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First Monday issue of the Los Angeles Times, 14 Feb 1887

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First Monday issue of the Los Angeles Times, 14 Feb 1887 - SIXTH YEAS. TV XL K??: 63. LOS AXaELES, MOS...
SIXTH YEAS. TV XL K??: 63. LOS AXaELES, MOS DAY, FEBRTJAEY 14, 1887. PRICE FIVE CEKTS. tnDej to Classifies advertisements. Pae. Carriage Company-..-. Company-..-. Company-..-. Company-..-. Company-..-. ...... Commission Mercnaiits Excursions . Lines of Travel - - . "." V. r V,"V VT I Local and other Reading Notices, "Dots".!, 2, 3, 5, &,8 Lumber...... Hotels-.. Hotels-.. Hotels-.. Paper Manufacturer ProteasloDal and Business Cards Bewing-Machine Bewing-Machine Bewing-Machine - ....... 7 Wants. For Sale, Houses Te Let, etc.... 1 Wood and Coal - . ,7 Unclassified Advertisements ; CA11) sai Jsstaie - Smusements. NEW ABM0B,Y GRAND CHARITY BALL ! To he given under the auspices of THE LAMES' BENEVOLENT SOCIETY! Thursday, February 17, 18S7. BOARD OP MANAGERS: MBS. C. DTTCOMMUN : President VICE-PRESIDENTS VICE-PRESIDENTS VICE-PRESIDENTS : Mrs. B. Chandler. Mrs. A. L. Bath. Mrs. 1. W. Hellman Miss CWellweber, Sec., (Trees.), Mrs. W. H. Perry, Mrs. H. McLellan, Mrs. M. Kremer, Mrs. Bt. Edrar, Mrs. A. Clark. Mrs. 8. Hellman, Mrs. Phil. Hirschfeld. RECEPTION COMMITTEE: MaorW. H. Workman, Judge E. M. Koss, Mr. A. HarreJl. Mr. J. P. Crank, Mr. H. Macneil, Mr. J. B. Lankershim, Mr. E. L. Stern, Mr. J V. Wochtel, Mr. J. de Barth Shorb, Mr. M. Newmark. Mr. Henry O'Melveny, Mr. J. E. Plater, Mr. E. Germain, . Mr. A. Haas, Mr. R. Y. del Valle, Mr. J. J. Schalleru Mr. A. Solano. FLOOR MANAGERS: Mr. H. McLellan. Dr. W. L. Wills, Mr. D. MoFarland, Capt. W. Banning. Mr. S. B. Dewey, Mr. H. J. Fleiechman, Mr. P. J. Byrne, Mr. M. Lansstadter. Mr. W. M. Caswell. TICKETS, admitting- admitting- lady and gentleman, t3; each additional lady, 50c. Tickets lor sale at BARTLETT'S music store. W. First st. AGRICULTURAL JpARK. SECOND AKNUAL RACE MEETING I OP THE LOS ANGELES WHEELMEN. February 22d, Washington's Birthday. programme op events. 1 Half mile, open. 3 One mile, club. 3 120 yards dash, foot-race. foot-race. foot-race. 4 2-mile, 2-mile, 2-mile, L. A. W. State championship. 5 Half mile, club championship, ft Slow race. 7- 7- 5 mile, open. 8 1 mile dash, boya under 18. i 220 yards dash, footrace. 10 3 mile, club. GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS FOR EACH EVENT. A band of music in attendance. Main-street Main-street Main-street cars run every ten minutes to the Park. ENTRANCE FEB,1 FIFTY CENTS. Q.RAND QPERA jJOTJSE. .'- jjforJ5aIc For Sale City Property. FOR SALE BV THE OWNER SOME very desirable building lots, as follows: Four lots, 50x150 feet each, on the clean side of Flgueroat., corner of Montgomery st.; will sell one tot for 2ioo. Two chalet lots on the corner of Main st. and Jenkins ave. (clean corner), 6031S0 and 54x150 feet, a beautiful place, cheap. - One lot on Grand five., near Tenth St., 50x157 feet to an alley; price and terms very reasonable. One lot; -MxlGO, -MxlGO, on west side Maple ave., near Seventh Seventh at, one block from Main; price and terms to suit. Three lots en Alta st.. Id the Pritchard tract, East Los Angeles, 50x150 feet, near Downey ave. These lets will be sold cheap If applied for soon. Inquire t 218 S. Spring St., room Sff, upstairs. FOR SALE A FEW SPECIAL BAR-gains BAR-gains BAR-gains In business property on Los Angeles, Main and Spring sts., close in; also on First and Second sts., near the A., T. and S. F. Railroad grounds: also a few comer lots In Ramona. $8000 Fine house of 7 rooms on Hill st, between Tenth and Eleventh. $2700 Nice place on Flower st, between Tenth and Eleventh. $800 per acre 80 acres between Ward and Ninth nts , near new Baptist College. 92500 Lot 60x155 on Flower sU, near Tenth : a bargain. bargain. BRADSHAW fc ZELLNER, Room 23, opstalrs, 33 8. Spring st. FOR SALE -SPECIALS -SPECIALS NEAT AND dslrable "-room "-room "-room cottage house, near Main st., In first-class first-class first-class order: fine lawn, tlowers, etc.; 70x130; honse all fnrni3hed; near cars; well-located well-located well-located and Is cheap at $3750. One of the finest cbrners west of Main St.; has been held as high as $10,000; can be had for a day or two only for $7500. Two line east-front east-front east-front lots in the Longstreet tract, 8900 each, 60x100 each. C it. Fine lot near Temple st. only $1050; $300 cash, balance one and two years. Don't wait, as these are "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" "befc-re-the-raln" figures, and, likemanv