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Marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and 1924

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Marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and 1924 - MARRIAGE LICENSES The fdlcwtns marriage lloeme...
MARRIAGE LICENSES The fdlcwtns marriage lloeme were limed, yea-terday. yea-terday. yea-terday. Name and age siren. HOPPER UM. Graham W. Hoppw. 23; Beiile Lira. 2J- 2J- JIMXNEZ REESE. AJfonra L. Jimenez, 23; 80-Milla 80-Milla 80-Milla 51. ItdM. 17. iKELLY DOREMUP. Frank Kelly, 25; Marguerite E. Doremui, IS. J KNECHT HUBEXL Walter T. Knecht. 33; lle- lle- trlna M Huhrr 34. KURILY DEKANJA. John Eurlly. M: Luo uerania. 7. LEVY SIMON. . Laiird B. Lery, 33; Guttle Si mon. 2L LOMBAB DO RODRIGUEZ. Frank Lombardo,Sl! EInira a. Rodrlgues, 1I. MoCARTY HUDGENS. Trarti K. MoCarty. 33; Thtlma Hurl; en i. 20. McDANIEL-JOHNSON. McDANIEL-JOHNSON. McDANIEL-JOHNSON. Harry G. McDinlaL 33, Cunletla V. Srimum. 30. MEDLEY TURFXKELD. Mjrcu B. Stedley, 23; LMjde B. Threllteld, 22. NEUWIRTH LEJTNER. Edward S. Neuwlrth. 2S; Alice U Leltner. 21. KXMZ 8TARK. SlJIWn H. Mm, 2t: Vldet F. Kurlr. IS. PAG E WESTON. Henry. J. P6e. 28; Annie Wea- Wea- ton. S3. POOL'E snOCKLEY. JameiTL rogue, 21: Omega Rhetkley. 10. RICHMOND JURLTNG. Ben D. Richmond. 24; Bertha Jurllng. 15. ROUXAND HYDE. Elba C. Rowland. 53; Flor- Flor- enee M. Hyde. 33. SCHL'LTZ MARCUS. Mike Bchullz, 50: Mary Marco. 42. PHET.'HAN B1ALK. Jamea A. Bhedtan, Jr.. 23: France Blaltc. 2.1. SHUBIN BUKAROFF. William M. Shubln. 31; Man- Man- B. Bukaroff. 2L 3NTDER TRO.MFETTO, Lynn Snyder, 25; Dora M. Tmmretw. 29. SOUTHF-RN SOUTHF-RN SOUTHF-RN S1EWEKK. Harold E. Southern. 21; Mfllle C. Blewefce. 23. TIER NAN HAINLINE. Loula P. Tlemin, M; Kathryn Halnllne. 24. TOVAR SERNA. Antonio Torar, 25: Sophronla fiema, 10. TURNER VAN SANT. Fred S. Turner, 22; Ath- Ath- Icne W. Van Sar.t, 1R. VAN BERCKELALR PE VINE. Gabriel A. Van Benkelaer. 24: (ieraldlne C. D Vine, IS. WEINOARTNER BIRKEL. Frank E. Welngart- Welngart- ner. SS: Franfe L. Blrkel. :c WEISS LAW. Arbraham Welts, W; BclU La, 34. WILLIAMS SWA RT7. Jweph B. WlUlami. 27: Ellrabe-lh Ellrabe-lh Ellrabe-lh Swart b. 25. WILSTON HAWKS. John V. Wilitwi. 47; Millie A. Hawk. 4i WRinnT lATOL'SEK. J. Edward Wright, S3; Mary Matousek, 33. BIRTHS Names, ser. place and date ft birth. ACKER. Mr. and Mr. Ralph. Daughter. Methodist Methodist Hospital. Ai.rll 'ST. BERRY. Mr. and Mnt. Jctin. Boy. 6500 MierldUn ttreK. Marrli 14. BOOKOUT. Mr. and Mr. Roy. Boys (twin.) General nnltat. April 27. COCKE Mr. and Mr. Robert. Boy. Good Samaritan Samaritan Uwpital. Arrll 23. COGSWELL. Mr. and Mr. HarolA Bey. MeLn ndlat nwplul. April 2A DALE Mr. and Mrt, Gooteb. Daughter. 