Holency, Ferdinand selective service The Lima Daily News 17Sep1917

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Holency, Ferdinand selective service The Lima Daily News 17Sep1917 - NOT ENOUGH TO FILL QUOTA YET IN LOCAL RANKS...
NOT ENOUGH TO FILL QUOTA YET IN LOCAL RANKS Certified Back To Lima Board. Wretschko, Henry E Fryer. Harribon Erwin. Robert Fought, aex Maynar, John J Thompson. Nathan Joon R Walsh. Lawry O'Neill, lUy O Watt, Joseph H. W^iehitn, Elir.t-r Pu-k«-ring. Bert Deafendeffin. \Vil- .SajiiueJ Buugbcun, Jicob H . Manll C Behr. C/ril A Binder. Guy F; Lieuranr*. Karnest A Kline, John C Tibbies, "loy«l F j Hatter. Hoy K Mfrtz. Chester H Onlv Sixtv-Fiva Youna Men Are Po1 Oman A t'opeiaud, jes*e A. uiHJF OJM rive IWJng men Are Mowery Calvin H Mauhawson, Robert J. Jones, Herman Kla.u. Johnson, Wallace E. Smith, Floyd Shearer, \VlHiaia Edward Shooaover. Donald F Gilmore, Charles H Johnson and Edward Madison Giem- zer- Of the above, Walter Henry Cul- lea and Dale W. Chenoweth made special requests that they be permitted to leave with the contingent This Number Will be Increased By Volunteers Desiring To Go. Un^il laie todi-jy the city draf» board .had not enough men certified back to them from the district board at Findlay to fill the quota for the second contingent that leaves Lima Wednesday morning for Camp Sherman at Chillfcotha. Eighty-two are required and only 6-5 have been cer- tifi«d; for selective service. The latter number will be raised some- whftt by several men examined for military service last week, who volunteered to go with the contingent this week. The county draft board is in readiness for the second move. The 32 men chosen for selective service from the county will meet at Memorial hall tomorrow afternoon at 1 oY.lock with the men who will go from this city and will be given orders an'l captains for each set of men will be chosen!* The men from the county who leave to join the new national army this week are: Roy F. Schurnnem, Ntj. lj Spencervllle; Levi O. Gratz, Bluff ton; Gale E. Driver, Lima; Clarence DeVore, No. 2, Elida; Jacob B. Swartz, No. 7, Lima; John W. Burkholder. Bluffton; Robert B. Evans, No. 1, BHda; Melvin O. Donnell, 2S north Brice street, Delphos; Fred A. HarnisWeger, No, 8. Lima; Hubert Ardner, 225 south Franklin street, Delphos; Art. W. Yocum, No. 5, Delphos; Andrew Hermann, Bluffton; Sylvan Herman, Bluffton; Robert Gail Goble, West Cairo; Carrol Lee Hinkle, Harrod; Lewis Hulli- bcrger. Ada; Frank Bailey. Beaver- dani; Noah D. Messinger, Bluffton; Glen Willard Irwin, No. 7, Lima; Ralph B. Glum, Lafayette; Huber P. Jennings, Bluffton; Garvoy E Beidler, Bluffton; Elmer M. Kennel, Bluffton; Orlo S. Bixel, Bluffton; Bzra Jackson, Bluffton; Marion S. Cremean, Wood-lawn cemetery, Lima; Joseph Brabant, Delphos; Alfred P. Shaffer, 210 Franklin street, Delphos ; Glenwood V. Johns, Elida; Fred Bixel, Bluffton; Otho V. Hefner, No'. 