otherthings when wet, are liable to "swell." BEN E.W A RD,4 Court st. FOR SALE LOTS IN CABLE ROAD tract, between Tempie and Diamond sts.; the dummy extension of the Second-st. Second-st. Second-st. cable road is now being built past this tract; positively the healthiest part of the city; level lots, yet fine ocean view; water piped to front of every lot; these lots are as near tne-postoRice tne-postoRice tne-postoRice as the corner of Washington Washington and Main sts.; and selling for one-fifth one-fifth one-fifth of the prices In that locality; price, from $250 to S-100; S-100; S-100; terms, $30 down, $10 per month thereafter; these lots will certainly double In value when communication communication is established Apply to PICKET & KEL-LKY, KEL-LKY, KEL-LKY, No. :J02 N. Main st. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE 310 S. Olive, house and lot; fine two-story two-story two-story house, J3 rooms, with ahundance of closets and all modern conveniences: lot 120x165 ft., fine view, overlooking the valley to the ocean; will take In part payment good city or country property. Apply at 119 New High st. to R. M. WIDNEY. FOR SALE -r- -r- -r- INSTALLMENT PLAN, elegant home on Downey ave., East Los Angeles: Angeles: two-storv two-storv two-storv house with all modern conveniences. Jnst built; price, $5000; cash, $1000; balance on installments, installments, $50 a month; rare chance to secure a fine home with little immediate outlay. Address es. a. w., 'rimes omce. T?OR SALE A BARGAIN LOT AND and house of 10 rooms and bathroom on Chestnut Chestnut st. East Los Angeles For price and terms apply to BARCLAY, WILSON & REDICK. Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Attor-neys-at-law, Rooms 1,3, 4 and 5, Bumlller block, 39 in. apring at. "I? OR SALE THE FOLLOWING choice property: ElegaDt lot on Virgin st. $900 35K ft. near nowpostoffice 7500 ROCHESTER & LAYTON. 9 N. Main st "PlOR SALE THE BEST CHANCE FOR a. borne ever offered in the HeDhurn Aasoma. tioD;a$1000 house and $450 lot, allfor$390; $30 cash and $15 per month; no Interest; possession given may inn. ouaiai&no v xl,, .h i . aimii. FOR SALE CHEAP AN ELEGANT 9-room 9-room 9-room house, with barn, lot 100x200, situated on one of Pasadena's loveliest avenues; pure air. iiiounmui waier, luugmnceiit views, tt tree L-car L-car L-car line. Address Owner, Box 406, Pasadena. Wanted Help. WANTED COOKS, WAITRESSES, ladles' and children's nurses, house servants, at SARA HAYS'S Employment Office, Pasadena. Employers pay fare and half fee. WANTED NEWSBOYS TO SELL " The Times. Apply at the huslnessoffice early this morning (Sunday) and tomorrow morning (Monday). WANTE1 A COMPETENT BOOK keeper; good references required. Address P. O. Box 170. Pasadena. Cat W anted Situations. WANTED SOBER YOUNG MAN wants steady situation to take care of horses and work abou; the house. 149 E. First JOHN GOSELE. WANTED A YOUNG MAN FROM the East wishes to obtain some unconfinlng work ; first-class first-class first-class references. Address W. T., Times offices. WANTED A POSITION AS HOUSE-keeper HOUSE-keeper HOUSE-keeper fn hotel or take charge of lodging-house; lodging-house; lodging-house; best reference. Address MRS. L. C, Times offlee. W T ANTED SITUATION BY A GOOD young Japanese boy as help at ceneral hoiis- hoiis- work. Apply 11. K room Si.WHson hiock, W. First. WANTED BY A THOROUGH COOK, situation In city or country hotel or boarding-house; boarding-house; boarding-house; best references. A. H. D., Times office. W ANTED A YOUNG LADY, WHO Wanted Miscellaneous. WANTED TEAMS TO PLOW 160 " acres of land 0 miles southwest from post-office; post-office; post-office; will rent orlease same. Apply to RICHARD DILLON, northwest cor. Hill and Seventh sts. "WT ANTED $1000, $3000 AMD ?4500, AT " once, on separate Improved property: state rate of Interest required. BORROWER, P. O. Box 1194, LosAneJes, Cal WANTED - " " market doi PARTN ER IN MEAT market doinc invw) hiiB(nei: Qmfill onnitjil re quired. Call on A. J. 23, Schumacher U1UCK. WANTED TWO OR MORE UNFUR-nlshed UNFUR-nlshed UNFUR-nlshed rooms within six blocks of Spring and Second streets. Address X, P. O. Box 1204. WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN, TWO well -furnished, -furnished, sunny rooms; send particulars. particulars. P. O. Box 13. WANTED DRESSM AKIN G EN-gagements. EN-gagements. EN-gagements. at220PhHadelphlast.; terms reasonable. reasonable. Hbotteg $0 Xan. TO LOAN THE UNDERSIGNED HAS bad Dlaced In his hands three large nnms. which will be loaned at low rates of Interest H.ORIF- H.ORIF- HM, room 3, JjQ. a Jt. .spring st, Los Angeles, cal, 