400 SmiUi Fliruerw. April 24. DODSON. Mr. and Mn. Ottner. Daughter. Meth-rIItt Meth-rIItt Meth-rIItt Hospital. April 23. EMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Daughter. General Hwi-iUl. Hwi-iUl. Hwi-iUl. April 29. FOLLANSBEB. Mr. anr2 Mrs. William. Boy. 2303 Fifth arfnua April 30. G&OSS. Mr. and Mn. Mark. Boy. General Hospital. Hospital. April 2fl. HAD LEY. Mr. and Mrt. RutidL Daughter. Meth-rdlst Meth-rdlst Meth-rdlst Hospital. April 27. HALL. Mr. and Mr. Harold. B-7. B-7. B-7. General Hospital. Hospital. ArrU 23. HAM BRIGHT. Mr. and Mrt. Return. Daughter. Methmlltt HotplUI. April 27. HANSEN. Mr. and Mr. Claude. Boy. 3120 E-trada E-trada E-trada street. April 30. HUNTER. Mr. end Mrs. DanleL Boy: Methodist IlMtflal. April 28. MARRIOTT, Mr. and Mr. Frank. Daughter. Genera Genera Hospital. April 27. NELSON. Mr. and Mrt. SamueL Boy. 2120 North Vermont arenue. April 30. PHJPPKN. Mr. and Mrs. Ernwt Boy. Gen era r HmpIUl. April 27. PULLING. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer. " Daughter. 1205 flMith Arrlmcre ttree. Aprit SO. RAMArEL. Mr. and Mrs. Anton. Daughter. Clara Barton Hr-npltal. Hr-npltal. Hr-npltal. April 27. ROUSE. Mr. and Mrs. Mat. Boy. 437 South Ben-tort Ben-tort Ben-tort itrreL April 20. SMITH. Mr. and Mm. Samuel. Daughter. General General Hospital. April 23. VALLEE. Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Daughter. Generat Hospital. April 20. WEBSTER- WEBSTER- Mr. and Mn. WilUrd. Boy. 4033 Klneiwell avenue. April 27. DIVORCE SUITS FIXED RARTORH. Otto agalntt Gladyt. BISHOP. Myrtle D. agalnut Jamea .T. COLLIER. Margaret agalnit Jamer Lorts. DILLON. Agnet B, agalns-L agalns-L agalns-L William E. DILSAVER. Geraldine acalntt Ray. GALLOWAY. Dallat Llgelrr against Minna. GARDNER. Grafton W. agalnit Mioel B. GILES. Beetle rgaint William H. GO.MEZ. Jfe acnlnit Maria. ORE EN. Mabel G. acalnut Jerome J. HANLON. Elsie acalnst L. Clement. LADICO. Therlcre, acalnit Ellen M. LOVE. Parid F. atralnit May. NICHOLSON. Richard W. B. agalnft Ona G. VE1TH. William B. against Emily GUman. DIVORCE DECREES GRANTED BERRY. Uda R.' from William Lee. BURNS. Nolle M. fre.m Joeph N. rATT. Winifred S. from Jr-hn Jr-hn Jr-hn W. COOK. Lucille from Ray I CORPER. Miriam frr-m frr-m frr-m MtehaH. DOOPE. Pauline S. from Ralph H. GRIFFITH. Laurlne Itrm FrederielC. HANSON. Reryl Crawford from Harry W. SPHWinZER. Gladys M. from William B. SCOTT. Iselle E. tntn Ray A. VAN DYCK. Mary frrn Rldiard. WELSH. Marie M. fn.m Arthur K. WILLIAJtS. Nettle F. from Ira L. OFFIOIATj DEATH TjIST Name and place t.f death Age. Dte. EDDIE. James. In Angele BI Apr) 1 30 GARDINER. AnnlU. Lfs Angeles.. 2 Apr 20 HALPKN, Jennie. Los Angeles H2 Aprl 20 HBUT-S. HBUT-S. HBUT-S. Rt,hf,rt. Lot Angeles 3 April J0 KELEMAN. Charles. Lm Angele... 17 April 30 MACKUCnAN. Mary. Los Angeles. 60 April 28 MILES. Samuel. U Angeles 80 Aprl! 23 NEORETTE. Franclt. Lm Angele. . 12 Aprils" NICOLSON. BerUia. U.s Angeles... l April ss RITTFR. Catherine. Lm Angeles... April 30 RtTRIN, Bejulo. Ios Angeles M April 3ft snAW. Givirge. Ios Angale April 2n STH. Cleraballe. Lrs Angeles April 2R SMITH, Rcbcrt. Los Angeles 1 April 20 DEATHS With Funeral Announcement. ALLEN. At 143 South Larrfimond Bonlerafti. April an. Emma G. Allen, widow ot the late Frank Allen. , . Ftinral serrlee at Bretee Bnherj cJiapei, ' FtEueroa, Saturday at 3 pra. ABRAMBIDE. April 