8, Lima, and Edward B. Bousher, Lima. The alternates include Guy Morrison, Edward J. Rabrig, No 1. De!r phos; Melville G Donavan, No 7, Lima; Guy Morrieon, Delta; Glen Coil, Spencerville; Edward J Lause, 633 east Second street, Delphos; Stuart S. Barnes, 635 north Franklin street, Delphos; Melville L. Hardesty, No 7. Lima, and Melvin D Cocking- ham, Harrod. THOSE A entrainh Wednesday. Thoee who were rejected in the last 240 exaained as unfit for military service were the following. Cleotus O. Strait. Herman Kundert, ADD--NOT ENOUGH TO 4 Walter E. Jones, Earl Albert Harrison, Carl K fiJRowlands. Fred W. Enyde, Richard I. DaviK, Frank Albert Sly, Frank M. Stephlelon. Leonard A. Mulligan, Fred A Porter, Arthur Mercer, Frert Jacob*, Donald Miller, Gjeprge Adama Tartar, Fred W. Engle, Willis Harold Gibbs, Elmer G«.y Swanoy, H. H Hughes, Lucian Leroy Moore, Melvin B/. Chain- berland. Earl Albert Harrison, William H. Prosser, Ira Franklin Busick, Roy Lester Wood. Donald Miller, Walter Peters, William Harold Gibbs, Henry E. Fryer, Isaac Frost. John Cornelius Ryan. Wilbur | L. Timmerman, Ernest Orlando Brown, George E. MacDonald, Messina. Ray Victpr Cordell, Kelly J. Whitacce, Edward Joseph Mauk,. Raymond E. Donaldson, Robert P. Runnels, Wilbur L Boyer, Albert Cooperides ajid J. L. Hammer The following: filed, claims for exemptions on grounds of dependency: Ray Victor Cordell. 22 east Kibby street; Charles Francis Cu.rt,is, 1115 wept North street; Ooss Elmer Cawley, 222 east Kibby street; James Carney, 787 south Metcalf street; Fernidand Holen,cy, 928 south Main stsoet; Clarence L. M.icmaugh, 713 north Charles street; Carl K. Rowlands, 848 wast North street; Ora Everett Canxpbpll, 403 west Spring street; Harry H. James Lovet', south Main street; William Samuel Bougham, 10, r 0 north West street; Robert R Newell, 522 west McKibben street; Earl C. Blake. 809 Michael avenue'; George Harold Fisher, 437 east Albert street; Virgil Williams, fiOo south Central street; Francis Leatherma,n. 938 south Greenlawn avenue; OSiver V. Kla.y, Routo 7, Lafayette, Obdo, (transfer,) Wilbur L Boyer, 226 south Hest street; Ira FranJclin Busick. west High street; John Fay Mallon. 106 Vi south Main street; Martin Nellis, 519 Hallet street, Benjamin C Young, Bucyrus, Ohio, (transfer,) William Granville Keysor, 12 north Pine street; .Joseph Mayolett, 63S north Elizabeth street; eGorge Schgier. 123% east Scnng stieet; Henry Shortridge, 120 cast First street; William John Young. 610 Second street, Everett Edward Ed- mniston. 821 Clarence L. avenue west Elm street, and Johnson, 925 Reese F^ee lecture on Christian Science at the tyric Theater, Tuesday evening, Sept. 18th, at 8 o'clock. The public is cordially invited. Those who were accepted for military service under the jurisdiction Of the city draft hoard on Saturday ·when exammatioin of nearly 72fl men was completed, were the lolloping. Orr Curren. Patrick Coffpy, Gerald Wayne Mann, Otto Newcomer, Edward Shneider, S Shotina. Fiod W Thomas, Joseph Pierce Hazell, Walter Henry Cullen, Roy F Davis. Nicholas Lazar, James P Hennori, Henry Shootndge, Rollie Mann. Ray Elmer Taylor, George Sehgier. Otto ELABORATE SERVICES Van MacDonald Walters PeU»». M A R K U S H E R I N G IN OF George Thiesmg. Robert R Newell ' icw/IQU MP\W Y F A R Harry M Porter, Hillia R B r o w n , 1 I Ht J t W I b h N t W T Charles Francis Curtis, Frederick George Mawrer, Fred Holoing, George Kareakes, Richard 1 Davis. Clarence L Johnson Joleu William Young, John R Geiser, Gomer among the Retormed Jewry and until Nichols, Raymond B,i\less Skell, Tueda.