E.B. Rankin, previous husband to Martha (Mattie) Jane Miles, divorced/left marriage? Noed as an invalid. 5 May 1900, New York. Noted as Professor and not a homeopathic physician.

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A BEAUTY'S END, BLIND AND INSANE. MRS. CATHARINE LATHROP SUCCUMBS SUCCUMBS TO THE STRAIN OF POVERTY AND GRIEF. New York, May 4. Mrs. Catharine Lathrop has been removed from her home at West Brighton, S. I., to the state hospital for the insane at Poutrh - keepsie, destitute and hopelessly demented. demented. Thirty years ago Catharine Stewart was one of the most beautiful and accomplished accomplished prirls in Washington society. She was the daugrhtr of Commodore Stewart, a distinguished naval officer, wealthy and aristocratic. The Commodore Commodore Uved in stately style, and his daughter figured prominently In Che most exclusive social circles of the Capital Capital City. She was a, tall, superbly formed woman, with lustrous eyes and perfect complexion. But her most potent potent charm lay In rare conversational gifts and social tact. Late in the TO' a Miss Stewart was married to Lorin . Xathrop, a young Ohloan, then Just beginning to1 attract a ttention as a writer on commercial and international problems. Their wedding wedding was a brilliant function, attended by the leading men of the nation, glad to honor the stately old Commodore and his charming daughter. A year later Mr. Lathrop was appointed United States Consul at Bristol, England. He was accompanied to his post by his beautiful wife, who received a cordial welcome from English society. Bristol was Mrs. T - athrop's place of residence, Lut ioiicion and Paris were the scenes of her social triumphs. In England the artists found In Mrs. Lathrop's face and carriage a reincarnation reincarnation of good Queen Bess, and pictures pictures blossomed out in London show windows and on the walls of noted studies. She heightened this fancied resemblance resemblance by wearing costumes designed designed by the best modistes from Elizabethan Elizabethan models. William Morris, the noted English portrait painter, scored one of his greatest triumphs with Mrs. Lathrop. the canvas winning the place of honor at the Royal Academy exhibit. exhibit. For seven years the beautiful wife of the American Consul remained In England, steadily strengthening her social prestige, but never at the ex - pense of inore sacred Interests. Mr. Lathrop's writings on economic Questions Questions were attracting widespread attention, attention, and a novel from his pen had won high praise. In 1889 Consul Lathrop was superseded superseded and returned to this country, accompanied accompanied by his wife. They were cordially cordially welcomed by Washington society. Then Mrs. Lathrop made a false step on an Icy sidewalk and, after months of agony ' became a cripple and a hopeless hopeless Invalid. The husband's love failed at this test. The bond which had so leng united them was legally severed, and they parted, In friendship. It is said, forever. Mr. Lathrop was reappointed United States Consul at Bristol In 1891, and still holds that position, a second wife bearing his name. A little girl, she had as her playmate the son of Prof. Jeremiah B. Rankin, of Harvard university. It was as Er. E. B. Rankin, a physician of great promise, promise, that she met him again after years of separation. He also was an Invalid, marked Inevitably for an early death. It is not strange that these two were drawn together by an Irresistible attraction. attraction. Together thev made freauent trips between New Tork and Panama. seeking the health which could not be won back. Later Dr. Rankin was appointed appointed physician to the Panama railroad railroad company, and settled on the isthmus, isthmus, still accompanied by Mrs. Lathrop, Lathrop, who knew no happiness away from him. Five years ago they returned to this country and took possession of a cottage cottage at West Brighton. Dr. Rankin and the still beautiful woman tried to establish establish a health cure, but the venture failed. failed. Then Rankin died In the arms of iurs. Lathrop. Prof. Rankin gave her a father's love. But her heart broke when Dr. Rankin died. It was the beginning beginning of the end. The seeds of madness madness were sown In the tired brain, and the frail body wasted away. Her brother, brother, Ions since dead, had married the daughter of a Swedish naval officer, and Mrs. Lathrop offered a home a mere shelter to the four children he left. Blindness came upon Mrs. Lathrop as a forerunner of madness. First the sight failed in one eye, and six months ago total blindness closed down upon her. Then the vagaries of Insanity crept Into the weakening mind the doctor was not dead. "He has gone away stealthily," said the demented woman, "but he will re turn. Let me sit near, the window and watch for him." . Sovnrnl woaka mm Hfra T . fli run Npassed from dementia into madness. Horrors or earthquake and cyclone Tell upon her. To the tortured woman the end of the world was at hand, and in her blindness she would throw herself against the walls, shrieking for help: Yesterday she was removed, too weak to stand, her sightless eyes streaming tears and tthe quivering Hps framing iter dead comrade's name, to the state asylum. STARS IN DIVORCE SUITsS Pauline Hall and Mrs. Potter Are tlie Principals This Time. New Tork, May 4. George M. Pullman Pullman is named as co - respondent by Frederick V. Bowers In the latter's suit for absolute - divorce from his wife. Bowers has begun suit against Pullman Pullman for 9500,000 damages for alienation of the wife's affections. Bo (Vers was formerly a variety per formed but has more recently been known, "as a song writer and singer of sentimental songs, among them "Walt," "Always"fand "Because." He married Miss Bartt, daughter of a member of in

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  • — E.B. Rankin, previous husband to Martha (Mattie) Jane Miles, divorced/left marriage? Noed as an invalid. 5 May 1900, New York. Noted as Professor and not a homeopathic physician.

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