1VTONEY TOLIiOAN ON NOTES. AND JJX bills discounted or boueht Address full par ticulars in connaence to uahkiino, r. o. box uw, Los Angeles, Cal. "1WONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE. J-U- J-U- J-U- J-U- MORTIMER & HARRIS, attorneys-at-law, attorneys-at-law, attorneys-at-law, attorneys-at-law, attorneys-at-law, 1 OO OftO TO LOAN, AT LOWEST iPiUU,UUU rate of Interest A.J.VIELE, room 23. Schumacher block. LOST - TERM DEPOSIT PASSBOOK No 1177. of the Los Anzeles Savincs Bank, in th.e name of Charles Scales. Finder will please re THE PEEACHERS. SOME LIBEKALi IDEAS PROM DR. ELil FAY, And a Batch of Free Thought from Mr. York Meeting or the Yonng Men's Christian Association Services Services Well Attended. The Church of the Unity held usual sen - ices at the Opera House yesterday at 11 o'clock, with a large attendance. When the minister said, "Let us praise God," the people people and choir responded, "Oh that our thoughts and thanks may riae As gratef ul incense to tho skies, And draw from heaven that Bwcet repose Which none but him that feels it knows." After exhortation and prayer the congre gation joined with a full chorus of voices, the hyinn, "0, Worship the King All Glorious Glorious Above." Dr. Fay took his triple text from 1. Cor., xiv, 19: "I had rather speak live words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown toneue." Acts, xxiv. 10: "And herein do I exercise myself to nave a conscience voiu ot oueuse toward God and toward men." Komans. viii. SJS, 39: "For I am persuaded that neither me nor aeam . . . snail separate us from the love of God." These three texts nresent relicion in its threefold asnect : 1. Great doctrines, facts and principles are addressed to our understanding. . Moral rectitude: the importance of practical righteousness. 3. Reverence; a consciousness of thechar- thechar- No man ever combined more hanm v than St. Paul the intellectual, moral and spiritual. spiritual. The eloquence, vigor, force, persuasiveness persuasiveness of Paul could almost induce the King (Agrippa) to be a Christian. We cannot fail to discover that Christianity Christianity is presented to us in this threefold aspect: 1. As a system of doctrines Dasea on pivoiai iacis. -j. -j. in a perrectiy natural way to apply the great truths of Christianity to nractical ends. 3. Personal conformity to the divine law brings the soul into conscious relationship with God, gives real spiritual communion and fellowship fellowship and opens up the spiritual resources of Lne universe. A person must pass through these three experiences before he can know Christianity Christianity in Its entirety. He need not know Christianity as a system of. philosophy before before knowine its benefits, but the iudcrnent must be convinced. It is a great mistake to think that real Christianity will not bear the closest, inspection. inspection. Genuine religion is of God. Can w suppose suppose that when all His material works challenge challenge our investigation that in the spiritual realm His ways are sostranee, so irrational, protests- sume on your intelligi me. I belie e there are theories of salvation not involved in theology. 1 ask for a right to think. X ot one church in your city gives its people a ngni to ininK out isreiner t a--. a--. a--. a--. They give you some lines, in which their people have to think. Ipropose to think out of these lines. You must j udge of me. I am a Free thinker.' He then read for his text a noein to this effect: "John and Peter, Robert and Paul, God in his wisdom created them all." and said: "I was a Methodist for S5 years: I preached hellnre and Methodism; felt comfortable; at home believed as the people ana tney Denevea as 1 did, in one uou, one Son, one baptism, one heaven and one hell ; we all thought alike. We are differently situated this afternoon ; you do not believe alike; you can'tsee alike. Ought everybody to be a Universalist, a Presbyterian or a Methodist or be damned if he is not? My effort shall be to make ieople believe they can be saved in their own shoes and on their own heels, a universal salvation for all. We ask mental liberty to receive or reject. A man can't believe just what he will, but what the weight of evidence will furnish him. It would have been quite as easy to have made a Moruiori. a Mohammedan Mohammedan or a Turk of me as a Mciliodist. Then wili you tell me my salvation depends upon my birth or surroundings? No; it is not good sense. Beliefs have little to do with the salvation of the human family, mark that ! Tlie diversity of the human family is tile proudest crown of glory that can rust on the human family. I will get radical anil hot, but don't get worried about the old man or leave vour seats, or go out when 1 am talking. This is my church : I am the priest. Don't take my warmth for madness, hut earnestness. 