\ night among the Orthodox Angusi Belan, Paul Shue. Lucian sect Spocial services uflre held last Leroy Moore, John Charles Leaker, night at Temple Beth Israel. Bale Bowers. Ban O. Hoinor, Walter Rabbi H C Strauss Those for |3. Jones. Lum Lee Pang Joseph ' sermon topic, "The Twilight of the William Shavie, Harry Louis Shor- j Yoar," dwelling particularly on rick. Louis B Younghans,, William ( f a c t that the tune, for F. Shinabery, William C UummeU, \\as at hand Special music and Perry Williams Kiggins, K M Harman, Otis E Billings. Lemuel Wires, Everett Ray Williams, France Leatherman. William M. C Philips,, Arthur Lee Orchard, Clifford Waid , Rueben G Rees, Dale R Rid- The Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashana began last night at sunset ll continue until tonight and dle, LoiJiS Ddiiner, ll.iroUi C. McMullen, Lawreme Long, William morrow AUTO STOLEN HERE IS DRIVEN 278 MILES siuging were in chaigo ot Profebhor Fred Calvert, director of the choir, \vith Mi.s Clem Baxter binding several numbers Paul J Snyder, uir- netist, played the bugle portion of the program. This morning the services began at U 30 o'clock .uul tho sermon t,ub- Virgil, Thomab J Hogan. Jobeph j ]Cct ^.^ .The l)av O f R e i k o n m g ' Carl Vogalsang, Or,v Campbell, W i l - i T h e servlceh U1 c o n n e c t i o n w liam Boggs, Clarence M u m a u K h - | t ea st are u n u s u u l l v solemn, but James P. Carnev, Joseph R Fitz)S also a n o l c of )0y am i o p t i m u m gerajd, Robert C Black, Mere Set- m t h e observance The Orthodox tlemire, Robert Lee Spurr. Cobs E b e r x l c e s a r e being held in Moose hall Crawley. Oldo Vernon Shutt. John A ' ^ , he0 w , u f o n t , n u e all da;, to- Higginbotham, John Stewart Ot,horn, ' Paul L Brooks, Lee Fonnnand Blank, Claude R Mehart, Benjamin C. Young, John Adam Point, Thomas R. Miller, Klnier Guy S\\ane. William Bslofsky. William B Miller, Joseph Mayolett, Roy Donald Million- j The automobile belonging to J hour, Jameb B Smith. JebS» M stratum of the AppUs-Stration Saum, Jacob Mothena, Willis Steinpr, , j a u n d r \ , w h i c h \vas stolon Cecil E. Rmehart, Herbert K Parn i g h t from in front of hib office was lette, Arthur P Knny, M a n y M b l e t ( f o u n d a t McCullough's park this tr, Harley F. Fell, Lew Hover Ford, ' m 0 r n i n g The car wa* lett there Wliliam M Donahue Frank I I n j g n t by an u n k n o w n man. Broshes, Earl L McCaslm, Robert H " Tho a u t o hacj i Pon drivon 378 Wainright, Raymond Howard, ' m ,] es by the t h i e f , and it is supposed Phares Nu,sbaum, Donald R Steale, he ran out of gasoline and oil When Grover Arthur Dick, William H ( { o u n r t ] t w o tires were flat, and the Shannon, William G Kevbon, Charles i r a i l i a l o r w a s ^ u h o u t water R. Gordon, Reginald W ('mm, 1(Umagc amounted to about $7r,. James Luther Fultz. Wilber L | $oyer, S. V Oswald, Halo W C h e n o - ' x K « unni^xiABUU STORIES!! weth, Archie Mcrl Stahl, Lawrence Dreamland now Never bhown here' L. Bicl, Arthur Mcdintock, John

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