33, Grecian Arramblde ef Whit tier, brother cf Jean Arramblde nf Al-du-Jw. Al-du-Jw. Al-du-Jw. Al-du-Jw. Al-du-Jw. France, and Mary Louis Arantrt ef Argentina, Argentina, am', mon darly beK-red beK-red beK-red uncle or Mary and Peter Chandiortna of WhlUJer and Jennie Arramblde Moraso of Escondlda t,,i Ftmwal at St. Marj'i Cburri. WhlUIer. Saturday, May 3, fr:30 a.m. BARNEY. At 1CS8 Calzona ttreet. May 3. George W Bamey. belcned husband of Ollle J. Barney. Barney. Icrlnc father of Flcrenee M. Gcodrci. Melirtnt Downes. Frank U Barnoy and Mabel E. rrpe. all t Los Angeles. Serrire M.-Tiday. M.-Tiday. M.-Tiday. May 5. at 1 P.O.. at Beda A. Ji-hnson'i Ji-hnson'i Ji-hnson'i funeral chapel. 3S30 WhiUler Btlevai. Interment, Bosedale LemeKry. BOOTH' At 1344 Magnnfla arenun. Agnes Bth, belired reothtr of James. George and Arthur Bh and Mrt. Mabel While. Mrs. Sadie he-Derltt, he-Derltt, he-Derltt, Mrs. Grace Hyatt, and tttttr oT Martin Martin Burnt ef this city and Mrs. ElUabeU) Mrer vt Clereland. O. Funeral i en I ret today. 8:30 a.m.. at the parh-ra parh-ra parh-ra of Plere & Ie: thenr to SL Agnes Church. Vermont and Adams, for high mass at D a.m. BROOKS. At J.2M North Arenue 54. William Brooks. TUmalnt at CrttiVi. Nctlra tX funeral later. CABUTHERS. PtrrUci for Mn. Helen Caruthcrs, lite of Gewer-Ortjet. Gewer-Ortjet. Gewer-Ortjet. batored CaugWer wr Mn. Allee.T,Uttle. will bo held today at pm. from tho Rappe Mortuary. S42 rVutn FIguert street. Interment, Baltimore. Md. CHANDLER. At 1231 Lyndon street. Swth rai-dena. rai-dena. rai-dena. May t. Sulla Bardwell Chandler, aged 80 yrart. mother of Charles H. Walker and grandmother of Ethel B.. Bertha E. and Edith C. Walker. Funeral serrlces will be held at the parlors r-f r-f r-f Turner, Stereo & Berry. 1417 Mission street. Saturday aflenaor at 2:30 o'clock. CROSBY. At 3212 Rockland aeniio. Eagle Rock Cliv. Nancy L. Crmby. aged 80 years, belerml mcther t4 Edfcn and Fannin U Cnshy. Mary-ette Mary-ette Mary-ette C. Benton. Jeie Otbome of Eaclo Rode, and Mrt. O. C. Wet more of Blanchard. Iowa. Funet serrlee will b. h!d Mwiday. iar 5 3 pm, tt Twn Cemetery dtape' Kltfer &. Eyerldc of Glendalo. director. DAYT. May 1. Mr. GenerierB Dary, aged 2C Bamalnt at the chapM of Edwards BrchT. DUSKWOBTH. May 2. 12:45 o'dndc MeTa Dusk-worth. Dusk-worth. Dusk-worth. heloVed wife of T. W. DuOcworth nf Pan Bemartllno. and mothar of Mrs. G. F. Bambright of U Angeles. Ittfiment will take place at Fan Bernardino, Monday. May .V EASTMAN. At 45? Lincoln areroe. Pafadma. May 1. P24. Mrs. Lula C. Eastman, wire of Barry W. Eattman. . . , Funeral terriers will be held at 10 o eW thla momlnc at the chapel of Turner A Ste-ent Ste-ent Ste-ent Ca. Pasadena. Burial at Mountain View Cemetery. FIELDS. In this rlty, ATberiv Field, aged SS years. Bemalns at the partcn cf E. Clair Orer-holtxer Orer-holtxer Orer-holtxer Co.. formerly E. E. Oternoltzer-Son Oternoltzer-Son Oternoltzer-Son Co., I23is South Grand arenue. FISH". Mary E. Flth, lata cf East Washington Washington street. TUmalns Ir. be shipped to Geair. Okla., by tj XL OTerhr4tzer. GIBSON. At fill East Randolph stmt. Bell, April 29. 