ? laces in tbe above locality, and in tne a tore the wsson of mercv will not eo there unless the message is sent by a police omeer -or -or aome responsible citi zen. - - THIEVES AT WORK. 1 Tin Tapplar. , ' fMaaw TtawA AOtifn vat da VtaArDA Iiaw named Lewis Johnson, at the corner of Peters Avenue and Magazine street, and locked him np for till tapping. Stealing a Watch. Tajtt Satnrdav eveninsr Johanna White waa arrested on Burgundy, near Conti street, and lodged in jail for stealing a watch belonging to Jacob bchaud, residing at.to.ZoU9 bt. ijoma street. BLAZES. Ia Algiers. About 12:30 o'clock Sunday morning a fire originated from aome nn known cause in tha kitchen of the house corner Powder and Alix streets, Algiers, owned and occupied by Mr. Henry Mailer. The building and furniture, which were the rame ohn. 31c Lord, was damaged to the amonnt of $50. The loss la covered, by a policy zor ou in tne ococtn union insurance company. EutGAjrr yusjiiTusa bt'Aucttos This Dat. A larice lot of handsome turniturr, mirrors sad osrpets will be sold this morn-log, morn-log, morn-log, at No. 203 Canal street, .Cortlioon- .Cortlioon- s.aou toe saie. . - destroyed, were in sored for $500 in queen's agency. The adjoining j honse. owned andocenmed bv Mr. U

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