1 preach what I believe to be true. I don't care what the preadiers or the press sav of me. I don't like the old English law, it's too much like the old Jehovah business. "The sinner of life is the largest subiect I could hit umtit. V.'h'yV All Christians claim that all the forces of infidelity destroy. destroy. This is not true. I'm here to deny it. This lecture is constructive in its character. character. I am an infidel, body, boots and all: how do you like it? If vou don't like it, don't take so much of it and study it. I deny some of the doctrines of religion. religion. I deny the plenary inspiration of the Scriptures. We have some methods with which we believe we can make a brighter philosophy with logic at its back and the glory of" science at its right hand. "The science of Life; how to be happy does any one know it ? There is a worm of theory, belief and knowledge. Some things we may know, and some believe. We believe believe all life is one. and is the result of chemical action, and our life is the ultimate of all other life rock to man, to angels ! The complete sum of life is power; that's all there is of man. We discover man as a link in the universal chain of tilings, and a part of the universe. Evolution is the grandest doctrine ever known to man. Conditions Conditions are necessary to results, and produce law. We live in a world of law, and not of providence. Obedience to law brings out all the beauties of this life." POET BALL0NA. A CHAT WITH THE CHIEF ENGINEER ENGINEER ABOUT IT. The Work Accomplished and in Contemplation Contemplation A Big Project, tf Successfully Successfully Carried Through What $700,000 Would Do. j While the wonderful march of development development is going on in Los Angeles and all the adjacent country at a pace so rapid that it takes away the breath, there are many enterprises of really great importance of which we hear little simply because they are at one side and the promoters are not given to "blowing." Port Ballona is one of these. If it proves a success, it will be one of the biggest things tliat ever befell Los Angeles and those who are working there feel absolutely confident of success. A Times representative who called at the oflices of the engineers Saturday found the president and chief engineer iiard at work on the plans and drawing. There has been much accomplished already, though the officials look upon this as simply the a, b, c. A channel has been cut through the sand beach, connecting the lake with the open sea. This channel is to be supplemented by driving lines of piles so as to make a canal running 1000 feet to sea, and 200 feet wide. These piles are 10x12, and all square. As each is driven it is to be bolted to its fellows, so that the inner walls of the channel will present a smooth, unbroken unbroken surface, rising 12 feet above the water, and driven 28 feet. At the outer end of this channel there is p decided drop in the wean bed, which is there clay. It is claimed, and with apparent reason, that sand cannot very well wash up hill over that steep grade, so as to choke the channel; channel; while the sand which sweeps out of the channel will drop over this bluff and be out of the way. The channel will have 21 feet of water at high tide. The anchorage outside is superb. The lumber schooner which is now unloading 4:10,000 feet of spiles and other lumber for the port never budged her one anchor during the recent storm which played such hob at San Pedro. She is anchored :i000 feet from shore in 49 feet of water. Eaeli wall of the channel will be the. front of a :0-foot :0-foot :0-foot wharf, its whole length. There are two steam pile-drivers pile-drivers pile-drivers now ready, and they will begin operations In a very few days. The harbor will be 500 feet wide and of indefinite length. It can be continued northward so as to cover fully 1000 acres. It will be excavated according according to the demands. First the channel will be piled and dredged, and then the dredgers will get to wTork inside the harbor. After that, room can be made for anew vessel a week. A gigantic pneumatic dredger, witli a capacity of 5000 cubic yards a (Zoy, has been contracted for, and wiii be here April 1st. The .i,os Angeles and

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  • First Monday issue of the Los Angeles Times, 14 Feb 1887

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