1934. William Arrher Gibson, belo-red belo-red belo-red bus-band bus-band bus-band of Margaret Gibson. Funeral terrtre at the chapel ef HunUng- HunUng- pwi Taric Undertaking Ca. Saturday, May 3, at 10 a.rn. GRAHN. At lao ReJe: itreet. May S. Charles A. Grahn. helmed father cf William A.. N. M. nd C. L. Grahn. Mr. Grace Berth. Mrs, M. Ashley an.2 Mn. P. Cornelia Banoxk, a na-Uw na-Uw na-Uw ef Ohlx agM 8-3 8-3 8-3 years. Funeral errleei at rhapel ef Bcbert Sharp h Sen. 11 TVmtr itreet, today. May S, at 2 pro. GROVE- GROVE- Nina B. GrtTe. bHcted wife of WUIUrn I. Grcrr. Remains In care ff the Rupps Uortaary, &43 South FUvcroa atrcejt. DEATHS With Funeral Announcement. GUERIN. At nuntington Parte HoapltaL Aprfl S. 1124, Mlrfitel Jamea Guertn. beIcod husband of Helen M. Guertn. brother of D. 1L Ouerio tf Ut Angeli-t, Angeli-t, Angeli-t, a member er Los Angeles Ccn I story. Nf- Nf- 3. Thirty-teeund Thirty-teeund Thirty-teeund Degree. K. C C H.. and O.R.C.. No. 132. Sallda. Cola Funeral at Los Angele Crematory, today. May 3, at 2 p.m. Huntington FarU Undertake lne Co. In charge. KEENAN. April 18. at 1331 Polniettla Place, Mrt. Katherlne A. Etetian, aged 53 rean. bBloted wife of Frank Keenan. Funeral terrices win be held Saturday, May 3. at 10 a.m.. from the Church cf the Blessed Sacrament. G657 Huntet Bouienrard, Hollywood. Strother 4 Dayton, directors. KELLER. Herrlcet, for William H. Keller. It to f 2341 Thlrty-fint Thlrty-fint Thlrty-fint atenue, belorod husband of hlltn L. Keller, faUier of Mn. Grace K. plttell. grandfather of Frederick Bklneer.wlli be held today, 2 p.m., from the Ruppe Mortuary. Mortuary. 842 South Flgueroa street. InUxtaont, Ingtewood Park Cemetery. KRANZTHOR. May 2, Mary Kranzthor. Remain at Bresee B rubers. 835 Flgueroa. KHUU8E. At 1714 Oak street. Otcar Kruute. bus- bus- -band of Ellen M. Kruute. Funeral from chapel of Iy H. Oterholtzer. 038 South Hill ttreet, BtturOu, May 3, at 2 p.m. Frl'ndt inrited. UNDBET. Funenl terrlres Tot Otcmr i Llndier will be held toda?, 2:30 p.m., ftcm the funeral chapel of Graham & Itbell, 015 Wat Washington. Washington. (Si. Louii,.Mo,( papers pleate copy.) UVLNGSTON. May 1, 1024. Alexander Li ring-"t ring-"t ring-"t tun, fcrmerly or Fort Scott, Kan., husband ' Loulie S. Llringtli, father cf John C. Ll-ingaton. Ll-ingaton. Ll-ingaton. and untie of Mrs. Frank A. Butter-tttrth. Butter-tttrth. Butter-tttrth. Funeral serrlces will be held In the chaper of J. D. Farlt A Co.. Tenth and Flouer it recta. Sunday, May 4. at 2 pm. LOTHROP. May I. 1924, Cornelia N. Lothrop, belored rauher at Mn. Robert Marsh. Funeral from tho chapel of Geo. A. Fitch, comer Twelfth and Hopostreeu, Saturday, May 3. at 10:30 a.m. LTON. At 1810 Monte Vista itrert," Pasadena. May ' r.mmf ijjui, wue or nouert. won. Funeral from chapel of Turner & Sterena Co., raiadenii, thlt afternoon at 2 cfolock. Interment, Interment, MounUin View Cemetery. MILLER. John S. Miller, Ute of 4740 West Eighteenth Eighteenth it reel. Remains to be shipped to Esoondldo, CaL, by Ivy H. Orerliolucr. -MONAHAN. -MONAHAN. April CO, Jojeph B. Monahan, aged 3S .vrars. Scrrlcrs will be held Saturday, ' May 8, at 0:.1O a.m.. from the chapel of Edwards Broth-tn. Broth-tn. Broth-tn. l3fl West SUleetith street; thenoe to St. Viuotnt'i Cliurdi, Wahlngtcn and Grand are. nue. 10 a.m., for requiem mats. MOORE. At CoIdlLabe. Alberta, Can.. April 20, 1034, Lyle F. Moore, husband of Bess Moore, ton of Mr. and Mn. T. F. Moore, and brother of Mrs. Ella Mae McManut. Funeral notice later. J. D. Faris A Ca, directors. NTE. May 1, at 1W.S South Wltmer street. Mary A. Nye. belored mother of Mrs, Edward N. brott r.f 134 North Benton Way. Si trice will be held Sunday afttmaxi at oclk lr. Garrett Brothers' chapel. 1237 South Flower. Interment, Barnstable, Mass. OCHOA. Carmen Ochoa. Remain at chapel of Gus Alrares A Moore, POUND. At 1415 North Atenue 33, John B. Pound, aged 72 yenn. husband of Dora. B. Pound and father of Mrs. Ruth Powell. Funeral ferric) at the Little Church of the Floweis, today, 2 p.m. Arthur E. Cretse, director. director. REIGEL. Mitt Anna E. Relgel, belorod daughter cf Mrt. Clara Rtttrel cf thlt city, and sister f Joseph Edward Relgel of Denver, Cola Funeral serricet trIty at 2 p.m. from the funeral par Inn of W. A. Brown, 1335 South Flower streO. Interment, Denrer, Cola RUIZ. Jr Ruls. Tiltate funeral, 1:30 p.m. today, frfjm, chapa! cf Gua Alvarez A Mcore, 500 Court street. SLOCUM. At A7.usa, May 2. 1024, Margaret M. Slocum. belorM tlsttr of Oman J. Slocura of Vineyard Haren. Mast. ; Mrs. Alice Frost f Natlik. Matt., and Ingram B. Slocum of San Franrlsca Funeral servlees fptirate) will be held at the Loj Angejns Cromatory, corner Sixteenth and Grortr st recti. Monday. May 5, at 10:30 o'clock a.m. Goo. A. Fitch, director. SMITH. George Montgomery Smith, father of Mm Cora E. Datls and Mrs. Jaclntha 3L Ander-trxi. Ander-trxi. Ander-trxi. member of Highland Prk Lodge, No. 382, and of Hrottfth Rite. Funeral terrlces wt Rmcdals Cemetery chapel at 3 p.m. Saturday. SPENCE. May 1. 1034, Joseph B. Speneo, btlorea hukLand of lAihi May Spence and father of Mra. W. J. Johntrn. Ramaina at the ohand of Geo. A. Fitch. Interment, Interment, Deer Lodge. Mont. TUCKER. May I. Zl Tucker, aged 5t year, beloved mother of Arthur Tucker. Funeral from The White Company. 6G4 Wert WathlngtM street. Saturday at 2 p.m. Interment, Interment, Lnglewood Park Cemetery. VASQUEZ. May 3, Elema Vatqiiex. Romatnt at the parlors of W. A. Brown. Notlc of funeral later. WTTJTB. At Laguna Beach. Emily H. White, titter titter of Ncna I White of Pasadena, and Mrs. L. B. Howe of Los Angeles. Funeral fron Mltslen Funeral Home, fiOS North Main street, Santa Ana. Sunday, May 4, at 2 o'clock. Friends Invited. WICFC. Serrlces for Slg Wick, late of 628 Wese Ninth street, will bo held today at 3 p.m. from the Ruppe Mortuary, 842 South Flgueroa rtreet. Interment, Inglewrxl Park Cemetery. TOUNO. At 807 South Wettlake avenue, Westmont Apartments, Emma Young, aged 60 years, luring luring mother of Chandler G. Smith. Remain! at parlors of E. Clair' Oterholtrr Co., formerly E. E. OTerhollitr-Scns OTerhollitr-Scns OTerhollitr-Scns Ca, 123-3 123-3 123-3 South Grand avenue. CARD OF THANKS We wlili to express, our thanks and gratltade to the kind fiiendt and nt-lehbora nt-lehbora nt-lehbora for Uio beautiful floral offorlnei and their lortng kindness and at-ttjtancn at-ttjtancn at-ttjtancn during the Illness and death of our belored belored husband tnd father. Fred F. Carr. who dlM April 25.- 25.- Wb are especially thankful to the wonderful wonderful dwtr.n a rut nune at the t Angele General General Hospital, Hie emptcyeei cf Laskoy Studios and tho I.A.T.8.E., Local No. 3T MRS. MABEL F CARR. WALTER AND ROBERT CARS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS ROBINSON & ADAIR Fcrmerly Booth & Boylson Co. Ken Ireallcn. 817 West Sixteenth street. ATIantlo 8408 and ATlantlo 8408. RTJPPE MORTUARY W. H. SUTCTI, 843 S. FIGTJEROA Brat Eoutpped. Oldest Established In Lot Angalaa MAln 3903 MA In 2904 GODEATJ & MARTI NO NI Funeral Service That Saves ATlantlo 4280 New location, 828 West Washington street. E. CIzAnt OVERHOLTZER CO, FORMERLY E. E. OVERHOITZER-SONS OVERHOITZER-SONS OVERHOITZER-SONS CO, TRlnlty 9919. 1238 Scuta Grand. GEO RG E B. REM IXGTON It33 South Flower street Dial TO 3816 or call TUckar 5818. Reed Bros.-Dcllenbaugh Bros.-Dcllenbaugh Bros.-Dcllenbaugh Co. 731 WEST WASHINGTON. PH. ATlantlo 82H, PIERCE BROTHERS T20 WEST WASHINGTON. PH. ATI an tie TJiL FECK & CHASE CO. UAln 008L 1318 Scutb Flgueroa ttxea. tl27-3T. tl27-3T. tl27-3T. Garrett Bros. 1071 TCckcr 1379. Robt, S!jarp & Son. MAln 1029 CEMETERIES FOREST IAWN MEMORIAL PK. "Th Ometerv TJnnsTla, Cemetery, Mausoleum, Crcmatorr. Erery ronx cr ounii unnr irpctui Arams in niu. Glendalo Ave. & San Fernando Rd. BEAUTIFUL HOTXVWOOD CEMETERY CREMATORY 0000 Santa Monica Blvd. HOUy S45S Automobile at your service. INGIjEWOOD PARK CEMETERY Columbarium Crematory Outside Lai Angele City Limit. On Redondo Boulevard. ROSED ALE CEMETERY Crematory, Voul, Ctolumbariom 1831 west wasningion. --.- --.- --.- --.- whole. Inglewred Park Cemetery. HEmpttaad 5037. FLORISTS HOWARD & SMITH Floral OffcrinRs 1XORAL DESIGNS OCR SPECTALTT MSTH AND OLIVE STREETS PHONE TRlnlty 7341 DIAMOND FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS T31 W. WASH- WASH- ATUntle 64S. SEHTICE. HOLLOCHER TO JOIN CUBS BY NEXT WEEK rEXELtSITE DISPATCH ST. LOUIS. May 2. Charley Hollocher, holdout shortstop, will be back ylth the Chicago National League club within the next week. It !s said today. Charley was to hae joined the club when here recently, but lost his nerve. Now that the team is winnlnir he Is eager to set back. It is said friends of his are making overtures to Pres'.dent Veeck of the Cubs.

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 03 May 1924, Sat,  Page 18

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  • Marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and 1924

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